Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Fox hire....DIVERSITY??

Fox News Hires ‘Clueless’ Actress Stacey Dash

It's official: Fox News Channel is diversifying its ranks.  (Z: "diversifying its ranks HOW?"  Because she's Black..?  I just checked and she's "Barbadian,  African American and Mexican"...whatever the mix, she's gorgeous!   But, what does this writer mean when he emphasizes 'diversity'??   It can't be race... please see my comments below. )

The network has added “Clueless” alum Stacey Dash to its roster, making the actress/activist a contributor, Fox News’ executive vice president of programming Bill Shine said Wednesday.
Dash, an outspoken conservative who's voiced her political views on her Twitter account (including a scathing condemnation of Jay Z and Beyonce for their Cuba visit last year) — will offer cultural analysis and commentary across various daytime and primetime programs.
Shine praised Dash, who endorsed Republican candidate Mitt Romney via Twitter in the 2012 presidential election. “Stacey is an engaging conversationalist whose distinctive viewpoints amongst her Hollywood peers have spawned national debates – we're pleased to have her join Fox News,” Shine said.
Some comments on Twitter, however, have been less laudatory since the hiring was announced. (Z:  this is the Left, isn't it.  They just can't ABIDE by another point of view!):
“WOW! I used to like you so much. You have proven yourself mentally ill, especially now by joining FAUX News. Pathetic bigot,” one user tweeted at Dash.
Said another, “WOW. Turncoat ass bitch"   (End of article)

Z:  So, you think the title from Yahoo is coincidence?  The "CLUELESS" Stacey Dash hired by FOX?    And, by the way, what does it mean, 'diversifying'?  How?  Is she black?  She's a lovely girl but I can't tell from the picture.  And, isn't it odd they mentioned diversifying when they have Harris Faulkner, Juan Williams, Kelly Wright, Arthel Neville and a couple of others....more than many other channels.   What's the diversity Yahoo's talking about!?

This Stacey Dash sounds great to me.  (P.S., I had a heck of a time finding an image with her clothes on, and she's led quite a 'busy' life :-)   I like her breaking the silly generalizations Leftwingers have about people with Conservative ideals!)   Go, Stacey!  (Guys...have fun Googling "images!" :-)



Ed Bonderenka said...
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Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm curious, and perhaps someone can answer for me.
I don't watch CNN or MSLGBTNBC.
Do they have the cross show appearances by various personalities in their stable the way Fox does?

Ducky's here said...

Can't wait to hear her opinion on the controversy over Thomas Piketty's statistics.

Anonymous said...

Black and Mexican? Hummm, that reminds me...why the hell isn't Obama forcing Mexico to let our marine go free?
There is no God damn excuse for him to STILL be sitting in a Mexican jail after all this time.
Should I just assume that our government who by the way is another way of saying “Our President’ just doesn't care about our soldiers after they've been used for their service?
Where is this god damn clout Obama bragged about having with the rest of the world? If it were Muslims, he’d be all over it.

60 days in a shit hole because he missed a lousy freeken exit ramp?

Where is the god damn the FIRST LADY holding up HASHTAG signs from for this? Oh, I forget it’s not a Muzzie.
Maybe it’s because America's Apologist-in-Chief respects the laws of other countries, except when it’s with government overthrows in Tunisia Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and other anti-American Arad nations.
I can remember our First Black President Barack Obama profusely apologizing to the entire Muslim world for the “accidental” burning of a Koran by US military personnel, but not when it comes to Freeing an American. Isn’t that funny! NO, it’s not.
This president seems to know how to force or persuade Arad nations ALL THE TIME. Why is one of our own Marines not worthy of this? You know damn well he wasn't gun running or any other bullshit like his cronies have done in the past.

Even the First Moocher gets involved with all kinds of other crap, and she can HASHTAG the hell out of an issue that is for the most part irrelevant to Americans but god forbid we go to bat for one of our own service men!. Neither one of the Obama’s hasn't even tried. And I find that to be an absolute disgrace!
So Ms. Moochie, Hashtag me over some excuses would your please!

Defusing The Liberal Lies. said...

Obama has now apologized twice to the Muslim world for things he didn’t need to really apologize for. But when it comes to what his administration is responsible for, like the release of that American marine jailed in Mexico, or Operation Fast and Furious that was directly responsible for the murdering of over 300 Mexican civilians and police. This fiasco was initiated by the US Department of Justice. Or ALL those other scandals that have been hitting the headlines almost daily.
Where is his apology to the American people for allowing tens of thousands of Mexicans into our country and ruining our economy? Obama did offer ahald hearted apology to the family of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, but it wasn’t nearly as emphatic or heartfelt as his apology to the Muslim world was he?
NO one can do any wrong if the are a Muslim. But except the American people as far as he is concerned.
And what about the so called "workplace violence" at Ft Hood, Texas when Army Major Hasan, a Muslim, opened fire on his fellow soldiers killing 12 and wounding 31 others. I didn’t hear President Obama apologize to the families of the victims or to the US Army or to America like he’s done in Afghanistan and the Muslims.
Stand and fight as your fathers did, as your fathers, father did, as our forefathers did, as our founders did. When will Obama will be held accountable for all these things he has done or his administration has done for him? And the sad part is that I can't believe that all these liberal idiots in this country still support him!!

Rottweiler said...

Don't hold your breath, I can hear the Crickets chirping.
Obama couldn't care less and Moochelle has other things on her agenda, like getting her picture in the paper or going on TV shows.

sue hanes said...

Z - I guess someone who doesn't wear a lot of clothes has the right to have opinions just as someone with clothes on.

Anonymous said...

Sue, do you dig being. Naked?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Yahoo is the McNews of an already negligent 'news' industry, so their titles and 'point of view' should be taken in that light.

Additionally....another example of why our 'news' industry is failing us - random idiots Twitter tantrums are not news. Period.

Z said...

Ed, not sure what you mean by 'cross show appearances"
I know neither has anything close to the amount of two-sided conversations....FOX's almost all have both sides represented. They have an enormous list of contributors including many liberals like Alan Colmes, Bob Bickel (who's also a host) and Kirsten Powers, etc etc.

Steve: It's inexplicable and they say that poor guy's wait should be over soon.
It's astonishing that the president's not got him out yet....I guess we just can't push around a big powerful country like MX, huh? :-)

Sue, I guess so!
The FOX journalists are SO beautiful that this will only add to REALLY beautiful, REALLY intelligent folks there.

CI...Of course not. If Americans didn't see and digest those titles, what would I care? :-)
We must never write off this type of's subtle and insidious and very powerful...drip, drip,'s always there.

Can I ask again what DIVERSITY meant? Is it just that the author thought FOX is a bunch of white guys? Never has been, never will be..
This struck me as very curious.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Ed - "Do they have the cross show appearances by various personalities in their stable the way Fox does?"

I've seen a bit, not sure if it's more or less than Fox. Z is correct, Fox does corner the market of presenting the talking points of both major parties. They also have a unique role in their hiring of politicians...something else that blurs the lines between the media and political theater.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - I'm at a loss as to what the article author meant by diversity. I'm not even sure what she's being hired for, "engaging conversationalist"? [Bill Shine]

I'd rather have seen them hire another Journalist, regardless of gender, color, political viewpoint.

Ducky's here said...

Another journalist?

skudrunner said...


Simple answer to Piketty's thinking. You have something and you need to give it to those who don't. No need to work when everything is free from big brother.

As to tough questions, ask obama how many states are in the US. He may have a clue by now.

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez

Yes, the article talks about a kind of different slant in hiring her and that she's outspoken. I'm withholding much enthusiasm until I see her on the show.
If she's got strong principles and isn't afraid to discuss them, in the leftwing world where she could stop being hired (see the public's comments at the end of that piece...think they're unusual? not), then I'm all for her.\
But, wait for it: Because she's got almost ALL semi-nude shots on IMAGES, the leftwingers who admire Cyrus and nudity, and everything immoral, will slam her for that. Wait for it. Ipromise.

Kelly, McCallum, Faulkner....all are gorgeous AND smart. And they do their own journalism, which fascinates me.
There's a young woman who covers late breaking stories very late at night L.A. that huge explosion that rocked some mining camp in TX about 6 months ago. They call her in suddenly, during their 'canned shows' they show late at night, and she has to always hit the ground running..and she nails it with smarter questions than I've seen Brokaw Rather and Walters ask. She amazes me and I'm sorry I can't think of her name...Oh! RAFFERTY, I think it is. She rocks. And gets very little mention, which bugs me.

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez:

skudrunner; yes, I prefer my presidents to know how many states there are in America, particularly if they did go to Harvard, huh?

By the way, did you know, you CAN see Russia from Alaska? Had dinner with friends from Homer, Alaska about 2 months ago; they've never been able to figure out what that kerfuffle was about, but it's an easy INSULT! And people hear and believe the media.

Lisa said...

I saw Crossfire yesterday on CNN and Stephanie Cutter,my avatar,had Ben Carson on and was asking him questions that no one dare asked Obama when he actually was a candidate. She was trying to trip him up and redefining his answers.
Let the games begin

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeeez:

CI, At FoX, the politicians are mostly interviewed like all other stations do...on a 'need to know information' basis when things come up. I haven't seen a politician's name on their list of contributors....maybe 1 or 2 but I can't think of any.
MSNBC has Joe Scarborough, retired congressman, CNN has Newt on CrossFire......
Honestly, I can't think of even an expolitician who's got a show at FOX, but I could be wrong; I'm sub'ing today and the kids are clamoring to talk to "Ms Z" :-)
see y'all later.

Ducky's here said...

Lisa, I'm curious, what were the probing questions they were asking Ben Carson?

Did they ask him about the legislation in Congress to expand our nuclear capability. Not something the mainstream seems to be aware of.

Maybe they could ask him a public health question. What's his opinion on the rise of measles after it had been declared eradicated in the U.S.

No, they probably asked him about abortion, gay marriage or Benghazi.

Time for folks to figure out that the reason the nation is so brain dead is more a matter of what is NOT reported than what is.

Fox News Hires Clueless Actress --- man this stuff writes itself. Now what does this tell us about the news in general?

Sam Huntington said...

I’m not sure what diversity means, and I sure as hell don’t understand why it’s important. If you hire someone to be a journalist, then that person should have some bona fides in journalism. Color, sex, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual preference shouldn’t matter. By Barbarian, did they mean Moslem?

My personal view is that the word “diversity” is another code word for affirmative action. A law suit avoidance stratagem. Still, if what Sue Hanes suggests comes true, that Dash will appear on Fox News without any clothes, I’ll be a devoted fan as long as I don’t later learn that she follows the dark side, like Rachel Madcow.

Ducky's here said...

Hiring probably has something to do with this:
"Fox News' ratings took a hit in the key demo for the month of May.

The network drew 264,000 viewers ages 25-54 during primetime — the lowest it has had in over 12 years, since August 2001. Its entire primetime lineup — hosted by Greta Van Susteren, Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity — hit 12-year lows in the demo. Still, Fox News maintained its cable news dominance over competing networks in both the demo and in total viewers."

From Huffingtonpost.

The Fox demographics are a growing concern and there is some truth to the joke that the average age of a Fox viewer is, dead.

Unknown said...

I’m pretty sure Ducky get’s his news from Marvel Comics, Pravda, or the Angry Channel (part of the Al Gore enterprise network).

BB-Idaho said...

Maybe she is a replacement ?

Bob said...

Stacey Dash. Wow! She's 47 years old and still looks thirty-two.

No. She is not part barbarian, but Barbadian, i.e., from Barbados Island. Barbados was a British sugar plantation island, and the fields were worked with African slaves. An investigation of that bloodline would be interesting to say the least. Part British and part African? It sounds that way.

Ducky: Thomas Piketty's statistics have been shown to be phony, and probably fraudulent not only by the Financial Times, but by others. I have not read his reply, but I would like to get the entire study to make my own assessment. It sounds like a lot of fun digging into his data.

Bob said...

Ducky: "Time for folks to figure out that the reason the nation is so brain dead is more a matter of what is NOT reported than what is."

I agree with Ducky. In the not reported, or barely reported category are the Benghazi Coverup, the IRS attack on conservative groups, the Veterans Administration culpability in the deaths of veterans for non-treatment, promoting the flow of illegal aliens into the US over the Mexican border, etc.

Yes, Ducky, it is a shame. What's more shocking is the number of young people that understand ANYTHING about ANYTHING having to do with science, politics, economics, or just having plain common sense.

Every time I see the Jesse Watter's portion of the Bill O'Reilly show where he interviews clueless kids in their twenties, I am amazed that people like this can find their way home.

skudrunner said...

The Cutter/Carson interview is online and I thought he answered the questions asked very well. She was having a difficult time making coherent sentences and came off arrogant and condescending.

Of course being born in Mass she probably has little put off by a smart black man who came from a poor family in Detroit. Even the kerry swift boat loss was partially blamed on her arrogance. She fits right in with CNN and the Colonial elitists.

"During the John Kerry campaign she was criticized for having a surly and difficult personality."

Anonymous said...

"she was criticized for having a surly and difficult personality."

She probably dated Eliot Rodgers once too...

Ducky's here said...

@Bob --- Ducky: Thomas Piketty's statistics have been shown to be phony, and probably fraudulent not only by the Financial Times, but by others. I have not read his reply, but I would like to get the entire study to make my own assessment. It sounds like a lot of fun digging into his data.
There are several opinions.
Doesn't appear to be sufficient to invalidate his basic thesis. But the main value here is the engaged discussion.

One things for sure. Absolutely for sure. You won't get a useful insight from Fox News.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "Honestly, I can't think of even an expolitician who's got a show at FOX, but I could be wrong"

I wasn't speaking of occasional guests to comment on news of the day, , I was referring to those who actually had time-slotted shows or longer term sepcial coverage spots, such as Huckabee, Kasich, Palin, Scott Brown, Kucinich, Mark Sanford, Herman Cain, Allen West....I may have missed a couple.

WomanHonorThyself said...

beauty and youth is all that matters to media..its actually insulting to women everywhere Z..Have a terrific weekend! and
God bless you my friend:)

Z said...

CI, Huckabee is the only one who has a show on FOX and the others are very rarely on. You may have missed a couple but if any of the others have 10 minutes a month, I'd be very surprised; haven't seen most of them in a very long time.

Bob...I'd better change Barbarian to Barbadian! Thanks! OOPS

Lisa...The softballs to Obama are pretty much legendary now...but you're right; wait till they dig out the questions for Carson or ANY Republican. Yes, the games have begun.

Woman: I'm not sure I mind that FOX has such beauty AND brains... I must admit the YOUTH part bugs me :-) But they're mostly in their thirties and forties.
And, let's face it, they're every bit as smart, at LEAST, as Crowley, extremely better looking!, and they're not water carriers for Obama; that's a plus! :-)

Sam, There's a guy named Chris, I think his last name's Hayes, who wears owl glasses on MSNBC: Check out how much he resembles Madcow, or she resembles him. Uncanny. I think they're the same person only his clothes are a little LESS manly and they put those glasses on him/her :-)

I think FOX, until they stop carrying real news and start doing the CNN-celebrity weddings, personal stories, missing airplane stories, etc., just might start going down in numbers.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - Agreed.....I wasn't talking about this moment in time, but the history of the trend.

Ducky's here said...

@Bob --- In the not reported, or barely reported category are the Benghazi Coverup, the IRS attack on conservative groups, the Veterans Administration culpability in the deaths of veterans for non-treatment, promoting the flow of illegal aliens into the US over the Mexican border, etc.

Benghazi has not been covered? Compared to what, the Iraq war?

It doesn't stop. There is just NO WAY to dialog with a conservative.
They just live somewhere else. Just a statement of fact, not a judgement.

Lisa said...

Ducky it was "Gotchya questions". It was more the way they were asked. While he was answering a question she rudely interrupted him to and gave her own interpertation of the answer before he even finished his answer.
Like she asked something about how he
Would handle the war and as he started to talk she interupted with "So do you think it was good that
We got Osama bin Laden?
It was ridiculous. It wasn't even a serious interview.

Mustang said...

I thought Dr. Carson handled himself very well during the Cutter bushwhack.

I also think anyone can tell what was going on with Cutter and her co-conspirator. The leftist swine, in keeping with their innate racism, regard Dr. Carson as one of those uppity blacks, and a damned conservative to boot. Beyond the video, read some of the comments posted by liberals. Now tell me the left isn’t racist.

Ducky's here said...

Actually, mustang, he's the next Herman Cain.


Face it, the guy is just a replay of the standard far right culture war talking points and you simply have not figured out that you can't win because you're in a distinct minority.

Z said...

Mustang, I'm so glad to hear that.

Ducky, he's anything but Herman Cain. It'll be really hard for your leftwingers to smear this guy.
I'm not sure if he'll be my pick but this guy has character higher than Mt Everest and THAT is going to be very hard to beat by ANY leftie.

Liberalmann said...

White priviledge killed the Santa Barbara kids. Timing is great, now we can confiskate every white shit's guns!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Re:"One things for sure. Absolutely for sure. You won't get a useful insight from Fox News."

Ed Bonderenka said...

Ducky:"It doesn't stop. There is just NO WAY to dialog with a conservative.
They just live somewhere else. Just a statement of fact, not a judgement."
Then why are you here?
And what firm data do you have to support that statement since all it would take is one example (and I know of many) to refute that.
I heard such a civilized discourse on the radio this very morning.

Liberalmann said...

Proof that heteros are the REAL perverts. Ban gay marriage? Ban the freaky pervert HETERO marriage!

Kid said...


Kid said...

Non-democrat politicians should boycott the libtard venues. Period.

Spend a little money and put ads on the net and in a few big papers that say if 'you want to hear another opinion, come to Fox news' or where ever it is they can be interviewed honestly.

There is nothing to gain letting libtards interview you. If you do well, they'll edit the video.

Kid said...

lib girl, how did I know All Along that you were gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that, the problem ith you is your deafening ignorance, racism and violent behavior. Anyone know any FBI guys? They should pay libtard a visit. Seriously. we might be reading about him/her next right?

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

ED ...Somehow I missed Ducky's " There is just NO WAY to dialog with a conservative.
They just live somewhere else. Just a statement of fact, not a judgement."!!
Thanks for quoting him!

Ducky, how about using some TRUTH, some honestly, less of your ideological biases, quote from mainstream papers, not far left. stop insulting? It could help :-)
And, trust me, it's no coincidence we feel at least as strongly about dialoguing with libs.

Liberalmann appears to be GAY and RACIST. WOW. What a scary creep....

Kid, did you hear that there's an openly gay Republican running for office in San Diego, CA and, last night, his office was broken into: They did what the Gore folks did to the new Bush White House; cut cords, smashed computers, poured water on keyboards, etc. QUITE a job.
And, you know what? liberals will say "WE DIDN"T DO IT!" :-)
Ya, an openly gay man is a HUGE threat to liberals whose whole premise is REPUBLICANS HATE GAYS!
This guy is a fantastic candidate and WAY up in the polls; no wonder the left vandalized his offices. They can't converse, got to RUIN.

Lisa: Ben Carson has a VERY Very good chance of winning because he's unruffleable...don't you think? (not sure if that's a word of not, but you get the picture :-)
Did you know he said he couldn't be trapped into anything because he never lies...that God doesn't honor liars?
This guy is pretty an amazing communicator; no leftie's going to cow this guy.

Lisa said...

Sam and Mustang I agree that Dr Carson handled it well. He remained calm and even toned where Cutter showed who she really is, another left wing big baby playing the same stupid game they always play

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mustang said...

I think we need to have reasonable expectations, Z ... honesty from ducky really is a bit much.

Lisa said...

I noticed that Z. That us what the left fears,not only that he is "unruffled" but that he is a black and doesn't pray to the left wing alter. You can tell they fear him because he is the real deal.

Kid said...

Z, libtards Are the domestic terrorists. What do guilty people do? Point at everyone else.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - I may have missed it, but is there some evidence that links the office vandalism to leftists?

Z said...

CI: absolutely NOT.
And I'll just bet it isn't by libs :-) Even though he's had tons of threats, etc. Must be from GOP straights...or CHRISTIANS, right? :-)

But, seriously...his campaign has every reason to believe it was done by the other candidates people. And no, I don't have their data.
And, frankly, CI? Liberals don't need facts, I'm kind of thinking WE can surmise once in a while, too.


Mustang; I took leave of my senses for a minute. Sorry :-)

Lisa...I think that's what the gay GOP'er in San Diego is also facing; as he said tonight on TV, it's hard for the Left to come to grips with gay Republicans because, after all, they run pretty much on nothing but "Republicans HATE gays,"! :-) (as IF).

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Of course you can surmise...I haven't seen the news in the last few hours. It very could be leftists....but I wouldn't discount the industry that pumps out rhetoric claiming gays are nazi, demonic forces, destroying America, etc.

Bob said...

@Ducky: "It doesn't stop. There is just NO WAY to dialog with a conservative."

We have massacred a perfectly good noun, dialogue. I hate it when that happens.

So, since us conservatives won't dialogue, why don't the so-called big media outlets talk about the Benghazi coverup? It seems to me that conservatives are trying to dialogue too much, and instead should hire SEIU thugs with baseball bats to get the point across as the liberals are want to do.

Ducky's here said...

verb (used with object), di·a·logued, di·a·logu·ing.
to put into the form of a dialogue.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

@Bob - Would you expect anything less when the aforementioned noun was used in the baseless assertion as it was? Really Ducky - you had the opportunity to make a reasoned argument...and you left a steaming turd.

Bob said...

Ed: "And what firm data do you have to support that statement since all it would take is one example (and I know of many) to refute that."

Ever the logical person.

Thanks for the Fox News thing on Piketty. I would buy the book but have too much on my plate right now. However, it is usually silly to attack someone's arithmetic because before they publish, they will have someone go over all their figures. It is in their assumptions that they step in the Poo.

Piketty makes the erroneous assumption that after governments confiscate wealth from rich, the governments then will efficiently and magically solve all social problems with that money. Any fool knows that governments are, by nature, inefficient and out of tune with supply/demand relationships. They all "screw the pooch" when it comes to income re-distribution. They can't help it.

Z said...

If you can leave some of the ugly verbiage out, I'd really appreciate it.
Most of you don't do it often and I know it's late and some of us are fired up over this subject and others, but please let's leave GeeeeZ the decent place it usually is.

Kid said...

Yea, when libtards say the Right won't dialogue, it means they won't just go along with the latest brain vomit devoid of facts like the rest of the good little libtard robots,

Remember libtards Hate facts. Facts always get in the way of what they want.

Z said...

Bob...excellent comment, thanks very much.
From your mouth to liberals' ears!? PLEASE, God! :-)

Lisa said...

Kid you are correct,guilty people point at everyone else.

That is one of the rules for radicals
Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it

Kid said...

Donke Shoen Lisa.

Bob said...

CI: Yeah, he really craps things up with his crap.

There's all sorts of nouns that become verbs according to usage, but dialogue in my online dictionary showed the verb form to be distinctly North American.

Some are called, gerunds. I tried to forget all that stuff when I got out of high school. We started diagramming sentences in the fourth grade, and were still doing that stuff in high school. English teachers are relentless.

Z said...

Bob? exactly. And thanks.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"English teachers are relentless."

Which is why I didn't do so hot in English. I couldn't have told you what a gerund was if a gun were pointed at my head.

Fared even worse in math.

Ducky's here said...

Bob, I'm glad you can critique the big without reading it. And with a cliche to boot.

For me it highlights a potential serious problem with supply side theory. If R > G then what do we do in extended periods of low G?

T Krabby said...

Verbs. gerunds, alliteration, onomatopoeia?

Silly...all of it IMHO...The United States of America is no more. Our borders are insecure, impossible to control ( without armed troops to halt the invasion) to terrorists and open again to 36,000 POS criminals who have been released by ICE and have just melted into our society...yet POS like Ducky call this a good thing?

They call this diversity? This is "good" for America? When the bottom feeders of the planet and those who wish to position themselves for another 911 style attack in this country are ready and able..because the "cic"...the totally incompetent, untrustworthy, lying POS that told our very best at West Point...we don't need you?

This is "leadership? I'd rather have armed citizens on out borders, protecting us than the ROE's that have been used to strangle our LEO's on the border.

10 years..or less..we will be a 3rd world shit hole...over run by criminal illegals...then when the pot runs dry...what do Ducky and these total asshole loons think will happen next?

Ducky...I know you can't defend yourself....know that all of us...will not either.

I wish to see you as a pork chop over a flaming pit as their special of the evening.

A. Reader said...

It's good to see Lisa bac and giving HELL to the Progressives! Thanks Lisa.

Z said...

but Ducky you comment every day without having read the post or comments above.
And I'd be very careful about insulting Bob; he's circles around you

A Reader: LIsa's terrific. I'm glad you think so, too!

Lisa said...

lol thanks Reader. I forgot how good it felt

Lisa said...

thanks Z XXXOOO

skudrunner said...

The democrat party were the stalwarts of slavery and segregation. Some of the biggest segregationists were democrats, george wallace, birch bayh are prime examples of the racism of the democratic party. Jim crow was a democrat movement and now they are on the attack on Carson and claim they are not racist.

Talk about a total hypocrisy!!

A. Reader said...

Shaw= stinks, badly!

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

Skudrunner! It as Robt Byrd who was a klan recruiter! Imagine? And Virginia's littered with ROBERT BYRD HIGHWAY, ROBERT BYRD BUILDING, ROBERT BYRD WHATEVER...

But, let a Republican...