Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday at Mustang's

Mustang has a troubling, interesting article at HIS BLOG about Black America.   Please check it out.
Comment here or there;  I'm curious as to your thoughts.  It's a tough one. 
I know so many people different than the article, and so this is more fascinating than it might be.

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Always On Watch said...

The article to which Mustang linked has been on my mind since the moment that I finished reading it yesterday.

I know some who are different from those discussed in the article, but many who are exactly like that. Usually, the latter are not educated beyond the high school level. But sometimes they are -- or have grown up in a household with both parents having advanced degrees.

Heroes Are Ordinary Men Who Do Extraordinary Things in Extraordinary Times said...

If you were to ask me why BLACKS ARE SO UNEDUCATED, I’d think it’s because of their attitude, I should say their Give me, Give me, Get me, Do for me , attitude!!
They believe that they have a built-in excuse - everyone in the world is against them - so they don't try. Everyone owes them a living and everyone is to blame for their being “held back”! However, that isn't exclusive to black people. That is a mentality that a lot of people on the left.. If they think they can win the blame game, then they will lay around and do nothing. Today, they have every opportunity that anyone else has, but they refuse to use these opportunities, because they know they can just sit around, or lay around and the “Man” aks the “Government” will give them whatever they need to get by. Thus they are uneducated, Lets remember that stupid people make stupid decisions.
Also many of these ‘people” come from one parent homes and that one parent is their Mother. Many don’t even know who their Father is! So they find father figures such as Rap stars, or Football players who are Gagsters, or thugs themselves, or the Gangsta, or Drug Dealer on the block who takes them under their wing, and put them in a path of destruction, if they still go to school, and many of them don’t their grades start failing, their mind drifts away from what really matters, laziness which sometimes come from using and or selling drugs, fast money, why you ask, cause there was no Father there in the home to look up to, the father figure is in the streets, shooting baskets in the school yard and thats as close as they get to a school. and they start to influence them, and you know where that leads JAIL

The Debonair Dude said...
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The Debonair Dude said...

One just has to go to the movies, or read the Progressive blogs to see that it’s always blamed on the USA because the USA used them as SLAVES! Oprah Winfrey never met a "Slave" movie that she didn't love. Oprah always blames Slavery for the Blacks woes, she never blames themselves. Oprah has never miss an opportunity to blame white people for all the Black people’s failures..
I have never owned a slave and don’t know anyone who has. I do realize there are parts of the world who continue on with the ancient, evil practice of slavery. I have NEVER seen Jessie Jackson, Sharpton, Oprah helping people, Black or White in America. Oprah is ALWAYS sending money and help to Africa. WHY? And not only that, they never miss the chance to tear America apart for something that happened over 150 years ago instead of helping people. How far back do they want to go with their hatreds Why not get pissed at Egypt for making slaves out of Jews during the time of Exodus? Or the Blacks in Africa who are Slave owners today!
I have never owned a slave, and neither did any of my ancestors as far back as my Great Grand Parents, and I don’t know anyone who has.
And speaking about Slavery, Oprah Winfrey, AL Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and yes Barack Obama has been using this lame, weak excuse against White people every chance that they get. Someone should remind these Race baiters that Racism runs both ways!
And needless to say that our first Black president never misses the opportunity to Bash Whites when it come to any Black and White issue......i.e. the Trayvon Martin/ Zimmerman/ Professor Henry Louis Gates, and the White arresting officer, and the latest, the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling cases ...

Just Sayin said...

Duckys here said...

Maybe mustang, a neo-confederate masquerading as a classic liberal, could join Cleven Bundy calling to teach "them" to pick cotton.

Duckys here said...
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Impertinent said...


Take a step back Duck.

Sam Huntington said...

Treating minorities as full-fledged members of American society has never been what the Democratic Party strives for. One may ponder this obscenity until the cows come home and it will never make sense—unless you are a Democrat. But I think the underlying reason is as clear as a bell on Sunday morning. Blacks make up just fewer than 13% of the US population, Hispanics 16.4%, Asians only 4.8%. If you combine these, however, it gives Democrats a significant edge in general elections. That’s what drives the entire Democratic program, regardless of how hateful it is.

I continue to wonder, though, if some of what the author at American Renaissance says isn’t absolutely true: that blacks are by their nature, stupid people. Why else should they belong to a political party that is trying to destroy them?

Duckys here said...

Step back? Why?

You post up an article that implies that because blacks are a large part of a certain criminal class that sample is representative of all blacks.

This prosecutor only encountered three Asians? Obviously isn't working in a locality where Asian gangs are operating.

Just an article typical of someone who mouths "states rights" as a blind for a deep desire to see the return of the Confederacy.

Pretty shallow article.

Just Sayin said...

Anyone for playing the "Knock Out" game?

Just Saying!

Not in My name said...

I'm 32 years old and obviously I was not even born when slavery was alive in the USA. And I for one an sick and tired of hearing that we whites are to blame for it. I stay away from going to the movies because of all the liberal bull -shit that's flooded in just about every movie pit out these days, The Butler, 12 Years. A Slave, to name just a few .
And yes as someone above said, Oprah is one of the biggest champions of promoting racist on TV and on the Big Screen.
Anyone who can't see that is blind.
And you Libs can't let go of that . How long are you Libs and you blacks going to hang on, and keep blaming everybody but yourselves for all your failures!

Z said...

I'm hoping all of us read Mustang's take on that article again.
Some here took it, as usual, completely differently than clearly offered.
Let's pay attention; let's not tweak to prove points YOU can't back up as well as Mustang does his.
Doesn't sound racist to me.


Robert Sinclair said...

After reading the post, I did some research to determine America’s worst cities, and which political party controls them. The results do not surprise me. The assessment comes from violent crime, property crimes, unemployment, and financial instability. I keep wondering who in the right mind would vote for a Democrat? I think the answer is self-evident: no one.

Detroit (Democrat)
St. Louis (Democrat)
Reno (Republican)
Cleveland (Democrat)
Chicago (Democrat)
Camden (Democrat)
Memphis (Democrat)
New Haven (Democrat)
Stockton (Democrat)
Oakland (Democrat)

Always On Watch said...

Regardless of whether we agree with some of the statements in the article, the author is relating specific observations that he has made. He is a public defender and trying his best to defend the accuseds, but he's running up against hurdles that trouble him. I think that what he's relating is worth thinking about. How do we fix these problems?

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez:

Thanks, Robert.
We've been through this before; some lib will find a list that shows quite the opposite and some conservative will prove the lib's list is wrong. Wait for it!

I found the article GREATLY disturbing.....GREATLY.
I know too many Black Americans who I love and admire. Still to hear a liberal, such as the author of Mustang's piece, say what he says is important, if heartbreaking.
And, of course, no article doesn't generalize.

Nobody who writes their blog posts doesn't realize that generalization is necessary to write something people can read in a reasonable time, too.
But, there will always be a liberal who'll come and find one exception to the generalization which they seem to presume (and will be rowdy about it!) proves the blogger's point WRONG!
Kind of close minded, unsophisticated thinking, but ubiqutous.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeeZ:

AOW: excellent synopsis of this author's goal.
Sadly, he offers nothing remotely in the way of help, if I remember correctly.

We must get Black America away from the demeaning clutches of their 'leaders' and expect the best from them ; because they DO have it in them.
Now, what to do with two generations of those raised in the shadows of the victim makers?: Not sure.

Baysider said...

The author says of unwed [black] women who become baby factories that they "do not go to school. They do not work. They are not ashamed to live on public money. They plan their entire lives around the expectation that they will always get free money and never have to work." This explains a lot about all the hollering when there's even a hint that more responsibility might be required.

A recent news story showed such a woman. She had kids into double digits by multiple men, and her current 'fiance' was arrested. She was complaining about how was she going to take care of those children, and exclaimed with loud emphasis 'somebody's got to be responsible.' No kidding sister!

When Uncle Sam thought he could replace fathers we were doomed. Without responsible fathers on the scene (they usually come with responsible mothers) any community is doomed. Prison Fellowship is a wonderful organization that picks up the smallest pieces that show hope and helps turn around [usually] men and their families. I can't stop the creation of the problem, but partnering with them is one good thing I can do to help change the course of individual families.

Baysider said...

This begs a slightly related question Mr. B asked: why has he never been called for jury duty since he turned 65, which was quite a few years ago. He served or was called for at least 6 prior to that.

People in this age group have several years in a sweet spot with the time and perspective - on both prosecutor and defender - to have better judgment.

He has seen what Mr. Smith writes about. He vividly remembers a case where a black defendant was getting black women pregnant and extorted their [government provided] child care to support himself. I am sorry to say there was a older black woman on the jury who 'held out' almost to the last drop for this sh*thead even though guilt was not in question. That was one of the most disturbing aspects on that article.

Mustang is right: the political left doesn't have the will to allow this to change. They are too invested in keeping a handy victim class. Just like the guy in Mr. B's trial who got women pregnant and beat them down for their little money, the poverty pimps are the big winners.

skudrunner said...

But the democrats you pointed out were not democrats because they were democrats of old. At lease that is the story they tell to distance themselves from the past.

The current crop of liberals take the name of a party started by republican T Roosevelt. He started the progressive party because the country was getting away from the founding fathers beliefs.

The leftists say the right is against women yet they support hillary who as SoS would not brand Boko Haram a terrorist group and now michelle is heartbroken.

I do have a question that I cannot get an answer to, maybe duck can shed some light. What did hillary accomplish as SoS. When asked even her aids had no answer but I bet duck does.

Duckys here said...

The political left doesn't have the will to do what?
Dismantle the social welfare state? No, ain't gonna happen.

Fall behind the Paul Ryan budget movement? No.

Eliminate stop and frisk and keep minority teenagers out of the criminal "justice" (LMAO) system because of some lame non violent drug offense? Yeah, we're behind that.
Or maybe you'd have us get behind the "for profit" prison movement? That's a winner, right? Privatization is all we need.

Or we can just condemn an entire class of people as baby factories.

Let's get down to it. You think all would be skittles and beer if the government just stopped giving money to the minorities and gave it to the "job producers". That's the deep thought at work here.

It is intensely shallow and sad.

Impertinent said...

@ Robert Sinclair:

Baltimore - D

Newark - D ( for 40 years )

Trenton - D ( Convicted of Corruption )

Philly - D

New Orleans - D ( Nagin replaced and convicted of 20 counts of corruption )

Sam Huntington said...

Actually, the only person who comments here that is shallow and pitiable is you, Ducky. The individual who wrote those things about the victim branch of the Democratic Party is a self-identified leftist slug ... just like you. Maybe if we could rid ourselves of people like you, black Americans would stand a chance.

Robert said...

Barack and Michelle Obama is Bill and Hillary Clinton all over again hates the military and looks down on the Secret Service, egotistical and cunning; they can looks you in the eye and appears to agree with you, but turns around and does the opposite — untrustworthy. He has temper tantrums.*
Michelle is a complete racist, who basically hates anybody who is not black; hates the military; and looks at the Secret Service as servants.
A taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders

Baysider said...

It's one thing to have welfare options for people who must have help caring for themselves. My word, in addition to our taxes Mr. B and I contribute buckets of money for good, local programs that do just that. And not because we have buckets of money, but often because we chose helping others over buying Christmas for ourselves, e.g.

It's another to push people into that state. Nay, even actively solicit them into that state, slam the door on them and throw away the key so you can always have a victim group to trot out for votes.

It's criminal to provide help in a vacuum without standards, to pretend there are no pillars that hold up our culture, such as industriousness, honesty, religion and marriage.

To the extent the 'black' culture copied and later celebrated the only white culture they once knew (the dysfunctional southern poor whites from the England's northern borderlands - see Black Rednecks and White Liberals,) they have become the posterchild of modern dysfunctionality.

Don't ever think race or color has anything to do with it. It's people, and this problem is leaking back into the mainstream population. And the poverty pimps will always find a way to twist it to their advantage.

Duckys here said...

@skudrunner ---
The leftists say the right is against women yet they support hillary who as SoS would not brand Boko Haram a terrorist group and now michelle is heartbroken.
Skudrunner, you're our foreign policy expert (apparently).

Am I incorrect stating that Nigeria is a critical state, supplies lots of oil and has had dicey relations with the U.S?
Would declaring Boko Haram a terrorist organization:

1. Weakened Boko Haram in any way?

2. Weakened our relationship with Nigeria hence possibly strengthening Boko Haram.

3. Strengthened our position with the Nigerian government.

How about a little inside baseball giving us your expert analysis?

Moonbat Spanker said...

"A taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders"

Laughing My Ass Off...


“Bring Back Our Girls HASHTAG “
Is stupid. Hash tags don't free hostages. Action does. The “Bring Back Our Girls” Internet campaign, if you can call it that, is just a way for politicians and Hollywood celebrities to feel good about themselves.

I saw a picture of The Moocher holding a sign that said,
“Bring Back A Cheeseburger and some french Fries, HASHTAG.
Sorry, but I pissed in my pants reading it.

Impertinent said...


Skid may not be but "apparently" you are now?

"you're our foreign policy expert (apparently)."

Duckys here said...

Come on Imp. Why not point out that this knee jerk reaction to belittle Clinton is what it is.

If declaring them a terrorist organization was obviously the correct thing to do then he can give us a few details.
Or is it simply that having the U.S. declare you terrorists makes you shrivel and disappear? There are some on the right who believe that silliness.

Bob said...

I made my comments over on Mustang's blog.

Z said...

Ducky, Man, did YOU get yourself whipped into some ridiculous lather of misinformation and stupid generalizing! HOLY COW.
I didn't want or need to respond to you but I am really tired of your absolutely ridiculous conclusions and generalizations.
I read some of what you attribute to conservatives and sit here stunned.
"MY GOD, we think THAT?" :-) It makes me laugh, tell you the truth!

You have read this blog and those of others here for a very long time and if you still believe what you do, you have a HUGE problem this blog is certainly not going to fix.
STOP speaking for us.
You write what you want , but stop THAT.
It's astonishing.

And stop with NIGERIA. We're on MY subject. Thanks.

SPIDEY, that picture of Mrs. Obama is so funny..oh, the consternation in her brow! ...
but, she apparently hasn't much consternation for the girls in our country who need such help, or the American kids kidnapped at an alarming rate every single day.

Oh, my goodness...doesn't she care, though ?(Smile) WOW

Sam...I totally agree with you; Black America needs a hand out now because of the liberals. They really created a bottomless pit of voters, to hand it to them.
SOMEDAY, we're going to get a REAL Black leader who's not afraid to talk the truth and get all our kids back out of the liberal cesspool of immorality and welfare.

Bob, you sure did; and you responded BEAUTIFULLY. I recommend all my readers go read your comment there.

Bob said...

Thanks, Z. Sorry bout that, but duty calls and I am out of time.

Impertinent said...


"There are some on the right who believe that silliness."

I'd hardly classify it as that Duck. If 3 or 4 years ago they were recognized as the terrorists, which surely can't be argued they aren't now...we could have at least heaped a few dozen drones on them as we have with the other mutts. And which is something I give the "man" credit for.

We'll never learn will we. Islamists with mortars, AK's, IED's, SAM's...need to be "classified" officially as terrorists by any SoS? Or do they need to have an official recognized body count of say 1000 children and / or Christians before they "qualify" as murdering scum so we'll then answer them with the kind of deadly response, they've so earned and deserve?

So far by my count....they're well over that 1000 body count, "official" qualifier.

They really know how to play us, don't they? How many more times will we be punked by these animals?

Duckys here said...

@Imp --- we could have at least heaped a few dozen drones on them as we have with the other mutts.
Again, what were our relations with the Nigerian government that would have allowed the drone flights?

Pure conjecture on your part, IMP.

The Question Man said...

Want to see the rabid right wing of the Republican party squirm?

Just call them what they are: racists.

Nothing makes an ultra-conservative more nervous because while they scream and moan that they aren’t bigots who hate blacks, other minorities, homosexuals and anyone else who doesn’t fit their lilly-white view of the world, they know down deep that racism drives their narrow focus view of the world and guides just about everything they do.

And with a black President residing at 160o Pennsylvania, their racism is in full bloom. It drives not only everything the party’s hatred of everything that Barack Obama wants to do but also feeds their opposition to immigration and fuels their steadfast hatred of anything that is not fat, rich and white.

American Jihad said...

It seems as if we can't get through even one day without the ugly faces of the screeching progressives.

Impertinent said...


I learned that from you Duck.

Z said...

I get a kick out of Question Man always calling any of US racist...see, he doesn't come back to note that some of us have beloved Black relatives, or that we'd vote (and have) for Black conservatives any day of the week.
That's 'cuz we're RACIST, don't ya know!
what a hoot.

What do you want to bet he didn't read Mustang's article? Probably better he doesn't.

Kid said...

Z, It was and is the democrat party that has create any and all legislation to step on the black people.

Otherwise, Lbj stole social security to put into the general fund and start welfare and 'the great society'. When he did so, he stated "This will have those niggers voting democrat for 50 years." The direct quote is important.

The great society then pays single wo.. career baby makers to pop kids out like pieces of toast into zero opportunity, drug and crime infested environments. White women too. It was designed this way to create and maintain a democrat voter machine. It's been going exponential of course as a woman has 3 girls who become baby makers and they each have 3 or so. Then the dems have their moronic followers, mainly black people, 97% of them to be exact, actually supporting such evil.

Maybe you reap what you sow, though and sane person doesn't want anyone living under the jack boot and licking the hand of the government to survive.

Most of the people who understand this are of course conservatives, and especially Tea Party people, the most non-racist, non-violent, liberty cherishing people on the planet.

But let the libtards live in their sewer. Nothing gonna change until the money runs out.

Kid said...

My Jihad. It's like coming out your front door into a zombie apocolypse, shooting your Weatherby SA-08 6 round semi-automatic shotgun into the air (as the Vice President advises) and sighing and walking back in the house.

Z said...

Kid, there was a convention very recently which says that "Tea Party people are more racist the longer they belong to it!"

Yup. And white people are hideous. And capitalism is the worse thing ever. And "We have to get to 4 and 5 year olds, we can't wait long enough till they're in high school" SPEW this CRAP.


Duckys here said...

kid, kid, come the apocalypse you're going to want a low maintenance weapon.

Try a Benelli Black Eagle.

Kid said...

Z, Yep. Standard operating procedure. As long as the libtards buy into it or are dependent on it, it will continue.

Kid said...

Duck, I'd rather spend 500 vs a couple grand.

Impertinent said...

I demand dirty air....I demand foul water.
I prefer my water to be at least a 50W black so that I can drink it with a spoon. Like Pennzoil oil.

I demand my oceans on my peninsula be polluted with brick size globs of oil from Exxon. So that I may use them as stepping stones to the Bahamas.

I want the fish I catch to be poisonous and totally laden with mercury.

Hmmmmhmmmm...I love mercury in my sushi.

I want my beaches to be to be filled with tar, dead fish, flotsam, debris and the remains of protected tortoise shells and their useless offspring.

I demand that my state immediately cease air standards from auto emissions so that I may have more horsepower and performance from my muscle laden...Volvo.

I demand that my air quality be the same as that of New York and New Jersey before cafe´standards that have been proven to be completely useless.

I demand that my gasoline prices be above $10 per gallon because ethanol has proven to be the planets savior. Regardless of the fact that E85 costs more to produce than 87 Octane.

I demand finally that these older, useless pukes...the parasites on social security and medicare be put on death lists.

Yes..our useless elders must be forgotten and sacrificed on the altar of fairness so that the younger parasites can live without, guilt,shame or responsibility.

Yes...I am a "conservative" a registered filthy Republican that hates the old...hates the environment...and a racist too.

Kid said...

IMP, Poetry

Z said...


That's why the NUTTY LIBS who come here crack me UP!
They'll say I'm anti woman, not knowing I AM A WOMAN!

They'll say we're all racists when we ADORE some conservative Black Americans.

They'll say we HATE GREEN, as if we want dirty air and water.

Don't they HAVE to stop and think "What the HECK am I saying? THIS IS NUTS!"??

apparently not!

Impertinent said...


Unfortunately I live in a state where the filthy Republican Governor haas cut taxes by $500,000,000 in fees alone. Everyday fees such as property taxes and "user fees".

Fees that the former POS, orange, dick head scum bag Charlie Christ raised while he claimed to be a Republican...then became an "Independent" then when he lost to Marco Rubio ran over to the Demrats, I can't blame the lying POS sad excuse for a Tropicana ad can we?

I mean the Greek fraud can't function in a job outside of the cushy, secure place as a "gubmint" employee right?

Then the POS has ben running ads that say he left the R's cause we're all racists,right?

And half of Florida...the tribal half....will believe this shit.

Thank God....someone had the sense to record this lying sack of shits word a few years ago.

But...But...But...the fact is that Debbie Wassermaan Shitz...supports this..."reformed" Republican says it all.

That the dems wil lie down with whores, liars and opportunists says it all.

I'd rather have filthy dirty water than filthy dirty demrats ruining my life.

Duckys here said...

z, your tokenism doesn't mean much if you still support a system which maintains the structural problems that created an underclass.

Always On Watch said...

An anecdote...

I have a black client who is very prosperous. She and her husband have worked hard to reach this level of standard of living. They live in a beautiful home: a jacuzzi in every bathroom, a computer in every room, etc. Their children are named Marcus and Niles.

Marcus attended a large and mostly-whilte high school here in the D.C. area. After less than two years in that school, he came home whining: "Da man is keepin' me down." Never before had Marcus evinced any such attitude or black dialect.

His parents were rightly appalled!

But there was no reasoning with Marcus. He'd learned his attitude in the classrooms of one of the best high schools in America.

His parents came up with a solution. They sent him to live and work in Ghana for two years. There, Marcus found out about real prejudice: he was "too white looking" to be accepted in Ghana. When he returned home two years later, he was a changed person.

I submit that one reason that we are having a problem with "black culture" is that our public schools promote the culture of victimhood and drive many who wouldn't adopt "black culture" to do so.

Always On Watch said...

The same structural problems which have allowed you to accumulate significant wealth?

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

Ducky, you're far too old to truly believe there will ever be a society without an 'underclass'.
We all have to swallow it and realize that unless we all wear Mao jackets and get $50K a year, there will continue to be an underclass. And, I might add, the need to help, not be forced to compensate for. Consider it. It'll help you understand conservatism and why it works. Then explain to us how your gov't can come up with $50K for everyone.

AOW...what a story. Thanks for sharing that here. I completely agree with you.
Honestly, AOW, I wish I could share with you the NONSENSE I saw in an AP American History class yesterday. In about 7 minutes of thumbing through, I wrote down 10 quotes that were such revisionist "You can hate America, too!" stuff I was nearly in tears. I might do a blog with the quotes.