Thursday, May 15, 2014

IRS and Carl Levin.....HE's involved, too.

So, it's coming out now that Senator Carl Levin pressured the IRS to target Conservative groups.

HERE  is an article you'll want to read.  I tried to find a New York Times article admitting this, but no go.  Perhaps by Thursday morning, they'll surely have written on it, right? (I'm writing this Wednesday evening).  Let's hope.

Ya, it's going up to Washington, this purge on Conservative groups and their tax standings.

Imagine if this was a Republican administration doing this at the IRS?  Think the New York Times just might be covering it NOW? 

What do we DO?   Where's it end?  When did America become a country where the Left pushes free speech out of the college graduation, off television, out of college lectures, out of the classroom......what happened, and how did it happen so fast?

Will Levin suffer like any Republican senator would?  (ya, right)

Help me out here.



TS/WS said...

If the Dems get in on the panel they will insist on a time frame, and just like the Chinese Campaign Finance Crimes, will run the clock out.

Always On Watch said...

Worth taking a look at: An Incomplete Summary Of The IRS Scandal.

Let us also remember that the man to whom Levin wrote -- IRS Director Douglas Shulamn, also had over 100 meetings with Obama during this same period of time. See this graph.

Sam Huntington said...

What a disappointment! I fervently searched around this morning looking for any additional information about Carl Levin and his corrupt involvement with the IRS, and —I know you won’t believe this, but— the only news organizations that are carrying this story are the Daily Caller, Breitbart, Fox News, and a few conservative blogs. Everywhere else, there is nothing but stone dead silence.

Don’t you just love how much integrity the left has? You know, there is no additional information about Benghazi, you can keep your doctor, and the IRS thing is just another phony scandal.

Political left thy name is sleaze.

Mustang said...

Let’s try to remember that Karl Mar ... er, Levin’s principal home office is in Detroit. I realize that many will simply view this as a weird coincidence, but I think we could be on the verge of discovering a connection between criminal political behavior, and the Democratic Party and Progressive movement. It may also be worthwhile to mention that Carl was a member of the Detroit City Council from 1969 to 1977, and President of the Detroit City Council from 1973 to 1977. He has been a corrupt senator since 1978. So I don’t know ... maybe to suggest mere happenstance is to stretch the imagination past the point of no return.

Where is Bob when we need him to weigh in?

Rational Nation USA said...

I would want to see more specific information rather than jumping to conclusion and fueling the republicans "Scandal Express."

Time do do some further in depth research.

Z said...

I'll weigh in later to everyone, but wanted to make sure I tell Rational Nation that reading the actual emails might help.
Geeeez isn't a scandal blog; no 'scandal express' here...just trying to get to the truth.

Oh, and yes, Sam....last night only conservatives were covering it.
I think that's debilitating for any country.

Mustang...thanks for the Levin info ... if you can't run a city, you probably ought not be in the senate?

See you all later.

Bob said...

Mustang said, "Where is Bob when we need him to weigh in?"

My shift doesn't start until noon.

Fredd said...

Carl Levin (D-Mi) has nothing to worry about. The exact same findings, more or less, were found leading to Elijah Cummings (D-Ga), over a month ago if anyone remembers that revelation.

Nothing has been done to Elijah, so Carl should sleep like a baby, no worries.

Both of these 'honorable gentlemen' have been caught using the power of the U.S. government to silence those who have differing political points of view.

I hope I am wrong. Both of these guys should be criminally prosecuted, or at the very least impeached.

But I am probably not wrong, sadly.

Duckys here said...

So Levin felt that the flood of applications by groups claiming non profit status when they are political campaign groups.

No threat of audit.
Nothing like a criminal charge.
All pretty mild.

Compare this to A.C.O.R.N. which was forced to disband.
Just proof that there is really not a progressive voice in American politics.

Just the fringe right whining.

skudrunner said...

Seriously Duck, ACORN really had to disband? That is a national tragedy to lose such an ethical group who was only interested in promoting racism.

There should be oversight on any tax exempt organization but not targeting. Why not eliminate all tax deductions and all tax exempt organizations. Fair Tax is the only Fair way to go and isn't it the leader who professes to want to do the the right thing.

Duckys here said...

You can believe what you like, skudrunner but you cannot point to anything damage to the organizations that had their nonprofit status investigated.

There is no scandal.

As for A.C.O.R.N., it doesn't surprise me that an agency trying to give voice to minorities is going to have you flopping about playing the race card. Pathetic.

Duckys here said...

Of course wile we're paying attention to this ridiculous kabuki Shinseki is testifying regarding the denial of medical care to veterans.

Americans should be out there with the torches and pitchforks but no ...

We are a sorry people.

Bob said...

Ducky said, "There is no scandal."

Excuse me while I ROFLMAO.

Where did you get this idea? Of course there is a scandal, Ducky. It is real. It happened. Emails are as thick as flies in a molasses factory indicating the extent of the scandal which is starting to look like (gasp!) a conspiracy, and the trail is leading to the White House.

Politically, delaying tax exempt status to the Tea Parties was a genius move by the White House. With the amazing influence the Tea Party had in the 2010 elections, the White House wanted to keep those nascent organizations from being funded, blunting their possible effect in the 2012 Presidential election. That's where the idea came from.

On another subject:

ACORN screwed itself. With dozens of incidents of voter fraud (indictments) across the nation, and the stupidity of the ACORN employees in the James O'Keef and Hanna Giles videos, their downfall was set. ACORN was always like a cancer, and its leaders should have been jailed long before.

Oh, wait! Obama's only job was as an ACORN trainer. Did you ever wonder if Obama trained those ACORN idiots to falsify voter registrations? Hmmmm....

Skudrunner is right. There should be no such thing as a tax exempt organization. There are dozens of organizations that are in the politics business, and they are on the left and right.

Duckys here said...

Bob, a division of the IRS which has the legal function to review organizations for tax exempt status did in fact review organizations to justify tax exempt status.

What crime? What scandal?

Baysider said...

We'd be shocked if we knew the full extent of this cabal. Levin will not suffer. He's already said he's retiring.

Is Acorn, "an agency trying to give voice to minorities"? Yeah, by willful and flagrant violation of law and ethics.

Disbanded? Com'on, we all know the rats didn't even scurry off to other ships. They just painted on new names. Locally, we got the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment when Acorn gave them their assets. Their housing affiliate spun off Affordable Housing Centers of America. Many more with same address; same people; same rules. Disbanding was a legal fiction to get their radioactive name out of the news and their assets secure from accountability for their mis-deeds.

Z, you were terrific this morning, by the way. Your tribute was the perfect chord to close on.

Impertinent said...


"Is Acorn, "an agency trying to give voice to minorities"? Yeah, by willful and flagrant violation of law and ethics."

Naming themselves after a nut was quite appropriate and described the "culture" they marinate in to a ....T.

Rational Nation USA said...

Z said...
I'll weigh in later to everyone, but wanted to make sure I tell Rational Nation that reading the actual emails might help.
Geeeez isn't a scandal blog; no 'scandal express' here...just trying to get to the truth.

Gee, thanks for that Z.

Truth is elusive in politics. Oligarchs have designed it that way.

Another thought, when there is an ever present agenda the gathering of information in the search for truth often becomes selective and interpretation suspect.

Goes for both side. Ultimate result? Spin.

Sam Huntington said...

If we expect equal justice under the law, which was the standard applied to Brown v. Board of Education, then all citizens applying for a driver’s license must be subjected to the same standards as every other citizen. If we expect equal treatment under the law as the standard applied to state and local government pursuant to the Fifth Amendment, which demands due process, then the federal government may not be held to a lower standard. Thus, when the IRS targets conservative groups for close inspection under Tax Law, but assigns a different standard to communist groups ... then there is a violation of law.

Everyone understands this, except Ducky, who is either dull witted or intentionally obstinate.

T Krabby said...


"who is either dull witted or intentionally obstinate."

Maybe perennially constipated too?

Z said...

Rational Nation; spin has nothing to do with actual emails, in black and white.
No, I'm a person who tries to dig out facts, not spin. Yes, of course, we all gravitate toward the information that supports "our side," but if you're wondering if this Levin thing isn't factual, all you have to do is read the emails. Easy.

Ducky is a perfect example of someone completely unwilling to recognize black and white facts.
Kind of funny when you think of it, though!
And, Ducky, it's not a scandal because legitimate groups are investigating, of course; that's their job. To give trouble to conservative groups in the numbers ...oh, why am I explaining? You have to know what went on!
Have a good night. geeeez

Baysider...that happened last election; I remember certain politicians not running again were used for lots of nefarious stuff; nothing that could get pinned on them enough to warrant hearings or anything, just gross misinformation or mischaracterizations which are believed because they have a 'big name'.
Levin clearly was all for screwing the conservative applicants...and I've yet to see it on mainstream news.

I'm glad you liked my tribute; it was really rewarding and quite an honor to have been asked, But to sing for MARTY GOETZ kind of threw me off. I'd accepted before I knew HE HAD :-)
He was absolutely lovely about my singing, by the way. Very nice.

Bob said...

Ducky said, "What crime? What scandal?"

The IRS scandal is a scandal. There is no doubt about that. Review the facts.

The IRS agents in several offices TARGETED organizations for harassment in terms of years of delay to grant their applications for tax exemption. There was no random, or chance involved. Not more than one or two liberal organizations were investigated. ALL organizations with "Tea Party", or "Liberty" in the title were harassed.

As far as a crime is concerned, there is reasonable evidence to investigate the IRS since the agents were ordered to from the HQ Washington office. There is no chance that the Tea Parties were NOT targeted.

Now, evidence is coming out that there was a possible conspiracy among Dem Senators to pressure the IRS into doing exactly what they did. Certainly, this is not against the law, but it does lend credence to the act. It becomes a crime when we learn that the Obama White House was involved, too. You cannot use the IRS to investigate your opponents.

Duckys here said...

No Bob, after "Citizens United" there was a flood of political groups claiming tax exempt status.

Conservative groups were more often examined because they were the majority of the organizations applying.

If the Teabags represented the bulk of the organizations then of course they were examined. And nothing connects this to the WH.

It's nothing. it hasn't gone anywhere. it won't go anywhere.

Strictly kabuki for the conspiracy theory for the Glenn Beck set.

Sam Huntington said...

Yep ...

Dull witted.

Kid said...

Sam, how can anyone be a libtard or even a democrat and have a gram of self-respect. That is what we have to assume about these people. They are all either ultra-stupid or evil and don't care regardless.

If someone I voted for was pulling this, and I mean 'this' is about a daily occurance since these POS's got into power, I'd be calling for their heads. I sure as hell wouldn't be running around wiht an oBAMa - Bozo sticker on my forehead.

Good God.

Impertinent said...


Every lib was dropped on their heads at birth.....that's why they're loons and libs. Liberalism...a mental disease. I also think they have 4 extra chromosomes.

Ed Bonderenka said...

What is this tribute, and you sang for Marty Goetz? Wow.

Impertinent said...

The current state of the "Union":

IRS scandal. Any questions? NO
EPA scandal. Any questions? NO
Benghazi. Any questions? NO
Fast & Furious. Any questions? NO
Executive orders. Any questions? NO
ICE releasing 36,000 convicted criminals. Any questions? NO
Hillary passing out with a blood clot. Any questions? NO

Kid said...

IMP, and that's not even the tip of the iceberg. Seriously, if I were into devoting that much of my thoughts to it, I couold have made at least one journal entry a day since these trailer trash moved into the white house, about how they'd done something criminal(theft mostly), evil, or anti-American. Lies? Makes Jon Lovitt look like the Pope.

PS, Liberalism IS a mental disease. Many mental health Professionals agree. It is why the term 'libtard' is no where near out of bounds. It's reality.

Z said...

Bob, I DID! I agreed to do a song at a tribute to a wonderful woman who's led a bible study for 48 years! And then I found out Marty Goetz was performing, too.
He and she are fast friends and he came in from Israel for it.
I did the closing song, Thanks for the Memories, to which I wrote personal lyrics to her.
Went pretty well! Very exciting event.
There was really good music, some excellent speakers, etc.
I have a girlfriend who brings in gospel singers for these special events and it's world class gospel. Sometimes I sing with them and that is a total thrill..usually about four in total.

Z said...

Ducky, "the Glenn Beck set".

Folks, tonight I watched some of the CNN/FOX/MSNBC talking head shows. Rachel Maddow is covering Cliven Bundy :-)
CNN was dedicating a very long time to the San Diego fires.
FOX is talking about Sinsheki and the hearings this morning; Carl Levin and if this is a problem for him, or us, or not, etc.
Thank goodness there are channels still giving real news.
And at least the fires have taken CNN off the Malaysia flight.

skudrunner said...

We are all overreacting to the supposed IRS scandal.

If there was anything to this wouldn't Lois Lerner have testified instead of taking the 5th. It make her look like she has something to hide.

After all this administration has been very transparent and honest with the American people. There might be a couple of exceptions like keeping your doctor and insurance, saving 2500 on health insurance, we are not spying on people, we did not target conservative groups, bengazi was because of a cartoon and now we will support our wounded vets.

We need to give this administration some slack because he said this would be a transparent administration.

Is a stone wall transparent?

Liberalmann said...

New Docs: IRS Targeted Liberal Groups The Most. Darrell Issa To Apologize Any Day Now, We Are Sure