Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Barry believed Iran? How many times will he continue to do so?

Can Barry trust IRAN? Looks like.....not so much. From the linked article at the Rubin Report:

"Of course, the Iranian regime will never actually give up the enriched uranium it plans to use for making nuclear weapons. But now they have not only fooled the U.S. and European governments, Tehran openly says so!"

Barry Rubin makes a lot of sense; I recommend you click on the above link and see if you agree......you really can't do much other than agree, sadly. As Rubin says, "Iran, unlike the Obama Administration, cannot only walk and chew gum at the same time, it can chew up and spit out American policymakers as well."

That's comforting, isn't it? Also: "Meanwhile, the British government—unlike its U.S. counterpart—is complaining that by delaying international inspections for three weeks, Iran is giving itself plenty of time to hide all the evidence of nuclear weapons’ work at its newly revealed enrichment plant. Iran has also announced it is installing new, more effective centrifuges there." Comforting, too, to think that even Gordon Brown's government's steps ahead of ours, huh?
WHEN is the Obama administration going to WAKE UP? Before or AFTER ISRAEL? What do you think?

geeeeeeeeZ (thanks, Mustang...this needed to be seen)


shoprat said...

Obama is wide awake and knows exactly what he's doing. He is destroying the system, nation and religion that he hates.

Linda said...

Can anyone tell me why he hates us so much?

Anonymous said...

I think, Jimmy Carter kissing Breshnev on the cheek, didn't stop the Soviets from invading Afghanistan, and Obama's smiling, scraping, and avoiding condemnation of Iran's murder of it's young dissenters, won't stop them either.

The parallels are a bit striking. Carter boycotted the Olympics, and Obama failed to win them.

How's that charm and conciliation working out for us, huh?

For any leftys who come here, especially when dealing with the world, respect and strength matter more than being loved.

Your adversaries will not love you in any case. But, if you don't command respect, and represent strength, you will gain nothing but derision and aggression.


Chuck said...

Where this is headed is Israel bombing Iran. That will not go well.

Leticia said...

Obama doesn't care about Iran, hates the United States and Israel. He only cares about being popular and kissing the rear-ends of our enemies.

He is a disgrace to this nation. I really wish he could get impeached.

Anonymous said...

Which cheek was that, Priscilla? Methinks in the case of Carter it was planted on Brezhnev's hindquarters. Whether the left side or the right I can't say. Knowing Jimmy, who looks more and more revolting in retrospect, it was probably both -- and with ardor.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

For the record I think Shoprat is exactly right, but I think there's more to this deliberate destruction of "the last best hope of earth" than the personal pet peeves of Ovomit.

The Marxist termites, those super-rich industrialists and the Wall Street financiers and international bankers have been working hand-in-glove to bring this about since long before most of us were born.

Their motive?

To gain absolute power -- for their small, elite group who fancy themselves the future Masters of the Universe.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

He will believe them forever & ever, Amen!

The photo of him bending double to kiss that Arab's hand told all that needed to be told. They tried hard to talk that away, but I think without much seccess.


Anonymous said...

I think Chuck nailed it.


Z said...

It won't probably go well, but it won't go well if Iran hits Israel first, either. God FORBID.

What's the answer, folks?

Beth said...

There doesn't seem to be an easy answer here, Z, Obama has too many people under his spell, they think he can do no wrong, it will take a drastic event for many to wake up, by then it may be too late. Then they will still blame Bush.

Anonymous said...

The answer seems pretty obvious to me:

The time for ARMAGEDDON is drawing near.

All of this was fore-ordained.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

The religion that he hates? Shoprat, could you tell us more?

Frankly, I don't see how he can destroy it. Myself, I don't particularly care for Evangelicals. I associate them with the dying Southern white culture, Calvinism, homophobia, laissez-faire capitalism and an irrational denial of environmental issues but I don't look to destroy them.

If you mean that you are being denied political power --- damn straight but that's a different issue.

MK said...

"WHEN is the Obama administration going to WAKE UP?"

Never, in the honest sense. He'll wake up politically when it's his ass on the line. As soon as the masses calm down and the threat is sort of pushed back, he'll go back to the usual, let's-talk, hold-a-meeting, iran-ain't-so-bad, the-UN, we-have-them-so-why-can't-they, etc.

It's in leftist's nature, they pretend like they're really for a nuclear-free world, but the truth is they only want to strip America and the western world of advanced weaponry. if it were a democracy like India or Australia pursuing nuclear technology, they'd be huffing, puffing and caterwauling like cats in heat, but if it's a Venezuela, Iran, Iraq or Libya doing it, all they have are weasel-words and useless gestures that do nothing.

Have a look here, i recently put up a post on iran getting nukes and the first thing leftists who frequent that blog did was angrily demand that i list what i've done for the world before i criticize iran. Nothing about iran getting nukes though.


Z said...

Duck, my GOD, you really have been subjected to an Evangelism I ignore..I'm so sorry.

There are extreme viewpoints in EVERY area but Christians are to be demeaned, ALL CHRISTIANS, because of theirs. Sad and pathetic and, frankly, dangerous to this county is this attitude you seem to have.....

Christians , the HUGE middle ground, need to be supported; would that leftwingers hadn't done such a hatchet job and that loons hadn't perpetuated that silly mischaracterization.

"Homophobe" is the silliest amongst the characterizations, in my book. AS IF.

But, of course, nobody HAS to read or believe the Bible, ....and those who don't feel slandered by the ones who do? It's just silly, really...grasping to make Christians look as bad as possible.
Not your Catholic ilk, THAT's okay..whatever they do, but don't let a Protestant open their mouths or Ducky and his type are demeaning..