Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama actually MISSED a PR moment...imagine?

Will Obama ever stop disappointing? Have you heard about this?:

THIS ARTICLE seems to display a kind of recklessness on the part of the Secretary of Education, yet another worrisome appointee, but Obama doesn't help...

Here's the crux of it, from the article:

"Since 2005, dozens of Chicago's public schools have been closed and thousands of students reassigned to campuses outside their neighborhoods — and often across gang lines — as part of Renaissance 2010. While the plan has resulted in replacing failing and low-enrollment schools with charter schools and smaller campuses, it has also led to a spike in violence that has increasingly turned deadly, many activists, parents and students say.

Before the 2006 school year, an average of 10-15 public school students were fatally shot each year. That soared to 24 deadly shootings in the 2006-07 school year, 23 deaths and 211 shootings in the 2007-08 school year and 34 deaths and 290 shootings last school year.....Few deaths have occurred on school grounds, but activists say it's no coincidence that violence spiked after the school closures."

Then there's this : "Chicago Mayor Richard Daley also said Wednesday that the high-profile involvement of President Barack Obama's administration isn't "show and tell" but a genuine commitment to address youth violence."

REALLY? If that is so, how COULD this president have missed addressing this horrible death? "Derrion Albert, an honor roll student at Christian Fenger Academy High School, was attacked when he got caught up in a mob of teens about six block from school on the city's South Side. Video shows him curled up on the sidewalk, as fellow teens kick him and hit him with splintered railroad ties. So far, four teens have been charged in his death."

What a moment Obama missed. These are kids who admire the first black American president, who were supposed to feel pride in themselves through him, who must have been over the moon when he was elected........wouldn't they have LISTENED if he'd said something about gang crime and how stupid black on black crime is and how we need to stop that, encourage good character? Instead, his Sec of Education digs his feet in and suggests "I don't care WHAT HAPPENED, we KNOW we're on the right track here and it's NUTS to suggest otherwise?" He can see the stats in the article and he can say that?
Is this White House EVER going to stop being tone deaf? Obama jumped right in for his friend, Professor Gates, why couldn't he have made this a TEACHING MOMENT!? WE NEED LEADERSHIP HERE, NOT JUST JESSE JACKSON GRABBING A PHOTO OP TO ATTEND THIS POOR KID'S FUNERAL! That's not leadership! WHERE is OBAMA on this, where is the man who can't wait to speak, have a beer, calm things effective???



MK said...

One thing you can be sure of, hard-working, honest blacks will be worse off after hussein obama is finished. And the useless, race-baiting, racists among them will be better off.

Always On Watch said...

BHO has no concept of leadership. He should read and study Giuliani's book on the topic.

All BHO knows is demagoguery and media-whore moments.

christian soldier said...

with out 'victims' there IS no obama-

it has nothing to do w/ black-white-it has everything to do w/ power and control...

if bho 'cared'-he'd be helping his family still living in huts....

Ducky's here said...

Well, Duncan and Obama are going to downplay this. I'm not sure what Duncan can do in this case because he'd have to admit to some issues that he caused in order to address it.

He's closing schools and transporting kids out of their "territory". Neither Obama or Duncan or Holder seem to have any idea what gang pathology is about.

The kids see much more clearly than someone like Duncan. They have a pretty damn bleak future and don't have much hope. Duncan thinks he can solve the education problem by moving the gang bangers around or he may be stupid enough to believe that putting them in charter schools is the answer.

Just the old hustle. Boston recently reported that the graduation rate in charters is miserable, primarily because if an entering student shows the least bit of learning or discipline issues then the student is expelled. The old shell game.

It's going to get worse and the transfer of wealth continues in the direction it's been going for a several decades.

highboy said...

What's even more funny is if you actually google some studies you'll see that in red republican states there are more employed blacks and less blacks in jail. Blue states, the states of liberal racial equality and peace, love, and latex have the highest poverty rates among blacks and hispanics, and much less of them actually employed.

Z said...

MK....excellent point and I think more and more black Americans are waking up to that...I pray that's true, anyway. I see some signs even on the blogosphere, God bless'em. concept whatsoever.

CS...good point about sad. Well, he knows how to BE one, doesn't he.

Ducky, I have to agree with everything you said except about wealth; years ago, every poor American still had character, was raised up by parents who taught them right from wrong; one never saw the kind of things, or RARELY, from kids as we see today...that's not money THOUGH the leftwingers like to remind the poor that it's not THEIR fault they didn't get a good education or study hard, it's not THEIR fault they aren't living rich, it's all of OUR faults, the ones who did work hard to succeed.
Again, I generalize...MANY minority families do great, better than many poor whites.

THIS is why I thought Obama missed a to these kids who identify with might have helped.

Hi, surprise, really....but with a dishonest media keeping those facts from us, who'd know differently? right? :-)

Ducky's here said...

Ducky, I have to agree with everything you said except about wealth; years ago, every poor American still had character, was raised up by parents who taught them right from wrong.


But we ain't back there, z, we are here. As Lenny Bruce said, "There's what is, what ought to be is a dirty lie."
So we deal with what we have. And these kids haven't got much of a future and frankly we know that the majority of them don't want to be where they are but they have to adjust to the gang culture they're in. They are concerned with survival, now that the guns are everywhere. Didn't have that issue back when either.

Opus #6 said...

The behavior of the gangs is like Lord of the Flies. Sickening.

Obama has set race relations back decades.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

It is shocking that Obama didn't grab this opportunity. But then, he might have to chastise blacks, including parents. We can see from his appointments that he has a particular direction in which he wants to lead. I don't think we heard from his Safe Czar either.

Roger Ebert, the film critic, lives in Chicago. He asked that Mayor Daley address this by using monies planned for the Olympics to "bid for Derrion Albert."

When parents allow almost 300 shootings among students, something is very wrong. The fact that we can have dangerous gangs made up of children is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

And these kids haven't got much of a future and frankly we know that the majority of them don't want to be where they are but they have to adjust to the gang culture they're in.

Gee, maybe if they brought back the concept of vocational training instead of insisting that everyone in the world needs to go to college and become a CEO, they'd have a reason to attend schools again.

NA-A-A-A-A-H! That's not "affirmative" enough to the "progressive" mind.

Anonymous said...

Nope, we'll just spend the next 50 years NOT "closing the education gap" and pretending that all it takes is more and better teachers/ resources. LOL!

Z said...

Fj, what an amazingly good idea...
Teach these kids TRADES..give them pride, give them a feeling they can succeed, because they CAN.

Opus, Lord of the Flies...perfect, and such a devastating thought.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Z, but self-respect is NOT something teachers want these kids to earn; make 'em settle for the self-esteem they'll get from inflated grades handed out by an incompetent foreigner brought in to teach under the government's latest regional affirmative action plan.

btw - Venezuelan Socialists will be happy to know that today Hugo Chavez just spent $5.6B to bring in 1,100 Cuban doctors to fill spots in 2,000 recently abandoned local clinics. That's about $0.5M per Cuban. I guess all the regular doctors were able to obtain exit visas and emigrated.

Z said...

FJ: yet you see Jaime Escalante in STAND AND DELIVER and another film whose name escapes me..Freedom Writers or something:? and those kids RISE TO THE OCCASION...when someone CARES, when they are encouraged, believed in, trusted..
I'm not saying ALL kids, but MOST KIDS. I honestly believe that; they're doing drugs and having sex because illegals have taken the jobs you and I did in high school and the kids are bored and feel nobody gives a damn about them...this gives them importance, this drugging and boozing, sex, etc...
Sad, but true.

We need to replace that.
I've always been a proponent of getting kids to stay late at school and bringing grandparents from the community in after school to tutor and mentor....I love the idea and am sad I didn't push hard for it when I was younger and had more energy but, I wasn't political then, just thought it a good idea. Now, I think it's essential.