Thursday, October 1, 2009

Michelle and Oprah's sacrificial trip to Copenhagen

"As much of a sacrifice as people say this is for me or Oprah or the president to come for these few days," the first lady told a crowd of people involved in the Chicago project, "so many of you in this room have been working for years to bring this bid home."

My buddy Ellen pointed out this 'sacrifice' remark from Michelle Obama to me and I'm wondering if you can help us out with what the heck she means? It's a sacrifice for her and Oprah and the president? "People have said this?" WHO? Read it HERE and help me out, okay?

Or is this about
"best defense is a good offense" (to keep it in sports language) because she had to be pretty sure eyebrows in America would go up that OPRAH and MICHELLE went along to Copenhagen to promote an Olympics that many Chicagoans don't want? "Ah, okay, Michelle, we get it. People have been working 'for years to bring this bid home' and you feel flying off with your hubby and girlfriend on Air Force One is a sacrifice, but you're willing to make it. Well I, for one, am very impressed!" (but, I'm thinking I'm about the ONLY ONE?) (and, not really..notsomuch) Oh, it's for 'the kids'....right. OH, maybe KIDS are why Barack's taking along Arne Duncan....Education get an Olympics bid, right? (WHAT?)

"Obama is also mobilizing his administration on behalf of Chicago's bid. Senior adviser Jarrett, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, will also be joining the president and first lady in Copenhagen. All are from Illinois." Well, THAT makes sense. (not)
UPDATE: News this morning:

Valerie Jarrett, one of three special advisors to the President, believes this campaign resembles Obama's history-making run to the White House. "It is similar to the Iowa caucuses," said 52-year-old Jarrett. "It's about meeting people one-on-one. The First Lady also has the opportunity to make a compelling case for Chicago.

"The President will endeavour to do the same thing when he arrives on Friday. We are not taking a single vote for granted. We will work for each vote until the very last moment and we are through the finish line."

That seems almost embarrassing, unseemly, in regard to the Olympics........are they ALWAYS in CAMPAIGN MORE?


Ducky's here said...

Picky, picky.

Elmers Brother said...

just think how many slum lords who benefited from ACORN loans will be able to get development money from the government should the Olympics go to Chicago...

FrogBurger said...

I was listening that olympics in Chicago would dramatically increase CO2 emission.

I guess it's ok when it's payback time.

Leticia said...

It's all about putting money in the pockets of Obama's friends and czars. And it will be money in his pocket most of all.

Don't forget he is a narcissist and could give a darn about the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

What about the kid who was kicked to death in Chi-Town. He was a sacrificial victim because he & his family wanted better for him. If they get the Olympics, which I hope they don't, they had better keep the Olympians on the 'island' to keep them safe! Go Rio!

And here I figured her 'sacrifice' was that she forgot her girdle (OMG!) or her wig. Now THAT would be a real sacrifice! Boy, do I miss real First Ladies, with the emphasis on 'ladies', like Laura, Barbara, & Nancy.

God forbid that O. should miss something REALLY important, like Copenhagen, just to meet with the General to discuss a triviality like the war in Afganistan & the unimportant needs of our troops over there. Obama is enough to gag a maggot! And so are his sycophants.


Z said...

Elbro, Obama's big best friend/adviser (who raved about Van Jones' past when she brought him into the WH "we've been watching his rise for years") was in charge of some housing that went bust, BIG's a mess now$$..but GUESS WHAT! That land will be used for the Olympics! Yes, I heard they're razing the area for DORMS or something? Jarrett's boss will recover his losses she created!
But, decent Chicagoans.

Ducky...advice: Don't be picky when YOU have YOUR own blog.

FrogBurger; like they really care about CO2. got it.

Ellen, I miss the class; First Ladies who didn't wear shorts when they knew cameras would be on them, who followed protocol in foreign countries, etc. Who didn't just start loving their country because their husband was the new bigwig.

Anonymous said...

I just heard that the round trip for A.F.1 costs about 1.2 million, + over 1 million CO2 emissions. The plane that the 'First Lady' took put out almost 400,000 emissions, no cost mentioned. Nothing like setting wonderful examples. Don't do as they do, do as they SAY do.


Anonymous said...

There are at least three issues which come immediately to mind:

1. Chicago needs to clean up its act (if that is ever possible in this swamp) before it gets into further adventures. And with a debt burden of $11B it needs additional expenses like a hole in the head. And, in typical "swamp manner", the cost, indicated to be a mere $1.5B are dramatically underestimated. Experience with these types of venues shows that it would be more likely between 10 and 20B (I would err on the higher side).

2. Cronyism - or shall we say "payback". Chicago has supported Obama all the way through, he comes from that swamp (BTW: When we talk about swamp, I have had first hand experience in that), and now he uses the power of his office to support everything Chicago by neglecting his "main job". All his good friends and cronies from the ACORN/Community organizer times are in Copenhagen, too.

3. But here comes the kicker: Who pays for this community support? Well you guessed correctly: We, the People (aka taxpayers). Big Mama flies over there on a private plane compliments by the Air Force, with all the security detail, extra plane for the armored vehicle fleet etc. Then comes the "Marketer in Chief" who, of course, flies on the bigger planer, again with all the security detail, extra plane to transport these vehicles, etc. This adds up, folks. And it is not in the interest of the United States, it is solely in the interest of Chicago.

In addition, this visit blocks the poor people of Copenhagen - the streets are closed, they were even talking stopping the subways. How dare he do that to them? BTW: The Olympic Committee is discussing the end of such avalanche of prominent people to give a pitch for the interested cities - it is getting overwhelming.

What a waste of time, energy and money on our dime. Disgusting.

BTW: I am of the opinion anyway that we either return to Olympics the ancient way, with only amateurs and absolutely without doping, or we should stop this nonsense altogether.


Chuck said...

The Hell the Obama's go through for us...

christian soldier said...

we - the hard working tax payers are paying for her 'sacrifice'--
Wait-how can that be-she & bho are supposed to be WORKING for me... !!!?
BTW-I haven't seen any WORK from either on of them...have you?1!!!!

christian soldier said...

just read Mr Z's-
I agree-the Olympic Games are no longer for amateurs...
I've wanted them to be dismantled for a looooog time....

The Right Look said...

Chi-town needs the Olympics like it needs another sports team that cannot be supported by it's dwindling economy.

Would it not be nice if the N-Obama's and the O get to Denmark, come back, and the Olympic Committee gives the games to Rio!

Another failed N-Obama vision of hope setting up the GOP for 2k10!

God Bless America!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

And if Bush or Reagan had done the same thing Duckling?

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I should have to suffer through such a sacrifice -- traveling on the taxpayers' dime, being put up at luxury hotels, having people tend to my every need, being whisked around in limousines.

Michelle is the true victim here.

Dr. Dave said...

I always thought it was us who were sacrificing our tax dollars so that glitterati such as the Obuggers can live in luxury in DC and jet off to wherever their heart desires under false pretenses.

What a fool I was to believe such a thing.

Soloman said...

Come on, Z... she had to get off her backside, give up her $20 heads of lettuce for a few days, sleep in a hotel instead of the new palace...

I see my pal Ducky's been here...

Hey Ducky, FYI - most of us Conservatives hated it when W. spent four days sucking up to the Chi-Coms too.

Presidents don't need to be involved in Olympics, especially when their hometown can't stop kids from being mutilated on the streets, or when they are being held in Commie nations.

I'm just sayin'...

DaBlade said...

Them soldiers in Afghanistan don't know what true sacrifice is, right Oprah and Michelle?

I think Obama wants a Chicago Olympics because he has such fond memories of his bowling a 129 in the special olympics. His comment, not mine.

Ducky's here said...

Chicago and Tokyo just got voted out.

It's between Madrid and Rio. Most likely Rio.

Take that Oprah, you New Age geek.

Z said...

Rio seems to be the one since it's never been held in S America.
Ya, Oprah can't be too happy...all that power and she didn't get her way on something, imagine?

But Americans did; McChrystal finally got to meet with Obama again and maybe talked some sense into him.

Anonymous said...

Dear Z, you can't talk sense into a vacuum. All the General probably got was an echooooo.

Hooray!! Chi-town lost out after the 1st vote. I'm glad someone had some sense.

Saw a great bumper sticker in Jackson, Ms. today: BEAT PELOSI! In Jackson, yet! Must have relatives where the Botox Queen lives.


MK said...

If it's such a sacrifice and too hard then pack your stuff and shove off michelle, nobody holding you there or something.

Elmers Brother said...

Oprah probably ate a planeload of twinkies on the way home.

Z said...

BEAT PELOSI on a bumper sticker? GOOD ONE, Ellen!

Elbro; I think the FOOD CZAR's down away with Twinkies.