Friday, October 2, 2009


May it be successful, safe and a blessing to Rio and the world. Even if most of us think the Olympics is as corrupt as Chicago.


Larry Durham said...

The gold dress was the determining factor...

G-Man said...

Would have been interesting if Obama had won the bid... It would have been shades of 1936. Would an American Krystalnacht have likewise followed two years afterward?

Ducky's here said...

... G-Man you forgot to mention that Michael Moore would film it.

Come on, let's have your best game, second amendment guy.

Z said...

Ducky, that is true.....Moore is ever the capitalist, making money everywhere he can.

FrogBurger said...

Another example of the lack of logic and, more importantly, principles on the left.

Hopefully Moore will give all his profit to charities since profit is evil

cube said...

I can't believe BO stuck out his scrawny neck so far without a Chicago win being a sure thing.

God, he's even more inept than I thought.

Tom said...

Guess MO didn't sacrifice enough...

Z said...

Cube, the way the members of the IOC were waxing eloquent about how HE would bring RESPECT to them by merely showing up, I figured he thought what we thought : They were falling for his magnificence, too.

Apparently not. I can't imagine how angry he is and don't know who he'll start dissing first; but I'm THINKING HE'll be getting a little flack from the Chicago thugger, don't you?

They're already saying it's because he was so busy he couldn't start this push earlier! The spin's making us dizzy again.

Z said...

Tom. good point.
But, it's for the KIDS, dontchaknow. Couldn't quite figure that one out.

Impertinent said...
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Anonymous said...

Best news I've heard all day!

Poor Oprah!! She's going to have to listen to his tantrum allll the looooong way back.

There's an old saying: You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. They won't have to worry about fleas in Rio.


Leticia said...

Apparently, the war with Iran and Afghanistan were not as important to Obama as for lobbying for the Olympics to be held in Chicago.

Eileen for Freedom/Liberty said...

What can I say? Obama, the Dear Leader, the Anointed One, the Marxist Asshat was shown the door by the international community.

I am so disappointed I just cried into my boyfriends diaper. Dear Leader was dissed! It is impossible. I’m going straight to my medicine cabinet and overdosing on Assburn tablets. Goodbye cruel world.
Now get on “our” planes and get back home where you belong and get onto the business of America not Chicago!

You have men/women in foxholes waiting for your decision on their future…it was a disgrace that you took the time to ignore them in favor of Olympic games 7 years from now!
Obviously the whole world don't think Obama is the Messiah

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Yeah. That decision just breaks my heart completely. Uh, NOT.


Anonymous said...

Actually, since Rio got this, at least the opening ceremony should be great. Colorful, full of pizazz, and that great latin music.

You all know if Chicago had gotten it, the opening ceremony would not have been about the US, or even Chicago. It would have been thousands of kids singing, "mmmm mmmm mmmm, Barack Hussein Obama"!

Yes, it would have been about The One. Which is perhaps the real reason they were not chosen.

And of course a lengthy welcoming speech by the President, never one to miss a chance to bore a captive audience of thousands in the arena, and millions on TV, praising Chicago, and dismissing America.

Yes, it would have been a "Healing" Olympics with the world once again embracing the USA because now we're just one of the guys instead of number one. The president has said so.

God, it fills the heart doesn't it? I'm downright teary at the thought.

Now, Obama can be voted out of office in 2012 with no regret.

After all, there will no longer be one reason he should still be President in 2016.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Happy to hear that not only did Chittcago get booted in the first round - it was also a very funny and entertaining thing to occur.


Because I could see them all a-titter, laughing and giggling in Air Force One, getting a free ride on the taxpayer's dole while we've got plenty more serious issues to deal with on the homefront.

We need to boot this big government high spending jerkoff from office immediately. Sure! Bring on the drastic measures even!

Chuck said...

Your all be very insensitive to the sacrifices Michelle made to spend a day flying over to lobby for this, you should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

While with my husband, who was having medical tests at a hospital in Jackson, Ms. today, I saw a car in the parking garage with the bumper sticker 'BEAT PELOSI!'. In Mississippi yet! I want one!!!

Since the diddling duo & celeb guest drilled a dry hole they should pay for the pleasure trip they took at the taxpayers' expense.

Talking to Gen. McChrystal for all of 25 minutes is more than ridiculous, it's insultng. That shouldn't even qualfy as a meeting, just a 'howdy-doo' brought on by the criticism of the lack of attention to the man in charge of the Afghanistan operation.


Law and Order Teacher said...

I have to wonder what the point was of BO's trip on this wild goose chase. He spent a lot of capital with his European buddies to try to get an Olympics. Most of them are economic circuses.

I have to admit, however, I reveled in the winning of the gold medal in the 80 hockey win over the USSR and Finland. I spent my time dancing with my son in the front yard along with all our neighbors. Golden moment.


Deborah on the Bayside said...

Too bad.

Chicago ... and the Olympic committee.
What a perfect pair.
They could dump the athletes,
scuttle the runners,
and award each other the gold
for corruption beyond compare.

Opus #6 said...

It is a relief to me. Congrats Rio.

Dr. Dave said...

The IOC IS as corrupt as Chicago, but I think Olympics couldn't have gone to a more beautiful place. Good luck to the city, is all I can say.

Jungle Mom said...

I might even be able to get there!

Joe said...

The IOC ruled against President BO, therefore they are obviously a racist organization. Wait until Jimmy Carter hears about this!

Anonymous said...

With Jesus Christ atop a mountain commanding the entrance to the harbor how could they lose?

Chicago may be a "toddlin' town," but it never had never could compare to Rio di Janeiro.

"Hog butcher
Tool maker
Stacker of wheat ..."

The pervasive stench of slaughter and corruption. The central focus of Mafia Activity in it's heyday.

Home of The Reverend Jeremiah (God damn, America!) Wright.

Well, Michigan Blvd. had its charms, the Art Institute is a pretty good place, so is the Museum of Science and Industry and Orchestra Hall. Marina Towers looked kinda zingy in it's day, but who wants to live in rooms shaped like a wedge of pie? The Wrigley building and the Sears Tower could never hold a candle to New York's skyscrapers. The Merchandise Mart was overwhelmingly BIG. And the heavy, dark, dreary, oppressively over-ornamented mansions of Midwestern Beer and Cattle Barons can't begin to hold a candle to the remnants of the glorious days of Colonial and Federal architecture and Cottages at Newport along the Eastern Seaboard.

Chicago is known as "The Second City," because it is decidedly second-rate.

~ FreeThinke

G-Man said...

"Come on, let's have your best game, second amendment guy."

So beyond the second amendment, what other parts of our constitution do you hold in disdain? Perhaps the freedom of speech, religion or assembly? Or perhaps, since your a lib, you still dislike the equal rights amendment like your party did when it was proposed. So let us have your best pinko commie guy.

MK said...

Yeah the olympics is quite corrupt, perhaps that is why hussein was so confident he'd get it.