Monday, October 5, 2009

Docs FOR the health care bill?


Does anybody, like OUR PRESIDENT who's supposedly so bright and so well spoken, want to take the time to TELL US what's finally in this bill? It's supposedly changed and morphs by the second, there IS a public option, there IS NO public option...which IS IT? We're arguing about WHAT?

And then Obama decides to talk in front of doctors , as if ALL doctors want his lousy plans, and even the White House admits..."As a visual plug for Obama's efforts, the White House arranged Monday for the president to have some 150 doctors representing all 50 states arrayed in the sun-splashed lawn area just outside the West Wing. To make sure no one watching at home or catching news footage later would miss the point, the physicians wore their white lab coats."

"When you cut through all the noise and all the distractions that are out there, I think what's most telling is that some of the people who are most supportive of reform are the very medical professionals who know the health care system best," said Obama, flanked by four doctors on stage for good measure..............

But, of course, there's this:

"But Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., an orthopedic surgeon for 25 years, said many doctors, nurses and patients strongly oppose Obama's proposals....They are greatly alarmed at proposed cuts in Medicare, which is the main source of health care for many people in Wyoming and elsewhere, Barrasso said in an interview Monday. He said doctors and hospitals also want provisions to protect them against "abusive lawsuits" by people claiming malpractice." The article goes on: "Obama broke no ground in his comments. He outlined the tenets of his health reform plan: expanded and affordable health coverage options for tens of millions of people, strengthened protections for those who already have insurance, and more time for health professionals to help patients with preventative and healing care."


Obama said the country has heard all sides of the debate over the last few months and the time to act is now. ACT AT WHAT? WHAT BILL? WHICH ONE? Can you post it for JUST 72 HOURS? Why did YOUR PEOPLE BLOCK THAT? WHY? And WHAT HAPPENED TO PELOSI'S PROMISE??

Also, Civil Rights organizations are launching a huge push for THE HEALTH CARE BILL. Do they know illegal immigrants MAY not be covered on it? DO THEY KNOW WHAT THE BILL ENTAILS AT ALL, or does it just sound good to the leftwingers who want anything that's free, anyway?

Obama finished his press conference with this: "I want to thank every single doctor who is here," Obama said. "And I especially want to thank you for agreeing to fan out across the country and make the case about why this reform effort is so desperately needed. You are the people who know this system best. You are the experts."


beamish said...

"To make sure no one watching at home or catching news footage later would miss the point, the physicians wore their white lab coats."

Of course they did. You don't have to be a doctor, but you can play one on TV with a lab coat.

Z said...

They didn't hire those media bigwigs for nothing.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Just FYI there is an op-ed in the WSJ that you should read. It's written by four doctors who discuss how to fix health care. I saw it yesterday so it should be easy to find.

Anonymous said...

How does it look? Will it sell?

Yes, certainly, but don't we have to consider also how it will smell once it's been around for a while?

And you are so right to emphasize the question "What IS it we are debating exactly? Or even more important, "Why do those in power want to keep us in the dark and STIFLE debate on the issue?


Deborah on the Bayside said...

We have a fine community of activist doctors supporting patient rights to choice in health care. They showed up in Washington DC in September and were given the cold shoulder -- by the press and the prez and Pelosi and gang. Not a peep in the MSM except for Fox.

Soloman said...

Newt Gingrich tonight said there is no bill, that's why Obama won't give details... and Baucus claims he can't post it online for two weeks, when I can post any text I want through Blogger in a matter of minutes, or buy a domain and upload a .pdf in about the same amount of time?? Sheesh..

They just want to get a vote in their favor, then they'll write legislation after the fact that suits their intrusive agenda.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi is on Charlie Rose at this moment lying her fool head off.

Shouldn't there be a law against public officials lying through their teeth in the public airwaves?

She claims "the doctors" have consulted with Obama, and that 75% of them are heavily in favor of the Public Option. She also claims that 75% of the American people want the Public Option, because they are so tired of being victimized by the Insurance companies.

Worst of all she claims that the Public Option will hundreds of billions of dollars and will "introduce the element of competition" into American healthcare at long last.

She is boldly determined to work her will, and says so out loud. Then she has the gall to say that her will is synonymous with that of the American people.

Dear God! What planet does this creature come from?

Is Hades a planet? I forget.



Anonymous said...

They just want to get a vote in their favor, then they'll write legislation after the fact that suits their intrusive agenda.

Truer words were never written, Soloman.

Now why aren't you being interviewed on Charlie Rose?

As if we didn't know ...


Z said...

Deborah, that's THE scariest thing; OUR MEDIA.

If Americans don't get the truth, how do we make informed decisions? But, of course, if information that's TRUE comes from FOX, it's "righwing screwy thinking" or "rightwing conspiracy"

The other day, van Susteren asked Tucker Carlson "is there a vast LEFTWING conspiracy like Hillary said there is one from the Right?"

Ol' Tucker, typical darned polite Republican who can't stand to ripple the waters, misses that great moment to say "THE MEDIA, GRETA, if THAT isn't a VAST LEFTWING CONSPIRACY of silence, misrepresentation and obfuscation, I don't know WHAT IS"

Soloman, I saw Newt tonight, too....amazing that this is happening in America. My husband isn't from here and he keeps saying "How could this HAPPEN? this is like Banana Republic can they rush through huge bills before people know about them, how can the media not inform, what is happening in America?" not fun to hear, trust me.

Otalp: "Is Hades a planet?" GOOD ONE. She can lie better than ANY politician and MAN, is THAT going some. I think my post has a link to her promising PROMISING to get that bill on line for 72 hours! That date of her promise, I believe, was 9/24 !! Well, there goes the great promise again, huh?

Would we all LOVE to see a Soloman on CHARLIE ROSE? It'll happen right after Charlie Rose has Sarah Palin on and apologizes for the left's treatment of her :-) That'd be RIGHT after HADES freezes over!

Z said...

By the way, Hannity gave four ideas for a health care plan and I wish I remember them all;

private health savings plans, movable insurance, tort reform and something else, was it tax breaks on insurance?........

WHY can't they be satisfied with fixing what's broken and not fixing the rest? I heard a doctor on the radio today pleading with Americans to WAKE UP, how she's worked in other countries as an MD and there is no better health care system or supplier in the world, and what we'll LOSE if obama has his way.

Soloman said...

Z - I don't remember Hannity's fourth idea, although I do remember him doing a whole show on it..

I did a post giving my concepts for how to reform health care, the same night Obama did his big lie speech in front of Congress.

Charlie Rose is welcome to read my blog too :)

DaBlade said...

Is there a poll out there of just doctors? I'd be willing to bet that an overwhelming majority would be against the so-called public option. Pelosi is not a very credible sourse.

FJ said...

The big push for World Socialism depends upon Americans cutting the chord between medical costs and services. Nobody in his right mind would buy a "carbon credit" otherwise. There can be no "green jobs" if the true costs of more expensive energy sources were not subsidized.

It's no coincidence that Michael Moore's declared "War on Capitalism" has just been launched. They issues are mutually inextricably entwined.

FJ said...

This reminds me of how Chavez sold communism to the masses in Venezuela. Torrential rains devasted the country, and Hugo called out the National Guard and military to rebuild. At the same time, he called in thousands of Cuban doctors (glorified med techs) who began treating the poor and afflicted. Within a year, the country was "hooked on socialism" and couldn't turn back.

Wake up America!

RaDena said...

"Is Hades a planet? I forget! LOL, Z! I think you may have put your finger on it though.

The nuts truly are running the asylum. Obama believes we are stupid enough to believe him. That alone makes him a nut, although there are many other reasons to do so.

Brooke said...

I wonder if those docs that showed up are doctors the same way the docs on infomercials are doctors...

Anonymous said...

No, I’m not a real doctor … but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

We have managed to turn the world upside down, folks. MacArthur was wise, for when finally forced into retirement he did as the old barrack refrain used to say: he just faded away; not so with Eisenhower and Clark. Whenever generals become politically active, they set themselves on course toward a lower standard. The same is true for doctors; it seems to me that the Hippocratic Oath admonishes them, “First do no harm.” It is a higher oath than that taken by any politician, and more important. A medical practitioner should focus on what is best for patients, not what is best for some political agenda. They, like some generals, have become confused about their important role in society.

These were not representative of “America’s Doctors”; they were dyed in the wool Obama supporters who became Obama associates long before last November’s elections. Can anyone hear the alarm bell ringing yet? How many of these “doctors” were foreign-born Muslims?

Inquiring minds want to know ...


EDGE said...

From my understanding the Docs that are for it are usually the ones that have nothing to lose.

cube said...

If we HAD a free press, they would be busy investigating just how many of those doctors didn't even know why they had been invited to the photo op event because they were against Obamacare.

It's all about smoke and mirrors with BO and the press is compliantly going along with the deception.

Z said...

What I'd have given a LOT to have seen done was "Everyone who's a Democrat here, raise your hand"

there'd have been a wind storm, I'm sure.

frogBurger said...

Washington, D.C. – The House GOP Doctors Caucus, chaired by Congressmen Phil Gingrey (R-GA) and Tim Murphy (R-PA), responded to the meeting President Obama convened at the White House today with 50 doctors that are supportive of his health care plan. The Doctors Caucus has working with doctors groups across the country that do not support the President and Democratic Majority’s plan of inserting government bureaucrats into the doctor-patient relationship. The House GOP doctors are focused on ensuring Americans have access to quality, affordable health care and do not support a government takeover of our health care system. The Doctors Caucus will continue to reach out to doctors groups across the country, including Doctors for America , to discuss and work toward real healthcare solutions.

Statements from the GOP doctors are as follows:

House GOP Doctors Caucus Co-Chair Dr. Phil Gingrey (GA-11): “President Obama's sales pitch to the American people continues despite the fact that a growing majority are opposed to his government takeover of our health care system. While he's managed to gather a few like-minded doctors for this publicity stunt today, there is no question that most health care professionals recognize that inserting government bureaucrats into the doctor-patient relationship is not the prescription for what ails our health care system. President Obama should stop trying new PR tactics each week to try and convince the American people his plan is the one they want, and instead actually listen to what they are saying. Republicans stand ready to share our ideas with the President, but despite his public statements, he has not responded to any of our requests for a meeting to discuss health care reform."

frogBurger said...

House GOP Doctors Caucus Co-Chair Dr. Tim Murphy (PA-18): “We created the GOP Doctors Caucus to develop patient-centered, patient-driven healthcare reforms. We are focused on quality, access, affordability, portability and choice in healthcare, and invite all groups who share this goal to work with us on crafting reform solutions that put patients’ needs first. We look forward to meeting with Doctors for America to hear their ideas.”

Dr. John Boozman (AR-03): “As an optometrist I know there are better ways to reform our health system that allows us all to choose the doctors, hospitals, treatment plans and medications that meets the needs of individuals. The plan supported by the Majority and the Administration hinders the ability for health care professionals to provide the best care to their patients on an individual basis. From discussions I’ve had with health care professionals in Arkansas , the clear majority is concerned with the implications of the current proposals and the negative impact it would have on patient care.”

frogBurger said...

Dr. Paul Broun (GA-10): “The President missed an opportunity to gather physicians from across the country for a productive health care reform meeting and instead opted for a public relations push of his $1.5 trillion health care experiment. The vast majority of physicians in my district oppose sticking a government bureaucrat in between them and their patients. They are also concerned about increased costs and more red tape. I encourage the President to open his door and ears to diverse health care reform ideas from the GOP Doctors Caucus that physicians and taxpayers across America would likely embrace.”

Dr. Charles Boustany (LA-07): “President Obama should work with people on both sides of the debate over how to lower health care costs, not simply a small group who agree with him. Most state medical societies and an overwhelming number of doctors, nurses and care providers I worked with and now represent oppose this massive new, government-bureaucracy because it will not lower health care costs. We need to work together to achieve real solutions for the American people.”

Dr. John Fleming (LA-04): “The doctors who are meeting with Obama at the White House today clearly do not represent the physicians from my district, who are overwhelmingly opposed to ObamaCare. Just last month, over 120 medical students from my district sent me a petition opposing the current reform proposals being considered by Congress, and both the Shreveport Medical Society and the Louisiana State Medical Society oppose ObamaCare. Physicians from Louisiana understand that a government takeover of health care is NOT the way to expand access to quality health care.”

Dr. John Linder (GA-07): “While the President seems convinced that every medical professional supports government-run health care, the doctors in my state have a different view. The Medical Association of Georgia has worked tirelessly to highlight various problems with the Democrats’ health care plans and was instrumental in bringing together a coalition of state and specialty medical societies, some 50,000 physicians, to oppose H.R. 3200 because it could lead to total government-run care. I am proud that doctors in Georgia are fighting for their patients, and not for a seat at the President’s conference table.”

Dr. Tom Price (GA – 06): “Today’s photo op continues to demonstrate that the President is more invested in the politics of this plan than the policy. Doctors across this nation support health reform, but they know that allowing the government to takeover the system will result in increased costs, decreased access, and, most importantly, diminished quality of care for patients. While the President is cheerleading for his plan, doctors across this nation are questioning whether they will be able to continue their practice because of the inadequate financing mechanisms and destructive intervention imposed by the federal government. If the President is so concerned about the views of physicians, it is curious that he refuses to discuss the issue with those who have a different perspective on reform. Today’s event is shameless, but the real danger for American patients is taking power from them and their physician and handing it to Washington . Positive health reform is achievable, but it requires a willingness to put patients first.”

frogBurger said...

Dr. Phil Roe (TN-01): “While lobbying organizations in Washington DC try to portray support for this plan among doctors, their rhetoric doesn’t square with what I am seeing with my own two eyes back home in Tennessee . Doctors on the front lines continue to tell me President Obama’s plan – as it is embodied in H.R. 3200 – are afraid this plan will significantly impact their ability to provide care for their patients by putting a Washington bureaucrat squarely in between them. “

Members of the House GOP Doctors Caucus include Congressmen Phil Gingrey (R-GA), Tim Murphy (R-PA), John Boozman (R-AR), Michael Burgess (R-TX), Charles Boustany (R-LA), Paul Broun (R-GA), Bill Cassidy (R-LA), John Fleming (R-LA), John Linder (R-GA), Ron Paul (R-TX), Tom Price (R-GA), Phil Roe (R-TN), and Mike Simpson (R-ID).

Z said...

WoW, FB, thanks for all of that!

yet, ONE doc, Frist, said he'd vote for some morph of the bill were he still in the senate, right? WHICH BILL?

The trouble is, these docs are RIGHT....NO TOTAL HEALTH CARE REVOLUTION..not necessary, not useful, not wise.

But we just won't know what's IN ANY bill until a few years down the line, maybe, when one of the caveats kicks in and we're asking "How did THAT HAPPEN?...oh, I remember something hinted about that said 'if this doesn't happen, then that's going to happen', but I never believed that would happen...oh, my GOSH, I can't AFFORD THIS and I WANT MY DOCTOR BACK, what is going on?"


FrogBurger said...

Obama at this point is making mistakes after mistakes and will go down as one of the worst presidents.

I was reading a rumor (there's no smoke without fire) that there was a secret meeting between oil producers to stop using the dollar as the "oil currency." It has been denied but since we all know the dollar is losing value and will keep losing value, we know it's just a matter of time.

Then our dependence on foreign oil will be dramatically worse since we'll suffer from currency fluctuations.

We're on our way to being a banana republic and the guy keeps enacting policies that will be a disaster for the economy. (Or should I say "economi"?)

Anonymous said...

Just heard from Mike Gallagher that a lot of those "show" doctors showed up without their white lab coats, so Team Obama supplied them with prop white coats (presumably from the WH Costume Department).

There's no business like show business -- especially at the White House and in the D'Rat Congress.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FB, i heard that about not using the dollar, too."

Heck, if WE don't respect OURSELVES, why should they? Europe sees the mistakes Obama's making, and is commenting about them,...Germany DID NOT go for his stimulus suggestion to European countries and they're suddenly thriving...

We're doomed and who ever thought this was possible.

FT...yes, my post says they used white coats, but you say the WH PROVIDED THEM? THAT is LOW. And, of course, which mainstream media reported that? ABC? NBC? Well, they might have, but I doubt it :-)
Of course, if Gallagher told America, then it MUST be WRONG because "He's just a rightwing hack" (AS IF)
Smart Americans are waking up to the fact that FOX and conservative talk radio are the only trustworthy venues out there anymore.
I mean, when Rachel Maddow says "What's JOE SCARBOROUGH? to a Republican strategist on MEET THE PRESS as if ONE pseudo Republican made MSNBC FAIR??, I laughed so hard.

Larry Durham said...

Details, shmetails...why on earth would we question Barry, Nan, and the gang? They know what's better for us...I find this post quite troubling...all your questioning reveals your obvious hatred for the uninsured out there.

And this notion that it won't be posted for 72 hours is total will be posted, literally, on a utility pole near 1600 Pennslyvania Ave for 72 hours California is not THAT far from DC, Z.

Professor of Life said...

Bunch of useless morons!

shoprat said...

Obama should resign as president and take over as Marketing VP of some struggling company. Seems to be all he understands.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, as Mr. Pris said to me earlier today, if these politicians who are supportive of the government takeover of healthcare knowing we can't pay for it, and that we don't want it, if they were asked, how many of you are ready to destroy this country?

Are you ready to keep printing paper? Hands please!

Are you ready to assign the American people to mediocrity? Total dependency?

If you are, raise your hands.

If they were honest, they would do so. Because this is being done for one reason and one reason only. To control every aspect of our lives. And that goes for any politician who votes for this.

The IRS, in this bill, will have their powers expanded to monitor our health insurance and if we sign up, or if it's "acceptable".

They will have the power to fine and/or imprison anyone who refuses.

Unconstitutional? I think so, but so far that doesn't seem to matter.

Who knows what else they'll be voting for? The bill is yet to be written in full. I know, they'll add more details later, after they vote on it.

I know this because the woman on the phone in Harry Reid's office admitted to me, "it has to be finalized".

OK, Senators, you can put your hands down. We've got the picture and your number.

Hopefully, any of you who are up for re-election next year, will be the has beens you deserve to be. And that will be too good for you!


Anonymous said...

The Constitution?

Isn't that the name they use for toilet paper in Washington, DC?

The Constitution is just an antiquated obstacle to crypto-Marxists who have dedicated themselves for over 100 years to its destruction.


Z said...

Man, Pris...Mr. Pris hit the nail so soundly on the head.

They are NUTS in congress and we need to stop them's insanity..Great points there.