Friday, October 2, 2009

CHICAGO LOST THE BID.....but at least McChrystal got an audience

UPDATE: OBAMA' S REACTION is disappointment
"In making his pitch, the president had said that a nation shaped by the people of the world "wants a chance to inspire it once more." Never before had a U.S. president made such an in-person appeal, and Obama's critics will doubtlessly see the vote as a sign of his political shortcomings."

WE can INSPIRE? I thought we were too busy apologizing?

Bybyeeeeeeeeee.....Yes, Chicago lost its bid.
In approximately 7o days, McChrystal got to speak with Obama a second time while Obama was in Denmark today. Keep it up, Conservatives; keep up the push for Obama to pay attention. It worked again:

Obama, McChrystal meet in Denmark

"President Obama met with Gen. Stanley McChrystal aboard Air Force One in Copenhagen Friday. The commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan flew from London to Denmark and spoke with the president for about 25 minutes in the forward cabin.

"The president wanted to take the opportunity to get together with Gen. McChrystal," explained White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. "The President realized that he would be close and thought it was a good opportunity to continue the conversation and discussion about Afghanistan and Pakistan that happened -- at least started in the middle of September in a meeting and continued in the Situation Room for three hours on Wednesday.............Gibbs said the possibility of meeting was first raised on Wednesday, when Obama phoned McChrystal prior to meeting with him and other advisers to discuss Afghanistan."

Z: With the Olympics loss, I'm sure a lot of Chicagoans are relieved this morning. And, I guess Obama could kind of deflect the fact that he lost the bid by finally meeting a second time with McChrystal in almost 3 months? I wonder who'll get dissed for having not caved to Obama's push for the Olympics? I'm just realizing something....I'm very happy that Obama lost something. That should feel better than it does, you know? Says a lot, I suppose. By the way.......will anybody who REALLY wanted this in Chicago$ make him pay for having failed? Interesting thought. geeeeeeeeeeeeeeZ


FrogBurger said...

How could they not choose the city of the new Jesus?

This is heresy. The world shall be punished!

Z said...

Well, it looks like they're going to pick the city of the huge statue of the older and real Jesus, so there's a win :-)

FrogBurger said...

His ego must be bruised.

Read this. It's all about ego.

That makes sense. When you get no attention from your parents and you get ditched by your father, recognition is what will lead your life.

It certainly is not about the folks. But we already knew that.

Ducky's here said...

This is actually a real bummer.

Theory is this puts Boston out front for the next Olympics. We've got enough graft and problems paying off the Dig without this kind of action.

FrogBurger said...

Sorry the state of MA is so messed up by liberal policies you have money issues.

Z said...

FB, I do think that Mr Obama needs psychological help; his background was difficult, he was exposed to extremists who don't appreciate this country for anything; Sadly, there is information coming out that his marriage has suffered, and we can see the "I" "I" "I" thing that never seems to cease; He does think he's special in an attempt to compensate (Z, THE DOCTOR IS IN!!)

I'm no shrink, but I feel like instead of therapy for Obama, Americans will be suffering for his psychoses.

Ducky, I dreaded the LA '84 Olympics and it was one of the most fantastic couple of weeks in the city because most residents had split! Beautiful banners, etc., it wasn't bad; except, of course, the city's much more sprawled than Boston., we have MORE ROOM.... wonder you call yourself Frog BURGER: you're always throwing out excellent RED MEAT to the Duck!

frogBurger said...

I don't like contradictions and the lack of logic. So yes, Ducky is getting beef for that. Most Libs don't have a sense of logic. Bunch of sophists.

Anonymous said...

I guess the world will have to wait a few more years for the 50 yard smash and grab, and synchronized gang beating to be added as olympic events...

Congratulations to Brazil. They are wonderful people and I'm sure they will put on an excellent olympics.

Z said...

foutsc....I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED THIS LOUD AT ANY COMMENT....EVEN Beamish's ...well, almost. THANKS!

FrogBurger said...

First time in South America. For that reason only it had to be in Rio.

Obama should be happy since South America has been discriminated for so long ;-)

Ducky's here said...

foutsc, you are aware that Rio has one of the highest murder rates in the world.

They love to exercise their gun rights there.

Z said...

So WHAT, Ducky?
I thought it was stupid for the Right to be harping on that poor kid who got killed the other day in Chicago as if that incident should throw shadows over Chicago's bid..
EVERY city's got problems today, Ducky, liberalism is EVERYWHERE...people have lost their moral compass, nobody has shame or a conscience.

FrogBurger said...

Crimes usually come from leftist and authoritarian policies, which make people poor and are quite frequent in South America.

And then they say it's because of guns.

Another proof of their stupid logic.

Z said...

I know, FrogBurger;
So true.
As if a trigger pulls itself.

frogBurger said...

I look at France and the level of violence without guns (bus burning) and with guns (the bad guys have gun in France). How do you explain it? Like in Chicago or LA.

Bad policies preventing from creating jobs make people miserable. So, even though I am not justifying or accepting their behavior, they resort to crime, theft and else to have a voice.

France has more problems with the 2nd and 3rd generation of immigrants than with the first immigrants from North Africa who had jobs b/c we didn't have the crazy welfare state in the 50s and 60s.

But the leftist still don't get it and say they're victim of society or racism. Racism is *also* triggered by this violence.

Nothing to do with the Olympics, I know.


heidianne jackson said...

i've been watching fox news - i didn't catch his name, but he was someone who has been involved with Olympic bids for America a number of times. he blamed the fact that we don't have a national government, but a federal one and that we don't have a sports/games minister. rather we have the usoc which is a private entity and therefore the ioc is always concerned that we won't get the money or the permits to host things?

huh? oh yes, because the games we've hosted - with PRIVATE MONEY i might add - have been hailed over and over again as such stunning successes. whatever.

i do have to admit that i had the same thoughts of danger that ducky did - but i am not dumb enough to think it is because they allow their citizens to defend themselves. as is true here in america and all other countries, ducky, the vast majority of crime committed with guns is not committed with firearms that are owned legally.

Z said...

FrogBurger, I get VERY VERY ticked off when I see headlines like "PROTESTS DEADLY IN FRANCE" , etc...
AS IF the French are doing that?

See, they never dreamt of anything like that 50 years ago...NEVER. German homes were kept unlocked, bicycles thrown to the side of the front door (OUTSIDE) till only about 20 years ago when our friends started telling us the Easter Europeans flooding in are stealing EVERYTHING.
In Paris' once peaceful suburbs, people are being killed on the way from their car into their homes...and not infrequently.
Raise your hands if you think the perps are FRENCH PEOPLE. baloney.
And then you see headlines about how bad crime is in France and Germany, allowing people to think it's THEM. guns are owned by the good guys, but the Left can't let themselves grasp that concept.

cube said...

Meeting with McChrystal was an after thought after losing the $hitcago Olympic bid. What, McChrystal doesn't have a phone nearby?

Ducky's here said...

Oh I can grasp it, z. It's just that it's so much fun to rag the right about their pop guns.

Own what you like but the things are really boring and anyone who has an avatar showing his pop gun and thinks that's some kind of scary threat display really needs a good mocking.

That's the deal

MK said...

Yeah tough break barry, now how about helping out them troops you're supposed to be in command off, you know, the ones dodging bombs and bullets day in and day out. Not too much trouble for you is it barry?

Z said...

Ducky..thanks for THE DEAL. Is that your ego or do you even get how that makes you look?
'move on, folks'...etc. You're so real life, too?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

If a .30-.06 is a pop gun then I'd love to know what a real gun is. A M2 perhaps?

Ducky you do know that most of the cities with the highest incidents of violent crime also have the strictest gun control laws...

Don't you?