Wednesday, October 7, 2009

They're children's wars, too...........

At least one little girl didn't want to let go of her Marine Daddy's hand as he was leaving again for Iraq. Such a sweet story, but you can read all of it HERE. What a picture.
There was another story yesterday on Yahoo Headlines on this, too.
It's an amazing time for these pieces to suddenly spring up, isn't it? Just when Americans are polling a tiny bit lower for the Afghanistan war? Just when Obama's 'furious' with McChrystal for giving honest input? Just when some in the country feel we must stay there, never turn tail again?

I often wonder how wives and children made it through WWI and WWII; no mail for months, no emails, no phone calls............just amazing courage I must admit I'm not sure I'd have had; Except that is the whole point, is it not? YOU DO WHAT YOU MUST DO TO PROTECT YOUR COUNTRY.............even these little children who may be learning "war is never the answer...I miss my Daddy too much"...or "My Daddy is a hero and I'm glad I did my part to support him."

What makes that difference?



Brooke said...

What a pic!

I pray that Dad comes home safely to his little girl. Both must have incredible courage.

WomanHonorThyself said...

love it Z!

Elmers Brother said...

what makes the difference?

a lot of things

instilling in your children that there are some things worth sacrificing for like my grandfather did during WWII

that some things are bigger than even themselves, like taking care Nazi Germany or defending ourselves after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor

does it make it easy?

Nope. Missing birthdays, anniversaries and holidays...not something you can get back BUT I've asked my children their feelings about our times of separation during my 20 year naval career.Really you expressed them here beautifully in your post.

Two emotions that always stood out.

They did express deep sadness and uncertainty at my having to deploy but they also shared with me the pride they had in knowing that our family was contributing something to help our country.

The reunions were sweeter and helped us to not take each other for granted. THAT made us stronger.

Z said... humble me.
What a response..thanks.xx

cube said...

This photo just breaks my heart.

Elmers Brother: Thank you for your comment. I didn't know much about you before, but I feel that after reading that, I know volumes about you and they are all good.

Leticia said...

That picture tore at my heart. And I so happy that she was allowed to stay with her dad in formation, which really surprised me, that's usually a big, no, no. Gotta love our armed forces.

We must remember that those brave men and women leave so many loved ones at home in sadness and pain. We must keep them in our prayers as well.

Always On Watch said...

even these little children who may be learning "war is never the answer...I miss my Daddy too much"...

Watch out for the public school system! I personally know some leftista teachers who have these get-in-touch-with-your-feelings exercises for children whose parents are overseas serving in our military.

Elmers Brother said...

thanks z and cube but my family were the ones who did the heavy lifting...especially my wife.

Z said...

What kind of people are we anymore?
A kid from your child's school dies and suddenly grief counselors come out and everybody's hugging, and hugging...and hugging more...and lighting candles, and kids stay home and I sometimes wonder "What did people DO before grief counselors?"
I think their folks spoke to them, convinced them that it won't happen to THEM, and held them and they learned to be have a deep respect for death and try to avoid it at all costs (don't do drugs, drive carefully, etc.)
Are our children learning to BE STRONG?

Is it always better to go to the softest, weakest parts of us and give in to it? Is it SO bad to say "You have to be strong...bad things happen but life's mostly so good...remember that"?

I firmly believe GETTING OVER THINGS as quickly and completely as we can is what makes us STRONG.

Today, we're raising wusses.......
Life can be difficult; children hurt, then get stronger from the experience, grow character....NOBODY LIKES TO SEE CHILDREN MISS THEIR DADDIES (don't get me on moms who are deployed, it's not my thinking at all, call me sexist, I'm okay with that), NOBODY..NOT EVEN 'EVIL' REPUBLICANS who believe in personal integrity and STRENGTH like seeing children missing their daddies.
But, history is far too full of children who missed soldier fathers....somehow, they survived.

I'm probably ticking some folks off here for having said that but it's on my mind and why I posted this article, anyway.

As for Elmer's Brother? They don't get much better than him, TRUST me..he's my blog partner and I'm proud to say he and his family are good friends of ours.

Opus #6 said...

There are a lot of kids in New York and New Jersey who miss their moms and dads, too. Their parents might have worked at Cantor Fitzgerald. That's a business that took up a few floors above the area where the plane crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. Those kids are inconsolable. They have no Daddy hands to hold onto. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Those who rightly own courage...are the ones most likely to defend our freedoms.

Look at the cowardly, swine demrats...actually threatening to withhold funding for our troops while they are in combat. And unfortunately it's all along "party" lines.

Patriots that will rally behind our troops while those on the opposite side of the aisle, would rather see more killed through their apathy and hatred of this country. Sickening to know that the troops took an oath to defend these mobsters too.

"Demrats"....the Revolting collection of scum and traitors.

Anonymous said...

What a picture. It captures so much. Any military person will tell you... The spouses and children bear the greater burden. While you may only be in danger briefly, depending on your job, it rarely crosses your mind because you are so busy. But in their minds you are in danger always.

Plus, the spouse left behind in now a voluntary single parent.

Families that can hold it together produce some tough, stubborn people, which is what we need more of today.

Anonymous said...

Great post Z.

Elbro, you said it all. Family is the core. People find out for the most part, they're as strong as they have to be.

I like to say, when things have been tough, "we're family, and we'll circle the wagons".

We take care of our own and give of ourselves whatever is needed to carry on, and we'll do it together. No matter what.


Z said...

"Families that can hold it together produce some tough, stubborn people, which is what we need more of today."

foutsc, you're so right. I think everyone here agrees with you on that.

Imp..."traitors" FOR SURE...more by the day.

Pris, taking care of one's own seems to be old fashioned..and the masses agree it's GOVERNMENT which should pay...and, it seems, giving our economic future to china's just FINE with the masses, too....and the WH. What a disaster.

Chuck said...

There is a price for the family. My brother did a year in Iraq and his son had a real hard time with it.

Z said...

Chuck, NO doubt about that...horrible cost...
I just think of all the WWII kids who also paid a price and how I think we're raising less resilient children these days....obviously, not 'just' this war situation but in every situation. I generalize, but I'm afraid the percentage of kids not ready for real life is rising as we have awards ceremonies where only winners can attent in school...or games where there's no score anymore just ten minutes an inning, etc etc.....

we're protecting our children and doing America no service.

Maybe I should separate that from this military situation....I hate to sound like I think it's a good idea for children to miss or, God forbid, even lose their father.....I surely don't.

Soloman said...

The leftist agenda has had no use for pictures and stories such as this over the past 8 1/2 months. Now with the anniversary of the engagement, the McChrystal "issue" and the
Taliban statement
, the left is going to suddenly take great interest in the war.

Anonymous said...

It's OK to protect our children when they're young. But, at the same time they have to be taught they're responsible for obeying rules, and suffering the consequences for wrong choices.

Too many parents today make excuses for their children and let them off the hook when they misbehave.

Too many allow children to make decisions for which they are not equipped. They're children not merely small people as I've heard folks such as Oprah say.

If we don't give children limits, they grow up demanding whatever they wish, and expecting those demands to be met, if they grow up at all.

As far as Moms being deployed, you can call me sexist too. Especially Moms whose husbands are deployed too. Why have children and take that kind of risk to leave them without both parents?

Well, I'm older, and I'm old fashioned I guess. All I know is, my parents were good strong loving parents, and raised two happy healthy girls, who did the same with our children.

Our family was our haven, and we were secure, and didn't expect to get whatever we wanted, and didn't go looking for trouble. You can't argue with what works and replace it for change sake.

Sometimes it's wise to leave well enough alone.


MK said...

They fight so that little one won't have to.

Elmers Brother said...

If we don't give children limits, they grow up demanding whatever they wish, and expecting those demands to be met, if they grow up at all.

Children want those limits and boundaries. It lets them know that you care about them.

You're right Pris.

Z said...

I think the biggest mistake is when adults DON'T think children really WANT limits; they yearn for them, they feel they protect them, the person who's setting them cares, ..etc etc.
Great points, Pris and Elbro

highboy said...

Amazing how ducky is quick to chime in on every post accept those that discuss the heroism of our troops. Quite telling.