Saturday, June 22, 2013

A poem I had to share

Courage a Generational Poem

1 I come to my father in tears
I cry out my inability to move forward
2 He says to have courage and overcome your fears
To go, to go half a league, half a league onward
3 He tells me stories of old
Of a father who’s treasure lay not in gold
But in his sons and daughter
4 He was not a perfect father
But he taught his son this
5 That life is not about gain rather
It is the love of a father that will save us from the abyss
6 And this love is one that you must also demonstrate
You must take it with you wherever you go
7 But it is not simply a mental state
It is one act of courage after another
8 My Father leaned forward
 To me and said I love you, now love others and move
Half a league onward

This is by our friend and fellow blogger/commenter Elmer's Brother's son.
I thought it was so terrific that it's a privilege to publish it for you all.



Elmers Brother said...

The reference to Tennyson was a tribute to his maternal great grandfather who often recited Tennysons poem by memory.

Pris said...

This is indeed a beautiful treasure to hand down to one's children. They'll always remember it too, and someday they'll pass it down to their children.

Jen Nifer said...

Wow! As I read it, I was wondering what old soul wrote those words. Very cool, Elbro.

Z said...

Oh, Jen...exactly so. I wish I could grab essences of art like you do.

Pris, imagine your own child writing that?

Elbro...he references it so perfectly; part of why I thought his talent needed display :-)

Elmers Brother said...

Ironic as I told you that he doesn't like to write. I passed along your compliments, he and I are going through a book on the works of Yeats. His live ballads are beautiful.

Elmers Brother said...

Love ballads