Thursday, June 27, 2013

Snowden "A made-for-TV movie.." suggests Obama?

Is Obama kidding?  Did you see THIS?  Please read that, you'll be stunned.
Did you know he hasn't called Putin or anybody in China?
Here's a couple of quotes from the article....

"The Senate Intelligence Committee chairwoman, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, has said Snowden still has perhaps more than 200 sensitive documents.
"I get why it's a fascinating story," Obama said. "I'm sure there will be a made-for-TV movie somewhere down the line.""

That's how Obama views the Snowden situation?  "a fascinating story" which will be a MOVIE?"...suggesting that's the only interest?   Or is he trying to show Putin he doesn't care?  Or is he showing that he doesn't have a clue as to the severity of the leaks as Feinstein says?

This morning we should all feel so humiliated.   I'd have thought he'd take this seriously.  Unreal.
On the other hand, when you're trying to underplay yet another scandal.................



Constitutional Insurgent said...

You're engaging in the very same acitivty that you would decry, were the political roles reversed. You've plucked one statement out of many and publicly held it as the synopsis of the overarching position.

Anonymous said...

Goes with your previous post. A nation run by idiots or people with no gravitas. And it's about to get worse with the new generations.

Glued to their cellphone 7hrs a day, those people will become politicians void of empathy. It's going to be fun to grow old in America in 20-30 years.

Ed Bonderenka said...

It only furthers his agenda of taking America down a notch or five.

JonBerg said...

"That's how Obama views the Snowden situation? "a fascinating story"

It's how this jerk acts to minimize his embarrassment, as he trys to draw us off the subject by resurrecting that Climate Change/Crbon Tax nonsense. Has anyone, recently, heard someone admit to re-electing this POS?

Z said...

CI, sorry...I know you love to compare/contrast my writings with the left and throw me in the same pile, but I urge you to read the article? You couldn't have.

I frequently highlight one sentence to entice people to read the rest and, if you do, you will see how wrong it is to have your DoJ acting tough in trying to get this guy back (though the DoJ apparently screwed up the application process of extradition) while you're saying "it's no big'll be a TV movie". (please, I'm paraphrasing, don't correct me...I have definitely caught the gist of the article)

I'm almost sorry the rest of you agree with me; Imagine a president treating NSA leaks like this publicly? And not calling Putin? :-) And dismissing it like this when even Dianne Feinstein says there are many sensitive docs compromised and other experts say this is a terrible leak and could have real consequences on our safety and on future intel works with other countries?

"a fascinating story"? is he kidding?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - Pretty sure I didn't mention the left specifically, but that could be because I don't care about issues from a left-right paradigm.

I didn't realize that your following statement was a tease:

"That's how Obama views the Snowden situation?"

Seemed like an encapsulation of what you think POTUSs position was.

Bunkerville said...

Clueless is clueless about what his position is about. Keeping us safe and sound.

Ducky's here said...

Nobody seems concerned that President Big Drone essentially said he intended to make intelligence gathering more opaque.

beakerkin said...


Look whose talking about drones. You've been droning on in a fantasy
world goofier then D&D for ten years.

Law and Order Teacher said...

As the cool guy glides down the hallway feigning a complete disregard for those lower beings around him, it is instructive to realize that he's really insecure in his lack of knowledge and is merely trying to cover-up his incompetence.

Glide on, cool guy, as those following in your wake laugh at you behind your back. And as you continue to hide behind your cool persona we all continue to laugh.

In high school and college it didn't matter. Unfortunately, now it does.

Kid said...

How do I describe Imbecilic, let me count the ways.

Off the cuff, I'm thinking 365 X the number of years obama is in office plus 2 for a couple leap years in 2012 and 2016.

Kid said...

More to the point, the world is treating obama like the little bitch he is and this tact is meant to minimize it - as JonBerg says.

Z said...

Oh, man, took Kid's comment to WAKE ME UP to what you said, I'm so sorry.


I was thinking maybe this is dumping on Putin like "you may HAVE him, but we don't really CARE" but, I think you're right in your hypothesis..totally.

"I'm losin'... no big deal...who wants to win, anyway?" Right?


L&O...sad, isn't it. So immature.

Ed. at least five, right.

FrogBurger, I have a great-nephew being born as I type and I feel so sorry for that sweet little boy ... he'll never know America like my generation knew it.

Kid said...

Z, Thanks Doll. stuff can easily fall thru the cracks in comment sections for a general comment.

btw - climate change. I read a couple weeks ago that 'duh scientists' are dumbfounded to why carbon levels are so high but the globe is cooling. Did a post on it not long ago.

This is the PINNACLE POINT of their entire argument. and if the prediction of high carbons an high temps doesn't play out then THE SCIENCE IS DEFECTIVE, INVALID, BS, WRONG, INCORRECT, NO LONGER DESERVING OF CONSIDERATION. IT'S INSULTING NOW TO HER ABOUT IT.

It's like hearing a TV add for a 2 dollar product that if you buy one you get a 2nd for free as long as you pay $4,500 postage and handling fee. WTF is wrong with people. (We know) WTF is wrong with the media? (We know)
Hard to verbalize ain't it.

JonBerg said...

The Putin/B.O. situation reminds me of a cat (Putin) that has vanquished the mouse (B.O.) and then just plays with it. POTUS, the most powerful person in the World?

Kid said...


At least Hitler CARED about Germany.

At Least Hitler had the trains running on time.

At least Hitler had a freakin plan that didn't involve the destruction of his own country.

Not that anyone should read into this that hitler was worth a crap. So what does that make obama.

Kid said...

PS, not that I think obama regards America as 'his own country'.

JonBerg said...


In regard to Hitler I can only say this: Had B.O. been POTUS at the time of WWII I think that the World would be quite a different place today.

Z said...

Kid, the scientists are "dumbfounded"..? I think just DUMB would do. Ya, they're just amazed that this is happening.
But, don't worry lib scientists, at least we're bringing America to its knees with the ruination of our businesses because of the EPA , etc., so your lying harangues about GLOBAL WARMING AND MAN MADE EMISSIONS hasn't been for nothing (man)
(almost typed 'human emissions' but that's something altogether different:-)

Kid, Hitler was a BEAST but you're right on those counts.
And your point is well made.

JB's, too. I shudder to think what the world would be like today.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z@5:33, perfectly said. Cool guy, detached.

beamish said...

What the hell people. He said he'd be more flexible after the election.

Z said...


highboy said...

"Nobody seems concerned that President Big Drone essentially said he intended to make intelligence gathering more opaque."

This all the way. Its shocking.