Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gitmo.....why NOW?

I don't think I need to link the articles as we've all heard that Obama's suddenly (after 5 years of promises) deciding he really does want to close Gitmo down just as the 9/11 (alleged) masterminds go on trial.

Do you think that's a coincidence?    Talk about it.............what is UP with that?

"_ GETTING OUT OF GUANTANAMO: Nearly 90 prisoners have been approved for either release or transfer, which in some cases will mean continued detention in their homeland or a third country. The new envoy appointed by Obama will be working with Congress and other countries to move them out of the U.S. base in Cuba."

Um.  Wait.  Did they have trials?  And how long do you figure they'll stay in 'continued detention in their homeland or a third country?"  :-)

Does the White House REALLY believe that?  Or are we paying the countries to behave?

What are your thoughts?
Weird timing.......



JonBerg said...

If these @$$#0!es needed to be incarcerated in the first place what's the matter with Gitmo? If they didn't....well.... If they are turned loose won't a certain % just go back to whatever they were doing before? Perhaps Ducky and CI can some light on this.

Brooke said...

"Continued detention in their homeland or a third country."

My guess is the former means they get a free pass, allah be praised.

The latter suggests we're letting another country do our dirty work.

Ducky's here said...

@JonBerg --- If these @$$#0!es needed to be incarcerated in the first place

Beg the question much?

Thersites said...

They are incarcerated because the governments of their countries of origin (mostly "Yemen") won't take them "back".

Let em rot.

Jack Whyte said...

Berg poses an interesting hypothetical. Why are we incarcerating these terrorists in the first place? We do not rid the world of a dangerous menace by storing him away in a warehouse for idiots in Cuba. Eventually, some bleeding heart liberal will let the terrorist go, and he will gloat about how he survived Gitmo and rejoin the movement. Ergo, we accomplished little more than irresponsibly spending other people’s money. We helped a dangerous person establish his bona fides.

Let us dispense with this false humanity, shall we? If returning these scum to their own land gives us no expectation of justice, then let us execute them outright and be done with it. In doing so, we need no longer worry about Abu rejoining the movement.

Thersites said...

You gots to pay us, Uncle Sam, youz gots ta pay us!

Us divine holy than thou's, we needs our bribes, or we don't do nothin, nothin, nothin...

Thersites said...

al Qaeda demands that we build stadiums for an ex-Gitmo detainee Midnight Basketball League before we close Gitmo.

Always On Watch said...

Maybe Obama thinks that they can get citizenship once immigration amnesty comes along?

sue hanes said...

Z - I think we should do something about it now and shut it down.

And putting these prisoners in other countries is most likely letting them go.

Anonymous said...

POWs are usually released when the war is over. Did the war on terror end without my knowing it?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

We've been releasing detainees from Gitmo since 2004, most by way of Administrative Review Boards and Combatant Status Review Tribunals; some remanded back to their country of origin.

C Yoda said...

Dispense with these terrorists as soon as possible, we should. A pox upon all their houses, I wish.

Z said...

CI, they say we have the 'worst of the worst' there still and you're right; we've been releasing and too big a percentage has proven to have become jihadists against us again.

ConsonFire, I believe there really are people who think we have no more threat!

Always, good point; let's just get them on the ROAD TO CITIZENSHIp! MAN

Radical Redneck said...

Re: the expensive Usama Ubama African trip - They have to scour the entire continent to find Moochie's dad!

Z said...

but WHY NOW???

Law and Order Teacher said...

As one who lived through Vietnam this crap is even more convoluted than that was. How can we continue to get ourselves into these situations when there really seems no way out. Gitmo was nothing more than a way to keep bad people off the streets and out of our hair.

When the need arose to really get down and dirty with these terrorists we sent them to countries that had no problem with torture. As I get older I become more convinced that this is all bad show that never ends.

We just dig deeper into the hole and never reach the bottom. Isolationism sounds better and better everyday.

Anonymous said...

@L&O Teach:

"Isolationism sounds better and better everyday."

Here's a thought .... If only 10% trust / approve of congress ( and they work for the feds no doubt ) .... And 76% trust the military...what are we waiting for?

I'm all for giving it a shot and wiping the slate clean and reboot Congress.

Mustang said...

@ Imp

Only proves how unreliable the American people are; they complain about congress whenever someone is doing a survey, but they overwhelmingly reelect the same old snake oil salesmen who is on his 14th consecutive term in office. These are the same "citizens" who never write to their congressman unless someone tells them at work that the government is thinking about cutting back on Obama phones.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Why now? To deflect attention from everything else.

Kid said...

obama stands with the muslim vermin. he said so himself.

If they're not in Gitmo, they've been freed.

GW Bush should have made sure all these critters were dealt with by the time he was gone however,

Just being bipartisan here.

PS - Ford, Chebly, or Crysler. No.
(What's a comment without a little OT)

Kid said...

Duck, I'm starting a Free the Innocent Gitmo Vermin fund. Care to donate? I don't want to go to all the trouble of setting it up if no one is going to put their money where their mouth is - ya know...

Little survey question.

Kid said...

Law and Order.

The other countries have all gone isolation PLUS.

They're feeding off of us. Huge trade deficit with China. Not only are they not buying from us, they're sucking money through a straw that never comes back. The other countries that we have a 2 way relationship with are also sucking money.

By going isolationist, we'd immediately put a thousand fingers in the dyke and put every able-bodied person back to work making better stuff than we get from China. ^%^%&$$&#@ the global economy. Let failures fail.

The world will be a better place for it. Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain (the Piigs) are little more than the homeless singers down in South Detroit looking to go ANYwhere... que the guitar.

Kid said...

Forgot to Link It

Z said...


Liberalmann..deleted again for some ridiculous comment (or not?).."say it ain't so"

Kid said...

Thanks Z. How's come no one ever replies to my queries? :)

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Let failures fail."

This is gold. It should be our national motto and our foreign policy.

Z said...

CI "Let failures fail"...it really should be our motto.

Failure is part of life.
You'll disagree, but I believe part of the liberal dream is allowing no failure and it's strangling Western society:

-Legislate whenever one bad thing happens to one person

-Make government a nanny if things don't work out for people

I could go on and on and all my readers could add so many instances to that list, but you get my drift. And the left has represented that as kind and giving, suggesting Republicans are not, when they want to help as badly as the next person (or more, as stats show conservatives are more philanthropic in spite of Dems being richer) but THEY want to help IF they want to, not the government.

I think if we let failures fail, those failures will pull themselves up from the bootstraps; at least they used to quite often...I'm not sure if entitlement-expectations have soured us on doing much for ourselves when gov't can do it$$

Ed Bonderenka said...

Kid said...
Thanks Z. How's come no one ever replies to my queries? :)
Z's original question was "Why now?"
I believe I'm the only one to have responded to that.

Law and Order Teacher said...

As usual I agree with a lot of what you say. I, too, believe that a good dose of Midwestern isolationism would do the country good.

Why do we still support the EU by stationing thousand of our military in Europe. They should defend themselves and better yet fix the own economy without our dollars. Neat place to be stationed but we won the Cold War.

If we're "ending" the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan we don't need all the medical personnel in Germany. Bring home our military from in many posts in places where the populace doesn't want us.

I was stationed in Okinawa in the early 70s and let me tell you, we weren't very popular. In 1972 we gave the island to the Japanese. After they forced the removal of all the nukes and B-52s on the island, the Japanese commenced treating our GIs like shit. It was not a fun place to be.

We need to defend ourselves and the Cold War strategy of defending Europe from the Soviets is over.

Z said...

Ed, right, I think you were!

Law and Order...excellent points there.
I do feel our interests are sometimes served by reaching out, BUT those days, I believe, are over, and we simply can't afford it anymore.
Of course, the term "our interests" is regarded with disdain by the Leftwingers, too..."who are WE to have INTERESTS above other countries?"
I believe Obama's one of those, too.

Kid said...

Ed, Well I did say "obama stands with the muslim vermin. he said so himself.

If they're not in Gitmo, they've been freed."

As to indicate this was an agenda item to be taken at some point anyway.

But no harsh disagreement with your point, I tend to go off the path a bit as I see things more in the abstract than others do. See other associations.

I was also thinking why don't any of the liberal types respond. Well, same old story - a tale of supidity and not a leg to stand on. They simply ignore anything their masters haven't given them counter talking points for and come back tomorrow and spout more garbage..

Kid said...

CI, Thanks. Imagine if nature put all of its resources into saving the dying trees. Nature uses up its resources for no gain and the trees die anyway. Pretty soon nature has no resources left to keep It alive.

It's exactly what we're doing. Maintaining open wounds so that more can fail.

I'll send it off to obaama but...

Kid said...

Law and Order. Absolutely on the troops.

It seems on the pro side, we have people in places like Turkey as staging points to places like the ME when we have to ramp up quickly.

On the con side, I'd say the vast majority of it is money laundering and playing in places we shouldn't be. Why did we have an embassy in libya, or in egypt, or many other places where there is nothing but enemy who hates us there.

Supposedly, the lybian embassy people were involved in dealing arms for some other craphole.
WHY? We know no one here in government gives a rat's ass about Americans let alone the vermin you find over there, so it's gotta be money laundering. Evil is as evil does is what's going on.

And yes, France or anyone else diverting their funds to their diseased socialist bottomless pits needs us to come save them again? Sure, 10 billion a day for our services. Much of that going to our own socialist programs, but especially to the service members, their families, and support organizations.

Tommy Atkins for the world

Law and Order Teacher said...

Outstanding by Roger Moore. Things always sound better when read by a Brit. Although Kipling is pretty cool. It always seems that the military bears the burdens with little fanfare. At least today they are acknowledged in public. It's long overdue.

Kid said...

Law and Order. Yes, Yes, and Yes.