Friday, June 28, 2013

I need a day off

.........I wish you a really good one!

I will probably never give up blogging but I threaten to from time to time and, if I were, today would be the day...after all the horrible scandals, Obama's reaction to the NSA leaker (see post below) and the IDIOT post the one down under that.  There's a limit, right?

Have you reached YOURS?



Always On Watch said...

Obama's made-for-TV-movie wise crack is his being cool -- or so he thinks. He's a legend in his own mind. Sheesh.

Have I reached my limit? In a way. I believe that WE THE PEOPLE are powerless to stop this crap that purports itself to be our government. America is truly an idiocracy now. So tragic.

sue hanes said...

Z - Don't give up blogging now that you are doing so well.

Your posts are intelligent and revealing and that's what we need.

Just take a day off now and then but don't quit.

JonBerg said...


I'm sure that many will concur with me, in support of what Sue says.

FreeThinke said...

Negative factors are best dealt with by developing positive, workable alternatives. Much easier said than done, of course.

Surely there are plenty of good reasons to complain, but doing so doesn't help problems to get better. In fact it only makes them worse by constantly reinforcing the elements of Doubt and Fear, which draw us toward Despair, and thence to Ruin.

If your house gets flooded or blown away in a windstorm, weeping and wailing about how unfair life is and complaining about how little you deserved to lose your home is not going to clear away the debris, lay a single brick, saw a single board, or drive a single nail towards reconstruction.

Whatever happened to looking for the silver lining in every cloud we've ever seen?

Whenever I get discouraged, I think of that little band on the Mayflower, and what they found after being blown off course, what they endured in creating a workable settlement, and what they ultimately achieved through faith and perseverance.

At least half of them died that first winter, I believe, and still they persisted, and drew strength and courage from their faith.

None of us has ever faced anything anywhere near as challenging as as the early settlers -- and later the pioneers -- they had nothing going for them BUT faith -- and each other.

Maybe that was ALL they truly needed?

As Shakespeare said, "Sweet are the uses of adversity."


Need we say more?

Ducky's here said...

I usually take a drive to Maine or Vermont.

That's out for you.

Day at the beach?

Anonymous said...

I'd say pay attention less to politics and have fun more with friends and people you love doing things with. I'm trying to do that now and life is much better. There are things that are outside our control. Only thing we can do is vote. But after that we may as well enjoy our lives.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I gave in to the feeling for a long time. I was disgusted and felt that the vile nature of the internet wasn't worth my time. I've come to realize that I need the outlet to voice my opinion. I feel better afterwards and I want to keep being involved. Life intervenes but we need to keep our voice out there and be heard. Otherwise they win. We can't let that happen. Keep up the good fights

Joe said...

Z, Everybody needs a break from time-to-time. Taking a break is not the same as quitting, and may just be the step to revitalization you need.

If you did quit, I'd still read your former posts over and over until I had them perfectly memorized.

Dave Miller said...

You've earned it... a daily blog is a grind... heck, take a week...

Kid said...

I may not have limits. I might actually be Kilgore Trout.

Kid said...

Said another way; I think I've always been an observer of the human condition. Why stop now?
Maybe I'm Spock. That would be Fascinating.

Ed Bonderenka said...

L&O Teacher +1.
But I blog at my own pace.
I don't blog for myself, as some say they do.
I blog when I have something to say.
Sometimes a day or two later because other stuff happens (life).

Z said...

Oh, my GOSH.

I just commented back to every one of you with gratitude and answers to your questions and hit PUBLISH and realized I wasn't 'signed in'...

SO, please suffice it to say I am so grateful for your being here and SO MUCH APPRECIATE your support.

I do love blogging but am SO DISCOURAGED and I know millions are like me and I DO need this outlet for my thoughts/feelings/exposing truths where they're not exposed in the media, etc.

Also, Mustang tells me he's got 2 new posts I'm just now going to read;
He's on my sidebar as FIXED BAYONETS and MONTPELIER VIEWS...check them out!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I can't say I know exactly how Z feels, since I blog on average 1-2 times per week. But I can imagine what a toll it takes doing this each and everyday. I blog when I actually have a break in the action or when I really feel the need to vent.

If unpaid commentary starts to feel like a job, a break is definitely recommended.

Kid said...

Z, so many have gone dark. Not only bloggers but commentors on the better sites as well. It's a digital ghost town out there from my view.

FreeThinke said...

Blogging may provide a kind of catharsis for our feelings of rage and frustration, but aside from that it really is waste of time. Stitch and bîtch sessions have no effect on the legislators or the judges -- and certainly none whatever on The Oligarchs who control those who are supposed to be representing "us."

Don't you think all this time might be better spent writing and telephoning every member of congress you can possibly reach, and doing the same to local government officials in your state, county and municipality?

It may not be as much "fun" as bogging, but at least it has SOME chance of producing an effect that MIGHT accomplish something of value.

What we do here has all the constructive effect of whistling down the proverbial drainpipe.

Z said...'re very kind to comment here and I have to admit that I don't visit anybody anymore very often but am glad for the reminder from time to time that you DO blog.

Kid, people are TIRED and they see the writing on the wall, don't they. When a gov't is this strong and even threatening and singling us out as conservatives, that's very degrading and unAmerican and you're right...people are stopping blogging.

I want a place where people can discuss these things and I'm proud that so many come to geeez to converse.

FT; I guess I just enjoy wasting my time.
And I'm entitled and I enjoy it, mostly, very, very much.

Kid said...

FT, no it will do no good to write, telephone, telegraph or email the politicians. They don't give a damn.

Z said...

Kid, you're right.
We do more good blogging than writing to our Congressman. What a joke.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"it will do no good to write, telephone, telegraph or email the politicians. They don't give a damn."

I am a devout cynic, so I agree with this as well. I know that our elected representatives have staffers who still tally letters, e-mails and calls.....but I truly don't believe that those numbers weigh heavily on the decisions of those representatives....or that any specific points get displayed in front of them.

Kid said...

CI, Z, I believe this is how it works.

politicians spend the vast majority of their time stealing money for themselves, friends, and masters.

On occasion, especially around election time the crack the door open to 'speak to the public, and say stuff they feel appeals to the people who vote for them.

Any input from polls, campaign strategists (marketing people) etc all boil into one pot labeled demographic marketing results.

A consensus is reached describing what position they must verbally (not voting) take on each popular/in the news issue. Marketing tells them to support or not the gay community, abortion pro-choice or life or whatever, and if the results weigh heavily in one direction then they take a hard verbal stance one way or the other. Has no bearing on how they'll actually vote later on.

If the marketing results are unclear, then they simply take all sides of the issue. ie john fing kerry in 2004 "I will never allow others to make America's decisions for them but We must have a global test". Diametrically opposed statements in the same sentence. They do it all the time.

They are public opinion whores at election time and vote as needed once they are voted in. If any fur flies as a result of one of their votes, they simply give some lame ass excuse like "I had to vote to allow your 1st born to be killed so I could pull in the democrats later to vote to allow you to decide what underwear to wear tomorrow."

It is 101% bullshit. Sorry Z, but it's so insulting it's indescribable.

The only thing I don't understand is how they can keep from splitting their sides when giving interviews to 'the media'.

Unreal. Picture politicians sitting in a van near a grade school with writing on the side that says Free Candy and Puppies.

Why anyone would give one of them the time of day is now beyond me, let alone send them money. Good God.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Kid - Damn good synopsis of the reality of it all.

"The only thing I don't understand is how they can keep from splitting their sides when giving interviews to 'the media'."

Because the media are the third leg of the stool. They aid and abet both major parties, and format their programming in such a way, that I'm convinced it's all theater. Scripted and rehearsed.

Kid said...

Media, scripted and rehearsed, Yes. Hoe else could all the liberal voice take the same talking point today on an issue that only arose yesterday.

I was going to say how it doesn't occur to libtards is hard to understand but it's not really. Dumbasses always think they know everything and when the entire media agrees with what they'll believe once they hear it, they assume they're geniuses.

Only intelligent people realize how much they don't know. At the risk of conceit, I'm in wonder at how much I don't know as each day passes.

Kid said...

PS. Thank you.

TS/WS said...

The Elected perps, seem to think that having an offshoot secrete society control the news - they have it in the bag.
Their oath to the Constitution takes a back seat to their oath to the Masons/above all others.
Having a blog and commenting on more than they can count so forces them to do damage control on those Sunday Talking Heads Shows is a reward of its own.
Kid just posted a hard hitting one.
Oh, and the 1st Family arrived in Africa welcomed by tee-shirt wearing admirers stating "Welcome Home". Birthers--yeeeaaa.

Jen Nifer said...

I understand, Z. When blogging took away from my life instead of adding to it, I decided to change things up. It's cool to interact with other bloggers, but more often than not, it's a drain. Rest as long as you need!! Xoxo

Always On Watch said...

Kid has it exactly right!

I began to realize all this back in 2008 before the election when I was co-hosting a weekly radio show in Phoenix. Z will remember that venture, I think.

The show was self-funded, meaning that we the hosts paid in full. No commercials so as to have no restraint on the content we were putting out on the air waves.

With only two exceptions, not a single conservative individual/blogger donated any money. All the blathering about reaching out beyond preaching to the choir, and conservatives would not put their money where their mouths were.

Contrast the above with the Left and with the Big Boys of all political stripes.

Now, I have no doubt that many conservative organizations could not properly organize for the 2012 National Election because of interference. But that's not the whole ball of wax. Not by a long shot!

Conservatism has, largely, been reduced to stitch and bitch -- as FT mentioned. Stitch and bitch has value for individuals, but stitch and bitch is not a viable political force.

WE THE PEOPLE have been reduced to WE THE PEONS!

Historically, what happens to a society when such a disconnect occurs AND persists?

FreeThinke said...

What you say, Kid, about the futility of writing to congress, because they don't care what we want may be true, although I am not sure, because my congressman approaches me and his other constituents constantly for input via email and telephone, but what makes you think that writing to each other in this or any similar venue could possibly be more effective?

Far be it from me to take anybody's fun away from him or her, but I feel moved to offer the opinion that this particular kind of fun is no more helpful in changing the nature of governance than taking up finger painting, hooking rugs, tatting or knitting tiny garments. ;-)

Allowing oneself to feel "affronted" by challenging opinions, or even mildly derogatory remarks directed at a process but no one in particular, is a sign either of extreme egocentrism or emotional immaturity.

I gave up my blog, not because i was "hurt," or even "annoyed." I gave it up, because I realized -- for whatever reason -- it was accomplishing no useful purpose.

Shouldn't a blog about politics actually BE about POLITICS?

Kid said...

FT, just because I said writing to politicians is a waste of time doesn't mean I think blogs will accomplish anything about changing the country either.

The problem isn't he politicians, it is the voters.
Until people realize the destruction being done to the country nothing can be accomplished in the political venue using any means available.

I blog for laughs, not to accomplish anything. In 20 years of talking to libtards on the net, not a single one has gained anything from the discourse. So, I don't bother. I sometimes take a pot shot at one for fun to get some free rent space in their little heads.