Sunday, June 9, 2013

Germany is in BIG TROUBLE...first hand report

I just got an email from my stepson in Munich.  He wrote about his life, job, friends, etc., but ended with this:

"Other than that everything is allright, except politically. The EU wants to make a rule where any critic against the EU will be followed and fined. It more and more shows the dictorship. And the anti-Germany extreme left wingers want to damage dams in the flooded areas saying they want to hurt people all over Germany.  Of course this will not be allowed by the authorities but one dam's breaking is already questionable. Imagine if any right wingers would have called for this? 
And of course the immigrants are getting more bold every day. 6 of them kicked a boy to death in Berlin and now the trial shows the typical tendency that they will get out on probation because it can't be proven which of those did the kick on the head that finally killed the guy. 'In dubio pro reo,' and the family and friends in the audience are celebrating publicly and harassing other German spectators. They feel absolutely unassailable, they know this very well, and they behave like the new bosses of the country. The message Germans have been getting for the last few years, very clearly, is that now you can kill a native German person without consequences as long as you are a non-western immigrant. The people-betrayers in Berlin and the jurisdiction help with that and do everything possible to harm the German people.  The feeling even my more liberal friends feel now is that if you are a German native in need of help from authorities, you're just a person of second class. Non-western foreigners are privileged. You have no idea what's going on here. The general opinion rating of what is good or bad is totally dictated by the greens (far left socialists), and that is majorly supported by the media."
Added just now in a following email: 
It's not so much the left, it's extreme left activists who run around masked and turn every regular public demonstration into a riot, harass people because of their different views, damage high valuable cars (anti rich), are against nazis but in the end act as the new SS or SA in doing so. They usually come from the punk scene, don't work, have lots of time, just can't take the fact that other people are successful, want total redistribution of wealth and are against everything normal and conservative. 

I've had emails from him in the past I've wanted to post and life gets in the way, or some bigger story here takes precedence, but when I saw this today, I felt so badly for him and all Germans who are seeing such awful changes in their country.    In the past, he's written me of many Germans who have been injured or killed by non-western immigrants and the perps are usually set free, with their families jeering at the native-born Germans who are just stunned by the frequency of these situations.   
It's almost as if the police have been warned to leave non-westerners alone no matter what.   My stepson has a friend who's a cop there and I've urged him to ask about this but I think he's hesitant to ask.

As someone who's lived in Germany, and who had a German  husband, this is probably more troubling to me than to many of you, but I think it's an important cautionary tale.  I'll try to publish more of my stepson's emails like this.  He was a fairly typical "laissez faire" guy for years, but the actions of the more destructive freaky far left (imagine threats to break dams?) and the immigrants are really getting to all Germans and he's starting to see, particularly, how islamists are behaving badly with less impunity and how they're really emboldened by that.  They'd lived there for years, in smaller numbers, quite peacefully, but something else has started to happen in Germany now.  Very hard to see.



Ducky's here said...

"The EUDSSR (European Union heads) wants to make a rule where any critic against the EU will be followed and fined."

Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

"And the anti-Germany extreme left wingers want to damage dams in the flooded areas..."


This makes some modest documentation of the crime story a necessity.

Mustang said...

Very interesting, Z. I wonder if you can answer the question I have. In 1952, Germany created a federal department that they called The Federal agency for Homeland Service. Eleven years later, this was changed to Federal Agency for Civics Education. My question is, given a formalized program for civics education, why aren’t Germans more attuned to protecting the homeland than they seem vis-à-vis Immigrants from Mohammedstan?

Anonymous said...

I'll leave it to the Germans sense of Nationalism, as we're beginning to see in the Brits....a resurrection of those national sentiments.

I'm not sure about the Brits//it may be way too late starting as far back as 1948 or so.

But Germans will not take this sheet lightly...and soon enough there will be blowback.

If someone had not gone wacky...there wouldn't be any immigrant, moooslem problem in Germany today.

But there's someone out there who'll emerge to get their fighting, survival spirits flowing.

Z said...

Sorry,'s all true. Good try. Yes, the officials think it's extreme leftists threatening the flooded areas with making them worse by hurting the dams.
learn before you disdain.

The EUDSSR is a joke, by the way, and I just changed it because I figured most wouldn't get it: EU (D (german for Deutschland..SSR for Sov. Soc. Rep)

Mustang...they can't really protect their homeland because ANY slightest hint of "protect the homeland", particularly from immigrants, brings up the second world war. They get called NAZIs for even criticizing when immigrants kill Germans in the underground stations, etc..which is not that rare anymore.
I just added more that my stepson wrote to me in answer to some questions I asked after that original email....a 25 yr old German kid was kicked to death by 10 immigrants recently. The village heads are blaming the dead boy.
This happened in France, too, when I was there. People who want to protect France from people living off them and not assimilating are referred to as NAZIs. It's very tough there now.

Imp; I hope you're right. Master Z says that the media's in strong cahoots with anybody immediately bringing up NAZIs when anybody on the right says the slightest thing against illegals who are killing people... If any group forms, they're regarded as far rightwing nuts. There IS no protecting our western societies anymore; islamists are counting strongly on that.

I think it's important we hear from the horse's mouth.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Isn't it interesting that as Germans became more reactive to nationalism (read Nazi) they have over corrected. Hypernationalism can cause the exact opposite reaction.

The whole of Europe was understandably scarred by WWII and hence reacted by essentially banning patriotism. Therefore Germany has developed a society that is without a national soul. We hosted a German exchange student years ago. She told me about what I just wrote.

Her brother also came to America as an exchange student and he came back a changed young man. He was appalled that he discovered Germans stood for nothing out of fear of offending anyone. You're seeing it in your stepson's post and we're being infected with multiculturalism here.

I'm all for recognizing culture and pride. But I think that assimilation is lost and our culture is being diluted by it. Patriotism, religiosity, and culturism are going away.

Ducky's here said...

It's all true?

Yeah, and according to Spike Lee the Bush administration blew up the levies to flood the9th Ward during Katrina.
I didn't fall for that either.

Kid said...

The content of that post says it all. The left are the problem. They are either brain-dead apathetic or they are the fascist activists. In no way are they contributors.

By non-western immigrants, he's talking about muslims?

Germany was stupid for joining the EU. The whole idea was to prop up socialist parasites who were taking their last breaths. Let them die, and maybe something better can rise from the ashes. Now the entire world is looking to suck on the USA.

As if we don't have enough problems from loser leftists and the moron brigade leading the country.

Pris said...

Sure sounds familiar huh Z?

I guess you know about the German family who came here legally asking for asylum, because Germany has a law against home schooling, and the the parents were threatened that their children would be taken away from them.
So now, our Govt. is saying they'll deport them.

One family deported while illegals march into America like they own the place?

I'll bet home schooling will be banned here! Wait for it!

Political correctness and multiculturalism are country killers.

Sam Huntington said...

There are about 4.2 million Moslems living in Germany, out of a population of nearly 82 million. There shoujld be no problem controlling such a small minority, but realize that 4.2 million people is a heck of a lot of people.

Well, the sad fact is that this situation you described is totally up to the German people to solve. I see where the Netherlands have tired of the Moslem bull crap. Maybe now the Germans will regain some of their self-respect and do what must be done to preserve Germany.

Don't scoff America ... huge swaths of our own country now belong to another culture, entirely. Let's see, there's Michiganstan, New Jerseytan, and Massachusettstan. Presently, there are over 2,000 mosques in the US, the largest numbers of these being in New Yorkistan, Californiastan, Texastan, Floridastan, Illinoistan, and New Jerseysstan.

Akbar, ya'll ...

Kid said...

Pris, Exacty.

Sam, kaluha snackbar man.

Z said...

Law and Order, my husband and our friends his age were raised to be not patriotic. It was horrid. He stayed proud of Germany, but I knew a few of his friends, a tad younger, the leftwingers, were not. They bought into all of the crap and conveniently forgot all the really great things about Germany, which are myriad.

By the way, L&O; a friend of mine was stuck for two hours without moving in traffic Friday because of the Santa Monica College shootings...she's 94 1/2 and sat there asking a policeman what the delay was...they never answered her. I've heard of that before; why can't they at least tell people who are stuck that long what's up?

Ducky....I'm telling you what's going on in Germany. it's not worth my typing more.

Kid, Germany was VERY stupid, you're right. I was against the Euro and Mr. Z was not. By the time the Euro was a year old, he said I was right.
Germany pays SO MUCH in subsidies to France, for example, that they're floundering and the EU didn't help. bad news.

Yes, most of the people killing and hurting Germans are muslims.
I've never heard of one who wasn't; let's put it that way. If it's not 100% muslim, it's 80%, and the Albanians are NASTY and other Eastern Europeans. Not sure they'll all Muslims who are causing the trouble.

Interesting that muslims have lived in Germany for years and none of this happened.
I'm thinking the PC thing finally reached the point where most of us had bought into it and islamists knew it was time to start using it against western leftwing weenies.

Pris, I wasn't quite as offended as most are about that Germany family's fate. As you say, most people don't realize homeschooling has always been forbidden in Germany and that's why they've been threatened; it's not an anti-Christian, anti-real parents thing. Although I think it's NUTS to deny homeschooling, I understand they've broken the law.
And yes, homeschoolers here are apparently very nervous about it being banned here, too. The left can't indoctrinate at a young mother's kitchen table. They don't like that.

Sam, there is a problem when they're killing Germans and getting away with it; when the police seem complicit to a large percentage of Germans who just don't get why this is happening, when islamic families whose family members get off in court give the finger to the Germans who are outraged that another killer was released.
I've driven through small villages with huge mosques and they say there are only `100 muslims in that area...they're getting ready. This isn't a one-off situation/village. Wait till Turkey joins the EU then sit back. You'd better visit Germany NOW; it'll never EVER be the same. I believe it's all been planned.

Z said...

by the way, folks:

Some of you might have seen the excellent hour Huckabee did on NSA surveillance. I SURE wish that was taped after Snowden revealed he's the leaker. DARN!

I'm posting on that tomorrow...please come and weigh in.

My GOD, is the government hard on truth these days.

Anonymous said...


"Maybe now the Germans will regain some of their self-respect and do what must be done to preserve Germany."

They will do it...they'll get it back. They're the most successful, industrious, smartest and wealthiest on the continent. Much more than the rest of the EU beggars.

And twice in the last century...they've risen from the ashes...they won't let some ME, savage slime take it away form them either.

And's happening here too. Tennessee might be the kick off parade.

And Colorado wants to split in two.

beamish said...

I'm hesistant to disparage Germany for giving in to terrorism when I really don't know if America would be much different.

After all, American leftists in the late 19th early 20th Century were all about bombings, shootings, and assassinations and nowadays people look at you funny when you suggest the AFL-CIO is a domestic terrorist organization.

Always On Watch said...

And Northern Virginiastan.

The Muslim population here has skyrocketed over the past few years as more Saudi "installations" have moving in. I'm not referring only to mosques. Recently, the Saudi Arabia Cultural Center opened in Fairfax County, and the area around that center is being colonized. Black bags everywhere!

Ducky's here said...

Any update on the left wing plot to destroy Germany's dams?

Elmers Brother said...

What Duhkkky, you dont think Leftosts are capable?

According to Interpol (2010 stats) you're 39x more likely to be the victim of a left wing terrorist attack than a right wing one in Europe. Italys Red Brigade have been making overtures to alQueda for some time.....

Z said...

Sorry, Sam..I've lived there too long in the past to not have seen leftism/PC infect Germans to the point that it's pretty weak at this point in regard to protecting itself.
Islam's got a pretty good foothold; as I said above, I've seen large mosques being built in villages where there are maybe 20 muslims; this is in preparation. Why else build them there?
They give the finger to Germans outside courthouses when so many immigrants killed somebody the courts can't pin it on anybody particularly, etc. That's happening A LOT.
They're demoralized now wondering why their gov't isn't doing something....
And, if they DO speak up, they're called 'neo Nazi fascists'...ridiculous, but true. Of course, there's always a part of that group who stands up for its country that IS fascist, just as the far leftwingers are still suspected of delivering threats to the dams hoping to "destroy the people"...really awful stuff.

Z said...

Elbro; right. It's also the left that's always threatened to blow up train tracks because they're headed to nuclear installations.
that's been an awful threat; and they sit on tracks, stopping trains for hours....when they depend heavily on train travel in Deutschland.

Gad, I wish I was in Munich now sitting at an outside café ... except the weather's been so bad.

Elmers Brother said...

Elmers Brother said...

If you'd care to discuss leftists eco-terrorists like James Hansen... Hansen has also endorsed a book by Keith Farnish that advocates sabotage and environmental terrorism by blowing up dams and demolishing cities to return us to an agrarian age.

Elmers Brother said...

blowing up rails....signature leftist move're right

Elmers Brother said...


Elmers Brother said...

Several newspapers received an anonymous letter on Sunday morning threatening to damage dams set up to hold back flood waters in eastern and northern Germany....Investigators told Der Spiegel they had no information on who could be behind the letter, but that its content suggests left-wing extremists.

Waylon said...

Here's an interesting insight into how America entered WW I that led to WW II and the world we are dealing with today. This comes from somebody that was part of the Woodrow Wilson administration as he says that America finally entered that war, even though the American people were against involvement in it. That Wilson was portrayed as "the man who kept America out of the war" during the 1916 election campaign, but immediately following his re-election there was an abrupt u-turn in policy and America entered the war against Germany.

He asserts that by 1916 Germany had won the war, England was on the verge of surrender. Somebody guaranteed England that America would enter the war against Germany, and it's apparent that this did happen. He asserts that to get America to enter the war it was necessary that England guarantee that it would help in securing the land of Palestine for the Zionists. That happened too, after the war. The gentleman also says that the Balfour Declaration, the paper that secured England's support was as phony "as a three dollar bill".

This is definitely not taught in history in any country that I know of. Should it be considered as part of understanding our world and its issues today? It does stand on its head all that has become accepted by those in positions to educate and influence the thinking of the western countries.

The man, Benjamin Freedman, achieved a level of influence within the Woodrow Wilson administration and also as being a close associate of Bernard Baruch. He seems to have stepped outside a comfort zone, being Jewish, and facing the spittle-spewing wrath of his former associates, including the expected label "anti-Semite".

Who is more credible and individual that gets fed up beyond the point of "not taking it anymore" and speaking out, or the trained seals of the media attack dogs that would destroy any individual speaking as this man does?

I wonder if education in Germany teaches any history that hasn't been edited and approved by its other western "allies"?

Here's a link to a speech that occurred back in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington...

Z said...

Elbro, Der SPiegel is as leftwing as it gets, almost...for THEM to even HINT that it's leftwing extremists means it's probably leftwing extremists, if you know what I mean.
Thanks. i'd have thought getting information from a German was good enough for anybody, but, alas...

Waylon, VERY intresting and I think you're right..who's more credible?

Elmers Brother said...

you'd think, duhkkky is a special case

Z said...

I posted this in comments on the post above to make sure Ducky gets a grip on reality:

"thanks for posting the text. This ducky guy doesn't get it obviously. There were threats published on a extreme left website; the dams are now watched and protected, so even some authorities took it seriously. Of course the main media didn't report about this."

Elmers Brother said...

he'll not respond but he can't ignore it

Z said...

he never responds when he knows he's dead wrong.

Normally, I'll tell him some truth and add "see you tomorrow"..and I'm always right.
run and hide.

Always On Watch said...


Z said...

I hope some of you can make out some of the German..the far left wants to "bring Germans down onto their backs"...
disgusting SWEIN.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Don't denigrate swein.