Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Chicago Way should sink in............

...........I posted it last night and I think we should all take a look.   It sure sounds familiar.
"Don't complain, don't make waves, don't protest or you're in trouble.............."

Don't miss reading the story below.



Craig said...

Hi, Z. So, I skimmed the Kass piece on the "Chicago Way". To date, there is zero evidence of White House involvement. Transcripts from Issa's investigation provide evidence to the contrary. Testimony from the head of the Cincy office, a self described Conservative Republican, reveal the BOLO list originated in their office. It's also been shown that groups with "Progressive" or "Occupy" in their name were also targeted. All evidence points to the "Cinncinatti Way" and it was bi-partisan.

I got a chuckle from your suggestion, and Peg Noonan's, that Romney and the Repubs did so poorly in 2012 because of delays in Tea Party 501 (c)4 apps. Since that tax exempt designation is for non-partisan groups whose majority function is "social welfare", delaying their application shouldn't have any bearing on elections. If it did, they should not only be delayed, but denied. Your argument puts the lie to what those groups are about. They're about partisan politicking.

The IRS was doing their job. I agree, a BOLO list was a stupid thing to do. Trying to make sense of and enforce the screwed up tax exempt regs, thanks Citizens United, is a farce and that's the real scandal here.. The only reason they sought 501 (c)4 status is so their donors can remain anonymous. If all they wanted was a tax exemption, they could easily get a 527.

Robert Sinclair said...

Good explanation Craig. Now I wonder if you can do as well with the Soros funded tax exempts ...

Louis H. said...

Is skimming considered a reading comprehension skill now?

Sam Huntington said...

It isn’t simply the IRS, now is it? No, we haven’t discovered a direct link to the White House. Did anyone actually think we would? Who in the hell do you think we’re dealing with here, Heckle and Jeckle? Obama comes from Chicago; there is no way we will ever discover a direct link. I suppose we’ve forgotten “Fast and Furious.” The president’s refusal to enforce DOMA must have slipped our minds, as well. I guess we overlooked how this government condones the use of the New Black Panther Party to intimidate voters in Philadelphia and in Houston. We must have short memories and forgotten that high-ranking state department officials intimidated career employees to keep them from testifying before the congress. Was it a mere coincidence that information about General Petraeus’ dalliances surfaced just as he was about to clarify what really happened at Benghazi? Is James Rosen really suspected of espionage, or is this yet another example of institutional intimidation. Oh, yes … and the AP wiretaps and NSA’s spying on 300 million Americans to keep us safe —and silent.

Of course, this could all be no more than an amazing coincidence.

Craig said...

Robert, If Soros is abusing the 501(c)4 exemption, he shouldn't have it. As best as I can tell, most of his money goes to 527's and some 501(c)3's and his contributions are disclosed. If you have information about his secret dealings I'd like to see it. 527's are for political donations and are available to Tea Party groups. Why would groups engaging in partisan political activity, which was what the IRS was trying to determine and what Z and Pegs are unwittingly implicating, want a 501(c)4? To hide their donors.

I would apply the same scrutiny to Soros, the Koch bros and Karl Rove. Do you really think American Crossroads GPS is a "social welfare" organization?

Louis, It doesn't take more than a cursory reading to see he is trying to connect the Chicago Thugs in the White House to what the IRS in Cincy was doing where no connection has been shown to exist. Just more conspiracy porn for the gullible.

Craig said...

Sam, What? No references to Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky? You're slipping, dude.

The Muslim Liberation Theology Christian, Socialist Wall Street toady, incompetent, amateur puppet is also a master manipulator. I mean, which is he today?

It's manna for off the deep end conspiracy nuts, no evidence is more evidence of a wider conspiracy. The tri corner tin foil hat is a nice touch.

Jack Whyte said...

Craig is right, Sam: there is no conspiracy. And while Craig is laughing and making fun of people who have a deep concern for the future of the United States, demeaning them through derision that, when offered in a bar would get him knocked on his dumb ass, all of the following are simply figments of your imagination, Sam.

Neo-communism assumes the appearance of the Lemaean Hydra: it has many heads. Defeating one has no effect on any of the other communist organizations. This is not unintentional. We have to begin with the Open Society Foundation(s). There are several, offering grants in order to influence public policy, fund the Democratic Party, and provide social, economic, and legal reform. OSF is an expansive network involving 60 countries. As but one example, OSF seeks to prohibit the detention of terrorist because they are unprivileged combatants.

And then we have the Center for American Progress, which includes several others, all of which have unique rolls in destroying American free-market capitalism and establishing it its place, global socialism. These organizations include the Center for American Progress, Center for American Progress Action Fund, Campus Progress, Climate Progress, and Think Progress. These are 501(c)(3) organizations receiving in excess of $25 million annually in funding, and who refuse to identify their sources of funding. This is not exactly the same treatment accorded to “conservative” organizations seeking the same status, but again —dude— you are imagining a grand conspiracy here.

Another Soros organization is MoveOn, which actually consists of two separate legal entities. MoveOn Civic Action is a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation focusing on “education and advocacy” and MoveOn Political Action (PAC), which makes direct contributions to communists masquerading as American politicians. It likes to call itself a public benefit corporation. It raised close to 100 million dollars to support progressive candidates, and all of it tax-free.

The Center for Responsible Politics and associated organizations (America Coming Together) are 527 organizations. The Center for Responsive Politics is ostensibly a non-partisan group, but has received grants from George Soros’ Open Society, Sunlight Foundation (another 501(c)(3)), The Pew Charitable Trust, with assets over $5 billion and offering cash donations to the Center for American Progress. And then we have the Democracy Alliance, run by SEIU, the Drug Policy Alliance, and Priorities USA Action, which we all remember accused Romney of murdering the wife of a steel worker.

So Sam —dude— don’t be a conspiracy nut, okay? All you have to do is drink Craig’s Kool-Aid and man … you’ll be zipping right along then. And please don’t forget: А дело бывало -- и коза волка съедала.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Craig, what's shakin'?

I don't think the right has kept up with this story so they do need the help. It's been reported that a variety of keywords, including "occupy" and "progressive" have kicked off these reviews. It's a tempest in a teabag.

For their class exercise, Sam and Robert will report back on why A.L.E.C. (commie front) deserves tax exempt status.

Sam, a reminder:
1. There was an asshole with a baton outside a polling station.

2. A passerby called the police.

3. They came and told him to leave. he left.

4. No charges were brought and there were no charges of intimidation.

Another tempest in a teabag.

Z said...

Craig, you don't mean the Bill Ayers Obama said he didn't know...could you? :-)

and Ducky, cheerleaders and runners carry "batons"...these guys carried nightsticks and wore fatigues. And the story got very watered down after the DoJ got its hands on it...and that was during Bush. "Scary black people" ? No, not scary BLACK people, Ducky...but people who won't respond, stand in front of the door, and carry nightsticks and wear fatigues MIGHT have been there as a welcome committee, but nobody saw it that way...

And there wasn't ONE. Stop the lying..man. Get a grip and learn something.

Craig said...

Craig, you don't mean the Bill Ayers Obama said he didn't know...could you? :-)

No this one.

"This is a guy (Ayers) who lives in my neighborhood, who's a professor of English in Chicago, who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from. He's not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis."

That was Obama in the April, 2008 Dem debate. Pay attention, "A guy...who I know." :->

Z said...

Craig..."I know" is a little sketchy, isn't it.
I "know" the guy who sprays my vegetables and I "knew" my husband.. one better than the other, obviously.. I rest my case.

But I'd say that someone who had the first Obama fundraiser in his living room is a pretty consequential endorser of the candidate. It is in my book, anyway.
And they were on boards together and their wives apparently worked together at one time.
But I'm SURE they exchanged no ideas on a "regular basis" :)

Ed Bonderenka said...

@Jack Whyte:

Z said...

Ed.."Bravo" is right...but Jack's excellent comments were left unresponded to.
SURPRISE~! :-) (not)

Craig said...

These organizations include the Center for American Progress, Center for American Progress Action Fund, Campus Progress, Climate Progress, and Think Progress. These are 501(c)(3) organizations receiving in excess of $25 million annually in funding, and who refuse to identify their sources of funding.

Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, American Action Network, U.S Chamber of Commerce, Competitive Enterprise Institute. All Conservative 501(c)4's and 3's who don't disclose their donors. Neo fascist groups destroying American democracy and replacing it with a world wide hegemony of plutocrats. (See, I can play that game). $25M? C'mon, that's less than one of these groups dumps on Repubs in one election cycle.

None of what you wrote contradicts the fact that "liberal" groups were also flagged by the IRS and the mess created by Citizens United is scandalous. Opening up these groups, from both sides, to funnel "dark money" into elections and lobbying is a threat to the Republic.