Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Am I heartless when I wonder why the Feds are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars searching for Jimmy Hoffa's body?  Is this something we ought to be spending money on?

What do you think?

I have to admit that when I was about 12 years old, I horrified my dad by telling him I thought being a gun moll must be exciting!  I think I'd just seen a James Cagney film or something!    But even I, who likes to hear stories about the notorious, think this is weird.   Do you?



Z said...

can I just say another thing before you get into "WHY HOFFA?" question?

I never ever watch THE VOICE or any reality shows, or anything like that, but just saw on the news that a young girl named Danielle Bradbery won. so, as a singer myself, I YouTubed her, and MAN, can that girl BELT. She's a wonderful singer; I was really surprised.


Always On Watch said...

Morbid curiosity is what fuels this search, IMO.

Not a matter worthy of federal expenditure at this point!

Thersites said...

Have they asked Whitey?

JonBerg said...

I wonder why any part of his corpse would have been left intact, given the resources of his alleged assassins.

JonBerg said...
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Z said...

Always, it's positively SICK! and if it's his family wanting him found, let THEm pay for it, right?

Whitey Bolger? Thersites...who knows.

JB...that's probably true.

They're also digging up another mob boss this week...or at least trying to.

WHO CARES? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...


"They're also digging up another mob boss this week...or at least trying to. "

Hmmmm....would that be Bobby Kennedy?
Which is the most likely place Hoffa's buried...they hated each other.

Constitutional Insurgent said...


Because everybody love themselves some drama.

Makes as much sense as spending taxpayer money on baseball doping hearings.

Waylon said...

Another high noon crime committed in broad daylight, where he just disappeared off the face of the earth. Both Hoffa's disappearance and JFK's assassination won't go away until some real evidence can be offered as proof to identify the perps. Considering the amount of money poured down the drain for other causes, solving blatant crimes is one thing a government should be doing, IMO.

Thersites said...

Whitey Bolger?

Why not?

Waylon said...

Another "investigation" being reopened is the downing of Flight 800 in 1996. After spending four years the investigation came up with the idea that fumes from an almost empty fuel tank caused the crash. Now several of the original investigators are coming forward to say the crash was caused external explosions, that caused the plane to go down.

Guess we'll have to wait and see if this is a search for truth based on fact, or something else that can be perverted and an "external enemy" identified, leading to a more intense conflagration which will move the plan one step forward to the ultimate end, WW III.

"(CNN) -- A documentary on the 1996 explosion that brought down TWA Flight 800 offers "solid proof that there was an external detonation," its co-producer said Wednesday.
"Of course, everyone knows about the eyewitness statements, but we also have corroborating information from the radar data, and the radar data shows a(n) asymmetric explosion coming out of that plane -- something that didn't happen in the official theory," Tom Stalcup told CNN's "New Day."
A number of people have come forward, "all saying the same thing: that there was an external force -- not from the center wing tank, there's no evidence of that -- but there is evidence of an external explosion that brought down that plane," Stalcup said.
He cited "corroborating information from the radar data" and complained that "not one single eyewitness was allowed to testify -- that's unheard of."
"The family members need to know what happened to their loved ones," he said.
Asked why such information might have been suppressed, Stalcup said, "That's a question that should be answered when this investigation gets reopened."

cube said...

lol. I know what you mean about being a gangster moll. When I was little and couldn't sleep, my uncle would pick me up at night and we'd go out and get salami and swiss cheese and come home and watch George Raft movies.

FreeThinke said...

Another obvious distraction from the OBAMA ADMINSTRATION'S CULPABIITY in BENGHAZI, IRS, Spying routinely on Private Communications., White House Intimidation of James Rosen, the looming train wreck OBAMACARE is sure to bring, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, BORDER CONTROL, and the long long long long string of government BANKRUPTCIES at the municipal, count, state, and federal level all over the USA.

Hoffa's BODY?














Every single bit of this stuff is a DISTRACTION from what is REALLY causing this nation to crumble, and that is MASSIVE FISCAL MISMANAGEMENT and CRONY CAPITALISM. Fully ONE FIFTH of the country is on FOOD STAMPS. And in real numbers about FIFTEEN PERCENT are unemployed. Pension Funds are failing. Social Security and Medicare are going broke --- and we QUIBBLE about TRIFLES like Jimmy Hoffa's body. NUTS!!!

JonBerg said...



Z said...

CI: I'm a tad more for spending money with famous doping cases but not much.

FT, if this were a larger story, I'd say it's just for distraction but I will say that since the scandals happened, CNN's becoming more and more like the National Enquirer, covering the most inane stories, things they NEVER carried in the past; the Princess' 'baby bump' (I hate that dehumanizing term), cruise ships paying back customers for bad cruises, the most unheard of murder case in Boise, really is kind of funny. ANYTHING to fill that time between ads$$ with something other than the important scandals.
Obviously, Jake Tapper's covering them a little as is Crowley, but not NEARLY as much as they do Republican scandals..not EVEN CLOSE.

cube.I LOVE stories like that..thanks! what a fantastic time..great food and movies with an uncle...WONDERFUL

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "I'm a tad more for spending money with famous doping cases but not much."

I'm in the opposite camp. With Hoffa, there was at least a crime committed.

sue hanes said...

Z - The answer to that is easy.
I do not understand why there is such a fuss over finding Jimmy Hoffa's body. Let it rest.

Z said...

CI, men get richer and get awards for doing well in sports; if they're doping, it's not legitimate and it should be looked into. I'm sure you feel differently, I know most are doping, but it's how I feel. I've done a lot of research on this, as did my Mr. Z in regard to doping particularly in Europe, so my feelings are well founded.

Sue, I couldn't agree with you more.

Also, said that we should close Gitmo and that you felt foreign countries will release the terrorists; what would you want us to do with them then? It's a big problem, isn't it.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "it's not legitimate and it should be looked into."

I'm not arguing that it's 'right''s simply not a legitimate function of government.

Mustang said...

What FT said ...

Pris said...

What a waste of time and money! I'm with you Z, it is weird!

Always On Watch said...

Another futile search: The search in a field near Detroit for ex-Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa ended Wednesday, and as with so many past attempts to find him, authorities walked away empty-handed, the FBI said....

Law and Order Teacher said...

Free Thinke,
Dead on. Who cares? I agree it's a distraction that the media loves and we as a country are addicted to this tripe. The money spent on this jerk is a crime in and of itself. His son is just mob connected and corrupt. But he is loyal to BO. That's important.

Z said...

I'm glad you agree, everybody.
WHAT a distraction, what a waste of OUR MONEY, what a joke.

Z said...

on us, of course

Impertinent said...


"that "not one single eyewitness was allowed to testify -- that's unheard of."

Either that or the Long Island newspapers, the Post, NYT, Daily News, Newsday, Time...etc where all complicit in a coverup? And not one "witness" contacted the major alphabet snooze organs?

Or Fox wouldn't touch it cause O'Really lives on LI??

Sounds like alot of BS to me...the NTSB rarely gets it wrong.

Waylon said...

Imp, recalling the original story from a distance, there were several eyewitnesses that reported what they saw,appearing at odds with what was reported as being the official cause.

Who knows what's true right now, but I find it amazing that several of the individuals that agreed originally with the "official" version, are now supporting the version of the first eyewitnesses.

The NTSB wouldn't take their marching orders from their so-called superiors in the Clinton administration if this was some kind of military foul up, since as I recall there were naval maneuvers taking place close to the flight path, or so it was reported at the time.

Now if this new investigation goes forward, we'll have to see where it goes, since I think about 98% of the "news" is distraction and/or disinformation.

Kid said...

Z, the only things that occurs to me are these:

- The Hoffa family. This is one of the things provided to citizens of value. Sorry to disagree.
- The sliver of a chance that finding the body might point to the killer(s) and make them pay some kind of price.

Kid said...

Looks like I'm the fly in the ointment! lol.

I do think it's important. ie. Cold Case Files on TV. They do find some of these scumbags and end their happiness after many decades.

But - Imagine having to go to jail at 78 years old. Not pleasant.
Like Madoff in the hotel jail. He's not suffering but he is also Not living the good life.

We're paying these people (investigators) anyway. Let them earn some of their money.

TSWS said...

Black Powder Guns, (hand guns and rifles) are not covered in the Federal Description of a Gun!
That's right Black Powder Guns are hands off - the Gun Control Nuts are at their wits end over this Clause.
After the Ok Fed Building, With Bubba standing in front of the tattered building. soothing everyone-slipped in the phrase "We may have to take a minor departure from our Civil Liberties"; and then the Congress Passed the Anti-Terrorist I Bill. The Repubs did not let the Amendment with outlawing Black Powder stay in the Bill.
Then the Plane went down and the Dems pushed the Anti-Terrorist II Bill. That's right the Repubs caved and allowed the big NO NO Amendment with Outlawing Black Powder--PASS, and Bubba was to eager to sign it. Minor Departure and all.

TSWS said...

Have you heard stories of someone stealing the Mobs money, and then hearing that there is no place to hide?
That's what is going on.
The Mob is from Sicily,
The Knights Templars are from There and Malta (Chief Justice Roberts ran over there after the Obama Care Decision), The Mob controls the Unions, and who ever took the Teamsters Pension Funds - if not Hoffa, will be hunted down to the ends of the Earth-however long it takes.
The Mob aka The Knights Templars (The Knights of the Great Forrest = The KKK The Templar Knights), the 32 degree and up in the Masons (Scottish-Rite), Are The Unions.
They control the Politicians and Judges. Not the Unions,through the Unions, the Masons/all the other Names.
Oh, and the News Media is ...The Scroll and Key - is an off shoot secret society.
Who took their Pension money will not go unsolved!!!!!!
Masons have their own Bible and their own Temple.
That's why I say the Gov. employees shall not enjoy Union membership=Separation OF Church and STATE!!

Z said...

Kid, you can disagree!
But who the heck cares about the Hoffas and ...and what are the chances they'll solve a murder from the late seventies based on a totally disintegrated body? shudder.

I just don't see spending the money on this.

Impertinent said...


"The sliver of a chance that finding the body might point to the killer(s) and make them pay some kind of price."

Hmmmm...Rice, Holder, Clinton ( the she one ) Jarret, the ATF, FBI, IRS too? Think about how many bodies the feds have buried and we don't know who done it?

Hoffa crossed the organization with some rules and above all..Omerta or...honor.

Marine4Ever said...

Because he was such a dear fellow and deserves a Christian burial and the family needs closure.

Kid said...

Z, You and everyone can disagree to and no problemo.

My point is if you're going to maintain the rule of law and standards for representing victims, then you should do it. I rest my case ! :)

Z said...

Kid, you're probably right. If someone came forward about the location of an un-famous dead body from the same year, we'd be digging, too.
Good point. Still seems like a HUGE waste of money, but you're probably right. (damn :-)!!

Marine4....very good !!

Kid said...

IMP, I read the following recently on a blog I visit.

They're not Scandals, they're Felonies.


Impertinent said...


Very good...I knew I missed something.

So you think that TWA 800 might have been caused by MANPADs?

Kid said...

Imp, TWA-800.

The story I read that stuck with me was that there was a plane headed to Israel that originally had TWA800's slot on the runway, but was delayed from some reason. The story goes that there was a smallish boat about 2-3 miles offshore of New York, and when TWA800 took off in the other planes time slot, the jihadis mistook it for the other plane and shot it down with a missile of some sort.

That kinda rang true, since it was also near the time when EgyptAir 990 went down in the ocean, apparently forced down by the co-pilot who was chanting kaluha snackbar the whole time on the black box/voice recorder. That's a fact.
990 had 15? 17? Israeli soldiers aboard. There was some question whether the snackbar chant was offered as a suicide chant or a plea for help in bringing the plane back to normal flight. In the final minutes the pilot was pulling the hell out of the stick pleading with the copilot to help him pull it back. The copilot was of egypt descent.

Impertinent said...


So the dipsticks with the Manpads didn't have a pair of bino's to check out the totally red / white 747 with TWA on the tail and lit with Tail floods? Versus the blue / white of an Al Israeli 747? Nor where they monitoring JFK tower or departure....very well published VHF freq's?

Ducky's here said...

Hell, Hoffa's buried in my back yard.

TSWS said...

Read my comments I says what is what.
Why do you think they tried so hard to make a case of quantum physics -
The wiring ran an electrical charge back wards to the fuel pump in the tank was the reason why----BULL SH#$%T.
It was all about passing the Anti-terrorist II Bill!!!
They had to take away our Black Powder.
Just like they are taking away the Cartridges today.
How many know how today to reload shells - you can't buy bulk black powder today.

Impertinent said...

Speaking of airlines...

" Emirates has been voted the world's best airline by passengers at the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards.
The awards -- decided by 18.2 million passengers in 160 countries around the world -- judge airlines on everything from the cleanliness of the cabin to the quality of the in-flight food and entertainment."

But no one has ever seen the faces of the flight attendants or if they're even women.

Ducky's here said...

TSWS --- that was very informative.

Impertinent said...


"The wiring ran an electrical charge back wards to the fuel pump in the tank was the reason why---"

As a pilot...I've never...never heard of Jet A / kerosene "fumes" exploding under any circumstances as described by the NTSB.

Impertinent said...


"Hell, Hoffa's buried in my back yard."

B&W photo proof bud...give it up.

TSWS said...

And how many know that Black Powder Guns are HANDS OFF under FED LAW?
Liberals know and used to laugh at me when talking about the 2nd Amendment.
They said---what are you gonna do use your musket?
Little did they know I knew what they were talking about.
I did not tell many people, Maybe I should not enlighten you all.

Kid said...

IMP, That's above my pay grade.

Kid said...

IMP As a pilot...I've never...never heard of Jet A / kerosene "fumes" exploding under any circumstances as described by the NTSB.

It's always nagged at me, that:
- explosions come from fumes and not raw fuel. (You can light a match next to your open filler cap on your car IF you have a full taks of gas, and all you'll get is a little Whoosh as the fumes in the filler tube ignite. The fuel won't. Years ago, my dad and I oxy'acl welded the fuel tank holding straps on a 1956 Belair - but only after filling the tank with gas)

And it occurs to me, the plane is going a long way, and wouldn't they load more fuel in the center tank opposed to the wings for balance? So, just leaving the airport, wouldn't the center tank be chock full ?

Impertinent said...


"IMP, That's above my pay grade."

Huh?? Which / what??? Who? Whadda ya talkin bud?

Kid said...

TSWS, I've loaded and shot a black powder rifle, but it's been a while.

It would certainly be useless in any kind of modern day firefight.

But yea, powder and primers and other reloading supplies are in as short supply as ammo.

Impertinent said...


"the plane is going a long way, and wouldn't they load more fuel in the center tank opposed to the wings for balance? "

Nope...always from the tanks transfered to the wings bud...always keep the wings in balance and the rear / internal tanks moving fuel forward to the wings.

Kid said...

Imp, Pay Grade. This bit here -

"So the dipsticks with the Manpads didn't have a pair of bino's to check out the totally red / white 747 with TWA on the tail and lit with Tail floods? Versus the blue / white of an Al Israeli 747? Nor where they monitoring JFK tower or departure....very well published VHF freq's? "

I think it's above most jihadi pay grades too.

Kid said...

IMP Fuel transfer.. Well, that explains that.

Impertinent said...


"I think it's above most jihadi pay grades too..."

Then why haven't we obliterated their asses or...better yet...who the phook cares if they're that stupid?

Impertinent said...


"explosions come from fumes and not raw fuel."

My bonnie looked into a gas see what she could see...she lit a match to aid her...

Ohhhh...bring back my bonnie to me.

TSWS said...

They only know what they are told.
Take down the next plane.
They are the pawns in the Great Play of Politics.

Impertinent said...


"IMP Fuel transfer.. Well, that explains that."

Think about it...Kid....wing high against a ( heavier ) wing low...rudder fighting the ailerons to keep the plane level...results in crossed controls and a virtual "slipping" of the plane. Planes don't fly well like that...LOL

JonBerg said...

And here, all along, I thought Hoffa just morphed into Tammy Baker.

Z said...

JB...good one :=)

Marine4Ever said...

JB -- Tammy's still around?! I haven't heard from her since the last time I donated to the 'Help Keep Tammy Faye in Cosmetics' charity dinner back in the 80's. And she STILL owes me for the central air and heat I installed in their dog house.

beamish said...

My only question about Hoffa's disappearance is "Why did it take so long?"