Saturday, June 1, 2013

Epic Welfare Fraud

In 2009, people were exchanging emails like wildfire, claiming that the Congress was about to award illegal aliens social security benefits. Back then, Fact Check Organization assured everyone that it simply wasn’t true. With respect to the claims, FCO wrote, “versions of this whopper have been going around since 2006 and picked up after Democrats won increased House and Senate majorities last November.” [Source]

One may recall that Fact Check claims to be a nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in US politics. It may be possible that in 2009, Fact Check was being honest as they sought to debunk the rumor … but it is equally possible that Fact Check Organization, which is part of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, is actually a communist front organization that intentionally lied to the American people.

According to a news item aired on Fox News last week, states have begun competing with one another for federal social assistance monies by encouraging people to sign up for “entitlements.” In creating a demand for federal assistance, states like Florida hope to increase their allocation by one billion dollars annually.

Of course, no one is surprised that these schemes add to our explosive debt and encourage a culture of dependency. Increased debt is bad enough; worse when there is a vigorous campaign to encourage fraud among illegal aliens. Are we no longer a nation of laws?

As a case in point, reporter Steve Harrigan tells us about 50-year old illegal alien Maritza Nelson, a single mother living in Florida who lives chiefly on what she can get from state and federal assistance programs, including government-funded housing, $700 a month from the Social Security Administration, food stamps, and Medicaid benefits. Additional benefits include supplemental “entitlements” to help defray the cost of water and utilities.

To assist people like Nelson, Harrigan reports that “expert navigators” help citizens —illegal or otherwise— to locate programs that might apply to them, and then apply for benefits on line. Other illegal aliens, such as Belci Encinosa (Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies), want these needy persons to “get every penny they deserve" from programs that provide rental assistance, supplemental nutritional assistance programs (SNAP), and free medical care.

What is going on here?

Not long ago, we learned that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is providing Spanish language fliers to the citizens of Mexico, in Mexico, offering them clever suggestions about how to take advantage of American’s new welfare state. Liberals responded by saying the report was completely unfounded. No surprise, the liberals were lying. The USDA does in fact provide these fliers to citizens in Mexico, and as demonstrated by Steve Harrigan’s report, illegal aliens are in living free of charge at the expense of the American taxpayer.

So here it is in a nutshell. The United States government, under the direction of its Marxist president, is determined to make fundamental changes to the United States of America. He will transform this country from a free market economy to a socialist state. In order to achieve this, he has worked tirelessly to create a society that is heavily dependent upon the national treasury. And, in order to do that, he has eased immigration restrictions, ordered border patrol organizations to be less attentive in their duties, which actually encourages illegal immigration, and to help achieve this, authorized the USDA to help illegal aliens qualify for welfare benefits.

There is nothing responsible about such an endeavor. It even surpasses the incredible. That isn’t the worst of it … the worst of it is that the American people are not flooding Congress and state legislatures with highly pissed off demands to change direction.

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—Mustang Sends


beamish said...

Government welfare and assistance programs could not be defrauded and abused if there were no government welfare and assistance programs.

beamish said...
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Always On Watch said...

Some nation we've got under the Obama regime, huh?

I know several American families who have remained independent of government assistance over the past several decades and now, due to illness and disability (not related to aging per se) are suffering extreme financial distress to the point that these families can no long afford any health insurance and all the required medications. Good luck with these good folks getting any help at all -- even after decades of paying their dues and, of course, their taxes. In a few of these cases about which I personally know, suicide is on the table with greater frequency.

Yet, the Obama regime is actively seeking out illegal aliens to assist.

You can't make this stuff up!

PS: No, I'm not speaking of the AOW household.

Always On Watch said...

From Gateway Pundit: "Illegal Immigrant Mother of Seven Given Food Stamps, Meds, Housing, and Social Security – For 20 Years (Video)."

Robert Sinclair said...

I have no problem with state welfare assistance programs. This is the federalist approach. Welfare assistance is a state responsibility. But I strenuously object to states receiving supplemental federal dollars to support it.

No ILLEGAL ALIEN should EVER receive welfare assistance from ANY government source.

Anonymous said...

"50-year old illegal alien Maritza Nelson, a single mother..."

Of 7!!! She's is an accomplished...breeder.

Z said...

waaaay down at the bottom of the Yahoo Homepage there is mention of the IRS scandal widening as they find more and more unfairly and uncharacteristically chosen for IRS questions beyond the normal.
We all know how this IRS story is at least one story the public should, and according to polls, would probably like to know about...
It's about 15th ...after the Queen's Coronation article and a link to Salon showing Queen Maxima's picture in Vogue. I guess those are more earth-shattering articles? :-)

Robt Sinclair, I agree that no illegals should get any aid, state or federal.

Always, I wonder how many like that illegal mother there are; as we're all struggling to make ends meet, we're supporting law breakers.
The question must be "what do we do with her 7 children?" This is a tough one. And, yes, "some nation..."

Anonymous said...

And here...20 damn years???

Anonymous said...

Speaking of FRAUD...more Fraud:

"The IRS will not meet the deadline (today) for responding to a series of questions from the Senate Finance Committee regarding the agency’s targeting of conservative political groups. In a joint statement, committee chairman Max Baucus (D., Mont.) and ranking member Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) said it was “disappointing that the IRS failed to produce any of the documents requested by the Committee,” and noted the irony and hypocrisy of the nation’s tax-collecting agency refusing to meet a deadline for producing requested information.

“This is an agency that revolves around making the American taxpayer meet hard deadlines each and every year when they file their taxes, oftentimes penalizing those that are late,” the senators said. “The IRS needs to do much better.”

Z said...

Imp, is that committee going to pay fines and penalties? :-)

Jack Whyte said...

IRS is part of the Executive Branch; it is not subordinate to the Congress, and may even elect not to cooperate. What can the Congress do? Actually, very little.

Recall that Issa's committee issued a contempt citation to Holder. Did it have any effect? No.

What Congress could do is withhold the money it takes to operate IRS, but I don’t think congress has sufficient poundage in balls to do that.

Anonymous said...

Now that we have 23% unemployment.

45 millions in food stamps.

30 million AMERICANS CITIZEN health care uninsured.

The nation is broke.

Our social security almost broke.

Our welfare system is broke.

Our schools are broken.

Now these IDIOTS want to add 20 millions more illegal aliens plus an stimated 35 millions dependet that they will be able to bring here legally to our BROKEN NATION with AMNESTY?

If democrats managed to pass AMNESTY

Now we will have 55 millions uninsured in our healthcare system.

70 millions in food stamps.

Our social security will be instantly broken when you include the millions of illegal that are at retirement age plus the dependent grand parents that they can legally bring into this country.

Our welfare system that is already broke due the high unemployment will be instantly decimated.

The already crowded schools in america will go broke specially when they try to implement BILINGUAL EDUCATION.

CRIME will skyrocket, 37% of the CALIFORNIA prisons are illegal aliens.

You may ask why them democrats want to give them AMNESTY? Because they don't want to loose the senate in 2014. They know that illegal alien vote, that is one the reason HARRY REID won in NEVADA against SHARON ANGLE, which by the way has a suit pending with the DOJ but don't expect any result from radical ERIC HOLDER.

Sam Huntington said...

So let’s take a drive through any major US city. Pick one: Boston, NYC, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, Charlotte, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles … the slums you see are not the result of conservative policies, they are the direct result of leftist policies. What is the proof of this? Look at any city in Europe --including Moscow, and you’ll find the same kinds of slums. So obviously, the idea of taking other people’s money and throwing it at the problem, isn’t working. The opposite is true. Encourage teen promoscuity by giving 9-year old girls birth control pills. Encourage lethargy by giving people some income for doing nothing at all, other than having children. Encourage filth by giving people free housing that they never take care of. Encourage high murder rates when no police agency in the right mind will drive into slum areas without a fifteen car backup. Not even firemen will go into those areas. Not even paramedics. And then of course, give everyone an Obama Phone.

Off hand, I’d say the whole concept of progressivism is working exactly the way it was planned. It’s intention is to destroy free market capitalism, to grow government, and diminish human liberty. Yeah … the American people signed up for that idea, didn’t they?

Which, of course, suggests that the American people do not deserve liberty.

Z said...

Imp..amazing, isn't it? As my doc said "Sure, Affordable Care Act is fine, except know I'll have approximately 40,000 more patients to see!! :-) OH, my gosh. naming cities, you reminded me of seeing the wonderful Bernard McGuirk on FOX last night with Gutfeld..........Bernard, a New Yorker through and through, reminded Americans watching that Obama was NOT TAKEN TO THE HARDER HITS, UNRECOVERED areas in the hurricane. NOT. He said there are thousands still not getting help.
But, there were the photo ops!
And there was Christie thanking him.


Anonymous said...

Elections have always had consequences, but far too few voters have figured that out.

Anonymous said...


"As my doc says..."

My doc says...he's going the concierge route.

Kid said...

Maritza Nelson - That poor woman !

I'm going to start looking into how I can get some free money from the gov. and suggest everyone else do the same. And that's how it falls apart folks.

Kid said...

Z, My doc says he's not going to accept a 50% pay reduction in medicare patient billings. It's more of his business as it is with most General P. doctors. So, they'll leave and we'll all be seeing the incompetent doctor leroy or keyshawn and we'll wait 12 hours to do it.

Unless in addition to all the extra taxes we pay, we find a way to pay even more privately for the privilege of seeing a real doctor. This is what they do in Canadia.

The only good part of this will be laughing hysterically at he ever confused libtards when all this crashes into their fat behinds.

Mustang said...

Keyshawn is a problem, of course ... but so is Abu ibn-Killya

Anonymous said...

Edith "Bunker" just passed at 90...

One of my all time favorites.

Louis H. said...

According to the Daily Caller, Massachusetts paid out $2.39 million in welfare benefits to dead people!

Can you see my shocked face?

Louis H. said...

Just in: use of terms "husband and wife" is hate speech.

Z said... Not only that, but Ducky, who lives in Mass. always RAVES about their health care situation but Mass. is in debt so high now they'll never dig themselves out. amazing...what a great success, huh? :-) (not)

Imp...Edith Bunker..Jean Stapleton, right? Wasn't she wonderful.
"Dingbat!" remember?

Z said...

oh, Louis...imagine HUSBAND or WIFE being HATE SPEECh because gay people will be offended.

When can people with traditional values start feeling offended by having their rights taken away?

Is it time yet to fix America and stop allowing every offended dope a platform?

Why did Jews not mind Christmas music in public school plays before? (actually, most STILL don't..ask them, don't rely on leftwing jerks)

Why are we husbands and wives not allowed to use that term?

Why are MOTHER and FATHER no longer okay to say in some countries and one must say PARENT?



Mustang said...

I believe Louis has uncovered ONE MORE EXAMPLE of the so-called Agenda 21/Sustainability plot. A move toward one-world-government ... using Cloward Piven, of course.

Mustang said...

Columnist Walter Williams recently argued, [paraphrasing] No one wants to maintain the IRS more than recipients of other people's money. I think he's right.

Anonymous said...


"Wasn't she wonderful..."

Yes...and even way back then...I detested Meathead.

Anonymous said...

"because gay people will be offended..."

I thought that's what queers wanted...husbands and "wives". One to pitch and the other to catch?

Take Tim Allen...always talking about...HIS...."husband".

Kid said...

Mustang. federal employees owe 3 Billion in taxes. They file, they just don't pay.

When are [working tax paying] folks going to realize what stupid saps they are ?

Kid said...

IMP, Yes, meathead was an obvious moron to me also. Is it in the genes I guess?

Had to put your finger on. I had no use or trust for politicians and my hot button has always been a hatred for BS.

Today, kids love and think the answer lies with politicians and government. I can't begin to tell you what an alien concept that is to me, and was to me at every age I have been.

Mustang said...

Now is the time to demand FAIR TAX or FLAT TAX. What say you? Worth writing to members of congress about?

Kid said...

Hold my feet to the fire, and I'd say government is going to take what it wants, so I dont' think any alternative would be better from an amount we pay standpoint, but most? of us would at least be able to avoid doing the stupid dance of tax filing with a sales tax.

it seems impossible though, how would government be able to return OUR money to the democrat baby breeders and illegals, and other losers without a tax filing system where they don't pay but get money back. Maybe they could just put them on the payroll. They're just about doing that now, but with all the machinations they use to get money to people, it would have to be more efficient.

Yea, let's get rid of tax filing for individuals at least.

Anonymous said...


The IRS...the too powerful to be taken down by us Davids. We lost when they became our masters.

And they're arrogance and attitude reaffirms that inmo.

Anonymous said...


Oh...and if we're not ready to nullify the 16th Amendment....we'll get no where.

That's how to gut the IRS...and as I see it the only way to slay the dragon.

JonBerg said...


"Now is the time to demand FAIR TAX or FLAT TAX. What say you? Worth writing to members of congress about?"

My thoughts exactly and YES it's worth writing to Congress about. I also see a desire for this as a favorable attribute for a Presidenttial candidate, as well.

Anonymous said...


This IRS rot will be going on for months on end...

What we really need to concentrate on is this Gang if 8 and these criminals with Illegal Immigration "Reform" / Amnesty...

This changes America forever. Maybe it will kill the IRS they'll get tax credits and pay in....nada.

Z said...



And, you know, I think this White House is perfectly happy to see the scandals run very long periods of time; they know Americans get bored and the media helps that and they'll just wait them out.

Soros is NO DUMMY

Anonymous said...



No...he's gayer than a Susan Anthony dollar...he's...finally...someones...WIFEY & Misses.

Anonymous said...

Or is that...MRS.??

JonBerg said...


Were on the 'same page'. Here is an excerpt of what I posted on another blog just prior to reading your last comment.

"Rubio, et al have proposed what I consider a completely unworkable amnesty progran and his support of it is quite telling; not in a positive way!

Check out this site:

Anonymous said...


Was Mustang an O6?

Down here in FlaDuh...Rubio has many, many of us spitting mad and furious...we feel betrayed and we lost Allen West to a "kerfuffle". The last damn good man in a state that breeds DW Shitz and Alan Gibson..

I've written the bastard numerous times...and I'll tell you...I never get a canned response. I swear his staff shows him my stuff and he answers it personally...LOL

He knows we're pissed...and pissed that he went the "my people" route and not what's best for America..or Florida.

He knows he's gone...and a one termer...I'd like to see West take his seat.

beakerkin said...

Wait a second

I want to interrupt a good rant with
some reality. Government really should steer people to prenatal care.The children will be United States Citizens and having children with avoidable birth defects is something all of us should agree upon.

We can talk about changing laws wih regard to anchor babies and brides and I am all for that. We need to get mothers into prenatal care.

beamish said...

We need to get mothers into prenatal care.

But then the government would have to acknowledge that life begins at conception, and shut down the abortion industry.

Z said...

What's your solution to illegal immigration? Has Rubio actually said "my people?"

Beamish, good point about how the gov't would have to admit life starts at conception.

Beak, who said we don't want pregnant women to be healthy?

beakerkin said...

Some of these criticisms about costs
are valid. However, if an illegal alien's wife needs prenatal care we need to absorb that. In fact we need
to get the working poor into prenatal

A real Obama health initiative would
have worked on achieving legal reform
of malpractice and found ways to get
mothers into prenatal care ASAP.

Anonymous said...


"What's your solution to illegal immigration? Has Rubio actually said "my people?"..

Close the borders and put a moratorium on all immigration until we get it secured. Get tough with Mexico and stop them from advertising ways to game our system. Deny all benefits...everything... ( which aren't even available to our own Native born! ) and they'll self deport. Unemployment in Mexico is 5% and we're at 7.2%.

Get rid of the 14th Amendment...and deny anchor baby citizenship to all illegals.

And yes...Marco has said that when speaking of his parents and other Cuban refugees.

Can you imagine the sheet storm if a white with European ancestry said.."My people"? If they can get away with it...why can't David Duke?

Just saying. And this country didn't start going down the crapper until 1965 and the "diversity" idiots balkanized us. We're two or three different countries now.

JonBerg said...

"if an illegal alien's wife needs prenatal care we need to absorb that"

Since when did RESPONSIBLE people start having pregnancy that THEY can't afford? I guess that, by now, it's no more than a rhetorical question. Anyway why should legally landed, responsible taxpayers have to subsidize those who are neither?

Anonymous said...


You're kidding right? Responsible?

They know damn well that they didn't have to pay for it...know damn well that when they drop that's a "citizen".

Know damn well that the kid is another meal ticket and benefits. Look at the newest celeb cause...the 20 year, single "mom" ( Breeder ) illegal with 7 meal tickets.

Kid said...

IMP, JonBerg, yea, why is it My responsibility for someone to have a "good life" in the USA.

If that's true to even at the nano level, then I should feel responsible to work 2 or 3 jobs and send every available dime that I don't need for pure survival to someone living in one of the myriad of shitholes around the world.

Yea, STOP paying them to come here. Ah, but the democrats have to buy their supporters after they've run out of local braindead morons.

I'd actually feel better (in the abstract) about giving my money to someone who is legally staying OUT of the USA or waiting for legal immigration or not at all than someone who broke the law and demanded my money.


Any sane person wants to see no one suffer who lives their life with respect to other people, but We can't save the world. It's not saveable.

You want to make a good start? Kill the friggin dictators, arm the citizens, create a government, open schools. That would cost less than anything we've done so far. If they can't make it then, then they weren't meant to.

Kid said...

Beakerkin, the Problem with health care costs in the USA are:

- Fraud in Medicare, the fed say's it 50% that's half a trillion
- Profiteering by hospitals and other.
- The slime trial lawyers that have sued the health care industry back to the stoneage.

I believe it all started with the lawyers. Once a system goes to hell, Everyone throws up their hands, and jumps on the profit chasing wagon.
Watch it happen to all thing nationwide now as the democrats destroy virtually every "American" foundation pillar that maintained such things as hard work, innovation, and self-responsibility.

It'll happen quick so don't blink.

JonBerg said...


"You're kidding right? Responsible?"

If my use of the word "responsible" is in question, please read my comment again.

"Look at the newest celeb cause...the 20 year, single "mom" ( Breeder ) illegal with 7 meal tickets."

Yeah, I saw her earlier today on FOX NEWS. It was enough to make a Komodo Dragon puke its guts out!

Anonymous said...


It's all good...I got it...

51% of the population is totally irresponsible. With 6% "responsible" for over 50% of the crime. And 12% "responsible" for 75% of illegitimate broods.

When the remaining 49% or less that supply the freebies....runs out....there will be hell to pay.

JonBerg said...

"When the remaining 49% or less that supply the freebies....runs out....there will be hell to pay."

There will be NOTHING. Perhaps at that point we will begin to retaliate; we will have no choice when that happens.

Average American said...

I've been sitting here for almost an hour trying to come up with something to say without swearing up a blue streak and I just can't. Maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


Just what I meant Jon.

Anonymous said...


"without swearing up a blue streak.."

Have at it...use %$#@((*&^@ maybe? LOL

JonBerg said...


"I've been sitting here for almost an hour trying to come up with something to say without swearing up a blue streak "

I know that it's late there but I would say: Let her fly!!

Anonymous said...


Like minds...I say ditto....let it rip...he / she can always....delete it...but I'm ready for it.

I get pretty salty myself...

Anonymous said...


What kind of ride is that you're on?

JonBerg said...

Just a HD Soft Tail Standard. Now the truth be known my back is screwed up so I'm not riding-DAMN! I rode for 52 years and saw 32 states on two wheels but reality-SUCKS! Thanks for asking though, my friend.

Anonymous said...


Nice...I used to ride too...."BK"....before kids.

Average American said...

The illegal bitch with seven kids really got to me. That is the way these useless piles of shit get a raise for themselves, have another illegitimate kid. It's time for an overhaul. NO MORE ANCHOR BABIES!!! NO MORE FREEBIES FOR ANY ILLEGALS!!! FREE ONE WAY TICKETS SOUTH!!!(They leave any wealth they may have accumulated here--HERE!!! They come back---they go directly to jail--do not pass GO and do NOT collect ANYTHING!!