Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Hand in your (pop) gun!"

PLEASE PLEASE read THIS BLOG POST today.  It's Constitutional Insurgent's blog, and I would have posted on the same subject but:
 A.    It's in California and I'm tired of loony blog posts about the part of California that's so obviously 'fruit and nuts' because I was born and raised in California and I LOVE IT (and this is not just a state of liberals, either, I know many, many strong conservatives here).
B   I'm tired and don't feel like posting something tonight!
C.   You deserve to know this is happening AND his take on it is much better than mine would have been.

Thank you!


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - Thanks for the plug!

This event just illustrates how the gun control cabal will stop at nothing to advance their ultimate agenda....which is not background checks, not "gun safety"....but the demonization of firearms and their owners. The demonization of those who can and would take some measure of responsibility for their own opposed to calling and relying on the State.

A society that does not reflexively turn to a government agency for every single their nightmare.

Pris said...

Z, this is the comment I left on CI's blog. Didn't want to leave your place bare! HaHa.

"We played cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians too. That was many years ago. We used our fingers as guns. Not one of us children thought about having real guns. We were just having fun. It was no big deal.

But then, in those days my parents focused on character issues, and expected us to do our best. Yep, in those days "one size did not fit all".

Today it's all about political correctness. Wasting class time, instead of focusing on real learning of academic lessons, teaching children to think! Self esteem can't be given to others, but teaching children to be responsible for their studying, learning, and being attentive in class is the key.

My grandson when he was five years old and in Kindergarten, early on, brought home a paper he'd done, and on it was a sticker from the teacher which said "good job"! I complimented him and he said, "it doesn't mean anything, everyone got one." Now, if a five year old "got it" surely adults with half a brain would "get it" too. He knew it was meaningless at such a young age.

Political correctness is such a negative, yet it's pervasive. Is it any wonder that many average students, will not aspire for merit rather than just coasting along?"

Anonymous said...


But...but Bubba Clinton says:

"Former President Bill Clinton, while suggesting that another push for gun control legislation might succeed, faulted the National Rifle Association for convincing “country” people that “there’s this big, conspiratorial federal government” plan to confiscate firearms."

Why...would anyone believe a convicted, impeached, disbarred serial liar...( or Shillary for that matter? ) that this will not, morph into a database ( NSA ) and registry that will lead to outright confiscation?

Dembaggers, we all know are not averse to denying us our Constitutional rights....all one has to do is look at the entire NE states and the West coast to see what is happening.

Led by Kapo Schumer, Heir Bloomterd and god father Cuomo.

Even Colorado now...wants to separate from South Colorado and form a new state...North Colorado.

Mustang said...

Anyone who thinks there is not a concerted effort on the left to make gun ownership illegal needs to do more reading. Now let’s see … in spite of the warnings by Jefferson and Jackson, the US proceeded with a national bank. No surprise that Woodrow Wilson approved the Fed and national taxation at the same time—one supports the other. Moreover, Wilson managed to make US senators beholden to the federal government, rather than the states from which they come; no mere coincidence that. Then of course, Wilson Progressives created the American education system, designed to indoctrinate, rather than education. So, here we are today: International banking runs the country, states are no longer sovereign, our people are stupid, and now … if the government can just get those damn guns away from us, we’ll finally realize the United Soviet States of America: good job, voters.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


"we’ll finally realize the United Soviet States of America: good job, voters."

Voters? Eggplants are more like it...or blooming idiots. I'm sure that's where we're headed...even Vlad Putin warned us not to go down the socialist path fer crying out loud...and warned us about Speed Bump and the kid Gilligan before they practiced their lovely jihad in Boston.

Z said...

Imp, funny you should say that; I saw a picture of Putin on TV today and thought "Man, who ever thought HE'D be a hero to us?"
I really don't think Obama's equipped to make the decision to arm the syrian rebels, which he's going to do now...who knows WHO those people are? Are we giving money and weapons to the bad guys AGAIN?

Mustang; I don't think a country this populated CAN be governed anymore by one Congress. Too many people, too many interests working against the common good. If the states don't start demanding Washington lay OFF, we're doomed.
So, we're doomed.

Z said...

Pris, excellent comment and thanks for putting it here as well as CI's!

i don't think people even know what CHARACTER is anymore.
And your grandson was right.......of course.

I saw a Dear Abby letter yesterday as a headline on Yahoo News BECAUSE it was a young woman telling Abby (or whoever it is now) that her mother might not like the fact that she and her boyfriend will be moving in together soon...the answer was basically "tell your mother to grow up, then you grow up and do whatever you want to do"

nice, huh? Morality plays no part, decency toward parents plays no part....but the leftwingers know better.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree that the 17th Amendment is one of the least understood parts of the progressive agenda to tie the states to federal government and diminish states' rights. The senate was seen by the Founding Fathers as ambassadors to the federal government from the states but they would remain tied and responsible to the states. Major part of the agenda, the 17th amendment.

Pris said...

Z, you're so right. When my sister and I were children, we were taught to respect our elders, and we did!

I never had any trouble going to my parents for advice. They were always reasonable and fair.

Today, the left doesn't want kids to rely on their parents. They can't indoctrinate kids who put their family first, right?
That's why the Govt. now wants children in preschool. They seek to undermine parental guidance.

Kid said...

I can only visualize women who have 'coexist' bumper stickers on their VW Bugs, or other fuel conscience vehicles cheering wildly when all the guns are taken away from law abiding citizens, almost immediately following by their wild consternation when a pack of jackals, with no regard for the law, break into her apartment with wild abandon, rapes her for hours, then leaves her dead.

Wha happen?? The jackals didn't even have guns. All they needed to know was that she was disarmed. That she was available for the taking.

PS - the kick boxing lessons did her jack nothing worth of good.

Well, while this is one way to cull the population of dumbasses, it will provide no pleasure to sheepdogs (that's me for one) who would much rather see the jackals on a slab at the morgue.

Z said...

and Pris, I hear so many really little kids calling their parents' friends by their first name instead of Mr. Jones or Auntie Liz..
Names aren't that important but it does set a tone.

All the kids call me Mrs. .... at school and one young girl loves my first name and will occasionally walk up and say 'hi, ...'. It makes me burst into laughter because it's so unexpected.
Nobody calls ANY of us by our first names, even the teachers some of the kids are very close to.

And children seem to rule the roosts, too...look at TV commercials where the babies hit their mothers in the face or roll their eyes at their 'dumb' father..AWFUL.

this is very sad; our whole culture is so flat and sad.

TSWS said...

And there is more.
Military Bootcamps can't teach confidence-just bring out what is already there and add more.
The kids today are not allowed to display confidence.
Taking away their natural desires to be a hero who saves the world or damsel in distress is heartbreaking to see.
Then not having a toy gun---
This is the lefts way of deprogramming our young not to be our future soldiers.
If our children are not allowed to think about or dream about guns (weapons) and saving society from-bad guys...

Kid said...

TSWS, Future Soldiers. Man, what an excellent point.