Thursday, September 16, 2010

Australia and Oprah......who foots the bill?

Oprah's bringing a whole studio audience to Australia.......She'll be shooting a show or two there, I guess. If and when you'd heard about this trip, didn't you think SHE was paying? Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but it looks like Australia's getting the tab because their Tourism Minister thinks that'll bring more tourists to their country. Well, at least they'll have about 300 tourists all coming together with her, right? In a plane flown by John Travolta. (WHAT?)
Oprah is apparently worth $1.5 BILLION dollars, wouldn't you have thought she's footing the bill when she comes out on the stage and raises her arms and says "You're all going to AUSTRALIA!"? (What a woman! What a trip! What generosity on her part!) That's chump change for her.....I sure thought she was paying. What do you think of all of this? HERE is what most Aussie's think. Can't say's I blame 'em, Mate!



Karen Howes said...

I'd be hocked off too if I were an Australian taxpaying citizen.

As you said, what's wrong with Oprah's wallet? It's certainly fat enough!

Z said...

especially the way she announced it with such grandiosity! This stunned me...
I'd like to yell out the window "Free homes on ME" and then tell everybody Freddie and Fannie are really paying.
OH. Wait. That already happened.


sue said...

Z - I thought she was paying, so it surprised me to hear otherwise.

Linda said...

If she was a good American, she would have taken them somewhere here, to help boost the local economy!

I guess Australia has a problem spending the taxpayer's money, too! Or they don't have a problem!

Anonymous said...

Oprah. Ick.

Ducky's here said...

Travolta's going? Is this a Scientology gig?

Z said...

Karen, it CERTAINLY is FAT enough :-) heh

Sue, I was very surprised...especially that she announced it with such overwhelming excitement as if SHE was paying, from what I've read,

Linda...good point! How about HAWAII, I'm sure the audience would have loved THAT.
Or, maybe SPAIN, come to think of it; Michelle Obama apparently thought they needed help (smile)

Jen, I can't watch her anymore...I know.

Ducky...who'd be surprised?

Chuck said...


If she was a good American, she would have taken them somewhere here, to help boost the local economy!

Maybe down to the Gulf with Mo?

There is another irony here Z. Travolta is a global warming wingnut yet he is flying a group of people halfway around the world to do self-promotion for Oprah. Incredible how we all should be more sensitive to the environment but it is okay for far left nutjobs like Travolta and Oprah to do anything with a plane/car/boat/etc that their small little minds can dream up.

Anonymous said...

To me, here's the deal. Why, would Oprah take Americans to Australia to shoot a show?

What's wrong with an audience of....well...Australians!!!!

They have to pick up the tab, but the audience is flown in from the USA??

Isn't this a little insulting to Australians? Using their country as a backdrop, and flying in an audience?


beamish said...

[insert carbon footprint joke here]

I'd fly to Australia in this horrid economy on the Aussie dime too. I heard their tarlets flush backerds down thar.

Where do I sign up?

Elmers Brother said...

don't forgit your risuplid, Beamish.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Aussies had more sense than that! Such grandiosity on Oprah's part.


Anonymous said...

What if Rush L. had pulled such a stunt...the media would have eaten
him up !
Glad Oprah showed her true colors...