Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Chosen People?

I'm adding THIS LINK from our pal Chuck's terrific blog because I'd like you to read that and then read my post:

Huffington Posts's headline tonight:
"Christine O'Donnell compares Conservatives to The Chosen People".......REALLY? Do the following words from a speech by O'Donnell tonight sound like that to you, or was she making a pretty good, understandable comparison here?:

O'DONNELL: And the Constitution is making a comeback. It's simply unprecedented in my lifetime. I think it's a little like the chosen people of Israel and the Hebrew scriptures, who cycle through periods of blessing and suffering and then return to the divine principles in their darker days. It's almost as if we're in a season of constitutional repentance. When our country's on the wrong track, we search back to our first covenant, our founding documents, and the bold and inspired values on which they were based. Those American values enshrined in the Declaration provide the real answer.

Oh, wait...I see; Maybe Huffington's implying that the only people who want the Constitution to make a comeback ARE Conservatives?? I think most Americans do, don't you, Democrat or Republican? What do you think? :-)

Meanwhile, I'm really glad the Democrats aren't nervous! THIS is quite a story....Their new line is "You may hate us but the GOP is worse"....very effective, but do Americans, including Independents, really want to hear Democrats whining about us hating them? This could backfire on the Democrats.

AND...Sarah Palin's saying THIS........Republicans had better unite. Better yet, CONSERVATIVES had better unite.....the thing is, we need the GOP to get with us$$$....and I think they will. remember that link at Chuck' think ANY Republican's going to get a fair shake in the mainstream media? Do you think they'll highlight any of the terrific things O'Donnell OR Palin have said?....can the media even recognize those things as being what more than half of America wants to hear? This isn't a one-off situation, it can't be...........we need to do something about our media or we're forever going to be stuck in OZ clicking our red shoes and never getting back to OUR AMERICA where we had an honest media taught by honest journalist profs(do they even teach Who, What, When, Where, Why, and you NEVER give your opinion unless it's an Editorial piece? NO, I don't think so, not anymore)............Without changing the media to be FAIR, we'll be stuck with Huffington Post misrepresentations, Democrats getting big billing in the news saying "Republicans are worst than WE ARE" and we all know what this mainstream media did to Palin.


beamish said...

"Conservatives eschew ideology." - Sir Edmund Burke

Which is why I'm healthily sceptical of O'Donnell "conservatives" and their "with us or against us" provincialism on politics, partisanship, and yes, ideology.

"Small government, low taxes, strong military, greater economic freedom and opportunity."

They know the name of the place. Will they take us there if elected?

Z said...

I think, sadly, the "provincialism" or "with us or against us" is all we've got...we've had to hear the Dems say it for the last few years, and show us in every way possible, and it's our turn.
"With us" will mean 'small gov't, low taxes, strong military, econ freedom and opportunity...'
I've never read anything remotely hinting that O'Donnell isn't all those things.

beamish said...

I'm waiting to see if the TP movement closes ranks with Republicans like Paul Ryan or Mike Pence, or remains amorphous in anti-incumbent land.

With dull tools like Rand Paul and Sarah Palin rising out of the toolbox, all we need is Pat Buchanan and Lenora Fulani to bring the crypto-leftism full circle.

Cynicism is safe to hold onto when so many "conservatives" can barely spell the word much less define it.

Nobody commandeers a vehicle without being in it.

Demanding conservative leadership in the Republican Party should entail conservative membership and activism in the party.

"We're not Democrats" is old soup. That the Dems serve worse slop is not really consolation.

Chuck said...

I think the Dem "yeah, but what about the Republicans" argument is out of gas.

This is a tactic that has kept them in the game for decades.

They have been unable to talk about what they stand for because if the public were getting real information about leftist ideology from the media, we would only be hearing about Democrats in museums.

The only way Democrats have been unable to get elected is to demonize the right. This has worked because the fringe media has spread the message for them.

The problem now, and I suspected this back in 2008, is that the Democrats control government and are making a mess of the country.

It will be decades before we pay down the debt they have run up. They have gutted our national defense.

Bottom line, they can't hide behind the Republicans anymore. They finally have to face the voters and we're pissed.

Karen Howes said...

Good old HuffPo... you can always count on them to distort facts. They're a joke.

Ducky's here said...

You are the chosen people? Yeah, right.

Ducky's here said...

Here's one from Christine if you had any doubts that she's parked pretty close to the edge of Crazy Town:

O’DONNELL: … these groups admitted that the report that said, “Hey, yay, we cloned a monkey. Now we’re using this to start cloning humans.” We have to keep…

O’REILLY: Let them admit anything they want. But they won’t do that here in the United States unless all craziness is going on.

O’DONNELL: They are — they are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they’re already into this experiment.

Randy said...

O'Donnell's Remark On The Chosen People: I believe she is making a metaphor or stating a similarity, not drawing a firm matching parallel.

I think she is a whole lot more intelligent than the media portrays and even more so than what I felt when I first started following her.

Her Reference to The Constitution: I think most "street" Americans are realizing an awareness of the constitution. They certainly want to go back to the constitutional values. I can't say "all" Americans because there are those liberals in power in Washington that either want to do away with the constitution or they have a self imposed skewing of it as they would like it to read. They do not understand truth or reality.

The Dems (and maybe a Republican and Independent or two)are VERY nervous or they would not make negative remarks like "You may hate us....". The remarks places "L's" on their tiny little foreheads.

Sarah Palin has added to the great conservative awakening and I hope she continues doing that but not as a presidential candidate but as head of the RNC. Michael Steele may be fairly good at funding but lacks when "moving" or "exciting" his conservative base. He is somewhat humdrum and should be invigorating.

Speedy G said...

Choose wisely, grasshopper.

Speedy G said...

He did not choose wisely...

Chuck said...

American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains.

Duck, this is just science working towards the goal of breeding liberals with fully functioning brains. The science just isn't there yet though.

Z said...

beamish, that's what I've been commenting...ya, let's see what they do with Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, etc....that would be a magical combiation for the Republicans. Independents will take to Ryan, Cantor, Pence; that would REALLY work.

Chuck, I wish some Republican would take your comment and form a speech around it; I absolutely agree with you and think that would be highly effective in some well-broadcast speech only a day or two before the Nov election but, alas, we don't have a media any less scared than the Dems not to only air THEIR LEFTWING POINT OF VIEW.

Ducky, PLEASE read the posts and comments. Nobody, including O'Donnell, said we are any CHOSEN PEOPLE...are you serious?
Only Huffington was stupid enough to draw that conclusion; remember, it doesn't matter what the Left says, they get the air time, they get the story with legs, the Americans are being lied to because the Dems don't have to worry about being caught in lies.
You already posted that ridiculous comment and I addressed it in the other post. WE GET IT...that was a stupid remark, she was wrong! OKAY?
And, when YOU have to answer to rapid fire questions in front of 30 million viewers, YOU get it right every time, okay? :0-)_ Don't want to hear ANY slip up from you.

Randy, Steele's foursquare in O'Donnell's corner; a HUGE development....I believe the RNC has stopped being quite as scared of the TPers as the Leftwingers will ever stop being and they're going to get it together and support the TP candidates $$$
Except Rove, who I believe is proving himself the party hack I started to think he was when he slammed Palin. The way he insulted O'Donnell the other night was quite beyond normal criticism and into the realm of personal; he was sounding more like Bill Maher than Karl Rove.

Z said...

Chuck, good one! know our brains don't work the same way!! :-)

Randy said...


I think Steele was forced into his O'Donnell back slapping by the TP/Reublican force. Sorry, I still think he is somewhat humdrum.

I think Palin is a force to be dealt with (by the libs) but I had just rather see her in that position than Steele. I think she is better suited for that, but I am a conservative first so will honor the final conservative outcome.

Chuck said...

remember, it doesn't matter what the Left says, they get the air time, they get the story with legs, the Americans are being lied to because the Dems don't have to worry about being caught in lies.

Exhibit A:

The SCOTUS case in which they gave local governments broader imminent domain powers. Howard Dean comes out and says it was the work of "Bush's far right court".

Other than the fact that it was the left wing of the court plus moderate O'Conner that made the ruling and that Bush had yet to appoint any members, Dean was entirely correct. Fortunately for him the media doesn't get bogged down with things like facts so they ran with his quote and promoted the idea behind it.

Chuck said...

I agree with Randy in that Palin would be well suited for the RNC Chair.

-Steele would be gone

-she is popular with conservatives

-it would be a way to bring the Tea Party into the fold

-she would be great at fundraising

-she has been damaged too much by the fringe media to get elected President

Z said...

Well, as much as Steele has ticked me off recently, something about the guy appeals to me.
I've met him and felt his personality and heard him speak...maybe he just wowed me, I'll admit it.

Palin as RNC head.......maybe. She's beginning to grate on me somehow; I'm trying to get over that and just appreciate her many good qualities. So far, no good. I'm still trying!
It's certainly not a bad idea.

Boy, Chuck, imagine the Media if THAT HAPPENED? Oh, my GOSH!! THAT will be a riot to watch!

Joe said...

Anyone who reads O'Donnell's comment and thinks she is saying that conservatives are the "chosen people," is either unable to properly interpret what they read or deliberately injecting their prejudice into what she said.

Libs use homely metaphores all the time and we are not allowed to criticize them, but let one of us use one and we're evil fear-mongers, stupid or worse.

What dweebs the Libs are...and Huffpo represents the bottom of their disgusting heap.

FrogBurger said...

Obama said "we're the ones we've been waiting for." Did they get on his case? No, not really.

Huffington Post is like Ducky: puerile. No credibility, no depth and full of lazy asses.

Z said...

FB, GAD!! I'd forgotten..
"Obama said "we're the ones we've been waiting for." Did they get on his case? No, not really."

SO TRUE!>..great point.

Joe, isn't it astonishing? They twist and tweak and MAKE the words from Conservatives say the things they'd like to slam......
Remember that Democrat who said an island might SINK under the weight of terrorist detainees, I believe it was? If it hadn't been for the conservative blogs, we'd never have heard that one.

Anonymous said...

"When our country's on the wrong track, we search back to our first covenant, our founding documents, and the bold and inspired values on which they were based."

This statement from O'Donnell is very true. When times are hard we get down to basics, and we seek strength and inspiration. It's happening now, in the country, sales of books on liberty, and the founding fathers are through the roof. There's a reason for that.

Being an American is in our DNA.

I don't know much about Christine O'Donnell, but she seems to have her fingers on the pulse in America right now.

Beamish, Z, I think DeMint, Pence, and especially Paul Ryan, Cantor, The Young Guns, are the future of the GOP, at least I hope so.

Paul Ryan has made it clear, not this time around, but he's most impressive, and not going away that's for sure.

There's no reason the tp wouldn't support these men, that I can see.

Ducky, so you get your talking points from Huffington, huh? I said being an American is in our DNA, but of course there's no accounting for the mutants among us like you and your comrades.

We all know we're not the chosen people, we just know we're right!


LASunsett said...

My hope is that candidates like O'Donnell stay focused on the factors that led to their nominations. We do know that the liberal media types (who Ducky thinks are right of center) will do their best to trip her up. The one thing that will certainly cause her to stumble: making this this about her personal religious beliefs, and not the secular issues of the government.

Like the Beamer, I have a healthy skepticism about O'Donnell now that i have heard some things she has said. But she is not of her own making and she will only hold one vote in the overall scheme of things, if it turns out she is as whacky as she sounds on certain topics.

I think she needs to take the time to not allow this to become her own quest for a pastorate. No one is hiring a pastor, priest, or any other holy man/woman in these elections. They want a Senator. She needs to not let this go to her head and stay grounded.

But more than anything, the reason she is now the nominee is because of the asshat RINOs who believe they can make peace with the ideologues like Ducky. She would not be possible, if the mainstream GOP would listen to the electorate. In short, you cannot out-Democrat the Democrats. They have a lock on political idiocy, they know how to spend us into oblivion better than any other entity around. And they certainly know to preach to exclusion.

As an OFF TOPIC to Z--- I don't know if Mr. Z was a fan or not, but my music post today might have made him homesick for his native land.

Z said...

Pris, I've said that in some of my comments...Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, etc.....they are the future and they are GOOD, I can't agree with you more...I may even buy their new book. And I can't see why the TPers would not support them. I hope not, anyway.

LA Sunsett...what gives you an impression O'Donnell is using this as a pastorate thing? Do you think her comments I posted say that? I'm curious.
I am not 100% on her, either, but I think she's a real quick mind and a TRUE conservative, that's for sure. Mr Z was a fan of most music...I'll come right over, thanks..xx

beamish said...

Well, I'm skeptical of Michael Steele's expediency as well. Knowing how it all works, you have to look at how Steele was an early critic of the Tea Party movement, and last-minute changed, revised, and excised criticism of them in his recent book, to the point the published work nearly claims credit for starting the movement, throwing off the chronology of reality where the actual historic record has Michael Steele criticizing, not participating in the early TP movement.

(I really hate being Winston Smith on this, but footnotes of history will come back to this)

I'm not fully in the TP camp, but the fusionist in me sees the potential for positive net effect if the creepy baggage (Rand Paul, and perhaps O'Donnell) is subsumed by a greater, more coherent national message.

I don't remember Reagan wailing about needing to return to the gold standard and how alien lizards rule the world from the basement of the Hotel de Bilderburg, so we don't need to see Rand Paul in any position where his views are equated with Republican views.

The noisy wheels of TP enthusiasm will get greased, but will they take us anywhere?

Z said...

beamish, I'm skeptical, too, but when I heard Steele talk in person and saw how Conservative he is, I started wondering how much heat he has from the GOP hacks who are "party or nothing"...or "Power or nothing"...

Is he playing a game now?
or is he relieved to be able to support the people he more believes in?
We'll see, I guess.

Don't discount Bilderburgs..not yet. I'm no conspiracy freak but I knew a lot about them WAAAAY before that Alex Jones (I think that's his name) started talking about them..WAY before. If they're not what they're rumored to be, what are they?

Anonymous said...

One day, I hope Americans will develop the capacity for hiring politicians on the basis that they are always human beings with (gasp) human failings, none of them speak for God, and that the things they say are always targeted to a specific audience. O’Donnell, for example, does not speak to the citizens of Massachusetts —otherwise, she would speak with a lisp and champion the cause of gay men who operate brothels out of their private apartments. Nor does she speak for 99.9% of the morons who read The Huffington Post. She is speaking to her own base of supporters in the small state of Delaware. If she is finally elected —which, given the propensities of the people of Delaware to favor communism over Americanism, isn’t very likely —then she will henceforth speak directly to the people who elected her, and presumably will do so again six years later.

I admit that I am disappointed and disgusted with Michael Steele and the national GOP, simply because I observe the same behavior that I find deplorable within the DNC. Rather than drafting Dan Coats in Indiana as a senatorial candidate because he knows how to dance the Potomac Two Step, I think national parties should have a hands-off policy until after primary elections. Let the people decide who their candidates will be, and then let the national parties decide who they wish to help fund.

Unless one happens to be Ducky (or any number of leftards like him), I see no reason to fear the Tea Party organizations. They are, after all, citizens who have responded to the filth of beltway politics by becoming passionate in their refusal to accept dictatorial policies. I presume most do not understand the basic tenets of representational politics —or maybe they do. They do seem to be asserting a great deal of interest in political candidates and making sure everyone “knows the truth” about their backgrounds. How is this a bad thing, or dangerous to democracy, or an affront to any political ideology? I am looking at the Tea Party as an antithesis of ACORN, with this difference: we can see the Tea Party today; we can no longer see any ACORN group since they restructured and went underground.

What bothers me most about Bilderburgs is that they include a range of elites, from Soros to the Bush family. They will decide for us how the world unfolds ...

Z said...

Mustang, all good points..

"I am looking at the Tea Party as an antithesis of ACORN, with this difference: we can see the Tea Party today; we can no longer see any ACORN group since they restructured and went underground."

That is scary because they have changed names and are surely still there..a president doesn't promise a group White House presence and then dump them.

Have you seen the list of Trilateral Commission members? THAT's enough to just give up and move to Europe.
I believe Soros is behind Bilderburg and I am not completely sure the Bush family's in it, but a lot of people we'd be surprised at ARE, I know that. If anything, I think Bush the Elder is and George is not. Do you know with any certainty though we can't know anything with certainty about the Bilderburg Group?

Opus #6 said...

This is precisely why we are here, Z. If the MSM and Huffpo did their jobs competently and fairly, there would be no need for us, and no market for our ideas.

Anonymous said...

Funny beamish, I think he was ready to welcome the tea party early on, and got his hand slapped by the GOP establishment.

Remember the rumors that he might have to go? I think that's what it was all about. Then he did a cautious 180 and remained head of the RNC.

Now they're taking it seriously. If they'd been smart they would have welcomed the right of the people to speak up, and said, "the GOP is listening".

As usual, they were afraid of the media and their cat calls, and smears against average Americans.

No guts no glory!


Z said...

Opus, I just wish we had more people reading....not for our blogging egos, that's SO not it...but for more people to GET THE TRUTH.
I also want to recommend your SHOP to my readers! Go look at the cute things Opus has for sale...Great Holiday Gifts!

Pris, I really really feel that's the case.......I think Steele could smell the coffee and tried to get the GOP to hold the pot and they wouldn't (to make the most stupid metaphor I've ever made :-)
Now, he's all over O'Donnell and I personally hope he's saying "nanny nnanny" to the GOP, (except he's SUCH a great guy that I hope he says something a little more like Cheney specially said to Leahy :-)

I'm not going to name drop too much (smile) but I did mention I got to meet Steele to all of you here at the blog, and he is very good looking, HUGE, and passionate about Conservatism, he really is. That's why I wigged out the most when he went squishy on Palin, etc.......
I believe he was forced to and decided he'd better be the one to rein the elitists in, instead of cutting loose and having some REAL elitist at the helm who'd NEVER help conservatism but ONLY Republicanism

Randy said...

Bilderberg Schmilderberg!

I was reviewing some comments above and there were a couple about Bilderberg. Wikipedia touts it as “The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg Conference, or Bilderberg Club is an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are people of influence in the fields of politics, banking, business, the military and media. Each conference is closed to the public.”

There are some theories, including the comments I just read, that these guests are so powerful that they actually, almost by themselves, run the world. Some extremists say they are lobbyist, some say they influence world outcome in other ways. Some say George Soros is a permanent member. I have no clue because it is a secret.

Personally, I think it is a secret “Think Tank” that gathers once a year to smoke illegal Cuban cigars, drink expensive wine and watch old “Hitler” and “Pork Chop Hill” movies.

It does peak your interest though and wonder if it could really be possible for 130 people to rule the world? Nah, not my interest! It is nothing more than a conspiracy theory that is believed by the far extreme ends of the left and the right. There is some organization within the group but I can’t seem to find evidence of any external organization.

For those of you who believe it is a real conspiracy, I say to you, that Ducky has passed an unknown virus among you. I am a logical person and I believe that it is illogical to believe this is a true conspiracy.

Soros called me in 2009 and invited me but I was already booked for a fishing tournament …………Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Randy is probably right… but just for grins and giggles, start doing some casual research on how Georgie Soros is spending his money. How many tax free foundations, councils, committees, has he funded in Europe and in the US? How many of these involve the media and political advocacy groups? Yeah, Randy’s probably right. It’s just too fantastic to imagine a 1984 scenario like that.

beamish said...


You're probably right. The GOP is media gunshy, to the point that the faggot-prone Democratic Party made quite a bit of hay out of witch-hunting alleged fags in the GOP in 2006. While the Dem efforts to limit the number of fags in the halls of power in Washington can be commended, they won't do it to their own, and it takes the GOP off message on real issues.


I don't believe in that Ron Paul Illuminati Bilderburg crap. It's decidedly low-brow.

I will consider that NASA faked the moon landings with tech exploited from UFO crashes, however. ;)

Anonymous said...

Huffington Post is Huffing something as usual. They twist everything. No wonder Bill O'Reilly needs that no spin zone.

xoxo Be blessed