Friday, September 3, 2010

Breitbart fans..unite

As most of you know, I'm a huge Andrew Breitbart fan. I love his in-laws and have met Andrew a couple of times. HERE is a pretty fair article from the Los Angeles Times and I urge you to read it.

Breitbart's giving Conservatism the confidence it started to lose after years of the Left's media domination, attempted intimidation, historical revisionism, and downright nastiness. I believe that, like it or not, he's picking up the Limbaugh gauntlet now, in the 21st Century, and he couldn't have come at a better time.

I learned in THIS ARTICLE (the LA Times link) that he's got a book coming out in the Spring called "Righteous Indignation". How many times have I said here and in comments at other blogs that all of us on the Right keep hearing things so anathema to our values and "all we're doing is typing our fingers away in righteous indignation"?! I'm hoping the book has something to do with that....and, if I know at all what Andrew's about, I might be right.
Regarding the Shirley Sherrod situation, Breitbart's the guy who released the NAACP video where Sherrod seemingly showed quite some racism herself, though critics are now calling Andrew racist, probably the least racist guy any of us could ever meet (refer to article again, you'll be glad you did). Here's a bit from the article:
"When the full video of Sherrod's 43-minute speech was released, it showed her to have transcended racial animus and become an advocate for poor people, regardless of color."

Well...not so fast; you'll be learning more about that Sherrod/Georgia farmers situation referred to as PIGFORD from Andrew quite soon, I hope (at least the article mentions he's researching it enough now to make some irrefutable claims) that will "...upset the status quo in America," according to Andrew. See, Andrew may be showing that Mrs Sherrod and her husband just might not have QUITE been the 'advocates for poor people, regardless of color' that the LA Times glowing assessment of Sherrod suggests. Um...actually, it might be that she, at least, screwed blacks and whites alike; equal opportunity racism? Maybe that Georgia town will be called PigGATE by the time Andrew's done?

Andrew's publicly acknowledged that he should have waited to get the full NAACP video of Sherrod's speech but couldn't get them to give it to him ... and the facts are that he was only sent the edited version we all have seen.....but, let's face it; maybe this has exposed something about the USDA and Sherrod, and even this White House (whose president as senator fought hard for the Pigford suit) that we would never have known, and we should.

I have to say the LA Times article's pretty fair........I applaud them for that....even though the adjectives used about him seem to have been spun, in my opinion, to make Andrew look like the child of comfort he was in order to discount him (okay, I'm sensitive, I admit it)... If anything, to ME, all that 'swanky, Beverly Hills'' stuff speaks well for him and gives hope to liberals; You, too, could be raised as a "liberal child of privilege" who drinks "girly drinks" and come to your senses! (please see the points the article lists as Andrew's epiphanies which made him a Conservative)

All in all..a .good article. Oh, except for calling Orson Bean "a Venice (CA) actor" as if he's only acted in Venice :-)

Please read'll be wanting to know more about this guy who I believe is going to continue to give us Conservatives a stronger and more RIGHTEOUSLY INDIGNANT voice.



Opus #6 said...

I'm all about Breitbart. He has been a huge factor in stopping Obama's juggernaut.

BTW, I did try my hand at some little merchandising. :-)

Ducky's here said...

"What makes me saddest of all things in the world is this: the vast majority of the time the right thing to do morally is the right thing to do in terms of broad self-interest, and yet we don't believe that and we do the wrong thing, thinking we must, thinking that we're making the "hard decisions".

--- some guy who is NOT Andrew breitbart

Z said...

Ducky, stick with Breitbart, he'll put you in better stead.

Opus, your merchandising is terrific and I suggest everybody goes and buy something! Great job! WOW

Leticia said...

I will support anyone that speaks the truth and will not bend to the will of Obama or his administration.

This guy is pretty awesome!

beamish said...

I admit I like Breitbart alot, despite his being tainted with the stench of former stupidity (he's an ex-leftist)

Oh well, nobody's perfect.

Z said...

beamish....I wish you and Andrew could get together! That would be some conversation. With ME there, of course :-)

Ducky's here said...

You, too, could be raised as a "liberal child of privilege" who drinks "girly drinks" and come to your senses!


Huh? I drink single malt neat and a 9% alcohol Czech beer.

Have another banana daiquiri, Andrew.

Z said...

Ducky, he came to his senses...he grew up!...maybe it was the girly drinks?

Anonymous said...

As I see him, Breitbart is on a one man crusade. He sticks his neck out, is not politically correct, put's his money where his mouth is, and is unapologetic about his consevatism.

In short, what's not to like?


MK said...

Knowing that his critics call him a racist is enough for me. Good on ya Andrew, you go mate.