Friday, September 24, 2010

JoJo Politico has something you should read

Please read our friend Joe's latest blog post HERE ... I think it says a lot and I agree with him.......I hope you do, too.  "PTA" in his title has nothing to do with education :-)



Randy said...

I can't say that I agree with everything he says in this blog. I do understand why they felt like they needed "The pledge" in hand.

At this point in time I wish we would stop all the decent among ourselves (conservatives). If we keep it up, the left will walk over us. Let's unite.

That is exactly, in a not so nice way, what I Wrote Karl Rove about re: his negative remarks concerning Christine O'Donnell. He replied to me personally and my comment to him and his reply to me can be found on OppressionSucks.

Anonymous said...

I have read some of this plan. There are some good ideas, and some ambitious goals. But, as usual the Republicans are too cautious.

They know they will be hampered by the President, and the danger is, compromises which will dissatisfy we constituents.

They have forgotten Reagan's advice and that is to govern and speak in "bold colors, not pale pastels".

However, I do like their preamble which reads as follows:

Regardless, if we can win big, gridlock will be preferable to being bulldozed.


Karen Howes said...

Great post, Z-- he's absolutely right. Conservatives had better be... well, conservative.

Always On Watch said...

From JoJo Politico's post:

these Republicans are sounding like they are timidly testing the political waters..

I agree.

Furthermore, the GOP is trying to find the same success that Reagan had, so they're looking to his "formula."

Trouble is, we don't have another Ronald Reagan.

Above all, the GOP wants to win elections. Now, that's typical politics in America for both political parties. But does the GOP lack core values and convictions? In some ways, yes, IMO.

The GOP will likely do very well this November -- purely as a reaction to the present regime. But for 2012, the GOP must come up with a winning strategy. In my view, the Pledge to America isn't a winning strategy -- just a start in that direction.

Joe Conservative said...

The pledge should actually be very simple.

"I pledge to combat and repeal unConstitutional progressivism in all it's expressed governmental forms, executive, legislative AND judicial".

Joe Conservative said...

The problem with the Bushes and Roves of the world is that they are NOT committed to the Constitution. THEY are committed to "ruling" just as Democrats are committed to "governing" (making choices for us).

The Constitution was written so as to allow people to rule/govern THEMSELVES. The federal role is one LIMITED to the functions stated in the preamble to the Constitution.

No mas!

Speedy G said...

Not even the Queen of England can escape governmental over-reach.

Joe said...

Thanks, Z, for the link.

Randy is correct in our need for unity, however, if that means giving up constitutional principles, then I would oppose it.

Pris is right. Gridlock is far better than being bulldozed.

As AOW points out, RR is in the past. We must be in the now.

JC: Right On! (Does anybody say "Right On" any more?)

SG: I'm glad we don't have a queen...and I wish we didn't have someone who wants to be king.

FairWitness said...

Thanks for the link, Z. A great post! I agree with it completely!

Z said...

Randy, Rove wrote to you? I'll be over there to see, thanks.

Pris, I think the Reps ARE too cautious, as was BUSH, who I believe was constantly testing the waters or he wouldn't have gone so far left (TARP, etc.) Gridlock IS better, I'm just not positive we're going to get it now that certain races which were definitely going Republican aren't now, according to the polls..

Joe C, I like your pledge..short, and to the point!

Jo're welcome...

Z said...

Speedy, I am certain you'll all disagree with me, but this QUEEN thing you linked (thanks), is kind of like a microcosm of what we're going thru here.
We want to maintain the rich and not keep taking from them because they're the ones who BUY and HIRE and taking so much from them will bring them down to where America has no beauty, no luxury, nothing for kids to see and aspire to have by hard work, etc.
By taking from the Queen, they're cutting off their noses to spite their British 'stiff upper chins' because the monarchy is so good for tourism! Make the queen 'just another babe with a little more money than others' and you've got a plain old England with nothing luxurious or regal about her...the only rich there will be rich ARabs.

As you know, I like the monarchy ...go figure.

Z said...

RANDY's blog does have a personal ROVE RESPONSE TO HIM....scroll down a bit and you'll see it.
I'm still mad at Rove and find some of his statement disingenuous but, mostly, he KIND OF rectified himself..kinda, sorta :-)

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Joe you have it wrong with the king part. He just wants to be El Presidente, if you catch my drift.

Speedy G said...

I don't disagree w/you. I love and respect the British monarchy and hate to see it being "made subject" to the whims of parliament. It denigrates her own (and the people's) sovereignty.

Speedy G said...

...and your parallel of the monarchy to America's wealthy is spot-on!

Z said...

Speedy, I'll be basking in your agreement for hours...thanks...
you know I think a lot of you, so I'm pleased you agreed with my comparison. xx

Speedy G said...

Well I'm flattered that you value agreement with me so highly, but I think it's also important that Americans not yield to the temptation to participate in the kind of class resentment and warfare exercise that our president and the Democrats in Congress are attempting to perpetrate on us in the current debate over the extension of the Bush tax cuts.

First they came for the rich and I did nothing... ;)

Z said...

good one, Speedy..'first they came for the rich'.....
your mind boggles mine, I swear.

beamish said...


The only difference between America and Britain is over here we feed, house, and clothe our perpetually unemployed non-producers and in Britain they do all that and put crowns on their heads and call them royalty.

Speedy G said...

Beamish, if cynicism had a face, it would most certainly be yours.

...and I mean that in a good way. ;)