Thursday, September 16, 2010

Epidemics and Illegals

THIS article touched my heart more than it may some of you because my father lost a 2 year old brother to whooping cough many years ago and it never was far from my grandparents' minds.
Whether your family suffered with this disease at all doesn't matter anymore...we had virtually eliminated it. Today, it's back (see link)...the worst figures since 1955.
SuperBug is scary, too, very scary..........and there are several types.
Tuberculosis, too, is on the rise and we thought we'd beat that, also. I'm hoping the Polio vaccines children get will be enough to keep that a thing of the past.

We used to insist immigrants be checked for diseases before entering the United States. We'd got good control of Tuberculosis, whooping cough and superbugs weren't known, really. When I moved to Paris, I had to go through lung Xrays and other testing just to get my "Carte de Sejour" (or identity card)... but, today we're exposing ourselves to a problem that many don't recognize is probably yet another adjunct to the price, maybe the biggest price, of illegal immigration. Yet, of course, if we dare say this, WE are the bad guys. That kind of ridiculous accusation has to stop....this is important and we should be doing more, but what?

How do we cope with this?


Brooke said...

You are preaching to the choir, Z. There should not be illegal entry into this country, and every legal immigrant should have to pass a physical.

But also to blame are the hippie-types who refuse to vaccinate their children either based on the scam which claims that vaccines cause Autism, or they ignorantly say that the disease isn't prevalent so what's the point.

Refusal to vaccinate gives diseases the toe hold they need to spread.

soapster said...

"But also to blame are the hippie-types who refuse to vaccinate their children either based on the scam which claims that vaccines cause Autism, or they ignorantly say that the disease isn't prevalent so what's the point."

Without a doubt there are a great many vaccinations that prevent terrible diseases but let's be perfectly clear about one thing here.

Children are not wards nor serfs of the state. Thus, if the state runs around telling everyone to get this vaccination or that vaccination, only in a totalitarian society would they have the power to enforce this edict.

Do you think it is mere happenstance that virtually all of the recent health scares have been so grotesquely overstated (from Swine Flu, to SARS, to Ebola, heck you can even throw Y2K in there).

"Refusal to vaccinate gives diseases the toe hold they need to spread."

Guilty as charged I suppose as I've never in my adult life had a flu shot.

Ducky's here said...

Kind of making a leap blaming illegals for the "super bug". That's been a product of our overuse of antibiotics that's been going on for some time.

Add a public that takes its medical advice from Don Imus, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey on childhood immunization and you've got a problem, even after the initial research was exposed as a complete scam and the researcher exposed as a flunky for a law firm.

TB is a real problem. You've got a lot of it incubating in Russia.

The bugs are going to get us.

OPey said...

I understand the point you are making Z and the answer is "yes, disease is one of the byproducts if illegal immigrants flowing freely into the US". Maybe we should elect Jan Brewer president and dump our "anything goes" self annointed one.

Meredena gave me your link. We have similar sites but mine is new and tends sometimes to be a little crass, not vulgar by any means, just a little off color. That's the only thing our opposition understands. My name is Randy but am starting to sign posts as OPey.

FrogBurger said...

I don't buy that. People travel more now, there are more international exchanges so it would be too quick of a conclusion.

I'm very concerned by the blame game against illegal immigrants in tough economic times. It's easy to find a culprit. Not saying I support illegal immigration but I don't like the automatic reaction.

And I agree with soapster on the fears. Latest swine flu is the perfect example. We truly are becoming a society that is unable to deal with the reality of life, the germs, the diseases, the ups and downs of the economy, etc...

Z said...

Brooke, it's sort of like the refusal to use DDT, the effect of which is killing millions from starvation in Africa, they didn't do their research before banning that, either. They don't think far ahead.
I'm glad I have no small children to vaccinate; that decision would really be difficult because I'm not sure they're all so safe, but we survived!
Still, the polio and TB vaccinations have sure worked. I believe there is a whooping cough vaccination, too, isn't there? The article says a preponderance of Hispanic babies have it, but makes sure its readers know that it's only because they pile so many families in small living quarters (the media: you can't make it up)

Soapster, I agree with you about the overstatement of so many of those diseases but I don't see your point in relation to this, really. And, vaccines HAVE saved with polio, TB, etc.

Ducky, ya, the super bug think isn't linked to immigration but it's something to consider in relation to that. I agree about Imus, though his weird wife does do her research. Jenny McCarthy's story is HER story; I feel for the parents of autism whose children don't benefit how her son did from diet, etc...makes them feel 'less than'...what's with Jim Carrey (other than he's my least favorite actor?)

Opey, Randy, welcome, I'll go by your site soon and thank you for commenting. Actually, I stay away from some of the crasser blogs, but I"ll check you out! :-) Not a prude, just don't like commenting on real vulgar stuff......Don't know why, I just find myself veering away from those blogs!

Z said...

FB you said "I'm very concerned by the blame game against illegal immigrants in tough economic times."
really? You think that, in good times, we'd not wish they weren't taking advantage of our country? really?
As for the bugs, nobody's saying here that that IS the cause, but it's documented that many diseases are back since illegals started piling doubt about that!

FrogBurger said...

Let's be honest, Z. There's more talks about illegal immigration now than there was when in came in the booming economy around 1999. It's fairly "natural" when there are no jobs. French have been blaming Arabs or Africans for taking their jobs too. They haven't figured out it's socialism that took their jobs away.

FrogBurger said...

And again it doesn't mean I am not for immigration and border control. I'm separating the 2 issues.

Z said...

FB, I don't think so, not here in California! Yes, we've allowed them to sneak in and they're HERE but nobody's ever liked it. Hispanics are taking dish washing and gardening jobs 'away'...who did those before? Other Hispanics and Japanese, here in LA, anyway. They're not taking white collar jobs.

Sure, hospital closures due to the overwhelming load of illegals has made people angry, but that would have happened had the economy not tanked, and, frankly, it did happen; we were unhappy then and unhappy now.

FrogBurger said...

Again, isolate the issues. Hospital closures are a different problem. I am not denying the cost of illegal immigration.

I just don't like putting everything in one basket. That's for the left. Simplification is for their little tyrannical brains like Ducky's.

OPey said...

Z, please don't be mislead by the crass statement. Nothing vulgar on my site. Just not poetically written and we get right to the point and sometimes poke a little stuff to the liberal lefties. Following is a quote by Miradena.

"Also, I had a chance to visit your site, (oppressionsucks), and it's great! It will be my pleasure to add you (it) to our blog roll - and I will absolutely become a frequent visitor."
Thanks again,
Dena (Miradena)

soapster said...

"And, vaccines HAVE saved with polio, TB, etc."

Read my post. I conceded this point wherein I stated:

"Without a doubt there are a great many vaccinations that prevent terrible diseases..."

beamish said...

That's the appreciably non-existent capacity for rational thought from a leftist at work.

You know, where white Europeans settling into America carried epidemic plague diseases to kill large amounts of the native American population, yet concerns about innoculation and immunization for illegal immigrants is "racism" and decrying behavioral disease vectors is "homophobia."

You can't fix stupid. You can only stay to the right of it.

Z said...

Opey/Randy, I did visit and it's not vulgar AT ALL....and it's quite well written. Heck, you think MINE are examples of English excellence? HARDLY!! I still don't get WHO and WHOM right :-) but, thanks...
Dena is THE BEST, a dear lady and good friend. You should be very proud of that compliment!

Soap...I stand

Beamish...seems to me the whole country's suddenly trying to stay to the RIGHT of it, even some Dem senators! :=-)

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Blame Bush...

I'm sure someone will try to pin it on him anyway...