Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Faith Blog..........

This Sunday, I can only think of 9/11 and the victims and their families. Sadly, over the years, many of us Americans have been feeling more and more the victim as we've seen so little desire by muslims to really show US we need not fear those amongst them who wish us all such evil. In spite of all that, we hold to our faith and the things we can learn from what we're going through......we will each extrapolate what we will from these verses;

"The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe." Proverbs 18:10

"You will laugh at destruction and famine, and need not fear the beasts of the earth." Job 5:22

"God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each of us." Acts 17:27

That's quite some Scripture to think about.....please do. And, I'd love your comments...I could use your input. Blessings to you all this beautiful Sunday.


Always On Watch said...

I love that verse from Acts!

Years ago, one of my Christian bosses told me, "Worry is a sin because worry means that you don't trust the Lord enough." Something to think about, huh?

Elmers Brother said...

Jesus healed the blind man when with some spittle and dirt. Everyone thought he was blind because of his parents sin. Jesus said he was blind that God might be glorified.

Sometimes trials are a way to point us to Him and to make us stronger.

James chapter 1. Consider all joy when you encounter various trials, because it matures you.

Forgive me if it sounds like I'm being flippant, don't mean to, our emotions are valid and it's ok to be hurt or angry at God. I know God can take it.

Chuck said...

The verse from Job was fitting.

I'm not sure anyone is laughing but I do like the "and need not fear the beasts of the earth."

Good post Z.

While those of us left behind are angered, fearful, saddened by the events of that day, it is nice to think the ones who died are at peace.

Craig and Heather said...

Timely reminder, Z.

The Lord has often used John 14:1 to both "hug" and chastise me at times:

Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in Me.

Jesus is our refuge in times of trouble. There is no greater comfort for a restless, anxious soul.


Z said...

Always, Worry is definitely a sin; I just read a book called RESPECTABLE SINS and that was up on the list. We don't think of worry in those terms, but it is if we believe, absolutely. Good point.

Elbro.."Jesus said he was blind that God might be glorified" This is something which nonChristians find difficult to grasp, and even Christians, when times are very tough, but it's very sweet and an encouragement if we consider our time on earth as fleeting as it is and our time in eternity ... eternal.
Thanks for that reminder.
All of what you wrote is so true and inspirational..thanks.

Chuck, it sure is nice to consider that...

H...ABSOLUTELY no greater comfort, even when things don't change the way we'd like them; He gets us through in just praying and being calmed that way.

Sue said...

How about all 3 books of Habakkuk? Those words from God's book have given me great comfort in these evil days...

My 'life verse' is I Peter 5:7
"Casting all your care on Him, for He careth for you."

Have a wonderful Sunday, Z. It is the first week of the NFL!

WomanHonorThyself said...

the wounds are so deep Z.. God bless:)

Anonymous said...

"You will laugh at destruction and famine, and need not fear the beasts of the earth." Job 5:22

I have to say the meaning of that isn't obvious to me. Interpreting it literally, when would one laugh at destruction and famine? Most posters were revolted by the celebrations exhibited by Palestinians after the 911 attacks ... or is that statement to be interpreted religion specific — meaning one thing to one and something else to another of another religion?

Speaking of fearing beasts of the Earth, if Pakistan disintegrates, as some say is happening now because of devastation caused by flooding, will those "beasts" be then unleashed on the world?

Maybe those are just progressions in the war of our age being waged since 911.


Brooke said...

That is some meat to chew. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

AOW, if worry is a sin, then I guess I'm in big trouble.

What about the times when worry moved me to take positive action? Or are we merely to be passive, pray, do nothing and hope for the best?

We are made to be human, with intelligence and emotions, among other uniquely human gifts from God.

That we are human is also something we can be thankful for, as it also can be a burden, and to me, those are the times when we need to pray for strength.

But, somehow even then, worry creeps in. We are after all, just mortals in a sea of challenges. I think we can be forgiven for these human failings if indeed that's what they are.


christian soldier said...

Christ also gave the COMMAND to OCCUPY til I come..Lk 19-KJV- occupy the ground won (MacArthur comes to mind)--we have NOT been doing that!!we've become 'nice'..

as to the church (post below)reading the Qur'an-as long as they read the second parts-(the first were 'peaceful'-the second were terror)--
My guess-the pastor is just trying to get along and be 'nice' and will only read the 'peaceful' parts...

Z said...

Waylon, Christians will 'laugh' because we really HAVE no fears when we're Believers......Ask me if you're still not clear, I'd like to get into that with you because it's so calming and inspiring. And, by the way, most of us WILL HAVE FEARS anyway...we're HUMAN!

Pris...same thing about worry; we will worry... to say we shouldn't worry is silly because we will, it's HUMAN, but if we place all our hope and faith in God, it's worthless to worry. That's not to say our loved ones, or ourselves, who we worry about couldn't die no matter HOW much prayer we have going for them/us....but His plan is bigger than what we understand so, in the end, worry is not trusting.
Sure, OUR feelings don't go along with that! WE WORRY (holy smoke, DO WE!) but, as we grow in understanding, a lot seeps in,'comes together,' in our understanding. xx

Anonymous said...

Waylon, Christians will 'laugh' because we really HAVE no fears when we're Believers......Ask me if you're still not clear, I'd like to get into that with you because it's so calming and inspiring. And, by the way, most of us WILL HAVE FEARS anyway...we're HUMAN!

Z, now I'm really confused. Literally the statement could be interpreted as advocating laughing at the problems and despair of others. Are you saying that it would exclude the anointed of Christianity and that it's alright to laugh at the despair or problems of others not being Christian? I don't think you have to be religious to reject the idea of laughing at the plight of others ... it's just plain small-minded, IMO.

Using the same argument as that couldn't you say then that the Palestinians could have been literally following the words of that verse of scripture, as sick as it sounds?


Z said...

Waylon, I have never read that to mean we should laugh at the pain of others (you should know me and Christianity better than that :-) !...What that Scripture says to us (and did to JOB)is that 'YOU will not fear the beasts of the earth who bring you destruction and famine because you have trust in God'.......

"You will laugh at destruction and famine, and need not fear the beasts of the earth." Job 5:22

'Go ahead...tear me down, starve me, hurt me, but I have nothing to fear..' one might put it that way...9/11, terrible political decisions, illnesses, cultural depravity that we have to witness... "fear not". (or TRY not to, anyway!) xx

Anonymous said...

Z, It's not worthless to worry if because of it, you help someone. I understand that you mean worry for worry's sake, which of course I have done, but that's not always the case.


Z said...

Pris, not sure what you mean by worry moving us to help someone.....concern enough to do something for someone is an excellent thing, I think that's what you must mean?; but to worry is believing God's not in charge.
It's just what Scripture says, this isn't my idea; I still worry about things sometimes , though not NEARLY as much anymore lately, but I know I should trust God's plans and decisions....

Z said...

....and , by the way, I don't always succeed (as you know!) xxx
Your big heart tells you to worry because you CARE. that's a good thing, Pris!

Elmers Brother said...

worry is different than concern i think pris

as you have so eloquently suggested before z joy is different and even as a christian i sometimes wonder as to why God allows some to suffer or at least I feel anger about it not always easy but youre right when we trust Him its far betterrc

Z said...

Elbro, you're so right; I have a VERY dear friend who I LOVE sincerely and who suffers greatly from a chronic disease. She loves the Lord more than anyone I know.
She's beautiful, highly intelligent and has had one heck of a tough life; while she's been financially lucky, she's had many troubles...
still, she suffers and trusts and has hope ... she keeps me inspired. And others, too.
Is that God's plan? Only He can know. But it hurts like HELL to see a dear friend with troubles..

Anonymous said...

"....and , by the way, I don't always succeed (as you know!) xxx"

I do know Z, and thank you. How can I debate with you, when you are so kind.


Z said...

Priscilla...that's my plan ! "Kill them with kindness" (smile)

But, truly, it's Scripture that tells us not to worry.......concern isn't mentioned (THANK GOD :-)

Susannah said...

Years ago in college, a philosophy prof. got in my face (literally) & said, "You can't tell me you're not afraid of DEATH!"

My answer to him came only from the Holy Spirit, b/c I was a Freshman & thus not so assertive @ the time: "No, I'm not afraid of death, b/c I know where I'll be afterward. It's pain (of dying) that I'm afraid of."

Yes, we are human. Of course we worry, b/c our faith is not perfect. Learning to trust Him is a process, the journey of a lifetime - so that He may have the glory.