Sunday, September 19, 2010

TWO terms is the LIMIT!?

CURTIS AND LEROY: "Limit all politicians to TWO TERMS. One in office. One in Prison."
Got this in an email today and couldn't resist!



Linda said...

This will be on my blog tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

i would have been tempted to post a picture of jim traficant.


Anonymous said...

Very funny Z, and more true everyday.

Now, a request. Could we have a cartoon just for Lisa Murkowski and Charlie Crist on do overs and sour grapes?

Just give these people a crying towel, a stiff drink, and call it a day!!

For crying out loud, elections are beginning to look like a three ring circus!


WomanHonorThyself said...

ha o yes!

Major said...

"It’s not a knock on Karl Rove that his electoral advice has been overruled.

It’s a signal that something much bigger is going on, and the rules have gone out the window.

Expertise with running campaigns is secondary right now. In first place is a candidate’s message – and the people are listening with a very critical ear.

They’ve left their party’s, and nation’s, direction on autopilot for a long time now, but they’re no longer willing to.

Their vote is the one thing they have direct, personal control over, and they’re using it to do what they want to do.

Indeed....the game has changed. It's our turn to tell the pols...just who employs them...and who they work for. In addition ... limiting them to two terms...doesn't go far enough.

There must be a limit on the perks, privileges and pay too. They need to know that when they give THEMSELVES A PAY HIKE...WITH OUT OUR APPROVAL...AND THEN SCREW AN EQUIVALENT RAISE IN SS ( for the COLA )...they're asses are ours.

Limit the pensions too. One term...Zip, ZERO...two terms....1/2 of pay...3 terms...3/4's and a free ride home.


Janie Lynn said...

I think they're talking about MY state of Illinois. Sadly, they would be accurate.

Randy said...

How perfect! Truer words were never uttered.


Just posted about Colin Powell, jump over and see!

Karen Howes said...

Hee hee... would be funnier if it weren't so TRUE!

Opus #6 said...

Yep, term limits and pension limits. No more of them sneering and spitting in OUR faces. They work for US!

Gramma 2 Many said...

I have had that on the side column of my blog for a few months. May be a joke, but is is very serious.

FrogBurger said...

I'm for term limits big time. 1 term or a maximum of 4 years, except for the President.

Then they won't think about re-election and will either focus on the work if they have ethics or do nothing, which is great. Because the more they do, the more they mess it up.

sue said...

Z - Good one!

Z said...

Sue, welcome back! Did you have a good time?

sue said...

Hi Z - Yes, trip was very good. But I'm glad to be home, even though my life is in limbo. Our house was up for sale all summer but no bites. It is off the market now until spring and Mr. Sue is having all the wallpaper taken down and walls painted, plus other changes.
No pictures on the walls. It's going to be an interesting winter, to say the least.

I hope your weekend was good.

Z said...

Sue, you put that so well.."life in limbo"..."no pictures on the walls"....that's really very metaphorical for those of us who feel comfort in our homes...
Sometimes I consider painting the living room and dining room and I think "But, the pictures! I'll never get them all up again...!"

I"m glad you had a good time away and will hope SO MUCH that this winter will be less difficult than it sounds! Do you WANT to move? You staying in your town, or really moving?
I'm ALWAYS glad to be home..

sue said...

Hi Z - We are moving one state over. I hate to leave this house, but with the walls stripped, I've begun to realize it is going to happen.

It's like - I hate to interrupt my life at this stage of the game, but it's out of my hands.

You know more than anyone that things happen out of our control. How are you doing now?