Thursday, September 2, 2010

"The King is in the counting house..." One Party Rule...officially

If you want to see an article that will make your head spin (or as the friend who sent it said "made her head pop off her shoulders"), check THIS OUT! It's worth learning about California's Proposition 25.........HERE is some information.
Sure, the Democrats think ONE PARTY RULES is a great idea, right? They've pretty much been doing this for the last eighteen months, calling the party that's been left OUT of the room "the Party of NO", suggesting they've brought nothing to the table when they have tried, etc.. This hits a new low, dishonorable, how weak and cunning. Just think how the media'd handle this if it was Republicans.


cube said...

The word needs to get out because the dems must be stopped before they consolidate their power forever.

Elmers Brother said...

being able to raise taxes so easily by the Dems is just death by a thousand cuts...

Anonymous said...

This is so typical of the liberals in Sacramento. They don't think the minority should be able to block legislation via the 2/3rds vote.

Ummm right, how dare those elected Republicans have a say in what happens to this once great State!

Supposedly it's the Republicans fault we don't have a budget, which means they won't go along with more taxes, and more spending.

Of course the dems won't agree to spending cuts or at least no new taxes. After all, those public unions and special interests need to be assuaged. Thus, no budget.

The democrats think they should have one party rule in all things. They've done such a great job so far. They've driven California into the ground, and now, they want to finish the job.

Propositon 25 would reduce the 2/3rds vote requirement to a simple majority. They say this wouldn't apply to tax increases or Prop. 13.

Oh really? I wonder then why they want this so badly. As we know the devil's in the details which as yet we don't know. The business community doesn't buy it either.

There is no end to what the California legislature will do to have carte blanche, without any interference from Republicans.

The insanity that comes out of California's capitol building convinces me that the inmates are running the asylum. And, sadly, too many Californians are suffering from the same maddening disease.


MK said...

much of the media will want it, along with their leftist allies.

Major said...

"Meanwhile, schools are a disaster, hospitals close down, local governments struggle"

Has this snobby, doofus ever wondered why? Has this elitist punk ever considered that millions of illegals ( like in Az ) are a major cause of this? Hell long as this twerp can eat his tacos and inhale that "ethnic" culture...all is well with the new"paradise".

What a smarmy , arrogant clown he is. least he won't be labeled a "racist" will he? Nah..he fits right in with the gay priders, illegals and gangsters of PC madness.

Give in California...the fools in power hate you....the judges mock you. The illegals despise you too.