Saturday, September 11, 2010

The ONUS....ours or THEIRS?

Please read the following paragraph from THIS ARTICLE : I wonder what you think of it:

"It shouldn't be up to Muslims to say, 'Hey, we're good people,' " Ahmed Abdel-Moniem, a 24-year-old college student, said after praying Friday at a Los Angeles mosque. "We shouldn't have to take time out of our day to teach people that they're judging a whole group of people based on the actions of a few." You think he's right?

Apparently, now that Muslims think we all hate them just for being Muslims, they're going to start to reach out and help Americans
"To turn fear and hatred into respect and tolerance," as the article also says. More from the article:

"This is absolutely an opportunity for civic engagement, for real education," said Abdallah Adhami, a New York-based legal consultant and imam." Z: Education? Like when the Minnesota muslims took the opportunity to pass out information on islam outside a State Fair in hopes to explain their faith? (Do you think that's why they did that, to build bridges, or to proselytize?)

Mrs Daisy Rauf, the Imam's wife, heads a group called the "American Society for
Muslim Advancement" Odd title for a group that wants to just live inconspicuously in peace in America, isn't it? Then we have the name CORDOBA HOUSE, the name of which heralds back to the town of Cordoba in Spain, the site where Muslims killed enough Christians to engender islam in that part of otherwise Catholic Spain. The Mosque project became called Park51 Project for a few weeks by the media in an apparent but not too effective attempt to hide the pretty atrocious and violent takeover of Christians by Muslims once enough people Googled and found out where the name "Cordoba" came from. I have noticed that now that Imam Rauf has returned from his trip collecting money to build his mosque and 'building bridges' between us and them (that trip the Obama administration sent him on JUST as the heat hit the fan on the mosque, remember when he suddenly took off!?) he's again referring to it as Cordoba House. Interesting, isn't it.

It looks like many Americans are trying to be sensitive...
"Some non-Muslim groups also scheduled events designed to show solidarity with Muslims, including a Presbyterian church in Rolling Hills Estates that planned to read from the Koran on Saturday." A Christian Church of God reading from the Koran. My own personal jury's still out on how I feel about this. Are you as sure as I am that no mosque around the world is reading from the New Testament in an attempt to show how wonderfully OPEN MINDED and ACCEPTING it is to US? :-)

From the Article:
"I think as Muslims, we need to be a little more open, more engaged, part of this society, this American fabric," said Mohammed Faqih, an imam in Anaheim with the Islamic Institute of Orange County. Such engagement with the wider culture would lead to greater understanding and reduce hate, he said."

I think, as Americans, it would be best if NEWSWEEK would not refer to any of us as Islamaphobes and, just maybe, demand that the Muslims speak out against their terrorists.
When abortion doctors are killed by alleged Christians, Christianity is inferred to be the problem .... But, when Islam kills 3000 of US, WE (or our left) are so quick to say "That's only 19 nutty, uncharacteristic Muslims because Islam is a religion of peace"'s not "all Muslims!"

Help me out here.....what do you think? Do you agree with the college student above, is it incumbent on US to make Muslims feel welcomed in America, or is the onus on them to reassure us since 9/11 that they should be welcomed? And how can they?



Anonymous said...

Let us suppose there were 1,200 mosques in the United States. If ten percent of them were associated with violent behavior toward non-Moslems, women, children, or the principles upon which we have constructed our free democracy, then I would suggest two things: (1) We need to keep a close eye on those 120 mosques, and (2) to fear the remaining Moslem population is unreasonable.

Now let us suppose of the 1,200 mosques, more than half of them subscribe to Wahhabist ideology, which advocates death to all Jews, submission by all infidels, ill-treatment of all women, the murder of sassy children, the institution of Shar’ia Law, the repudiation of the United States Constitution and all of our traditional Judeo-Christian values, then I would suggest the following: (1) Islam presents a clear and present danger to the United States of America, its people, and its institutions. (2) Referring to Americans as Islamophobic is a misnomer perpetrating a lie by the leftist/progressive media. (3) The single greatest contributor to the informed American’s intelligent caution of Islam (and most Moslems) is the Moslems who demand Shar’ia compliant state and federal laws, allowances for their religion at the exclusion of all others, and the not-so-veiled threats aimed at Americans by popular Imams and militant members of the Moslem Brotherhood or Sisterhood organizations.

The fact is, of the 1,200 mosques in this country, over half of them are Wahhabist. The fear ... the concern is legitimate.

We have not attacked Mecca; Moslems attacked us. Now, these morons and their leftist enablers want us to think that if we do not allow construction of the Victory Mosque, WE will be initiating an attack against Islam. Can you believe this?

Given the number of Americans who gave up their lives that Moslem people can live free of fear, where do these homegrown variety of Moslems get off suggesting that Americans are prejudiced against their false religion? This may be true for some, but not for all of us. Most of us simply recognize a legitimate threat when we see it. There is no unreasonable fear; it is therefore not Islamophobia. There is a solution: Moslems can publically repudiate Wahhabism, and they can demand Imam Rauf move the Victory mosque to another location.

The way assimilation works is that the newer portions of society assimilate into the larger. In society, all meaningful changes come from within, not from without.

The onus is theirs.

Craig and Heather said...

Hi Z,

Hope it's okay to comment on this:

"We shouldn't have to take time out of our day to teach people that they're judging a whole group of people based on the actions of a few."

I think that particular statement is way off. If an individual chooses to identify with a particular group, he is as responsible as anyone else who carries the same label to make sure the group maintains a good name within the overall community.

While I cannot be responsible for the actions of supposedly Christian abortion clinic bombers or Q'ran burners or any number of people who have made Christians look bad, I believe I am personally responsible for the way I behave within my own circle of influence.

In other words, the bad behavior of some professing Christians makes it even more important for the rest to work that much harder to correct the resulting unfavorable perception. I don't see why Muslims or any other group should see things any differently.


Anonymous said...

'Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm going out & eat worms.'

My heart just bleeds because you feel you aren't loved. Grow up, take responsibility, stop whining, & own up to what your people have done, both here & abroad. The Germans had to, so did the Japanese. Stop expecting to be pampered & coddled. As long as you (collectively) have the outlook & intentions that you do nothing is going to change. You want to drive Israel into the sea & force your cult & your system of laws on the rest of the world. You want to behead whom you consider to be ifidels, stone women, have honor killings, blow up buildings, assassinate, & bomb innocents. What do you expect, a giant 'Thank you'? I don't think so!


P.s. They ran out of virgins a long time ago.

Ducky's here said...

Someone tell Mustang, that the overwhelming majority of American Muslims DO NOT attend a mosque regularly. They are a fairly secular group.

As for a percentage of Mosques preaching Wahabism? Well, it is seen very little in America but how would he know?

Heather, why do you assume Muslims DO NOT maintain a good name in the community? They do in mine and I've probably got more living in a two mile radius of me than you have in all of Northern Idaho.

al-Qaeda is in severe decline in the Muslim world and American intolerance is doing more to keep it alive than anything else.

The idea that Mustang has any more idea than a bag of rocks of how many Mosques there are preaching Wahibism is risible

Craig and Heather said...

Oh, I forgot to answer the second part...

How can they?

Short of renouncing the later, apparently more binding, pro-violence Mohammedic writings that he added to justify retaliation toward his own persecutors?
Probably not much can be done to ease American minds concerning the nature of Islam as a religion/political force.

Ultimately, Islam is not a people-friendly religion, regardless of whether some moderate/nominal Muslims are pleasant people who try to adhere to the less-offensive teachings.


Craig and Heather said...

Heather, why do you assume Muslims DO NOT maintain a good name in the community? They do in mine and I've probably got more living in a two mile radius of me than you have in all of Northern Idaho.

Please note that I was responding specifically to the quote, and that I did not say I assume Muslims do not maintain a good name in your community.

Also, please note that I gave a lot more attention to the responsibility of myself and my own "group" (evangelical, Protestant, Christian) than I did to Muslims.

It is wrong to make assumptions about an individual based on the behavior of others who claim the same title. We can agree on that, can we not?

However, when even a few within a greater group display extremist behavior, it casts a shadow over the reputation of ALL who bear the same name. I don't bomb abortion clinics or burn religious literature or any number of activities yet I take very seriously the fact that some will assume I'm "just like the kooks" because of the label I wear.

Let me ask you whether you believe I fit your preconceived ideas of evangelical, Protestant, "right winger"?

If the answer is "no"...then I would ask how you came to this conclusion?


Z said...

Mustang, I agree with you and thank you for showing us your train of thought.

Ducky, I don't see where Mustang listed how many muslims are mosque-going. And I ask you to provide your statistics, please.
And stop believing that idiot obama rot that it's WE who are inflaming. We have a LOT more to be inflamed about than any muslim does. Taking to the streets with signs and chanting DEATH TO THE INFIDEL is something we need to pay attention to. Maybe you don't, we'll protect you and your ilk, and so will our soldiers.

Heather, you can comment on anything you want to here, you know that. I'll be interested to see if Ducky responds to your comments. I hope so.

RENUNCIATION, public renunciation, is all the muslims CAN do.....and huge marches of muslims calling for NO SHAR'IA and NO EXTREMISM....take off the clothing when you're in public and live American lives.

SilvrLady...Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg get beheaded and apparently it's OUR FAULT. Go figure.

Major said...

"It has always deeply bothered me that we have a double standard when it comes to religious stupidity: our stupid-shit Bible thumpers get the mocking they so richly deserve, while their stupid-shit Koran thumpers are coddled like fragile, guileless children.

There is often talk about the two worlds populating the globe: the rich and the poor; the east and the west; the white and the dark. The real divide, as so many here in the west implicitly view it, is between the adults and the children.

White skinned, (usually, but not always) male westerners are treated like adults who must bear full moral responsibility for their actions.

They live in one world. All the dark-skinned others are the children who, lacking the moral/intellectual development to bear responsibility for their views and actions, populate the other.

It is a deeply offensive view of non-whites that is based on a racist view of humanity: all whites are created equal, non-whites, not so much.

I’m thrilled about “International Burn the Koran Day.” Finally we can fight the enemy on a level playing field: our religious kooks against their religious kooks.

Yes, there do seem to be qualitative differences between the Raufs and the Joneses, and, yes, their bench seems to be much deeper than ours, but they are really of a kind.

Our guys may be few, but Jones, Phelps and the handful of other fanatical Christians do have the courage of their convictions. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Not since the civil rights movement of my youth do I remember the dark underside of a relatively mainstream group – back then supporters of Jim Crow/this time extremist Muslims – being so vividly exposed.

For once I’m with Terry Jones, Fred Phelps, and the like – let’s desecrate those Muslim holy books and make fun of their pedophile profit.

What could be more egalitarian? What could be more American? The more media coverage this gets, the better. This is a great moment for human rights."


Disgusted with Islam said...

"The idea that Mustang has any more idea than a bag of rocks of how many Mosques there are preaching Wahibism is risible"

The idea that you have any idea... let alone proof to refute Mustangs comments...or further proof that you are...will be...and will willingly make a good dhimini, burka wearing bullshit spewing, dumb ass, juvenile, naive douchebag, that hates your country in favor of and sympathetic to...cave dwelling pieces of shit that would put your worthless head, stuffed on a pedastal in a whaabbi mosque as a symbol of dhimmitude and conquest.

( Although I don't think your head as it is constitutes a "trophy" even if it were in a museum dedicated to stunted Neanderthals that refused to use their survival instincts lest they offend Cro Magnums ) serioulsy disgust me. You are an embarrassment to all tofu, non meat eating, burka wearing, snot bag dipshit driving Prius', granny dress, dreadlock wearing, dirty old ancient smelly hippies that you refuse to let go of.'re an antiquated anachronism....a deck chair on the Titanic. And I seriously hope...that you don't know how to swim.

You're SWINE...."Students Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything".

"American intolerance is doing more to keep it alive than anything else."'s total asswipes like you that keep their hopes of conquest JO.

Sorry Ms. Z....this guy...disgusts me.

LEAVE...LEAVE....GET A burka...get stoned....but above all...LEAVE.

Major said...

America is becoming truly exceptional, but in ways which are not encouraging.

By cowering in the face of violent outrage by Islamists & radical Muslims, on the apparent theory that if we don’t cower they will become even more antagonistic than has become customary, the USA is becoming exceptionally ridiculous and weak.

Does anyone in his right mind think that if The Reverend Mr. Jones and the others who have promised to light their matches all actually put them away the easily offended would become less antagonistic and more tolerant?

Self delusion is a poor basis for governance. But for a dope like's the only way of life.


Anonymous said...

You don't win wars by retreating. And we are in one Hell of a war, believe it or not. This ain't no Tea Party, Ducky. Of any description. This country is fighting for its very existence.


FrogBurger said...

Ducky don't you understand you're not credible.

You give broad statements without backing anything up.

You talk about stuff in France like you've lived there more than I have.

How can we believe you when you talk about things?

You're just a little fart unfortunately. A know-nothing who thinks he's an expert in everything.

Again stick to movies and go hang out with the high school kids where you can impress.

Anonymous said...

Well Ducky, let us know when you're tired of having your head up your ass. Maybe we can help you get it out or refer you to someone who can. According to CAIR, 94% of Moslems attend mosque regularly. Are they lying?

Sen. Chuck Schummer is the source of information about the number of Wahhabist mosques in the US. Is he lying?

I didn't mention a significant increase in the number of Islamic day care centers that reportedly teach children the basics of jihad. So yeah, the Moslems are wonderful citizens.

And you're still an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel the need to be educated by muslims about their culture. If I lived in a muslim country, I would try to fit in, and make the best of it.
Something I have no desire to do, which is why I wouldn't choose that country in the first place.

Conversely, if one chooses to live in America, he should respect our laws, and culture, and not demand we change anything for him. It's up to him to learn, not us.

As Americans we can get along fine as long as someone doesn't come along and try to turn our lives upsidedown to suit a culture which is foreign to America.

To have the positon that we must be educated in Islamic ways, is a position one takes as being dominant, an entitlement, not as a resident immigrant or citizen in a host country.

As Z pointed out in an earlier post, it wasn't until after 9-11 when we saw an aggressive position taken by muslims. They capitalized on the attacks of 9-11, and became emboldened, and demanding, behaving like victors.

Well, they're only victors if we treat them as victors. I for one am not willing to do that nor am I willing to support our politicians bending over backwards to do that.

I believe in live and let live, but it must be done under our laws and respecting our way of life.

Somehow I'm not sure that's possible, given the restrictive laws and death culture Islamists have, and if that's the case, America's not for them.


Z said...

Major, are quotes around these words because they're not yours? I'm confused by your comment but, mostly, I'm ticked;

"It has always deeply bothered me that we have a double standard when it comes to religious stupidity: our stupid-shit Bible thumpers get the mocking they so richly deserve, while their stupid-shit Koran thumpers are coddled like fragile, guileless children.

If this is YOUR statement about "stupid shit Bible thumpers", let me know how you'd define that....that bugs me BIG TIME.

I'm going to a (very swanky) party tonight :-)
See you all later, but I'd sure like this to continue.

Maggie Thornton said...

The college student sounds like an Arab male - boastful, prideful, angry and selfish. In no community do you find yourself a part of it if you are not interested in participating in good will.

Major said...

"Major, are quotes around these words because they're not yours?"

Correct. However taking offense is not necessary nor did I mean offense.

Let me explain it the way I understand them...

The comments( I believe ) were meant to point out the extremes that exist on both sides of the political and religious spectrums.

As much as I believe muslims should be condemned for their violent, intolerant, aggressive behavior...I also believe that those few Christians that advocate violence...say against abortion clinics...or against the grieving families of our war dead....or the "Jim Jones's" of Christianity.

They're both extremists and deserve our scorn and condemnation. So long as you believe in "tolerance" ( meaning that one has NO convictions at all...cause it's a weeny cop out! )

So...Bible thumpers and queeran a generic term for ALL....( as you called the Rev Jones ) Nutty. Correct?

I disagreed with you. I thought he was genius in exposing islam for what it is.

And the statements by Rauf only bear that out. If we disagree with the 911 mosque...there'll be violence.

If the queerans are burned...there will be violence. As if somehow....the muslim nutbag shits....didn't advocate VIOLENCE....before the Rev Jones came along? Have you forgotten the cartoons....have you forgotten the rumor that a queeran was "flushed down a toilet"?

So...the thumpers deserve scorn for that reason. They have no boundaries.

Understand now? Maybe?


Anonymous said...

I came across this interesting interview with Brigitte Gabriel on MSNBC. She says there are over 200 madrassahs currently in operation in America. These are the indoctrination centers in which young Muslims are taught the ideology of extreme and primitive Islam by rote memorization — i.e. brainwashed into unthinking automatons to be manipulated against the so-called enemies of Islam. Unfortunately the real enemies of Islam are within it heading back to a seventh Century Dark Age.


Anonymous said...

I disagreed with you. I thought he [Rev. Jones] was genius in exposing Islam for what it is.

Here I must disagree with you; I think Rev. Jones bolstered the Islamic cause. He first threatened to burn Korans (which is a stupid thing to do). Then he backed away from that position telling everyone that he’d come to an arrangement with a local Imam to move the NY mosque to another location. It is possible the FL Imam did agree to such an arrangement, but he denied saying it, and the NYC Imam denied knowing anything about it. Moslems lie all the time, so this is not shocking. Then suddenly, the Koran burning was back on. Then the president made a public condemnation. Then Rev. Jones said he would never burn the Koran, not under any circumstances. We shall never know whether Obama invited the IRS to contact Rev. Jones to discuss his pending 30 to life for income tax evasion, but we do know this: the Moslem world thinks they scored a clear victory over the weaker infidel. They (Islam) made Jones (Christianity) back down. They had the President and Secretary of State eating out of their hand. Imam Rauf comes away looking like a Caliph. Christians appear impotent and stupid. So how did this event advance America’s standing in the world? Did Rev. Jones’ idiotic stunt make us more or less susceptible to more Moslem concessions in the future?

Anonymous said...

Hypothetically speaking:

If I buy a Bible, a Koran, a Torah, and a Book of Mormon, and make a public announcement that I'm going to burn them all at many threats do you think I'll get, and from whom?

What do you think the media will say?

I am SO sick of being told that I musn't "incite" violence. I am not responsible for anyone's behavior but my own.

That's like telling a woman that she's responsible for her own rape because she wore a tight dress.


Quit infantilizing terrorists, it only gives them more power.

They can kill our people and blow up our buildings, but we mustn't let them destroy our spirit. That's when they win.

Burn my Bible.

Burn my flag.

But be ready for me to burn yours.

This is America where turn-about is fair play.

It's freedom OF and FROM religionS...ALL OF THEM.

And for what it's worth...I don't give a flying fig what a terrorist's political perception is of my religion (or lack thereof) is. I'm not here to impress.

rant :over:

Ducky's here said...

Ours or thier's? Maybe both.

Major said...

""We shouldn't have to take time out of our day to teach people that they're judging a whole group of people based on the actions of a few." You think he's right?"

I believe he's an arrogant delusional asshole like 99% of muslims. I believe that these sheet heads have had NINE take time teach people that they aren't the savage, blood thirsty, barbaric bastards they really are.


Instead...they choose confrontation. I'm well as 90% of Americans to have a face off with these 7th century little pricks. These vermin....these minute molecules of sand in the crack of our collective asses.

All the rest from them is...taquiya(?)...which is BULLSHIT....lies and subterfuge.

Soon...and it's coming by God.....Cowboys and muslims.


Anonymous said...

We need to become aware that Moslems and the Progressive media have seized the initiative. They control the dialogue, and they define the public agenda with respect to religion. Thanks to Rev. Jones, Christians and Americans look stupid and in fact, we have allowed ourselves to become useful idiots to the progressive agenda. By progressive agenda, I mean any anti-American interest. As these interests keep referring to conservative Americans as the radical right, they bolster their own position as being in the mainstream. They are not, but morons like Jones are helping them to win that argument. The progressives and their Moslem brothers are odious, but they are not stupid. WE had better start paying attention to what is happening beneath the surface.

heidianne jackson said...

to say that our behavior inflames and incites islamists is utterly ridiculous. unless you are speaking of our behavior in regards to how we adhere to our laws, allow women to be educated and live independent lives and allow all to worship in whatever manner they desire, that is.

the radicals have never had any trouble recruiting weak-minded individuals to perform their jihads. the imam's who advocate violence against those not like them are no different than any other evil-minded dictators who inflame and agitate in order to preserver their own power.

america supports israel, so we're evil. america allows women to be more than chattel, so we're evil. america allows homosexuals to exist in the open in public, so we're evil. the fact that we have fought back against those intent on our destruction is just icing on the cake.

conversely, if we continue to back down, this does not lessen their desire to win, it merely gives them an indication that they have a greater desire to win than we do.

Major said...

"WE had better start paying attention to what is happening beneath the surface."

Yeah Mustang...right after they figure out who to vote for on Idol or Dancin' with the Stars.


~Leslie said...

Tit for tat produces nothing. What is the motivation for burning qurans? "They did it to us so we are doing it to them" seems a very flimsy and immature attitude which produces nothing meaningful nor productive in the end. Our own government burned Bibles in order to prevent them from getting into the hands of Afghanis.

What is important here is this: if we are going to oppose Islam, then we must win the fight. How does burning the quran do that, especially when the Mr. Jones made himself look spineless by not following through on his perceivably strong convictions? Like it or not, Rev. Jones made a very bad representation of Christians and Americans. He made all of us look weak in the eyes of the world. Now, Rev. Jones will be the ever perfect example of how Christians are intolerant and hateful. This advances the destructive behavior of Islam.

Does this mean that we are not to speak out against Islam by highlighting the intolerance and dangers of the non-peaceful religion and political power? No. Does it mean we acquiesce to labels that may be placed upon us? No. But it does mean that we, being conservative mainstream Americans who love America and our founding principles need to be mature and productive while exercising our rights and steadfast opposition against nefarious groups determined to destroy our country.

We are allowed to be angry. We are allowed to speak out. We must show there is a legitimate difference between our actions and words and those of whom we are in disagreement with. If it is true that we only get one chance to make a good first impression, I fail to see how Rev. Jones accomplished that.

Ducky's here said...

"For once I'm with Terry Jones, Fred Phelps and the like ..."


Your congregation must be so proud, Major.

Hardly a surprise.

Ducky's here said...

z, you've got a few rabid animals posting. I think if you read a few of their beauties you know in your heart where the onus is.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, Heidianne.

I think the worst thing this preacher did was not follow through.

That's not to say that it was a smart thing to do in the first place (which one commenter pionted out earlier). BUT, I stand by what I said.

It's not a 'tit for tat' thing.

It's America. It's freedom of speech, freedom of and from religion, freedom of the press, etc.

I am so sick of being under threat. ALL Americans of all backgrounds, religions, political leanings etc. need to stand up for our collective freedom and condemn this creeping intimidation and political correctness-gone-awry before it literally kills us.

Z said...

Ducky, I'm so proud of my commenters here....proud as it gets.

I can't believe this pastor acquiesced and backed down and I can only imagine what he was threatened with...his blood? his family's? his church building's burning? You can bet on it.

We're getting feared into submission. That can't happen, but it is. What other reason could even the bleeding heart libs have for thinking that mosque's building is a good idea?

Get real. This is all about PC and appeasement. We're going to lose. How can we win?

Z said...

I want to add that I've sent some mixed messages on the koran much as I don't see the point, really, I totally stand by this guy's doing it. He has every RIGHT to do it and I HATE that the Imam's warning US that we're in for it if he does it.
The Imam is such a cunning conniving creep I don't trust his intentions for a second and I HIGHLY resent his telling AMERICANS we need to be scared..

heidianne jackson said...

yes, he's threatening us if we don't back down and the likes of ducky would have us believe it's OUR fault. yep. up is down. right is left. in is out.

is a crazy new world...

beamish said...

Rev. Jones didn't follow through with the Koran burning because he was told not to by the Mutaween.

I'm hoping it's because Obama plans on having NASA build the first mosque on the moon.

Craig and Heather said...


Heather, you can comment on anything you want to here, you know that. I'll be interested to see if Ducky responds to your comments. I hope so.

Thank you. You've always been a gracious blog hostess. I don't want to take advantage of that.

Ducky and I both know the answers to my questions. I believe he understood what I meant, even if he doesn't say so here.


Speedy G said...

Mutaween indeed.

Karen Howes said...

Z, no I don't agree with the student.

I know that there are good and decent Mohammedans... the problem is that we, in general, can't trust them as a whole. Not when they literally have a doctrine of being two-faced.

Islam itself is evil. You might be a wonderful person in spite of being an adherent, but you have to condemn terrorism and the violence that your belief system teaches...

Oops. There's the problem right there... they would have to admit that their religion IS the problem.

Anonymous said...

The ravings of a heretofore unknown minister, is a speedbump in the long road of this fight.

The concessions to the Imam of the Ground Zero mosque, by President Obama, and Mayor Bloomberg, are much more a danger to our security.

Propaganda by the Islamists can and will be spun out of whole cloth, whenever it suits them. If not through some stupid action by a nutcase, then anything which is reminiscent of an offense to their seemingly frail sensibilities.

There will be threats of violence , accusations of bigotry, demands for more and more cultural changes which suit them, with an unspoken "or else", to tie it all up in a nice neat package.

Waiting for them to stop is like waiting for the left to be satisfied. It's not going to happen uness it's made to.


beamish said...

"the Jizyah shall be taken from them with belittlement and humiliation. The dhimmi shall come in person, walking not riding. When he pays, he shall stand, while the tax collector sits. The collector shall seize him by the scruff of the neck, shake him, and say "Pay the Jizyah!" and when he pays it he shall be slapped on the nape of the neck." - Abu al-Qasim Mahmud ibn Umar al-Zamakhshari, 12th Century Islamic sholar

It's not our onus to bear, but the onus has been assumed by the left, who in catagorically imbecilic leftist fashion truly believes offending Muslims will spark terrorism from people we shouldn't profile or monitor for it.

This is why you see our leftist president's administration bowing for his jizyah slap on the neck while he nerfs up government to be Islamic-friendly. From the FBI to State Department to even NASA, our government have become more interested in making Muslim self-esteem an entitlement program than fighting a war on terror.

The war's over. The Democratic-controlled Congress stopped funding a "war on terrorism" four years ago.

Islam won.

Z said...

Pris, so true....great last sentence.

Beamish, as I said on another post's comment, I truly believe islam has won, too. And it must have been planned and financed for years with the explicit stupid agreement of our far left.
I wonder what 'religion' Soros is.

heidianne jackson said...

I believe he's Jewish, z - or he started out that way anyhow... at least that's the story in the bios I've read...

Z said...

Heidianne, I think he is, too........he sure does support muslims...the man has no conscience.
Wait till you see an article I'm blogging real soon.


Anonymous said...

'9/11 Responder Suing 'Ground Zero Mosque' Developers
Mon, 13 Sep 2010

… ground zero as first responder . That was a terrible ..... forward on behalf of first responders and everyone ..... getting that during this lawsuit visited Everett you mean ..... matter of fact as the first responder we don't pass the color …
first found at 0:30, 1:03, 2:14
For me again as one who responded to ground zero as -- first responder . That was a terrible attack on America and our way of life. And I believe now with the feelings that are going
he's very brave to come for -- coming forward on behalf of first responders and everyone in this country because we are doing what the politicians want it we're representing the American people. And we
terrorist interest and that's what we're gonna be getting that during this lawsuit visited Everett you mean there are mad at. Muslims are you mad at the Islamic religion is that what you're doing it's no not at all as a matter of fact as the first responder we don't pass the color. And in the dark running until Favre who were gonna rescue. I feel very disappointed in our elected officials and -- representatives. That. It takes us we the people to actually utilize our system rather than having our system used against us well Larry -- person -- you have the right to do this right. Sure this is our right we're doing it legally we're doing it appropriate and does any of the right to build the must -- There's no First Amendment right when there's a question of security -- case is not based on an attack on Islam our case is saying'

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Dan said...

Let me see...

1.the Twin Towers bombing
2.the Millennium Bomber
3.the 9/11 attacks
4.the Bali Bombing
5.the London subway bombing
6.the Madrid train bombing
7.the Ft. Hood shooter
8.the foiled shoe bomber
9.the foiled underwear bomber
10.the foiled Fort Dix attack
11.the oft shouted refrain "death to America"the Pan Am bombing
12.Egyptian Air 990 tragedy
13.And many many more

Yep, we need to stop being so evil. I'm sure somehow, someway, that Islamophobes are responsible for these.