Saturday, September 25, 2010

Democrats and Republicans..........

What gridlock looks like.......both trying to get in at the same time and neither doing any good for anybody.


Randy said...

I have never seen such political divide, especially in the conservative theater. About four different conservative facets exists and it will be to our demise come November. I have a piece written along these lines and will post it later this evening.

We must stop shooting ourselves in our foot or we will bleed to our political death.

I love that picture, Z.

Anonymous said...

Randy, I think at this point, the less we talk about it, the less we shoot!


Elmers Brother said...

personally i like gridlock, it means neither party is hurting us

Elmers Brother said...

personally i like gridlock, it means neither party is hurting us

christian soldier said...

the Rs have been Dem lite for 40+ years--we will see if they can rid the party of the elites like rove-mccain-and fellow RINOS and become the Patriot party ---
and-we R voters alwasy fall for the R line-we have to vote for____the Dem is worse---
No more--as to Whitman--she is pro-death-and a waffler on other issues-so-NO!!!
Here I stand - I can do no other!!
The slow slide must stop!!Do you hear that my party!?

WomanHonorThyself said...

lets hope we prevail Z! Hope your'e havin an awesome weekend my friend!:)

Randy said...


You are probably correct. I really think most of it other than the Rove thing exists mostly in the blogosphere. Hopefully it will calm. Good advice.

Z said...

Randy, I couldn't agree with you more...I sometimes wonder if it's only good Conservative AMericans behind the TP movement, if you want to know the truth. I won't even extrapolate on that because it sounds SO NUTS, but........
Rove made sense in his response to you at your site (I urge everyone to go see Randy's new blog and support him and enjoy his writing) but there's still a tinge of something I can't get my finger on.
And, I'm not suggesting it's his ilk, the GOP elitists, behind the TP........

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

At this point, gridlock is NOT bad. I'm ALL --

-- and let me repeat this. . .

ALL for STOPPING ANYthing that any Demorats have or will propose.

I AM The Quinessential NO Voter at this point in our history.

And let me, if I might, make the clear delineation between Republicans and CONSERVatives.

It's the Conservatives that are creeping up, most scarily, on the Republicans.

Republicans, the Party of NO?



Z said...

BZ, if you don't vote, I swear I WILL find you and pinch your head off your neck! :-)

Anonymous said...

"BZ, if you don't vote, I swear I WILL find you and pinch your head off your neck!"

I'll help you Z, just say the word!!

BZ, there's no way we can change everything overnight. No way. Meanwhile if it's ok with you we'd like to live to fight the next day!! First, we have to get a leg up. So, get with it, we've just begun to fight!


Beth said...

I think BZ is planning on voting but for the person and not the party. We should all do the same! If that means that the Dems win, then so be it. We cannot have liberal Republicans getting our support anymore, if we just elect anyone that has an R after their name, then shame on us and we get what we deserve. If the Republican party is not given the message loud and clear that Conservatives want a choice, then how will we ever get a conservative choice? I don't know about you, but I don't feel like the Republican party is committed to representing the Conservatives.

Z said...

Beth, no bunch of Republicans, as bad as some can be, is as bad as what the Dems have planned for our country and us.
I'd NEVER not vote, I"ll always vote Republican and then we have to fight hard to get the GOP to bully those elected into becoming more conservative.
Thirty years we had the luxury to not vote, not really care who was elected, but not today; not with such open borders, terrorists, socialism creeping in, and all the unconstitutional things this admin is doing.

Anonymous said...

Z, you're so right.

In 2006 many conservatives stayed home, and didn't vote.

In 2008, same thing. Now look at what that got us. Two more years of this, and being conservatives won't matter a whit!

I can't believe we even have to say this. My God, what will it take to get people out of their dream world. Political purity is not possible. However we have some good conservatives running.

No one could undo what's been done since January 2009, in one fell swoop, unless Republicans win enough seats to overturn a veto. That's extremely unlikely!

Republicans winning in November will end the Obama rubber stamp Congress. It will be crippled, and that's what we need to happen.


Randy said...


Thanks so much. Pris was right. I am going to make an effort to not write anything negative about the conservative movement.

Those guys who have powerful political positions, the Roves, the Carvilles plus most of the people they get elected and those self indulging people who surround them are not real people. They are like super programmed robots. They have lost all sense of reality as the American people (their subjects) see it.

It won't change on either side until the lobbyists are outlawed, then the back room money is gone. Term limits and unlimited forever benfits have to go. Most of those guys think they died and went to heaven when they were elected. They have absolutely no needs. Everything has been passsed to them on a silver platter.

What happened to all the Abe Lincolns who didn't have a pot to, well, pee in and only had love of country as the force behind them?

Excuse my crassness.

Here I am, preaching to the choir again and I have said most of these things before.

Anonymous said...

Z, who won? Love the picture!

If you don't vote, you don't have the right to open your mouth!! I've said that to several people & received some shocked looks in response. But I meant it.


Beth said...

I never said don't vote, I just said to vote for the person, not the party. Look at Scott Brown who is a Republican but votes with the Democrats, please tell me how that helps the conservative movement?

Z said...

Beth, I see. Scott Brown did turn uncharacteristically conservative on a recent vote, but I"m sorry to say I've already forgotten what it was.
My point is we need to vote for the person we think has a better chance to get elected.
We've now lost the DE seat because Castle was way up in the polls against the Dem contender and now O'Donnell's 15 points down and has a heck of a long uphill climb in a heck of a short time.
Fingers crossed, she'll make it. I like her, I just see that she's not helping the cause at all right seat- Democrats (again)

Anonymous said...

Beth, Scott Brown voted with the dems once. On a bailout bill. I was disappointed too, but what do you think his Democrat opponent would have done?

That was a special election. There was no other Republican except Brown.

Your only opportunity to have a conservative choice was in the primaries. They're over. We did pretty well. Now, it's between the Democrat and Republican.

It's worthwhile to note, that all those bluedog democrats, who talked a conservative game, made deals with the Obama administration and voted for the healthcare bill. Every damn one of them.

The time for voting for the person is past, it all comes down to party now.

Z, once Castle was re-elected he'd have six years before another run. His record is one of voting liberal, and he would do what most do. They count on the people's short memory, and six years later he'd probably win again.

I suggest if we want O'Donnell to have a chance to win, send her money. She'll need it!


Z said...

Pris, I wonder how much persuasion the GOP holds over Rep politicians...once the Tea Party seeped finally into the minds of GOPers, I would hope they'd kick their RINOs in the rear and get them to act like Conservatives.
That's what I hoped for Castle.

But, we don't have him and we have to support O'Donnell, who obviously IS far more conservative...but has a FAR lesser ability to beat COons. FAR.

Anonymous said...

Z, I just found out that Castle is considering a write in campaign much like Murkowski is in Alaska.

He's acting just like the elitist loser he is. He lost and thinks he's entitled. Well, I just sent a donation to O'Donnell.

I would never back a creep who thinks he deserves what he didn't win. O'Donnell won fair and square, and if she loses so be it. She could win, but she needs money, lots of it.

Z, A man like this gives me the impression he doesn't give a damn about the people, his party or his country. He cares about himself. Period.

All he's doing is splitting the Republican vote, if he goes through with this, and he doesn't care. To me, it's spite, that's all it is.

Sorry about the rant Z, I just now found this out. I have to calm down. I can't stand sore losers and vindictive creeps.


Z said...

Pris, that is DISGUSTING!
WHat a creep, what an ego.

But, I have to tell you, I don't see how money can get O'Donnell ahead from 15 pts behind; It's not like people don't know who she is after all that scuttlebutt...

Anonymous said...

Z, well it's money that helped Angle to a tie with Reid after he smeared her and knocked her back. He has millions behind him.

I wouldn't be surprised if Castle has the dems behind him.

Money can buy a lot of air time, and a lot of campaign ads.

Scott Brown made up a 30 point deficit. Anything is possible.

Unfortunately, money talks.

I'm not saying it's a sure thing by any means. But, it's not over 'til it's over.


Anonymous said...

One more thing...........

If money can't do it, and Castle is such a shoe in, how did O'Donnell beat him in the first place?


Joe said...

EB echoed my sentiments. Gridlock means we are safe from the government for the moment.

Z said...

Pris, I wouldn't NOT give money to help O'D but it's her state, they know her well....maybe more money WILL help her have more air time to show what she knows, but it's the upcoming October debate which will make or break her, in my opinion.
I hope they show it nationally, though I'm quite sure my nails can't take much more biting to the quick :-)

I wouldn't be surprised if the TPers unwittingly have Dems behind them.
there, I said it.

cube said...

I think at this point, gridlock is better than passing whatever idiotic fool thing the dems want to pass just because they can. These dems need a pink slip ASAP.

Anonymous said...

New poll, O'Donnell has gained six points she's now nine points behind. She'd do better exposing the Marxist she's running against. The people of Delaware already know where she stands.

I think the dems are behind Murkowski, and prodding Castle to be a write in.

"I wouldn't be surprised if the TPers unwittingly have Dems behind them. there, I said it."

Z, in what way?


Z said...

Pris, something's been irking me for weeks and weeks........since the primaries, it's only become more irksome to me.
Just a hunch that the TP could have a Ross Perot effect....NOt saying I'm right, NO WAY, just suggesting that rich Dems could have kicked this off and good Conservatives didn't realize it.
I know it sounds nuts, but it's been irking me..

Anonymous said...

Z, I see. I disagree because we know how disaffected average Republicans/conservatives were, in '06 and '08.

Many stayed home then and are determined to have a conservative influence now. This effort is a phenomenon.

If you heard Van Jones's comments to a group of leftists yesterday, you'd realize they were not behind this.

What would be the case if the tea party had not happened? Would people, Republicans, conservatives, independents, and some mainstream democrats, be so energized today? Would their motivation be so highly driven?

I don't think so.

How could they have kicked this off? Thousands of people first rallying in small groups, and growing. How many people would have to be paid off to get this done. Is Dick Armey a pawn of the left? Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint?Not likely.

I know you worry about this, but I see it as an opportunity I've never seen before. Anything can be a gamble, but, for the most part, these are good candidates.

The tea party is responsible for raising millions of dollars for campaigns that otherwise would not have been raised, through small donations from people like you and me.

They have thousands of people who are participating in campaigns who otherwise would not have done so.

A sleeping giant has been awakened. I only wish it had come about sooner, and I have no doubts about it.


Z said...

Pris, I hope I'm wrong. I'd never suggest DeMInt or Palin are 'pawns' of the left, I'm talking about the whole movement; those who triggered it off..
I am sure I"m wrong. I hope so, anyway.
In my view, it could work as they planned. Against us.