Sunday, September 5, 2010

some of THE BEST music you'll hear...make sure you stick to the end

Our friend Karen's blog had a beautiful country song on it today and it got me to thinking about country music and particularly the video's got the finest musicians in country EVER...all together, doing RESTLESS. Check out their smiles of appreciation for their fellow players, it's something you see a lot in country music and, as a musician, I can tell you there isn't anything better than seeing the best appreciated by the best. You will love it. I adore Mark O'Connor, the fiddler AND Mr. Vince EYELASHES Gill...enjoy!


WomanHonorThyself said...

I love country especially the new stuff too Z! .have a wonderful Labor day weekend..relax and enjoy life!!:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Z, I needed that!! Great stuff, by some of the best in country music. I love it.


Z said...

Man, to sing with that bunch would put goose bumps on me two stories high...those harmonies are FABULOUS!

the best of Country, no doubt about it.

Karen Howes said...

Thanks for both the link and this vid, Z-- excellent!