Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let ANGER get you riled up! Think he has a POINT?

This Texan is passionate! Check out the whole video...it's not long, then send it around to your email friends!

What do you think of this guy's rant?


Brooke said...

Whoa! Preach it, brotha!

Ducky's here said...

But Saint Ronnie Raygun fixed it all when he granted amnesty?

Actually, when we want to deal with this issue we start talking about NAFTA (thanks Clinton, you closet right winger) and then we can start to understand the cause of the problem.

Meanwhile, let him rant, or ship him up to New England, we love to mess with Texas.

cube said...

My problem with this video came early... Obama NEVER convinced me that he wasn't exactly was I knew him to be. If it hadn't been for the complicity of the servile MSM, he never would've been elected.

Major said...

Here's a good omen and a rant to warm yer hearts....

"n an extraordinary public statement, all five Republican members of the House ethics committee are calling on Democrat Zoe Lofgren, the panel chairwoman, to schedule ethics trials for Reps. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) and Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) before the November elections."

Hopefully...it's good riddance to these thieves.


FrogBurger said...

This guy subs in for Mark Levin sometimes. I am not a big fan but his line "This guy should run third world countries not America" is the best and true.

alfred said...
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FrogBurger said...

thanks Clinton, you closet right winger

I' laughing out loud.

Ducky you're so far left, everybody to your right is a right winger.
Even French socialists would be right winger with you, especially after they realized the mess they created under Mitterrand.

And now Castro is a closet right winger according to your standards.

I'm telling Kim Jong-Il is the reference point for you.

Z said...

Brooke, he's quite something, huh?

FB, I've never heard of this guy and am not sure I'd be a fan, but I sure do think he hit a lot of the right stuff on this video......

Ducky, Reagan is who we need now, someone who didn't learn to hate America via leftwing assurance a black/white kid couldn't make it, someone who is young enough to have suffered leftwing school indoctrination more than previous presidents had. Heck, previous presidents actually knew the Constitution and even supported it! This guy's supposed to have taught it and I"m still looking for where it says we should buy companies , etc etc...I won't do the litany here again..what's the use.
Amnesty ... got to think in context, Ducky. Nobody on the planet thought what we have now could have happened; No man of Reagan's character would have thought there could be AMericans who'd actually PAY illegals for breaking our laws. We had fields to work and amnesty happened. BIG MISTAKE.
But, I thought you were all for that? How's it working, now that the money paid for illegals is actually choking AMerica to death?

Cube...It's the MEDIA, pure and simple . Who would have EVER voted for Obama with no experience, a scarily troubled past, the lies we KNEW ABOUT before the election. The media covered SO much up. I didn't think he'd survive his awful treatment of Joe the Plumber, did you?

Major: never happen. Obama's in campaign mode, he'll never EVER approve of any hearings that will take from his message of PERFECTION IN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY and ALL REPUBLICANS STINK

alfred, I just looked at your blog for the first time and am not sure I'd list a blog in my roll which highlights actors, but thanks for coming by!

Dave Miller said...

Z, you should indeed be careful of this blogger. One of the four people following "him" is Sue, or suethedumper.blogspot.

This is one of the Blogs that Shaw from the left, and Pam, from the right have shown to be part of a circle of blogs made up using false identities and pictures from other people.

This group has used pictures of people without permission and represented tham as their own picture and have essentially stolen their personal info to open blogs under assumed names, ideas, and personalities.

One of the people who had his ID/persona stolen was a decorated police office who was killed in the line of duty. Imagine how surprised his family was when they found out he was writing a blog from the grave complete with his picture.

Read about it here...


and here...


Joe said...

I'm 68 and I'm pumped! Hope I'm not too old to get involved. I AM a little feeble...but...I think I'll steal this vid and post it myself.

Z said...

David, holy cow..MATT ROSE? I thought that was the name of a lefty blogger I admired about a year ago, we had some back/forth discussions but then he was gone. Maybe I have that wrong. I hope so. I did wonder where he went!
But, that's just a name on that first link you provided (thanks, Dave)...that's some horrifying stuff.

I will be careful; most of us don't buy into that "You do me, I'll do you" stuff; at least I don't.
My blog roll is QUALITY BLOGGERS I know and trust as well as one can know and trust on the blogosphere........You're not there only because we're not 'regulars' together quite yet:-)
I loved your latest post on babies!

(do I have to worry about this alfred thing, or as long as I ignore, I"m fine?!) HELP!

Joe, you might be 68, but you're so vital and fun and bright ......maybe in person you're 'feeble' but you're sure not feeble MINDED !:0)
Go ahead and steal..I'm flattered!

Opus #6 said...

I'll tell you what I think. I like this so much I have it scheduled to post in the morning. We should all put this vid out on our blogs and email lists. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

What do we think? I think this guy is a genuine patriot, who's had enough!! His passion says it all. He speaks for me!

FYI Ducky, I opposed NAFTA, not because I hate corporations, but because I understand interdependence weakens strength, power and sovereignty.

When you're no. 1, it's damn stupid to blur, and weaken your standing in the world.

Clinton isn't a right winger, he's a one worlder, plain and simple. And he's for Bill Clinton.

These people aren't necessarily right or left, they have dreams of grandeur, or utopian goals which can never happen. Idiots!

We left a void which will be filled. It's just a question now, of who will fill it!

However, we are not willing to turn our freedom over to a gaggle of Marxists, which is what we have in the WH and it's administration.

As for Texas, it's easy to flex your muscles when you're in Boston. Let's see how far you get in Texas!


Anonymous said...

"As for Texas, it's easy to flex your muscles when you're in Boston. Let's see how far you get in Texas!"

Ya know Prisc....I'd like to have a radio ( air shift ) WITH YOU! You are all piss & vinegar and it'd be an honor to team up with you.

You're a Bachmann, a Malkin, an Angle, a Coulter...rolled into a fierce patriot and advocate of America and real American women at their best!

You and Z....are remarkable.

Now...could you turn my wife around?

And I'll get my Austin, Texas buddy to welcome Ducky...to a real good time?

Z said...

Imp! Is your wife a LIB?

THanks for the compliment to me, but Pris is THE BOMB! :-)

Anonymous said...


Oh Jesus...is she ever! I just can't figure it out. Her and her GWU friends are still....ummmm...well hippy freaks as far as their politics go.

True story....when my wife was a fully scholar-shipped, valedictorian ( paid in full...books...dorm and all ) at GWU in '68....well she decides to goto to Dem convention in Chicago...the one where Abbie Hoffman and the Weather Underground + the Chicago Seven went to...

So she decides that she's going to hurl bags of shit at the cops too!!!

The next year...I'm home form Nam...home from Germany....home from Libya....home from England....home from Greece....home from Japan / Okinawa....

My buds....all....wanted to know....why I'd date / marry....a....lib, "commie", red.

I say....she knows how to make the best Corn Beef sandwich I've ever had.

She..."forgave" me.....after 41 years....we're still polar opposites....but man...do I still love her.

The rest of her loony lib "friends" ( and she has many ) I ignore.

Love....conquers all I guess.

beamish said...


Ducky's standard is no death camps = not left-wing.

beamish said...

On the off-topic / good news tip, I came home from my work tonight to a voice mail from one of the higher paying places I fired off my resume to yesterday after last week's hell.

The gleam in my eye has returned. :D

Thank for the prayers, those of you pulling for me.

Anonymous said...

Wow Imp, Thanks, and yes, Z is remarkable.

I'll bet your wife is terrific. There's more to life than politics, right? You and your wife are proof of that!

God bless you my friend.
PS. Ducky wouldn't step foot in Texas. I'm afraid your Austin buddy is out of luck. Darn!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Beamish. I wish you all the best.


Z said...

Imp, I admire your love because that might be a deal breaker for me. Thank God Mr Z was a conservative! Mrs Imp has to be one heck of a woman! xx

beamish...go get'em! (that is, if you won't go work for Dana Loesch ..sp?..)!! Still praying!

Pris, thanks...
And I"m afraid Love would NOT conquer all for me and a liberal :-)

Craig and Heather said...

Congratulations, Beamish :)

Hope the news continues to be good.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ducky. You talk a big game.

The only reason Ducky has to fear Texas is all of the common sense he might run into down here.

(go ahead now, cut and paste me some bad news story....sigh)

Anyway, yes, this guys has many good points. I listened to folks like him in the past, but I don't need more anger right now...although it IS a good motivator.

Congrats, Mr. B!

Anonymous said...

Z, it's hard to say. Intensity is the key. I have friends who are democrats, but if we don't react to each other in anger, which we don't, it's not a problem.

I couldn't relate to a Marxist though, so I would think that would be a non starter in the first place.

Mr. Pris is a conservative, so there is no political tension in our house.

To me, it's difficult to know something so personal, we haven't had to deal with.