Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bill Whittle gets it right....again

Our friend and commenter, Impertinent, sent this to me and we thought you should see this, too:

Please, if you can, send this to email friends and shows what we're facing and why we MUST win in November...


Ducky's here said...

Another opinion give him a read. very good writer.

Z said...

"2010 is shaping up to be the Year of the Hate Crime in America, thanks in large part to right-bent Republicans and their Tea Party allies who have nothing to run on in the upcoming midterms."

Thanks, Ducky, I'll make sure to read a piece of idiocy that starts with that! "Nothing to run on"? then why is the left so scared and why are the polls showing disaster for the lefties? gave me a smile.

Oh, and then remind us who's the Beck rally and watch the Sharpton rally...then come back and say who's the unifier and who only wanted to push for "OUR people" (that wouldn't be us, by the way)

Z said...

I just saw this article:
"NEW YORK (AP) – New York City police have been given new guidelines on how to handle chance encounters with terror suspects.

That’s according to the Wall Street Journal, which reviewed an August 20 police memo outlining the instructions.
Officers will receive one of four “handling codes” if they encounter someone listed on the National Crime Information database during a routine traffic or other stop.

Code One indicates the person may be associated with terrorism. Code Two suggests the person is part of an active terrorism investigation. Codes 3 and 4 indicates the person has been identified through intelligence as having ties to terrorism.

In each case, officers are instructed to contact the department’s Criminal Intelligence Unit.

However, they are told not to arrest the person unless there is probable cause to believe they broke the law."

A little bit of Arizona's situation in New York City, huh?
I'm wondering what it'll take before we can arrest anybody for probable cause...maybe when the bomb that kills 20000 New Yorkers goes off in Time Square?

And, no, I do NOT think people should be arrested for nothing, but read the top of, terrorists on a list can't be arrested because, what, they aren't CARRYING a bomb?

Anonymous said...

A tree is known by its fruit. The fruit of true piety are souls of forbearance and loving kindness; the sort of souls that do not trample on their neighbor's broken hearts. --Andrew Klavan

Whittle is 100% correct; there is no flaw in his argument. Our problem is that the ebb and flow of our political system produces on the one hand common sense patriots, and on the other, self loathing haters of America and all she has stood for.

As we might surmise, William Pitt is a progressive and an idiot, but I repeat myself.

Anonymous said...

It's going to happen again, doubt it not. And our wonderful politically correct wacked out leftist Liberals will have only themselves to blame. And we will have them to thank. Sure was interesting that there was a 'dry run' so very recently on the Chicago(?) to Amsterdam flight, with just a few days to go before 9-11. In the case of those leftists they are known by the company they keep & support.


Anonymous said...

"disastrous tenure of Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele.

"disastrous tenure of Maxine Waters"

"disastrous tenure of Charlie Rangle."

"disastrous tenure of Shirley Sherrod."

"disastrous tenure of Kwame Kilpatrick."

"disastrous tenure of William Jefferson."

"disastrous tenure of Al Sharpton."

"disastrous tenure of Marion Barry."

"disastrous tenure of the NAACP."

"disastrous tenure of Sharpe James."

"disastrous tenure of Charlie Rangle."

"disastrous tenure of Shelia Dixon."

"disastrous tenure of Ken Cockrel, Jr."

"disastrous tenure of David Bing."

"disastrous tenure of Frank G. Jackson."

"disastrous tenure of Tom Bradley."

Anyone see a pattern of a thread here? Or is it verboten to pint out the obvious

Ta ta.

Major said...

"A single donation in the amount of $1.5 million was received in the last two weeks from Timothy Mellon of Laramie, Wyo., Brewer’s office said.

Public records show that Mellon is heir to a family banking fortune and is the chairman of Pan Am Systems, a privately-owned shipping and freight company based out of New Hampshire.

Thank God for one American loving, illegal immigration hating Capitalist to counter the leftist scumbag Soros.

It's up to people like Mellon and every red blooded American to donate to AZ and support SB1070.....and fight this invasion by these 3rd world scum.

And I don't give a rat ass what they're striving to "improve". The fact is...they're ILLEGAL and they are thieves, interlopers and invaders. They're frauds, period. They take more from all of us...than they could ever repay.

They're criminals, ignorant peasants that need the US...not the other way around as it's supposed to be.

Let's cut our own damn lawns, raise our own kids....hire Americans to do what these criminals do ( and say we can't do ) and jail all the landscapers.

Anonymous said...

Update on the thug...Jesse Jerkson...."

"Following the embarrassing news that Mayor Dave Bing’s GMC Yukon was hijacked by criminals this week, Detroit’s Channel 7 reports that the Reverend’s Jerksons Caddy Escalade SUV was stolen and stripped of its wheels while he was in town last weekend with the UAW’s militant President Bob King leading the “Jobs, Justice, and Peace” march promoting government-funded green jobs.

Read that again: Jackson’s Caddy SUV was stripped while he was in town promoting green jobs.

Add Jesse to the Al Gore-Tom Friedman-Barack Obama School of Environmental Hypocrisy. While preaching to Americans that they need to cram their families into hybrid Priuses to go shopping for compact fluorescent light bulbs to save the planet, they themselves continue to live large.

“We need an economy that creates employment that can’t be shipped overseas,” the Green Rev wrote for CNN about the march. “Home-grown American labor will be installing windmills and solar panels. A green economy is not an abstract concept.”

“Even now, the only sector of the economy that has seen job growth during the recession is the green job sector. Time is of the essence.”

Real jobs produced big, profitable SUVs like the one Jesse prefers to ride in. His SUV has been stripped by thugs—a fitting metaphor for what Jesse and his pals have done to the auto industry for the last 35 years.


Anonymous said...

History proves this man is right. There really is no sane argument against Mr. Whittle's presentation.

People can wish it wasn't so, but we don't live in a land of what if, we live in a land of when, and how soon.

This scenario has played out before, just different players.

We already know that peace through strength is the answer, yet too many wish it away and hope this time wishing will make it so.

Well, it won't, and as we speak what is the world willing to do to stop it? The UN is working on an international law against private gun ownership.

We're not defenseless enough with a cowardly leadership, we must be completely defenseless in the eyes of world leaders.

Our southern border has been breached, our enemies grow more emboldened, such as Iran, which is close to nuclear capability. In fact they dare us to stop them, and we do nothing but wish.

Yes, weakness and cowardice invite disaster. It's a proven fact. But for those who refuse to see, they bow and scrape to enemies and potential enemies as if symbolic gestures make a difference.

When will we ever learn.


~Leslie said...

Z, this is an excellent video and most important to share. Whittle is exact and to the point and what a strong show of historical information and how we are repeating the mistakes.

Opus #6 said...

Whittle is P.O.'ed! You can see it in his face, and in the way he speaks. Even at the beginning, he smacks his lips twice before speaking, body language denoting anger. I'm with him. The courageous Americans understand the threat. We must throw the coward out of office.

Anonymous said...

If the suggestion is that blacks always have disastrous tenures, I'll go ahead and disavow the statement, but if you have a theory about it, I'll hear it out.


Catherine Barry said...

Thanks Z for this amazing video so well done by Mr. Whittle. His argument is Rock Solid and the moron Ducky ascribes to is once again promoting propaganda that has no basis in that silly little thing called FACT. Amazing how the hipsters and Duckies have to have some moron "tell them what to think". You are right though, it does provide a laugh, though it is a tragedy and pathetic thing to laugh at such a deficit. The problem: There are many more Duckies out there who don't respect history and facts, only their liberal, slanted ideology.

GM Roper said...

Saw this on PJTV, but was excellent to see again. Whittle is exactly correct, tolerance will be the death of America if they continue down this path.

Anonymous said...

"If the suggestion is that blacks always have disastrous tenures..."

Lest you infer any other explanation. The fact is ( and I should have included "THE ONE" ) is that BO has poisoned the well for at least a generation for blacks seeking higher office. Maybe LTC Alan West might be possible....but 2012 will be too early from him to run. But his "blackness" might be a handicap....he'll surely been seen as a Clarence Thomas...Oreo. you want to call those who didn't vote for this disaster in the WH, racists? Then what do you label the 80% of blacks who voted from him...for one reason alone?

Z said...

EXCELLENT sub topic, Anon and Tio:

Anon illuminates with:
"Lest you infer any other explanation. The fact is ( and I should have included "THE ONE" ) is that BO has poisoned the well for at least a generation for blacks seeking higher office. Maybe LTC Alan West might be possible....but 2012 will be too early from him to run. But his "blackness" might be a handicap....he'll surely been seen as a Clarence Thomas...Oreo."

Z: Actually, there are several WONDERFUL black Republican candidates all over the country and I think next time around they just might win, I really do.
I think Alan West is already enough of a name in his own right that he won't be painted an OREO, but you're right, it could happen, especially with our Left-owned media.

You continue with:
" you want to call those who didn't vote for this disaster in the WH, racists? Then what do you label the 80% of blacks who voted from him...for one reason alone?"

Powerful and so true....I believe some of those blacks who voted for Obama only voted for him as 'knee jerk' because he was black, even Republican Blacks, honestly.....but yes, if one votes for him purely FOR color, who can call that person anything but, at least, 'Race preferencing'?

I will now ask either one of you to tell us a black politician who has not pushed exclusively for the black population to the point where a fair media would have howled to the moon with righteous indignation? Now, we KNOW that most of those black Dems are in black Dem territory, so of course they fight for their black constituents, BUT, they have put them first and America second, in my opinion. Can you think of one who, for example, would have balked at the manipulation of lending practices to the minority community which got us in the economic nightmare we're in now?

Give me a name of one black politician you look up to as an American first, white American second..or Black American for that matter.

Jackson, Sharpton, Rangel...

Even that young Black politician, a Republican, turned to Obama at election time...I can't think of his name...from somewhere in the South.....harrison something or Ford something?

Anonymous said...

"even Republican Blacks, honestly..."

That is honest...and it was as shocking as Charlie ( Fla ) Crist or Alan Spincter abandoning their core values and party for expediency.

But for Colin Powell....a man who knew, or we hoped should have known better, given The Ones lack of vetting, finances, experience, core values, black tribal theology beliefs and connections, to say nothing of the mystery of his citizenship...or religious affiliations ( 45% believes he's muslim & there's still 25 to 30% that doubt his birth certificate! )...

what Powel did...was inexcusable! But...he had to go with race, as transparent and....well racist as his decision and vote was.

There cannot be any other reason for a Powell to endorse this phony huckster in the WH. A man who commanded millions of troops...had to succumb to racism / racialism. Sad. But it's there for the record.

This is man....that could have been in the WH himself. And 90% of white America would have voted for him...on his tremendous record of service alone. And would have never thought about his race.

It's the left and the media that can't let it go.

And we as a country are sadder for it....cause The One....couldn't shine Powells boots.

Z said...

anybody can shine Powell's boots as far as I'm concerned, after I learned he supported Obama.

But, thanks for reminding me of Powell...I don't think he was ever elected, was he? But, he did an honorable job during his career...until the end. I lost faith and lost affection for him then.
And then, his Obama stance...Unforgivable.

I DO UNDERSTAND that Blacks felt a great hope in a first Black President, I even admitted here at this site that I shed a few tears while watching the young Black faces with tears in their eyes hearing that Obama'd won the nomination at the DNC shindig (I got BLASTED here by friends for having said that..I DID! I was even accused of liking Obama for those tears!)...and I DID understand when Whoopie Goldberg said "We Black Americans can unpack our luggage now"...that made some visceral sense to me.......but, it's really SO much a reflection of the victimhood which should never have happened to our black community if their amazing contributions to the founding of this country hadn't been stolen from them in history books ... it's like there was a concerted EFFORT to downplay their contributions and talents just to make sure they were kept voting "HAND OUT" by the Left. And, let's face it, which party affiliation are most educators who write the textbooks?.......

Anonymous said...

I DO UNDERSTAND that Blacks felt a great hope in a first Black President, I even admitted here at this site that I shed a few tears while watching the young Black faces with tears in their eyes hearing that Obama'd won the nomination at the DNC...

I see we have forgotten the lesson of ML King: between teary black faces and content of character, I'll take character. Powell demonstrated he doesn't have it, and so too did anyone who voted for Obama because he's a black man.

Z said...

well, if feeling a tiny bit of what Black America felt for the nomination of a black man to the presidency of these United States is short on character, then I have to fess up to being short on character in Anonymous' eyes....
but,I'll accept that hit with grace and thanks.

Major said...

"But for Colin Powell....a man who knew, or we hoped should have known better, given The Ones lack of vetting, finances, experience, core values..."

My 2 cents Ms. Z? Forgive my harshness...but I've always though of General Powell as my real...Commander in Chief. He was our boss. He was the head of the Joint Chiefs....SOS...NSA...and on and on.

I think he most probably...perhaps...was thinking this, from a quote of his:

"But just as they did in Philadelphia when they were writing the constitution, sooner or later, you've got to compromise. You've got to start making the compromises that arrive at a consensus and move the country forward."
Colin Powell

He thought, like all of us ( including you and maybe the real reason for your tears ) was that we can finally put the poverty pimps...the slave masters and race behind us. He was fooled as we all were.

Anon has it right....he's set back race relations for another 100 years. And what to the most upsetting about Powells vote...was his abandonment of common sense...his abandonment of all the info and intel he had on this guy...The One. Or...maybe he thought that the day after The Ones defeat....the Nation would once again become a battlefield.

Cities on fire...mass civil disobedience...rioting and God knows what else. Another Helter Skelter?'s all for nothing. Cause IMHO...when he's tossed out....and gets back to his well paid organizing and speechifying.....they'll riot anyhow.

You can be sure the sharptons, the BP's and the CBC'rs won't stand aside readily.

I can't forgive Powell for his....racism and stupidity.

Major said...

A little addendum and factoid....Powell could have had the nomination....But would blacks come over to the Republican Party to vote for him?

Personally...I wish he had. It could have been an historical milestone in politics.

"Powell defeated Clinton 50-38 in a hypothetical match-up proposed to voters in the exit polls conducted on Election Day. Despite not standing in the race, Powell won the New Hampshire Vice-Presidential primary on write-in votes."

Major said...

More proof of Powells racism:

"In the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election Powell campaigned for Senator John McCain and later Texas Governor George W. Bush after the latter secured the Republican nomination. Bush eventually won, and Powell was appointed Secretary of State."

So...a man he had supported before and campaigned for in 2000...was a man he couldn't back again ( for his party's sake )? He had to cross over, didn't he?

It wasn't politics....The One had none..IT WAS Race...pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we can conclude that Powell's vote for a Democrat proves that race was the deciding factor. He also voted for Kennedy, Johnson, and Carter.


Z said...

tio; he acted like a Conservative in the earlier days of Bush, the Conservatives LOVED him, so what WAS he then?
Powell's no dummy; he knew the far leftness of Obama and he knew his lack of experience and he knew his very shady history. Neither Kennedy, Johnson or even Carter wasn't as leftist as obama.

I've never really been a fan of Powell's for years but his stumping for Obama, knowing what he knew, was the end for me. And him, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Z, I'm not sure what Powell is. He seems to have backed the right (or at least winning) horse more often than not. I question if he's an opportunist, but I don't know that he had much to gain by being on the right side in all those elections. Maybe he's the notorious undecided voter Frank Luntz is always polling.

He's in an interesting poition where he's value to GOP to give them credibility with blacks, and he's value to the Democrats to give them credibility with the military.

beamish said...

Colin Powell sucks, regardless of what his favorite flesh tone is.

Here's a real puzzle for you:

For many Americans, John McCain defined conservatism as Sarah Palin.

And now Sarah Palin seeks to define conservatism for many Americans.

This maze is made of cheese.

Anonymous said...

Where’s the puzzle? Why is John McCain defining conservatism? I’m smart enough, educated enough, and certainly old enough to know what a conservative is … and in spite of her rhetoric, Sarah Palin may lean toward conservative ideas —but that’s as far as she gets. A conservative would not resign her governorship. With the millions she’s making doing Playtex commercials, she should spend some money on a speech coach. Maybe then she could at least act like a conservative and not embarrass me.

Z said...

Anon, I think that's what he WAS to Republicans but he's lost that 'glow' now for having gone so low as to support Obama. That was a deal breaker. Imagine all the media if he ever 'goes conservative' again?.."But, Gen .Powell, how can you say that about the stimulus when you DID vote for Obama" oops.
If he's the Luntz "undecided voter" and went that far left, we're in trouble in November :-)

Beamish...McCain, the CHAMELEON of Republicans...ugh. His finger's so high in the wind it cloud blow off.

Z said...

Mustang, if she's ONLY go to a speech coach! I've said that here, too, but nobody's agree with me, youbetcha! (wink wink)

As far as her governorship, I believe she gave an excellent reason why she quit; with leftwingers going through every trash can in Alaska, and using government time to answer question after question, and the awful insinuations about her, how COULD she govern?
As for her constant endorsements, etc? AWFUL.
As for her daughter and the Levi Johnson idiocy? AWFUL

WHy don't you think she's conservative in her opinions???

Z said...

by the way, I could go on and on with that AWFUL list, but I was starting to bore even MYSELF; we could all write that list.

I do like her, begrudgingly, even with all of what she's pulling lately, because she's not afraid to speak her mind and I believe she's very bright (McCain's very polished campaign handlers said they were astonished at her ability to grasp information so quickly)...

Z said...

by the way, Anonymous, are you someone I know in 'real life'? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I disagree that her reason for resigning her elective post was a good one. We aren’t talking about Mable Milk-toast here; we’re talking about Caribou Barbie who allegedly jumps on Grizzly Bears with nothing more than a k-bar knife, kills them, and makes them into bear steaks for dinner. IMO, her resignation was a disgrace. As to her lack of true conservatism, all she has is talking points; no solutions, just whining about one thing or another. I have yet to hear her utter one common sense solution to any leftist generated problem. I can’t say I like her; I’ve never met her. I try not to form attachments to people I see on television.

Z said...

Mustang, when I say I like her, I don't mean I want to go to dinner with someone I've met on TV...I mean, contrary to your words, she's not so unappealing to me.
I can't remember every solution I've heard from her, but I"ve heard if ANYBODY has a solution to the nightmare we're in now.
Well, we'll have to agree to disagree!
I thought she did the right thing by resigning.
I WILL ADMIT that she got real busy and is raking in the dough now, but she's got a Down Syndrome child who'll need all the dough she can make for when she can't anymore..better than leaving him a ward of the state.

I'm conflicted on her but maybe I just want to believe she's real...