Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ann gets it right again

This is REALLY worth the read.... 

Having given up on pillorying Mitt Romney for plundering his way to vast wealth -- because, unfortunately, it isn't true -- the NFM (Non-Fox Media) seem to have settled on denouncing him as a rich jerk.

Liberals are disgusted by people who made their own money, as Romney did at Bain Capital. But they admire ill-gotten gains, which is how John Kerry, John Edwards, Jon Corzine, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt and innumerable other spokesmen for the downtrodden amassed their fortunes.

Democrats are very proud of the rich, patrician FDR -- who inherited all of his money and then launched a series of federal entitlements designed to bankrupt America 60 years later.

JFK also inherited his wealth, from a father who made his money as a bootlegger and stock manipulator. (In their defense, both men went on to create lots of jobs for bartenders and prostitutes.)

Kerry is in a special category of the gigolo. He acquired his fortune by marrying someone, who married someone, who inherited the money -- leading Kerry's children to refer to Teresa Heinz Kerry as their "step-money." In what can only be described as sheer luck, Kerry's first wife was also an heiress.

I've been diligently searching for the shrieks of horror from the media over John Kerry's tax returns when he ran for president eight years ago, but I can't find anything. (Although I did find a reference to Kerry's having served in Vietnam. Anybody else hear about that?)

Even when Kerry refused to release his wife's tax returns in order to avoid the humiliation of revealing his allowance, the press was demurely silent.

John Edwards made well over $50 million by shaking down hardworking doctors with junk science lawsuits -- as The New York Times has since admitted. The highlight of his carnival sideshows was when he channeled unborn children in front of illiterate jurors. (In the Democrats' moral universe, the unborn have no right to life, but they're perfectly acceptable as witnesses for the plaintiff in a malpractice suit.)

As I recall, Democrats were overjoyed with Wall Street financier-turned Democratic politician Jon Corzine. It was just three years ago, in 2009, when President Obama was hailing Corzine as one of the "best partners I have in the White House."

Today, prosecutors are trying to find out what Corzine did with hundreds of millions of his customers' money.

The media do everything they can to avoid looking into these mountebanks when they are active politicians. Then, when they're out of office, the NFM summarily announce that they always knew the Democrats were sleazeballs, and why are we still talking about them?

It's never a good time to talk about Democrat plutocrats until it's way too late to talk about them.

With Corzine, we'll have a window of three seconds to talk about his financial shenanigans. He's innocent until proved guilty -- Convicted! -- What? You're still burbling about that guy?

Liberals will be carrying on about Richard Nixon until we're all long dead. Why has the time passed for them to really examine the man who was their vice presidential candidate only eight years ago and was desperately seeking the presidential slot just four years ago?

Until we hear ferocious denunciations of FDR, JFK, Kerry, Edwards and Corzine, liberals have no business criticizing Bain Capital.

Maybe some people are irrationally offended by the rich, but Democrats aren't. This is the party of George Soros, Goldman Sachs and Nancy Pelosi!

The six wealthiest senators are all Democrats, half of whom married or inherited their money. Some of the multimillionaire Democrats are:

-- Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., the second-richest senator after Kerry, inherited his money.

-- Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the sixth-richest senator, married her money.

-- Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., was a bogus dot-com multimillionaire, cashing out before the stock crashed.

-- Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., the ninth-richest senator, who failed to pay taxes on her private plane until she was caught last year, married her money.

Meanwhile, with few exceptions, Republicans either made money on their own or they don't have it.

It's not an accident that Democrats oppose a tax on wealth, which they have boatloads of, but strongly support taxes on income, something they typically do not have.

Democrats don't hate the rich; they are the rich,
luxuriating in fortunes acquired by inheritance or marriage, fleecing the taxpayer, trial lawyer hucksterism or disreputable money manipulation. Their contempt is reserved for those who engage in honest work for a living, whom they accuse of "greed" for wanting to pay the government a little less. (end of story)

Sadly, however, it's not the end of the story and the truth goes ignored by so many.



Joe said...

Democrat politicians are the very definition of hypocracy.

Rich, slave owning, segregationist racists.

Silverfiddle said...

Excellent article.

Coulter has blown her cred lately by her tendentious defense of all things Romney, but this was on-target.

FairWitness said...

I wish I had written this! Great column. Thanks for sharing this, Z.

You would be appalled at the amount of taxes we paid the federal government in 2011. Our small company's income is earned within a year and taxed at the highest rate.

The thing is, the money we used to open our company was all after tax money, just as the money the super rich invest in stocks, mutual & hedge funds, etc.

We need a simple, flat, fair tax for us all.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The DEM/MSM is stacked, plain and simple. Which is why, frequently, if I want to actually find out what's occurring here in the US, I actively check out UK media.


Fredd said...

All the information is true in this article, but since it was conveyed by Ann Coulter, it will be denounced by liberals. Quoting Ann Coulter to liberals is like brandishing a crucifix in front of Dracula...

Sam Huntington said...

Ms. Coulter makes a good living through creating controversy, but that doesn’t invalidate her argument. Of course, the communists will say that she is exaggerating, and this is partly true … but apparently, exaggeration only offends the left when a conservative does it.

As an aside, Rasmussen tells us that 50% of the American people are upset with Obama's recent assault on religious freedom. We should all be concerned when the number of people upset isn't at least 90%. Are the American people in the process of replacing God with Government? Frankly, I’m disappointed the Pope hasn’t excommunicated Nancy Pelosi.

Z said... hypocritical, aren't they.

SF...her adoration for Chris Christie had to be put aside because he won't run; I'm thinking she's just sure Romney is the only Rep. candidate who can POSSIBLY win (he can't, but it's a better chance than the others, sadly).
She's got amazing connections and gets information; I have always thought Romney's more conservative than Massachusetts thought he was because he so badly wanted governership that he bent as far as he had to go for liberal Mass. voters... I'm hoping to get his latest book; they say "If you want to see how conservative he really is, read it."

Hugh Hewitt's pretty conservative and he's a big fan, too.

FW...glad you enjoyed the column.
Your story is ridiculous! You pay taxes on the money then get taxed more and more.
I'm so glad your company's doing so well, by the way.

BZ...I've noticed that, too...The Telegraph and other Brit papers (and Canadian, by the way) do tell Americans the truth; at least we have that.

Fredd: ABSOLUTELY TRUE. It was all set up in advance; the leftwingers discount the messengers and then anything of substance and promise for AMerica's lost in the killing of the personality. That is EXACTLY how they've done this to us.

Z said...

Sam "Are the American people in the process of replacing God with Government?"

Yes, as long as they still think government provides them (for free) more than God does.

Ducky's here said...

Democrats are very proud of the rich, patrician FDR -- who inherited all of his money and then launched a series of federal entitlements designed to bankrupt America 60 years later.

Possibly as dumb as anything she's ever written.

If you try to study the matter rather than listen to the ignoranti like Coulter or Beck you'll realize that FDR's motive was to save capitalism. He was only partially successful and needed a war to finish the job.

Still remains that money owns your collective arses and you have no idea what to do about it.

You're powerless. Bow to the masters and read some toad like Coulter to make your spleen a little lighter.

Yeah, leftists just love John Corzine. Absolutely insane. But look deeper --- ex Goldman Sachs CEO. And it's not going to change till you wise up. Mitt or Newton or L'il Ricky will crack the whip on those banksters.

Too sad.

Z said...

Ducky, you're certainly a product of American schooling; most of us believed FDR was a hero...most people still do.
Of course the entitlement programs and FDR go hand-in-hand. They're sure not helping this country right now, are they.

She's right throughout this piece but, I know, it's ANN COULTER (please see the comments above as you marched right to the drummer they describe) so she CAN'T BE RIGHT :-)
But MICHAEL MOORE and JANEANE GARAFALO and DAILY KOS and HUFF POST and MSNBC ...they're believable, right? :-) get my point.

christian soldier said...

Hypocrites and Liars-the two words go together -and I place certain Dem faces to each word-
Thanks for the e-message-Z-I'll respond when I'm feeling better-

sue hanes said...

Z - I must say she is lookin'
good - not so much like a b
as she used to

sorry z - just one comment - that's all

Lisa said...

I don't care what Ducky says, I like the way Ann Coulter brings to the left!

Ducky's here said...

Ducky, you're certainly a product of American schooling

Rhode Island School of Design and Brown and proud of it.

Kid said...

Yea, pelosi is worth 450m mil.. and dumber than a wet mouse.

Anyway, Ann puts out some laser focused stuff on Liberals and I credit her for that.

But, I sure don't agree with her on political picks. I thoght she was going to cry when Chris Christie said he wasn't running.

Chris is a guy who is on board with oblabber-care, and global warming. The only thing he "Did" was to not spend money on education in New Jersey that he didn't have in the first place. So what? Yea, he's a little entertaining and takes the media to task a little. This is no where near enough for me to cry because he doesn't run.

Her 2nd pick is Mitt Romney who in my opinion is a sock puppet who will say anything if you pull the string on his back. He is a flip-flopper of even more fame than John Kerry. He will not inspire enough people to come out and vote for him, and we will have oblabber for 4 more years if he is the nom. Marks This Post! ;-]

Seriously, I've had many people tell me they'll just stay home, and I believe them. We're going to need every stinkin non-democrat to go up against 67 million(heard the # today) people on food stamps, blacks who many will vote twice, Every last union member, Many government employees, college kids or grads with school loans they don't want to pay back, and some number of dead persons voting.

It's going to be tough and neither romney or Newt will get it done.

Elmers Brother said...

Rhode Island School of Design and Brown a proud of it.


Don't you have a cop car you can go crap on?

Z said...

Kid, I SWEAR I'll never speak to anybody who doesn't vote against Obama in November. mark my words.
One has to be DUMBER THAN ROCKS to think of doing that even if our pick isn't quite as conservative as we'd like: THINK SUPREME COURT.

Four more years of Obama is the end of AMerica; he'll be the true socialist Ducky loves, he has no reason not to with no election coming up anymore.

OR we have to assure that the Senate goes Republican, which could very VERY well happen in spite of who wins President.

Kid said...

Z, I agree 100%, though I'm not quite so confident that if we keep the house and gain the senate majority (and that's a serious Win) it will do us much good.

Consider people like McLame and Olympia Snow for example.

Maybe I'm just nervous like the cat..

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

I liked it when Coulter called John Kerry the Anna Nicole Smith of politicians in reference to how he got rich.


Liberalmann said...

Yes, another crude, racist laden rant by a bitch paid off by big insurance to taak against a program that helps average Americans. That's you, loser. Wake up.

MK said...

If Romney were of their side of politics, they'd welcome him with open arms.

Fortunately for liberals there are enough morons in the world who think that rejecting and hating a wealthy man like Romney who creates jobs in favor of an obama who destroys them is better.

By the time these fools realize the truth, it'll be too late for them and us.

I just hope there aren't too many of these fools out there to keep obama in office.

Z said...

Liberalman, it's not my fault you will NEVER UNDERSTAND that we are for AMericans and FOR their self respect, not the ..

oh, man, why do I bother?

think what you will, you're really quite a creep. Sorry,

Liberalmann said...

No. Don't bother. Becaseu you haven't the critical thinking skill or the words. C'mon, give it your best shot!

Why you'd rather listen to this media whore who only spouts hate, lies and fear rather than trying a bit of critical thinking on your own is beyond me.

You'd rather a family member be kicked by an insurance company to die so their CEO's can make obscene profits?

You'd rather have to organize a freakin' spaghetti dinner at the local VFW Hall to help pay for someone's chemo?

You'd rather have to sell your house to pay for a family members surgery?

Wake up.

KP said...

Liberalmann: << Yes, another crude, racist laden rant by a bitch paid off by big insurance to taak against a program that helps average Americans. >>

Help me understand. I did re-read three times. Still, I may have missed your point.

Average Americans have insurance and are paying for it; all of it. In fact, we are paying about 10% more for it after Obamacare.

<< You'd rather a family member be kicked by an insurance company to die so their CEO's can make obscene profits? >>

This is particularly insensitive, even offensive. Seriously, you ought to check yourself.