Saturday, February 11, 2012

SO sad about Whitney Houston's passing

Maybe she'll be able to really REST NOW............God be with her family and friends.  I've performed "The Greatest Love of All" a few times and I feel a kind of affinity with Whitney for having done that............Seems like she wasn't a very happy girl most of her life.  What a terrible shame.


Ducky's here said...

Booze, drugs or Bobby Brown?

Very sad story. R.I.P.

Z said...

I think it's probably all of the above,'re right; a VERY sad story.

Z said...

I don't think Bobby Brown killed her, I think their relationship helped her downward spiral.

Elmers Brother said...

While I was in the Navy before the movies inthe theater was played they used her version of The Star Spangled Banner. It was always a tear jerker.

Elmers Brother said...

gets me every time.

Chuck said...

It's sad to see talent wasted on drugs. Again.

KP said...

It is sad to see another human being lose their life as a result of drug use (if that is what happened). Again.

I wouldn't say her life or talent were wasted. For a time, she used as much of her potential as she could. Unfortunately that didn't last.

beamish said...

"Greatest Buzz Of All"

I believe the crack rocks are my future
Tweak me well and burn my brain away
Smoke up all the cocaine they possess inside
Give me a sense of high to make me twitch-ier
Let the glass pipe's blaster destroy all that I used to be
I'm frantic searching for a dealer
Really need someone to hook up to
I never found anyone to exchange my needs
For a color TV
So I learned to depend on Bobby

I decided long ago, never to scrounge for grams of blow
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I won't be scraping foilies
No matter what they say 'bout me
I never sang as high as Mariah Carey
Because the greatest buzz of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest buzz of all
Inside this key
The greatest buzz of all
Is easy to concieve
Learning to cook yourself
It is the greatest buzz of all

I believe the crack rocks are my future
Tweak me well and burn my brain away
Smoke up all the cocaine they possess inside
Give me a sense of high to make me twitch-ier
Let the glass pipe's blaster destroy all that I used to be


And if by chance, the rocks run out
That you've been smoking on
Find yourself a better place
And scrape the inside of your bong

RIP Whitney Houston (August 9, 1963 - July 18, 1992)

Divine Theatre said...

Her poor daughter has been through so much. I pray she is able to find peace.
Too sad.

shoprat said...

I was stunned when I went on line and it was the first thing to appear. A lovely woman with a lovely voice who destroyed herself long before she died. It is such a shame.

Her voice dominated the 80s the way Karen Carpenter dominated the 70s and Celine Dion dominated the 90s with almost pitch. It seems as if each decade produced a great female vocalist.

Z said...

Beamish, who the heck wrote that? It really is amazing!

I was at a dinner party in West HOllywood and drove West on Wilshire BLvd., for those of you who know LA (that'd be you, I guess, KP!) and passed the Beverly Hilton Hotel........suddenly there were about 12 TV trucks and I realized it's for Whitney's coverage.......newsmen all around at midnight. weird.

Shoprat.."destroyed her self before she died" So well said, and so very, very sad.

what a total WASTE.

And yes, Divine Theater, her child is in my prayers tonight, poor little thing.

Always On Watch said...


I just learned about this this morning.

An awful waste of a life that should have been worth living.

sue hanes said...

eb -

God Bless Whitney Houston

God Bless The United States of America

and God Bless Jesus


sue hanes said...

and god bless beamish

beamish said...

Beamish, who the heck wrote that? It really is amazing!

Thanks. ;)

beakerkin said...

She sang the best version of the National Anthem ever. Her renedition before the Superbowl should be required listening for Ducky before we send him off to Gitmo.

Gitmo needs an activities director.
This is a job tailor made for Ducky.

sue hanes said...

beamish - Thanks for the suggestion of scraping out the inside of my bong - I hadn't thought of that...

and well I need that last puff right now -

on my bong

sue hanes said...

the little black girl singing our national anthem...

And the Truth Shall Set You Free

Silverfiddle said...

@ Ducky: Booze, drugs or Bobby Brown?

I agree with the others. It was all three, and Bobby Brown was the root of the evil.

Whitney came from a good, God-fearing family and had some famous relatives and God-parents (Dione Warwick, Aretha Franklin) who knew fame but also knew how to keep the demons from eating you alive.

We're all responsible for our own behavior, but Bobby Brown is trash, and he is responsible for dragging her down.

Too bad he didn't go first...

FairWitness said...

Hollywood excess, lavishing exaggerated importance and praise on artistry and talent; it's more than any normal human being can process, endure and manage. We watch these stars crash and burn year after year after year. What's needed in Hollywood is perspective.

Every time I hear the words "genius" or "brilliant" to describe this or that director, producer, singer or actor - I absolutely cringe. While some performances, movies or songs are of the highest quality - there is NO genius involved.

In my opinion, genius and brilliance should be reserved for physicians, scientists, inventors and innovators who better mankind for all eternity. That does not include entertainment.

They go way overboard with praise, valuing superficiality and artistry. It isn't "real" or substantive. There aren't many mere mortals who can handle that kind of false idolatry.

These superstars need to stay connected to their roots, their families, their true friends. Once they let the vultures that run the entertainment industry isolate them from their loved ones, many of them are doomed.

It's disgusting and Hollywood needs to reform itself!

I am so very sad at the loss of Whitney Houston. I was rooting for her to recover and come back. She tried very hard. May she Rest in Peace.

sue hanes said...

FairWitnes - YOU ARE WRONG.

Dead Wrong.

About Genius - and how Entertainment is not about Genius.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I completely disagree. She did it to herself. She came and went. Nothing to see here. Move along. This is not the singer you're looking for.


beamish said...

To Whitney Houston's credit, she did divorce Bobby Brown and get away from him in 2007, but I think the damage was already done.

You know what they say... "you never can stop being an addict once you're gotten there."

Bob said...

Whitney was simply one of the best.

Z said...

FW, I do think there is genius in the arts.....and a special genius in the gift of entertaining so many people, don't you?
Sadly, I think this gift is a double edged sword. She had such good grounding in her youth but the business drained it out of her.

Beamish, there are success stories of people who've overcome addictions but it seems like she was one real sad little girl inside who must not have wanted to recover; maybe she got good stuff from those who cared (TLC, concern, etc.) and she played it to the hilt and got that good stuff only when she was in trouble?

I hope BOBBY BROWN realizes just how he ruined that girl, but he'll just be more lionized now as the guy who cried when she died "How sensitive, How CARING~" (rubbish)

Bob, she sure was.
(even if she did 'cross over' for those of you who know voice :-)
She could REALLY sell a song.

BZ, I think she needed help...she must have been pretty unstable.

Z said...

KP, the young woman's going to write you! I gave her your info. She was a little stunned,I have to say :-) xxxx

KP said...

Z, if nothing else, our contact is a valuable reminder to her that her actions have consequences. The consequences may be good ones or bad ones; but she has a hand in them. What she does today will affect her sphere of influence for the rest of her life. Like the ripples that result from tossing a pebble into a body of still water, her world will expand. It can also contract so dang fast it makes ours and everyone else's heads spin, or worse. Ex: Whitney Houston.

Anonymous said...

Probably all 3 Duck.

We'll see. 48 is way too young to check out.

I met her once right after she had her kid with Brown. She was stoned. At a McDonalds black tie dinner for Ronald McDonald charities.

Z said...

KP, I did tell her you'd like to 'help' her as you'd mentioned and with places for her to check into scholarships. I love that my little article on her elicited such kindness from you and she was touched, too.

Lisa said...

there must be some fabulous music in heaven. So much talent went there.

Anonymous said...

"there must be some fabulous music in heaven..."

Either that or the drugs are better? LOL

Leticia said...

I hope she finally found peace.

Anonymous said...

"BOBBY BROWN realizes just how he ruined that girl.."

I'm gonna say it BB was a typical gangster, drug addict, hoodlum, thug, DUI convicted...5 illegitimate kids...non paying child support ( why should he I ask )...raunchy POS that leeches off of good people. Yea...he ruined her. And he ain't sorry cause now he'll sue to get her millions...ostensinbly to "raise" the kid.

FairWitness said...

To all those who are deriding me about my comments - tonight at the Grammys Katy Perry referred to Kanye West as a genius.


It's BS!!!!!

KP said...

C'mon. Come down and stop hating.

Z said...

Fair about Beethoven or Mozart or ..?

Kid, some people have stronger views about those who get involved with drugs, sounds hateful, mostly I think it's more pity or total frustration, don't you?

Elmers Brother said...

Musicians these days are master marketers, not master musicians. There are few I would consider innovative and original.

FairWitness said...

Good morning Z & ElBro,

I was wrong about Katy Perry, it was Fergie who said Kanye West was a genius, Katy was walking around the Red Carpet at the time.

Z, I agree with your question... Yes the masters of symphonies and opera were genius. My favorite is Vivaldi. They've stood the test of time and contributed to mankind.

But modern day recording artists? I don't see it.

Look, I love Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson and many other singers and actors - enormous stars with something unique and special. But they are also human beings, just like the rest of us. And Hollywood bandies about the genius and brilliant labels inappropriately --- for people like Kanye West??? Puh-leez!

Z said...

Elbro, that's true...

FW, yes...they're probably not 'genius' but marketed well.

ANd certainly not Kanye West :-)

There is something to the pleasure Whitney gave so many people...but 'genius', just big talent and probably a big lack in picking the right men and a big hole that she tried to fill with all the wrong things.