Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Obama Exploits the Navy SEALs......


Obama Exploits the Navy SEALs

There may be political value in detailing how our special forces hunted bin Laden, but doing so threatens troop safety and future missions.


America's premier Special Operations force is once again in the headlines after a team of Navy SEALs rescued two hostages from captivity in Somalia last week. Elite U.S. forces have carried out such operations periodically over the past decade, always with skill and bravery. The difference in recent months is that the details of their work haven't remained secret. On the contrary, government officials have revealed them for political gain—endangering our forces in the process.
The floodgates opened after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden last May, and the Obama administration's lack of discretion was on display again at last week's State of the Union address. As President Obama entered the House chamber, in full view of the cameras, he pointed to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and exclaimed: "Good job tonight, good job tonight." Clearly something had happened that he wanted the world to know about.
After delivering his speech, which included multiple references to the bin Laden raid, the president again thanked Mr. Panetta. "That was a good thing tonight," he said as if to ensure that the viewing public, if they missed it initially, would get it a second time around.
Sure enough, shortly thereafter, the White House announced the successful rescue of the hostages in Somalia by U.S. Special Operations forces. Vice President Biden appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" to highlight the success the next morning, and Mr. Panetta also publicly praised it. Then came the "anonymous U.S. officials" to provide extensive details of who conducted the raid and how. As with the bin Laden operation, the top-secret unit that carried it out was again front-page news, as were its methods and tactics.
Our special operators do not welcome this publicity. In fact, from conversations I've had in recent days, it's clear they are dismayed by it.
Adm. William H. McRaven, America's top special-operations commander, wrote in his 1996 book "Spec Ops" that there are six key principles of success in special operations. Of paramount importance—especially given the risk and sensitivity of the missions and the small units involved—is what the military calls "operational security," or maintaining secrecy. If the enemy learns details and can anticipate the manner and timing of an attack, the likelihood of success is significantly reduced and the risk to our forces is significantly increased.
President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta before the State of the Union address in Washington on Tuesday.
This is why much of what our special-operators do is highly classified, and why military personnel cannot legally divulge it to the public. Yet virtually every detail of the bin Laden raid has appeared in news outlets across the globe—from the name of the highly classified unit to how the U.S. gathered intelligence, how many raiders were involved, how they entered the grounds, what aircraft they used, and how they moved through the compound. Such details were highly contained within the military and not shared even through classified channels. Yet now they are available to anyone with the click of a mouse.
It's difficult for military leaders to enforce strict standards of operational security on their personnel while the most senior political leadership is flooding the airwaves with secrets. The release of classified information has also opened a Pandora's box of former and retired SEALs, special operators, and military personnel who have chosen to violate their non-disclosure agreements and discuss intricate details of how such operations are planned and executed.
We've already begun seeing specific examples of strategic harm from the post-bin Laden leaks. In June, Pakistan arrested several individuals who allegedly provided information to the CIA in advance of the raid. One of those charged with treason was a Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi. This Sunday, Mr. Panetta confirmed to "60 Minutes" that Dr. Afridi had provided "very helpful" intelligence to the CIA. That may have condemned Dr. Afridi to death or life imprisonment.
Such disclosures are catastrophic to U.S. intelligence networks, which often take years to develop. Recklessness not only puts lives at risk but could set U.S. intelligence-collection efforts back decades. Our ability to carry out future operations is significantly degraded—something not lost on Pakistan.
A week after the bin Laden raid, then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates expressed dismay about Washington's loose lips, telling a town hall meeting of U.S. Marines at Camp Lejeune: "Frankly, a week ago Sunday, in the Situation Room, we all agreed that we would not release any operational details from the effort to take out bin Laden. That all fell apart on Monday—the next day."
Do the president and his top political advisers understand what's at stake for the special-operations forces who carry out these dangerous operations, or the long-term strategic consequences of divulging information about our most highly classified military assets and intelligence capabilities? It is infuriating to see political gain put above the safety and security of our brave warriors and our long-term strategic goals. Loose lips sink ships.
Mr. Babin is a former Navy SEAL officer who served three tours in Iraq, earning a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart. He left active duty six months ago.

I wish those who still think so much of Mr. Obama would read other than the leftwing adoration's so important to wake up.



christian soldier said...

Z-a favor-some are having trouble commenting on my site-would you try - and if you have a problem-=e-mail me-
thank you-

Kid said...

Military people are none too happy about these loose lips. To wit: The main advantage the SEALs have in any operation come in very large part by their element of surprise in tactics, weaponry, equipment.

All of these elements and more have been exposed - along with the specific groups of people involved.

It is totally inexcusable.

My thoughts:
And it's being done by a CinC who is essentially panicked that "his" only accomplishments have come via the actions of the military. Like any incompetent middle manager you've ever known, he is frantically trying to take credit for others successes, just as he deflects his many failures on others.

Like a piece of glass. Tho none of his supporters will care. They're just like him.

Z said...

CS..done! xx

Kid...can you IMAGINE if this had been written about Bush along with the other dreadful things they wrote about him? The media'd never let this rest...couldn't you just see it? "BUSH LEAKS SECRETS; GETS SEALS IN TROUBLE"...etc etc.
My GOSH, that would be dreadful.
As it is...'who cares'? The anointed one can do NO WRONG.
How AWFUL.....and, my friend, we all suffer very badly for what he's doing, maybe even fatally.

Dave Miller said...

GeeeeeZ Z, if the Navy is so worried about secrets getting out, why aren't they equally aghast at real SEALS starring in a movie about themselves?

If conservatives are so worried about Presidents exploiting and using the military for political gain, which of course Obama is, were they, indeed you, also upset when President Bush did the same thing, flying onto an aircraft carrier? Did any voice that displeasure then?

Of course they weren't and they shouldn't be now, unless they are choosing to be blatantly inconsistent.

Kid said...

Dave Miller, Apples and Pregnant Hedgehogs man. I know SEALs. Act of Valor is described by them as
"This is as close as you will get to reality of SEAL operations, but you can be sure no OPSEC details are given."

Information given by obama and his administration ? Plenty of OPSEC detail.

You can get a handle on that can't you Dave?

Kid said...

Z, As stated, his supporters simply don't have the intelligence to know the difference. And let's face it, none of his minion army ever came up with a talking point anyway. They'd all watch wolfey blitzkrieg or alan colmes, or run off to kos or the DU to get their opinion for the day and simply parrot it out ad nauseum until they got their next set of marching orders.

Ticker said...

It is as I have said many times, Obama only uses the military for photo-ops and for his own political gain.
He is unfit to even be called commander in chief and yes I did it in small letters not Caps on the C's because he doesn't deserve the Caps of respect.

Anonymous said...

And we wonder why we can't sleep at night knowing in our gut...that Obummer is a sleeper...a manchurian candidate?

The questions still keep popping up and will not disappear....who is this man...where did he come from...who does he know...who does he work for? Who does he pledge his allegiance to?

The man is simply a terrorist in my book. And we're too stupid to demand accountability from this fraud...this "rock star" that bows to Arab kings and princes.

Maybe Jesse Jackson was right that night with an open mic....he knows a POS fraud when he sees one. Yet they question the "authenticity" and loyalty of a man like Alan West? When no one is privvy to this guys school transcripts or state Senate records?

Here's a BIG Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

PC has won....PC has cowed us into compliant stupid little sheeple.

His damage will not be undone for another 20 years. Meanwhile we have to ask if Sharia law is incompatible with our legal system?

Ticker said...

Yea Miller, Bushes trip to the carrier was one to congratulate them on a job well done, not a flippen photo op and he dang sure didn't spill any secrets now did he. Sheech Miller you need to really do more study of history rather than repeating the leftist BS.

Z said...

I'm thinking that Bush's time on the aircraft carrier (completely mischaracterized by the media, you will all remember...(because the mission of what they'd done WAS accomplished), shoring up the morale of American soldiers, is a tad different than Obama demoralizing our fighting men and women dependent on discretion...but maybe it's just me?

Z said...

Ticker, you were practically typing the same thing I was; I should leave it to my commenters:) Thanks.

Imp...funny that we hear nothing about THE REV. Jesse Jackson and Obama's administration, isn't it :-)

Anonymous said...

"indeed you, also upset when President Bush did the same thing, flying onto an aircraft carrier?"

WTF? I fail to see the similarity friend. So...cause you think Bush displayed some bravado ( he's a former Aviator don't forget with quite a few hours in a killer jet...F102... I think it was ) that Obummer can tout and spout off on secret military actions to boost his...street "cred".

Anonymous said...

The weenie Obama has a plan all weaken, demoralize and undermine America influence, power, prestige and respectability in the eyes of the world. He's determined to weaken our alliances, our military power thus our safety to his commie radical, bolshevik, Alinsky followers.....look at Hillary's gushing puss at the SOTU address.

Why she looks like a hooker who's seen daddy warbucks open his wallet in front of her. And we trust this weenie and Alinsky tutored wench with our safety?

Good God...when we talk of taking back's not about Lucy and Ricky or June Cleaver....

It's about back to strength through fearsome power....prestige and the knowledge that our leaders will not ever submit to anyone. Or sell out as Obummer has done.

Kid said...

Z, Congratulations on getting it. Their mission Was complete.

I was disappointed that Bush didn't push that point home. Very much so.

Dave Miller said...

Ticker, if it W's trip was only to congratulate the troops, why did he have to fly in himself?

Are you saying that was not part of a show to make him look good and put a little swagger in his step?

Presidents for years have done this with the military... Obama is no different...

Let's remember that when he ordered Bin laden taken out, many conservatives cried foul because he did release enough info for them.

Which way is it with conservatives? Release the info, or not? Either way you folks find a way to be critical.

Dave Miller said...

Z, and probably ticker, to set the record straight, I am not talking at all about the Mission Accomplished Banner... it means nothing to me...

I was proud to see our President fly in and stride across the deck and congratulate our soldiers.

But the way it was done, it was a photo op, pure and simple...

And that's okay with me...

Dave Miller said...

No Imp, my point was, and is that Obama uses the military to promote his presidency just like others have before him, and yet for some reason, conservatives are getting all spastic now when they never have in the past.

All I want to know is why now, and not when other presidents have done the same?

And before you get all military on me, I can personally cite just as many people in uniform as many of you can that are thrilled and proud that Barack Obama is their Commander in Chief.

There is always variance in the military about their C in C. The mark of good, actually great soldiers is that they do not let that keep them from doing their job.

Many hated Bush, many loved Bush.

Many hate Obama, many love Obama.

Most do their best to serve valiantly and for that we can all be thankful.

KP said...

David Miller: thoughtful comments.

Average American said...

There is a HUGE difference in Bush's flying onto that carrier and NObama's spilling the beans about Bin Laden's death. Both were made into photo ops, true, BUT, Bush did NOT endanger the lives of our military people, NObama DID.

As far as I am concerned, he and a few other BIG MOUTHS should be brought up on charges of TREASON! What they did by giving critical information to the enemy IS a TREASONOUS ACT!! Maybe someday soon someone in D.C. will grow a pair and go after them, but not while Holder is in charge.

Z said...

Dave, you're the one who mentioned the Aircraft carrier and now you're backing up? If you were all for it, why question that Conservatives found it a good thing, too?
As I said, it was a morale booster...Bush wasn't into photo ops too often or we'd all be seeing pictures of the countless times he's visited soldiers in the hospital, etc.

I'd love to hear a few soldiers who are thrilled Obama's their C in C....I remember when he took office, a few months later maybe, and practically none of the servicemen clapped at a photo op obama's folks had arranged. No, I don't think it's quite 50-50 on that one, trust me!

Z said...

by the way, seem not to have read the comments here; can you see how SEALs and others would feel about a president revealing information they think isn't proper to reveal? Seems like you don't, from your comments?

Z said...


Dave, do you think it's a good idea for this administration to be releasing five top Taliban fighters/leaders from Gitmo to Qatar because this is 'good diplomacy' and 'they have said they won't be a threat'?

I just heard the arguments against it from experts in the security field and wondered what you think....Just curious.

Liberalmann said...

Bush let Osama go. Obama got him. Nuff said.

Z said...

Clinton missed many chances.
Bush did what? Let him out of the cage? :-)

MK said...

"Do the president and his top political advisers understand what's at stake for the special-operations forces who carry out these dangerous operations, "

For this part it's a NO and i think it's mainly due to ignorance. After all when your life philosophy is - dialogue over force - you are unlikely to be familiar with the way the special forces have to live.

"...or the long-term strategic consequences of divulging information about our most highly classified military assets and intelligence capabilities?"

No again and in this instance it's not ignorance, leftards just don't do 'long-term' or 'consequences'. These are strange, bewildering and sometimes irritating concepts to them.

Kid said...

Dave Miller, ask yourself how you'd feel if the pResident/VP/Congress gave revealing information about a group of people, not only willing to sacrifice their life for "America", but where your son or daughter was an active member of that group.

Does this sound like I'm looking for sympathy? I'm not. Nor are they. I'm looking for an ounce of critical slightly non-self-centered thought from a citizen. Will I get any? Prolly not.

1.) I do agree the GW Bush fly in was a photo op.
2.) If you think barak "corpse man" obama has a level of respect within 80 percentage points that GW Bush had among the military, you are completely out of your mind. Bear in mind that the military is not comprised mainly of losers, but it comprised of intelligent successful people.

I know many and None of them are in the loser category that would find any comfort in being 'led' let along 'commanded' by someone who started his term in office with Zero knowledge about the military, zero respect for the good that our military does around the world, and who frankly hasn't even worked an honest day in his life. Nor do They know any. Yet, surely there are those who join because they knocked up their girlfriend, have zero options and find the offer of Military family base living an acceptable option.

They are the Minority. If this is your view, You are the minority. Not an insult, merely an observation.

Z said...

MK, excellent points about consequences and long-term...scary, isn't it.

Catherine Moore-Barry said...

Yep, Obama got Osama alright... using the intelligence gleaned by those awful Bush / CIA interrogations that the left screamed about.

And he was quick to tell the world it was Seal Team 6 too. Nothing like breaking tradition (which has always been to protect the families of operatives by not disclosing WHO did the mission!)... that move made me sick. This administration shows hands down that they are clueless about our military and what is proper protocol.

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