Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Commercial......

"Half time in America"........Well, I posted the video last night but it's already been shut down.......copyright, dontchaknow.    HERE is the take I had on the Clint Eastwood ad where he talks about our great country and how we're at 'half time' in this country.......which would all be great except for the fact that it's a Chrysler ad and, since they took bailouts, it's hardly a great example of our greatness, is it.
HERE is the transcript our buddy "Always on Watch" found in lieu of my disappeared video.

And how'd you like Madonna's halftime show?  (What's with clinging to the microphones as if they're working!?  That was amusing :-)  I guess the singer who shot the stadium 'the finger' is a well known celebrity, M.I.A. (who I have never heard of before)......shows how much I know about the newer singers...I had written here, before learning who she was,  that I thought it was a Madonna dancer looking for her 15 minutes of fame.  M.I.A. is getting big exposure this morning.  This is how people become even more famous in lewd and be admired. 



Donna Q said...

I agree, I though the exact same way as you did about this!

Always On Watch said...

They've pulled the Eastwood-narrated commercial.

Is there a full transcript somewhere?

Always On Watch said...

Never mind. I found the transcript.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah. Chrysler was a privately held company and it's own investors would not chip in more of their own money to save it, so why did we?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The commercial? Nice sentiment, wrong company. Ford didn't take a damned dime. Clint's not nearly as "conservative" as one might think.

Halftime show? Overproduced and incredibly BORING. Madonna? Incredibly YESTERDAY and still screaming "but I'm in-vogue"! NOT.

She's about as good a singer and dancer as I am. There wasn't ONE bit of live singing occurring.


Fredd said...


When you live by your looks, you also die by your looks.

Happens to all of those before her: Mae West was still spackling on her makeup with a trowel when she was in her 80's, and I see Madonna heading for the hardware store any day, looking for specials on trowels...

Donna Q said...

AOW, what the commercial really was referring to was that this was only Obama's "1/2 time" and that he should be re-elected to finish his "Second Half"

Always On Watch said...

Donna Q,
I prefer any Super Bowl viewing that I do not have political commercials embedded.

As you can surmise, I didn't watch the Super Bowl last night.

Mr. AOW said...

I say that we dump all half time celebrations. I don't like Madonna or politics during my Super Bowl viewing.

Joe said...

I'm not sure what the attraction of Eastwood is, mainly because I can't tell an attractive man from an ugly one.

NBC called the half-time show "electric."

Electric maybe in the sense that everything was electronically produced and nothing was real.

Madonna is a slut, but hasn't the courage to expose her sluthood.

She leaves that to her minions.

Bob said...

I was disappointed in the half-time show. It was a lot of glitz. Madonna showed that she still has some moves, even for an old woman. It seemed that she concentrated on jumping around, and almost lost her balance once.

As far as the other artists go, the girl with the middle finger problem also lifted her loincloth for us. So much for the family value of the super bowl halftime show.

I thought it was one of the best super bowls in history, maybe rivaled by the previous super bowl meeting between the two teams. During the game, I missed a few minutes of the 3rd quarter, and went to the dvr and watched it all over again, sans commercials.

Bunkerville said...

I watched the Military channel which was running the whole series on WW I. Was I nuts? Dont answer, but I sure learned a thing or two!

Donna said...

And byw, I thought that Madonna's halftime show was among the worst performances that I'd ever seen.

Time for her to go back to Europe and retire.

Z said...

Donna Q, glad to have you here, particularly when you agree :-)

Always...thanks for the transcript; I've taken down my video and posted the transcript and a piece pretty much echoing my surprise that Republican Clint Eastwood would think bailouts are the companies we should use as grand examples of America's future.

SIlverfiddle...why did we, indeed. I think there was an awful lot of muscling by the gov't.

BZ...I thought Ford should have been the example, too.

Fredd... she's 53 now ...she definitely's had work because her face doesn't look the same at all, but I think she's doing pretty well for 53!??

To all of you.....I had to laugh at her going from a face microphone to holding a microphone because neither microphone was there for any reason; it was all dubbed; talk about an ACT. Not that anybody could move that strenuously and sing at the same time.

I looked at it as kind of "Madonna's Greatest Hits"...nothing inventive, nothing really new. But, I suppose the show didn't lack dancing quality or a cast of hundreds, which is usually exciting to watch.

Bob, it was definitely one of THE BEST: SOme of the commentators were saying "Let's just get the Patriots and Giants to play every year".........which, in our plastic, winner-takes-all atmosphere, could be worked out, since all that's really cared about is how much revenue the game itself brings in$$

Ducky's here said...

Post Gisele Brady has lost the fire.

Dames are poison.

cube said...

I managed to miss both. I was just trying to watch the game.

Ticker said...

Chrysler commercial, payback to Obama, pure and simple and all part of his re-election campaign. Clintwood should be ashamed to even call himself a conservative, which he ain't.

Madonna, the state opened up and she disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Too bad that could not be arranged on a permanent level.

Ticker said...

It seems that many over looked the Metlife commercial which was certainly in the tank for Obama's classwarfare rhetoric and a plug for OBAMANOCARE.

"Every family should have the financial security they need." Then as the limo pulls up, "Not just the ones who can figure it out, not just the most fortunate, everyone."

I caught just a glimpse of it since I didn't sit down to watch the game but wandered in and out and caught a play here and there. I saw the commercial and then the Patriot Post commented on it today. Thought I'd pass it along.

Is it a surprise that the LSM,was so intent on spreading the Obama message during the Super Bowl?

Ducky's here said...

Gisele Bundchen is the new Yoko Ono.

shoprat said...

I made a serious point of not watching the Super Bowl. The game has now been lost in the glitz.

shoprat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

Ticker and others: I think we all have to wake up to the fact that universities have indoctrinated enough that pretty much everyone in advertising and big companies are leftists or trying to look leftist to look cool. It can't be a surprise that everything's sliding into an abyss of debt and immorality to us, it just can't be.

Ducky, you need glasses. And a heart; the woman was upset and she should be able to shoot off if she feels like it. I found it sad that she slammed his fellow players, wasn't into a public microphone.

shoprat, even I have to admit it was a terrific game, but you're's barely mentioned except for the glitz and the emotional stuff like Brady and his wife's reactions, etc..and the ads, of course. Sad and very metaphorical that everything has to have commerciality added to it. We used to handle that well in America...capitalism was run by people who had morals and put people first.

Pris said...

I've never been a Madonna fan. The way she made it to fame was with somewhat sleazy performances.

Anyone who is truly talented doesn't need bumps and grinds. At least not in my book.

However, Bob, she's not an old woman. Good grief, if Aretha Franklin could have sung "Repect", then you're talkin' talent.

Or Tina Turner who is now retired, (I think), and a lot older than Madonna, could've brought down the house!

Who would you have preferred? Britney Spears? Mylie Cyrus?(sp?}

Btw, my favorite commercial is always the Budweiser one. Love those Clydesdales.

Ducky's here said...

If football is such a manly sport why do they advertise so much Lite beer?

Leticia said...

Z, I did not watch the Super Bowl. I have completely lost interest.

It's almost all about the commercials and not the sport. I could careless about the half-time shows.

Football is not what it is used to be. Now it's all about the money.

Ticker said...

Ducky's here said...
If football is such a manly sport why do they advertise so much Lite beer?

Because wussies like you watch it with a passion and consume the watered down mess that is suppose to pass for beer.

Z said...

AH, TIcker, I thought Ducky's line has some humor in it...! Maybe it's because dieting women are liking football more and more!?

Pris, no 53 isn't old, is it! And, heck, I wish I could still move like that (not sure I EVER could, actually!!), but it was sleazy, no doubt about it..typical Madonna..only with more clothes on than usual...for that, we can thank whoever advised her.

I like your idea of Aretha entertaining at Half Time, that's REAL great entertainment! Or Aretha, Tina, and Whitney... or an all Country bunch like Faith Hill, (the FABULOUS SINGER) Martina McBride and ...whoever!

I'd so much prefer things like that to MADONNA, that's for sure.

Leticia, agreed.

Z said...

BUT, Leticia, come to think of it, I do have to say again even I enjoyed the game and I'm no football fan...yet. :-)

Ducky's here said...

Sorry Tocker, I'm pretty much drinking Belgian wheat beer lately.

Anonymous said...

"Mae West was still spackling on her makeup with a trowel when she was in her 80's..."

Gawd...I need a new keyboard....LMAO.

Kid said...

Well, Clint's just an actor doing a gig.

MIA? this sort of thing reminds us a lot of Germany in the late 30's.

A lot of liberals exhibit the stereo typical storm trooper.

Anonymous said...

"I'm pretty much drinking Belgian ..."

Try the pilsner that kept the Czechs happy under the USSR....Pilsner Urquell...get in touch with the socialist yearning in you.


Debbie said...

I was really disappointed in the commercials this year. In years past the commercials have gotten almost as much publicity as the game itself.

I do remember the one about Chevrolet trucks I think, where everything else was destroyed except the pick-up trucks, their drivers and ... Twinkies. But even that one was dark and depressing, apocalyptic

Right Truth

Z said...

Imp, I'm not a huge beer fan (except I like to drink it in Germany) but I agree about Pilsner Urquell...delicious.

Ducky's here said...

IMP, I was in Prague in '75 and was loading up on Czech beer with a guy who's family I was staying with.

We fell down a hill on the way home.

Otherwise Eastern European beer is pretty lame. Poland and Hungary were terrible.

FairWitness said...

Hi Z, I didn't care for Madonna's performance. Her costume was awful and the thigh high boots inhibited her ability to dance. She was tripping and stumbling through the performance. She also seemed slow to me. Never mind the other performers and the stupid twit swearing and shooting the finger. Total trash and no class.

The Chrysler commercial was excellent, in my view. Being from Detroit and having my entire auto career with Chrysler, I want the company to survive and thrive. My father worked for Chrysler Corporation for almost his entire career. So I am biased.

Clint Eastwood has issued a statement regarding the commercial:

Here's a link to the ad:

Liberalmann said...

Thanks to Obama, GM is once again the number 1 auto maker in the world. Romney and the rest of the GOP said 'let it fail.' They are the real class warfare participants. Losers. Thank you Obama-it's only HALFTIME IN AMERICA!

Z said...

FW, I agree about Madonna's clothing, but at least she was wearing clothing this time !!

I thought the Eastwood ad was great and then realized he was touting bailouts and I hate to think of America's greatness based on loans from China to pay for bailouts because unions have priced our cars out of the market unless we can borrow money from threatening regimes, etc etc......

What success is it when the companies can't afford to pay their workers except from putting our country into debt. I'd have thought the workers might feel a little funny about that, too, if they searched their souls.

OBVIOUSLY it's better to have people working but I've heard so many economists saying that things could have smoothed out on their own and we'd not be in this huge debt the left seems to love...I found the ad VERY VERY sad and honestly, each time I hear Clint's reasoning for having done it, I seriously think he's gone senile because he seems to believe one thing and said something else.

Yes, you are 'biased' and at least you see it :-) YOu always were honest, honey! And, with your car background, I can't blame you ONE BIT for feeling like you do and, as I typed above, I thought "FW's going to think I'm swiping at her, too"...but I'm really not.

You're a big car girl, I remember that, but how are you on the unions which have practically brought us down to where we can't compete anymore???