Thursday, February 23, 2012

GOP DEBT?? 'licking YOUR chops'? Get a load of THIS:

THIS struck me funny, considering the Washington Post hasn't gone to too much trouble to show how Obama's actions are what's put TRILLIONS onto our debt.
What do you think?

Just saw THIS...and wondered where the HELL does Obama GET OFF?    I don't usually speak like this at my blog, but I am so tired of the way he insults anybody who thinks differently than he does.  What kind of president talks like this?...and, of course, he does this to a University crowd;  real brave, Obama, there's a crowd you have to be on your toes for (as if).   



Ducky's here said...

"It's not
What you thought
When you first began it
You got
What you want
Now you can hardly stand it though,
By now you know
It's not going to stop
It's not going to stop
'Til you wise up"

Dave Miller said...

Z, whether or not the WAPO has ID'ed Obama as a major debt player is not germain to the truth, or fiction of this article.

If we assume the report of the agency cited in this article to be accurate, then logically, people who say the debt is their primary worry this election season must vote for the option that does the best when it comes to lowering the debt.

Would that not be a logical, and consistent outcome?

now as for whether or not the WAPO has spent much time calling Obama on the debt, all I can say is that their Fact Checker slams him pretty good in this report that says Obama has added up to 4 times the debt, as a percentage of GDP that Bush did...

Sorry, i don't know how to do those link things in comments... ;-(

Z said...

DUcky, when you wise up to your media's lies, we'll all be better off....which is the point of my post, of course.
You can say "wise up" a million times on this blog, and you do, and you prove nothing and only apparently do it to build your own self esteem. WHY? Trust me, your way is not the right way just because you say it is.
Wising up will demand this country really gets a grip and suffers through hardships before we build back up; which we could do except Obama's debt's growing by the second.

Dave, of course it's germain; it's the point of my post. Where were these people when Obama was borrowing more and more and more money? And I don't believe an article or two shows that America's getting the truth on how badly things are going and how bad they'll get when we run out of money. Americans don't know who to believe anymore because nobody's out for our country anymore, they're just all out for their party and then themselves.

If we are to assume this agency is accurate, where were they when Obama was creating the mess of getting us so in debt we will NEVER GET OUT OF IT?

I'm tired of the misinformation and the horrible special interests. It's come to the point where everyone needs a job so badly they'll never tell the truth about ANYBODY or ANYTHING. Integrity be damned.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry, i don't know how to do those link things in comments... ;-("..

I'll just suggest that you go to then. Paste the huge link into the appropriate window and it will create a smaller, simpler link for you. Then our commenters will be able to copy and paste that into a browser if they choose to.

Dave Miller said...

Thanks Imp...

Z... is the assertion of the story true?

I'll agree with anyone who cares to see it that Obama gets a much fairer shake from the press than most, if not all conservatives, but it is not monolithic.

Back to your original link, again I ask, if it is true, and I've yet to see anyone challenge the veracity of the numbers/claim, what should our response be?

As for Obamas debt, which again, I fully agree that much debt has indeed been added during his years in office, the verdict seems to be out as to how much of that is a result of the prior administrations decisions.

But Obama is the man in office, and so, as I see it, he gets the blame. And then, if things turn around, the credit. Period.

I was never one to like the folks who said Bush I got credit for the turn around during the Clinton years, but that Clinton got the blame for the bad economy during the early Bush II years.

The man, or woman at 1600 gets both the blame, and the credit. Just like a football coach.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks Imp..."

My pleasure Dave. I hate html code too...although it's really easy to learn as far as making "hot links" for posting.

Anonymous said...

New poll.....Majority of Americans Hate California.

Wonder why?

Ducky's here said...

Sorry z but the smart money says Obummer is the best bet to actually reduce expenditures.

He knows there is no way entitlements can be reduced without repealing the Bush tax cuts. Can not be done.

Meanwhile the Republican clowns are on their knees to Grover Norquist.


Kid said...

Incompetent and unintelligent people "put" in positions of authority Always resort to dictatorial behavior to assert their position.

It's all they've got. They have no ideas, they have nothing to offer that hasn't been written on the back of a cereal box. Therefore, they must look skyward, raise their index finger, and make proclamations that are worthy of the Emperor With No Clothes.

oblabber to a T.
And most of his cabinet and administration.

Kid said...

Ducky, an honest question. Why aren't liberals able to see beyond their contact lenses?

Anonymous said...

"Obummer is the best bet to actually reduce expenditures..."

Yet this stupid asshole refuses to allow American refiners to get off the ME tit?

Look..Bush said..Screw this...I'm going to allow drilling in anyones backyard that wants a drill there....Gas prices dropped over night to under 2 bucks per gallon.

The man is a committed socialist...where we're all Fooked....and smile while we're sharing the screwing.

We have a mountain range called the Rockies....Gas...oil...coal ( which Hitler used so efficiently ) that will free us from the POS Arabs.

Anonymous said...

Hey..I didn't say I HATE California...I said there was a poll. Period.

But as long as you brought it up and are so defensive....What's to admire any longer...besides tired old Beach Boys tunes about long ago times?

What do you want to defend about a state that's so damn over taxed, socialistic and completely over run by PC , gays and Illegals that it has...sadly...become a joke? Look Z...I've been to California dozens of times in my life. For vacation, for fun, for the sheer beauty of it's vistas that stretch to the John the northern coasts.

I love the Pebble Beach.....I love Carmel,,,I love Bodega Bay....I loved Geary and Union...until I got pissed on.

I love half moon bay....I love the north shore.. I loved the climate.... have to admit..that CA has been hijacked by fucking loons...especially in Sacremento under the POS Mr. Moonbeam.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Tonight, O'Reilly called for the president to take the oil execs into the oval office and demand that a certain amount of oil be reserved for American consumption, or face sanctions.
Is O'Reilly that stupid?
Do we want to continue having an imperial president meddle in the economy?
Or continue having an imperial president?

Z said...

Imp, I deleted my comment. But I still mean it.
I'm not defensive any more than any person who loves where they're from but you are the only one who emails me so many anti-California emails and I just delete them. I just wouldn't do that.
I know the greatest people ever who are born and raised here...don't believe the hype.

Ed, O'Reilly said THAT? unbelievable. just what we need, huh?

Kid said...

Ed Bonderenka, Yea, O'Reilly must be "that stupid".

Want the price of oil down? Drill Here, Drill Now.

It, like everything else is Supply and Demand. Supply goes up (or even the suggestion and maintained perception of increased supply and the price comes down) It's simple.

While we're on the subject though, I heard a soundbite on the way in to work the other day regards what 'the president' can do about the price of oil.

I assume it was the White House frontman (carney) talking and he said "There's not much the president can do about the price of gas. He did release 30 million gallons from the gas reserves last year. That about all he can do". Quote is close enough.

1.) There are no Gas reserves. There are the Strategic Oil Reserves however.
2.) 30 Million Gallons! Wow ! Right!?

Well, loose estimates would say that there are 75 million people going to work or otherwise traveling any given weekday morning. And that they use at least a gallon of gas getting there.
That means 75 million gallons used on an y given morning and that is a Conservative estimate. Meaning 30 MILLION gallons would last about 15 minutes on any given morning.

Yet, this is the kind of claptrap nonsensical statements issued by the WHITE HOUSE on any given minute of any given day.
And the oblabber supporters not only eat up this sort of non information, they run with it out into cyberspace and elsewhere on National TV and use it as talking points.

Can you imagine how pathetic that is? The English language does not provide the means to properly describe how pathetic that is.
It is obvious that too many people in this country have zero capacity for critical thought, wouldn't you say?

Alternate Fuels????

They could figure out how to make cars run on Dirt, and guess what the price of Dirt is gonna be next year. Dig?

I feel like an alien. Or I feel like I'm living on an alien planet.
I'm not a genius. This isn't that hard.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"GeeeeeZ!" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

Z said...

jerry, thank you.

your site made all go white on my screen after a few seconds, kind of worrisome after having had a friend's blog hurt. Had to get out of there fast!

Liberalmann said...

Obama has increased domestic oil production by 350%. Our number one export no is....oil. It's up 8% under Obama and up from negative numbers under Bush. won't hear this on Fox News.

Z said...

lib..psst. because you're wrong