Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yahoo's dishonesty never quits.

"Romney turns heads with Cadillac remark"  That's the Yahoo Homepage title for THIS ARTICLE
Then you read the article and you hear Twitter was all...well, atwitter... about his wife driving two Cadillacs.  One on the East Coast and the other at their California home.  McCain had more cars than that and who talked about it?  But the push is for liberal Yahoo to get Americans to constantly remember ROMNEY IS RICH.
Of course, it's not two BENTLEYS, it's not two ROLLS''s not two PORSCHES...    What's WITH these people, and what's with Yahoo (other than they can't stand Romney and need to make a big stink about the slightest mention that might get nonthinking Americans ticked off)?   They gloss over the economic plan which was the point of the speech and use the Cadillas line IN THEIR HOMEPAGE HEADLINE?  ...When the headline of the actual piece is  "Romney unveils economic plan in speech at Detroit's Ford Field"!!
By the way.........don't we WANT Cadillac to do well?  Don't we NEED PEOPLE TO BUY THEM, TOO?   GAD.
Man, and the election cycle's only going to bring on more of this stupid stuff, right?  We ain't seen nothin' yet.


Beth said...

So, it's bad to Romney to spend his own money on extravagant things, but OK for Michelle Obama to spend taxpayer dollars on extravagant things?

Beth said...

btw, Z, I am soon switching over to Wordpress and see that I won't be able to comment here anymore. I will continue to read your wonderful blog however!

sue hanes said...

Z - Next thing you know they'll be knocking the Mormon Religion - talking about Magic Underwear.

It's gonna be Really bad - Z.

Ducky's here said...

They gloss over the economic plan which was the point of the speech and use the Cadillacs line IN THEIR HOMEPAGE HEADLINE?
"Romney unveils economic plan in speech at Detroit’s Ford Field" is the headline seems to be straightforward 5W's headline.

What they gloss over is the fact that the attendance was extremely small.

Ed Bonderenka said...

What year Cadillac?
Seriously, I had a boss who drove one. Found out it was bought at auction and he got it for what I paid for my Taurus.
It's not always what it looks like.
I see people in the "hood" driving Caddies, Lexii, Beemers, and I wonder how.

@Ducky: the attendance was high for an event like that. The venue over-sized however.

@Beth: Wouldn't a gmail account fix that?

Dave Miller said...

Nothing dishonest at all... Just maybe a different slant, yes probably for political purposes. It should not come as news to anyone that reporters and commenters, from both sides, use headlines to promote their ideas and talking points.

Don't conservatives this also?

Z said...

Beth, why not?? Can't you just keep a Google account?
I hope you don't disappear!
And yes, it's nuts that Michelle gets a free pass for everything extravagant she does.
You recognize, of course, that her ski trip barely got mentioned in any network news, if at all.

Sue, they won't be mocking it because even the media knows that's unseemly. They'll be saying subtle things like "...even in his Mormonism.." or "...Evangelicals still have a hard time with.." wait for it.

Ducky, please READ MY POST. It's the Yahoo HOMEPAGE that I referenced! GeeeZ.
Yes, the attendance was lousy and they're still saying he'll win Michigan. weird.

Ed, I thought a gmail account should work for Beth, too. The only thing I know I don't accept here is Anonymous commenters, sadly. there's a reason.
And Republicans are stupid to plan events in too large venues. It's like a party in too big a room ; it never works.

Dave, when the majority of the media stops being so anti Republican, let's talk about that :-)
I think my post is pretty clear.
I frequently highlight Yahoo Homepage headlines which skew the articles almost out of reality.

Ducky's here said...

I read your post, z. That was the on the homepage.

Possibly they changed it but at any rate you're being trivial again. Much ado about nothing.

Elmers Brother said...

Then why did Yahoo report on it duhkky if not to color people's perception?

Z said... point in trying... but here I go:

Ducky, please understand; they didn't change anything. There is an article. The article is posted. That article has a title presumably given to it by its author. Yahoo creates a juicier, more negative headline and posts that on its homepage. If one doesn't click on that article, one only sees the negative about a Republican. Okay now?

Kid said...

Beth, Z. Z, if you go to the old blogger dashboard. (Maybe you're there already), you go click on Design, then Settings, Then Comments, and under "Who can comment" select the button for Registered Users. Since Beth shows up as Beth and not anonymous, she must be 'registered' somewhere and that should let her continue to comment.

Kid said...

Beth, Z, Actually I spoke a little too soon (as in Before Thinking) Just because you go to Wordpress doesn't mean you have to give up your Blogger ID. Just log in with that to comment.

Z said...

Thanks, Kid, makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo...sissy MIT...bitches.

Like Zuckerberg and FB...they never grow up. Like Jobs too.

Perennial hippies....children that can't get ( ever ) beyond frat parties. Anti establishment types like Sean Sean Parker of Napster. The world has given them billions to stay as children like as they can. you really admire this pimplely faced thief?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I drive a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. I guess that means I need to be shot in the head.


Anonymous said...

The truth about the Mein Kampf of the Muslim terrorists handbook of terror, mayhem and murder.

The truth about the burning of their...trash.

sue hanes said...

Z - Remember how big a deal it was when JFK ran for President - and he was a Catholic.

That seems like a long time ago.

Actually - it was. : ]

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"So it's bad for Romney to spend his own money on extravagant things.."

I don't see a Cadillac being any more "extravagant" than a Lexus, Infiniti or a top of the line Volvo. They're all about the same price. But the Cadillac is still an American car and an institution that has always been associated with quality.

Unlike the fraud DWS who says "BUY she jumps into her G3 Infiniti.

Anonymous said...

"JFK ran for President - and he was a Catholic."

Pffffffttttt......really? He was a Catholic?

His behavior screamed otherwise...uninhibited adulterer, cad and
sex addict. No wonder Clinton idolized him.

Kennedy...and all the Kennedy's are just shanty Irish. And always will be.

Liberalmann said...

Lol, and today when asked if he follows NASCAR, Romney relied that he didn't but has good friends who own NASCAR teams. Way to go blueblood!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

"By the way.........don't we WANT Cadillac to do well? Don't we NEED PEOPLE TO BUY THEM, TOO?"

Not if will hurt obama.

You see there is space for even unionists under the bus if it's for obama.

Down here, our leftie federal government is happy for companies to close down or move off shore because of their stupid carbon tax, never mind the jobs that their voters will lose. The end always justifies the means and many people who voted for these leftie types are finding out that many of them are expendable.

Lisa said...

I'd rather vote for the guy who owns 2 Cadillacs over the guy who drives 2 KIAS.
I don't want to vote for the guy who worked in MacDonald's or had a paper route or the guy who was a Community Organizer.
I want someone with a stellar resume'.
See what you get when you vote with your heart and not your head?