Friday, February 24, 2012

Burning Korans ....Newt gets it right

Gingrich blasts Obama’s apology to Afghan president

Republican White House hopeful Newt Gingrich has angrily denounced President Obama's apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai over the burning of Korans at a U.S. military base.
The former speaker took to his Twitter feed to condemn Obama's letter to Karzai, saying: "It is an outrage that on the day an Afghan soldier murders two American troops, Pres. Obama is the one apologizing."  (Z: that's okay...I'm sure the Afghan army apologized to us for the deaths of two American troops, right?  Oh, no, they didn't...oops)
The incident at Bagram Air Base triggered a violent response from Afghans, with 14 dead over three days of protests. Two American soldiers were shot dead when an Afghan soldier turned his weapon on them at their base in Khogyani in eastern Nangarhar province, district governor Mohammad Hassan told AFP.
Obama's apology mirrored that given by then-President George W. Bush in April after an American sniper in Afghanistan shot a Koran, peppering the Muslim holy book with bullet holes. At the time, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino had emphasized that it was important to show that the US president "knew that this was wrong."   (Z:  I'm thinking that 'holy book' might not have had the terrorist writings and instructions the burned korans are supposed to have had in them, right?)

Ahead of Gingrich's vitriolic comment, Obama spokesman Jay Carney told reporters aboard Air Force One that the apology was "wholly appropriate, given the sensitivities to this issue, the understandable sensitivities."
"His [Obama's] primary concern as Commander-in-Chief is the safety of American men and women in Afghanistan, of our military and civilian personnel there," said Carney. "And it was absolutely the right thing to do."
Asked whether Obama was concerned that Republicans might seize on the letter to reinforce their charges that Obama too-easily apologizes for the United States, Carney replied: "That's a fully false, fallacious and ridiculous narrative that is not borne out by any facts."
(Z:  Except the fact is he did apologize ....:-) 

Did Obama care about this? 
"Muslim holy books that were burned in a pile of rubbish at a US military base in Afghanistan had been removed from a library at a nearby detention centre because they contained extremist messages or inscriptions, a western military official has claimed.
The military official said it appeared that the Korans and other Islamic readings were being used to fuel extremism, and that detainees at Parwan Detention Facility were writing on the documents to exchange extremist messages."   That's from THIS article............seems like we shouldn't have apologized if they contained extremist messages, doesn't it?  And I guess we'll be waiting a very, very long time for an apology for the DEATHS of two precious Americans.   (and thousands more, of course)



beamish said...

Where's the outrage from Muslims against the Taliban for writing in a Quran?

Burning a Quran which becomes "corrupted" thusly is precisely what Muslims themselves would do.

In fact, the very first Quran burner was Caliph Uthman ibn Affan.

Always On Watch said...

For our Commander In Chief to apologize like this has only served to anger and emboldened jihadomaniacs even more.

From yesterday's WaPo:

...On the streets of Kabul, police officers said they didn’t care about the flurry of U.S. apologies, including the one from Obama, or the demands of Afghan politicians. The offense felt was personal, most said, not diminished by contrition or inflamed by hostile rhetoric.


Some Bagram employees — who often face threats for aiding the United States — waved the charred books in the air, demanding a response.

Those employees, among the 5,000 Afghans who support the base’s operations, chanted “Death to America” and lobbed rocks at gates that some had entered for years. Some cursed their bosses and promised never to return to work at Bagram.

“How could we ever work for someone who could do this?” asked a 21-year-old man who said he had worked for two years in a warehouse on the base. “This couldn’t have happened by accident. This was meant to offend us.”...

Opus #6 said...

Obama has brought this country closer to war in the past three years than I have ever seen it.

Appeasement abroad, divisive attacks at home. Biggest jerk ever to pollute the White House.

Ducky's here said...

(Z: that's okay...I'm sure the Afghan army apologized to us for the deaths of two American troops, right? Oh, no, they didn't...oops)


Let's all remind z that WE invaded THEM. Most of the population of Afghanistan never heard of 9/11 and doesn't know why we are there except to cause trouble.

Under those circumstances you attempt to antagonize the population as little as possible. Will apologies cool things down, probably not the situation has been deteriorated far too much.

Now it's true that our exceptionalism should be carte blanche but the Afghans haven't heard the news.

Liberalmann said...

Obama was right to apologize for this unfortunate accident. But of course the cowboys on the right will label this as appeasement. No, lets start another stupid war.

Z said...

beamish, good point about the writings, but they're FOR the extremism it apparently fostered, not against it.
Nobody on the news is including that information, by the way.

AOW, and I just heard that moron who used to be Amb. to Morocco say he'd have gone further just to save one American soldier. Well, we can see how well the apology's worked, huh? And STILL the left throws in even MORE apologies thought they have NEVER worekd.

Ducky, you need to stop talking to the Taliban and more to the people.
And please, I don't need reminders from you ...remember, I read ALL the news from all sides. It does profit one. And, people do have exceptional points of view other than yours, believe it or not.

Lisa said...

Let's all remind z that WE invaded THEM. Most of the population of Afghanistan never heard of 9/11 and doesn't know why we are there except to cause trouble.

And that's just the way they prefer it.
Obama only leads from behind in Libya and Egypt and we all see how
well that's working out.

Bob said...

Screw the Afghans! What we have here is a tenth century society whose population is probably the most ignorant in the entire world.

The Afghans are in religious subjugation by the most restrictive religion in the history of the world, Islam. All those third world countries considered the most backwards are mostly Islamic. Pretty much all the people trying to commit genocide in Africa, and the rest of the world, are Islamic.

Barack Obama has bought into the idea that there is a moral relativism between Christianity and Islam. There is not.

Barack Obama is dangerous, and should be summarily thrown out of office.

Bob said...

Lisa said, "Let's all remind z that WE invaded THEM."

That,of course, sounds technically correct. If you complete the story, you will remember that we did not initially invade. We provided help in the form of munitions, air support, and advice to the Northern Alliance.

Only after the Taliban crumbled did we send large numbers of troops to Afghanistan to defend the new,almost democratic Afghan government.

So there was not any invasion in the classic sense.

It seems to me that the Afghan people are as crooked as snakes, no matter what the situation. They are ignorant, too.

There are legitimate security issues for the US to maintain a presence, there. Whether we are seen as invaders or not is superflous.

We have security interests, there, in keeping the Taliban from running the country, giving terrorists another base of operations.

Lisa said...

Bob I was quoting Ducky

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Simply an apologist. This is not news. You'd expect no less, would you not? Of course. This is in perfect keeping with his past actions. The deaths of our soldiers don't mean shit to Obama.


Ducky's here said...

Obama only leads from behind in Libya and Egypt and we all see how well that's working out.


Well Lisa, the population doesn't seem to give a damn what we think. Surprised?

But take a look at Syria. They are motivated. Obama barely managed to force us on Bahrain and that dirty little incident probably isn't over.

It is a little frightening to realize that our military is useless to stop the change but you know the old saying about everything being a nail when all you have is a hammer.

Gonna be some payback.

Always On Watch said...

Today's update on Afghanistan.

beamish said...

Let's all remind z that WE invaded THEM. Most of the population of Afghanistan never heard of 9/11 and doesn't know why we are there except to cause trouble.

Because as all calligraphy fans know, the average Afghan has never even heard of the Taliban or al-Qaeda, and can't read anything except for the Quran.

Despite the entirety of human history being completely and utterly void of examples of leftists who happened to be capable of rational thought, it's always humorous to read Ducky opine on the geopolitical world outside his thimble of topic literacy.

beamish said...

It is a little frightening to realize that our military is useless to stop the change but you know the old saying about everything being a nail when all you have is a hammer.

Gonna be some payback.

No doubt from the crack Islamic special forces paratroopers on high alert for the moment Khalid Sheikh Muhammad is put on federal court trial in a Democrat-run American city.

::rolls eyes::

Leticia said...

Respect for the written text of the Quran is an important element of religious faith in Islam. Desecrating a copy of the Quran is punishable by imprisonment in some countries (life imprisonment in Pakistan, according to Article 295-B of the Penal Code) and has been punishable by death in Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan.

Silverfiddle said...

I'm wondering how the hell the mad mullahs found out about this?

Bob said...

Lisa sighs with great disgust, "Bob I was quoting Ducky".

Ohh... That's embarrassing.

If I would have read all the comments, I would not have been so nice. I expect such ignorance from Ducky, and I apologize for even putting you in the same category.

Bob said...

Silvefiddle -> "I'm wondering how the hell the mad mullahs found out about this?"

Interesting question. It may be the the military sought an Imam's advice and that's what got them in trouble.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I haven't heard any Christians bitching or killing each other over the soldiers who were ordered to burn Bibles in these filthy crap holes that forbid the Bible.

It's always been an acceptable custom to burn trash, burn old books and especially old flags too.

But when we find that these savages are using their "holy" book to send messages through to each other while they're in lockup...they should be burned. ( Just like they use their mosques for...)

Haven't the terrorists defaced the book by writing in it already?

Lisa said...

lol thanks Bob appreciate it

Z said...

Ducky, I hate to tell you this but SOME OF THE NEWS is actually getting out to SOME people that the Syrian freedom fighters are wondering where the heck their help is.
Shocking, I know, but some people do love America and wish they'd help.

Bob, our military is so damned naive and liberal now; I mean what kind of leaders would even entertain giving enemies the MIranda rights for two SECONDS? What kind of military leaders advise we don't pull back so much money from the military and then stay quiet when the president does? What kind of military leaders would EVER tell our precious AMerican soldiers not to fire at mosques because they're "holy" (holy enough to have murderous scum killing our kids from within, of course)?

Man, we are SUCH losers and I've always admired the military brass SO MUCH in the past. I know there are great ones who still think AMerica's great and still want to protect our kids and all, but where the heck ARE THEY? ANd why won't Obama listen to the information they gave in senate hearings?

Imp: wouldn't you just LOVE to have a bunch of angry Christians finally speak out about muslim countries denying their people conversions to Christianity? Or going to the streets in support of Pastor Yousef from Iran who's saying he won't give up his Christian faith even if they kill him ? (He's in prison, please pray for him)

Ya, we don't do it, they KILL US, and WE are the bad guys, according to the Leftwing of America. how horrid

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Z said...

CHECK THAT OUT....that woman is SUBLIME! She's got a message for Karzai you will want to hear, trust me!

Anonymous said...

No matter what Newts faults are of them is not speaking his mind. Shamefully, the other two sissies aren't showing enough Testosterone for me. Want to call it "red meat"? Go ahead. Americans are PISSED OFF with this PC shit. They've had enough of a kowtowing, horses ass of an apologist Making a fool out of the country and it's people.

The world doesn't know he's a fraud, a fake, a metrosexual, half man from the corrupt city of Chicago ( or NY, or LA or SFO ). They don't know that he is essentially a quisling, a coward in the eyes of the majority of Americans. Real Americans...heartland Americans...patriot Americans.

They only see and hear this fake cry about how mean America much at fault America is...Jesus...please...I'd rather have Jimmah Carter back. At least we know he's an avowed racist...a Jew avowed Arab lover...and he's a vet at least. And he doesn't hide it and lie about his hate like Obummer does.

Z said...

Imp, good comment...I agree, most Americans are TIRED of PC and want a straight talker. And Newt gave it to the country straight on this subject, didn't he..fabulous.

Hey, check out the video I gave the link for just above your comment here..
(and yes, I know how to do the link thing but I'm in a rush and it takes me forever!)

enjoy.,...I think you will LOVE THAT WOMAN!!!

. said...

There were only 4 korans that were burned. I want to know if 4 korans were burned, how did this become a media matter and how did the Afghans even know about it????

I heard a former military guy, can't remember his name, on Fox early this morning. I wanted to puke at him, talking about the 'holy' koran, how much our military respected it, blah blah blah

Right Truth

Z said...

Deb...FOUR??? Only FOUR?
the news makes it sound like it was Kristalnacht!

oh, my GOSH. We are such losers....bowing and scraping every freakin' chance we get. Damn

Bunkerville said...

Let them return to their roots of the 7th century. Evolution has not gotton to them yet.

Anonymous said...

"Let them return to their roots of the 7th century..."

Hell...I'd settle for them to come into the Age of Enlightenment...around the 18th Century. It's so hard for us to wrap our minds around the fact that in the 21st Century...half of the GD world is in darkness, starvation, war, genocide or stand around looking at a pitchfork or a wheel barrow in awe and wonderment. can bet your butt that the "leaders" of these half assed crap holes...have IPhones, IPads, BlackBerries, PC & Macs from the "Great Satan"....Oh yea...and Bimmers, MB's and Range Rovers too.

Elmers Brother said...

I heard it was a NATO officer who spilled the beans.

Anonymous said...

"I heard it was a NATO officer who spilled the beans."....

And I wish he'd ( have a feeling it's a she too ) would have the misfortune of being a part of an IED ..and thus vaporized.

Come sissies....cry me a river. Tell me why one shitty koran is worth one American soldier being killed by a savage, islamist turd.

Go ahead..tell me it's that we're "insensitive" to their murderous ideology. I Fooking dare ya. Tell me too...that you believe that Mein Kampf should be required reading for all the asshole fascists in the world.

Bob said...

Elmers Bro --> "I heard it was a NATO officer who spilled the beans."

Well, screw the French and Germans, too. They are all a bunch of worthless parasites. Let them try to control those Afghan roaches for a change. They don't have it in them.

Kid said...

These books were reduced to enemy strategic communications and therefore no longer existed in the form they were created in.. Though that is debatable by itself.

There was NO Reason to apologize for destroying them. This administration is full of dangerous fools and dweebs.

Kid said...

"Most of the population of Afghanistan never heard of 9/11 "

Hey Duck. Too Fricken bad.

Let's not defend ourselves to any level because surely someone will be affected who doesn't know why.

You have manure for brains.
Or you're a coward. Or both.

Kid said...

Duck, PS. You're statement is 100% incorrect.

When all the vermin in the ME celebrate in the streets and shout death to America every 9-11, we know that 'They knew about 9-11'.

Try to say something that indicates you have the intelligence of more than a kindergarten child.

Kid said...

Duck, I don't usually get this hardline, but I will Not stand for muslim apologists. Not at any level for any reason.

Z said...

Kid, I think you're right. To even think that the most remote Afghan village didn't hear about 9/11 fairly quickly after it happened is certifiable.

Imp, what makes you think it was a woman who made this a story?

Z said...

Kid, then you'd better stop reading Ducky's comments.

By the way, Imp; have you heard Petraeus' kowtowing to islam?

Kid said...

Z, point taken. Well, I don't repeat myself or try very hard not to, so I think it's safe to assume your site is not going to become an attack duck site.

He either gets my point or if he doesn't repeating myself is fruitless and stupid.

Anonymous said...
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Kid said...

Imp. Here is a great recent and related post at another site. I'm C_Bob over there btw in the interest of full disclosure

Personally, I think the USA should create a constitutional amendment that requires any 'religion' - in order to be recognized as such - follow basic human rights guidelines.

Then we'd have some closure on this issue. CAIR would cease to be recognized and sharia would never be a reality in the USA. Note that some appeals judges have ruled in favor of sharia "justice" in recent years. One would think basic human rights laws already in existence would do the trick but apparently Not.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Z said...

Kid, odd that Buddhist laws and Siekh laws and Shinto laws haven't ever been pushed down anybody's throat when we know that, for years, they outnumbered muslims in America.

I'm tired of CAIR's constant pushing and of the fact that muslims couldn't refuse a fare in their cabs with alcohol but now they can; muslims now don't have to cut pork if they work as a butcher, they demand foot washing basins at schools and we give it to them....all of this is since 9/11, THIS is why I resent and worry about Muslims here.
Otherwise, who'd CARE?
Just live your Americans. That's all we ask, but there's some weird PUSH we should all be wiser about than DUcky is....I'm sick and tired of hearing how wonderful his muslims are. WHo CARES? There are plenty of nice muslims. ENjoy them!
That does not tell us we don't have to be seriously curious about CAIR and all those things that muslims have only pushed for SINCE 9/11. And got them. WHY?

Z said...

Imp, I"m going to have a jerk now come whine "Why do you leave Imp's profanity there and you delete mine?" Please don't put me in that situation. I'm not a prude but I'm running a public blog here. THanks.

As for a 'sis'...WHAT? Every military jerk on CNN is just as enamored by the wonders of the 'holy' koran as Ducky is, for pete's sake.

Anonymous said...

BTW Z....I had some...just a all that any man needs....any man needs in his little as a little as an little as a few minutes... as little as a few seconds....of combat...of firefights....of the realization...that this is serious shit...that your on the line...that you might not get back to the bar for that beer today.

Not getting that beer...really pissed me off.

Men...Males...have always since time immemorial....have waged war. Women have no place in combat. All of us...( real men ) revere women too much to see them wasted for a PC...BULLSHIT...section 8..."equality"

Call me...a chauvinist"

Anonymous said...

"Why do you leave Imp's profanity there and you delete mine?"..

Why? Cause it's real...cause it's the way we talk now a days. Profanity? Please...spare me....Real profanity is Islam. Not a four letter word that ALL OF US HEAR...SEE and ACCEPT as our new form of the English...are you all that sensitive that you can't accept real street talk?

It's OK if it's in a Speilberg movie? Or a Goodfellas flick? Grow up.

I'm a gutter snipe from New Jersey....get over yourselves.

Kid said...

IMP. When I saw women in dresses jumping from the burning 100 plus floors WTC towers.. When I thought of women on those hijacked airliners trying to comfort their scared crying children without the slightest hope of being able to do so, I decided this was some serious shit.

That feeling has only gotten Stronger over time as we see these brainless spineless wonders in positions of authority and Profit, like bloomberg Wanting that street punk imam POS to build a celebratory mosque as close to the WTC's as possible.

I feel stronger about his now, than I did in 2001. Many have chucked it under the bridge. Mostly liberal sociopaths and cowards.

It's What They Do. One only need research the sites of each of their mass murders throughout history.

If I were the mayor of New York, I'd have told that POS to FO.

Kid said...

Z, Liberalism IS a mental disease.

When they can hate and attack someone who cuts down a tree or drives a Hummer, but can accept a culture that performs thousand of clitorectomies a year in the ME, IT.IS.A.MENTAL.DISEASE.

I don't know how anyone could argue that.

Here's a few more.

islam's middle name is Deceive. It's in the koran. It is their religious duty to deceive infidels.

muslims are EXEMPT from all of the aspects of oblabbercare.

Well, I don't want to completely ruin everyone's night. I'll leave it at that.

Z said...

Imp, who said women should be in combat? I'm one of the rare ones who hates that idea for a zillion reasons. And it's a leap from "that must have been a woman who ratted on us" to liking women in combat ... I just wondered why, when some in the military (especially foreign) are so namby pamby that you'd automatically think it was a woman.

I don't want this language here.
THank you. You know there's a fine line, and you keep crossing it.

Kid, that vision of people jumping from those towers has to be THE image which most sticks in my mind from 9/11. In all of our minds, I guess. From what I hear, that mosque is in the works, do you know? I loved that contractor who had started a petition from plumbers, electricians, etc., all saying they'd NEVER work on that building.

Kid said...

Z, Yea, that pact that the NY tradesmen took to not work on the thing is what lastly sticks in my mind.

I don't know if they're doing it or not, which probably means they are.

There are also people who actually bought adjoining properties and promised to put in gay bars and BBQ places. Hope that at least comes to pass If this murder celebration building gets built.

Z said...

Imp, by the way, there are women who've suddenly thought they weren't going to go back to that bar, too.
And that SHOULDN'T BE. Shouldn't happen to ANYBODY and certainly not to a MOTHER(not that mothers are more important than Dads, but ...)
AND the percentage of women military getting pregnant out of wedlock is SOARING. Anybody care to guess how many of the dads are already married to someone else? Ya, I think it's high, too.

THAT has to stop........what a STUPID IDEA it is for women to be in subs or in combat and the left stands by stupid ideas like that as "EQUALITY"

what a CROCK.

Z said...

Kid...PORK BARBECUE, right? I loved that but thought it was only a joke at the time?

If Muslims would stop pushing, maybe they'd be accepted. If they'd discuss the Koran's horrible passages you've described here, maybe they'd be accepted. They need a reformation. QUICKLY.

THankfully, MANY Muslims are coming to CHrist, even in Iran, but they die if they talk about it, so it's only well known among missionaries who are putting their lives SERIOUSLY on the line...some with small children in Afghanistan... amazing. I don't think that's a great idea, either, by the way.

Kid said...


Pork, Yes.

I don't know of any muslims who have seriously come out and denounced the violence. Therefore I do not believe in the moderate muslim.

Ticker said...

It's time to leave these stone age goat herders to rot under what ever group that wants to rule them. We could be there for another 100 years and nothing would change other than the faces of the goat herders and the goats. Both would still smell and the mentality would not have increased one iota other than perhaps in the goat population.

Anonymous said...

"AND the percentage of women military getting pregnant out of wedlock is SOARING,,"

Do tell...I have a creepy little neice that thought going Navy was cool and it'd be a cakewalk.

After a year she gets knocked up by some other crew "person" cause she wanted out. Totally planned too.

And guess who's paying for that kid? not belong on boats, ships and certainly not SUBS.

Z said...

Imp, that's what I'd heard....but I didn't want to comment that unless I was 100% sure; so we DO pay.. nice, huh?
And she got pregnant and is bringing a child into the world with no dad, on welfare already, and just to get out of the navy. Boy, that child has a chance, huh?
I hope she grows up fast and gives the baby a good home!!

Sidbirt said...

The problem is no one believes in the sincerity of Obama any more.
A mistake was made, but Obama has become an international laughing stock with his failed resets and bowing and failure to support democracy.

Anonymous said...

"probably not the situation has been deteriorated far too much."

And the reason is their retrograde, idiotic , illiterate political ideology they so worship...that an an average IQ of 83 makes them as dumb as their goats.

No wonder the only thing they can do is riot...they don't have the brains to move beyond that of a first grader.

Z said...

Sidbirt, can you tell us what mistake was made?
If the korans had messages by which to communicate against our soldiers, is it a mistake to burn them?
the only mistake was our apologizing to Karzai when what we need is an apology for killing our men

Imp, to watch grown men screeching and hollering about this is troubling; they really are like outraged children who had their ball taken away, but they're more childish. it's almost weird but I think it's a lot for show, too.

Anonymous said...

"they really are like outraged children who had their ball taken away.."

Yea know it's just foreign to me that so many many idiotic shit heads can replicate themselves for centuries. That the rest of the world makes the transition into each century...makes contributions...inventions...progress...forward and leaves their Cro Magnum tendencies of grunts and groans behind them.

These animals...and make no mistake...they are the most basic of animals that have no place in this world.

Why they haven't died out...killed themselves off and spared civilization their animalism...their savagery..their ignorance and their beliefs. is beyond me.

Millions of species have died off in our lifetimes through a natural process. Why is that these stone age Neanderthals have been allowed to survive?

Unless of course we want to capture a few of these POS...stuff them and put them into a Natural History Museum or the that future generation can look at them and see....what type of an animal Islam had produced.

Z said...

Imp, I think the village people are probably nicer than the types of people their leaders whip them up to be, you know?
I believe this is mostly drama that the Taliban creates....

I also don't think the real people hate AMerica at all. I hear lovely things from soldiers over there and we all see photos of our guys holding their babies, taking care of their sick, etc. I think they love Americans and have to act up because of their scum leadership's threats.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

If nothing else, all this groveling and sucking up is only making these savages and barbarians think their savagery and barbarity is justified and acceptable.

Obama doesn't have what it takes to beat these scumbags, best get out if he can't do it.

Liberalmann said...

Fox is just *outraged* that Obama apologized to Afghans for U.S. military members burning the Quran. George Bush similarly apologized to Iraq for military members desecrating the Quran in 2008 -- But Fox won't tell you that. Why? Because Fox is not news!