Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Sharks are at it again.....

The Yahoo headline is CHINESE SOUP PUTS OBAMA UNDER SCRUTINY.  But, can you tell me where in THIS ARTICLE it shows Obama had any scrutiny for having taken dim sum from a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco which also serves shark fin soup?   And why should he?   You know I'm no fan of this guy, but how picky can people be if they found this such an offense?  OR is this just a cheap chance for the media to get to say he "surprised and delighted lunch-time diners" ?

By the way, I had shark fin soup in Bangkok and it's like eating a bowl of the best chicken broth you EVER had except with a mess of silk stockings lying in the bottom of it.  I sipped the incredibly delicious broth and left the pile of awful, gelatinous slime.  You should have seen the faces of the waitresses and the eight Asian men Mr Z and  I had dinner with as the women took my bowl.   "She didn't eat the fins!"   No, I sure didn't.....

Think the president should take flack for this?  I don't.   I can list a million other things, but THIS?



Always On Watch said...


But did you notice Jay Carney's reaction? Sheesh.

Ducky's here said...

No one should eat shark fin soup.

The fact that The Black Messiah isn't aware of the ecological issue goes to his general lack of a progressive consciousness.

dmarks said...

Ducky said:

"...he Black Messiah..."

Once again, leave it to someone on the Left to hurl a racial epithet toward our President.

"his general lack of a progressive consciousness."

Considering that such a 'consciousness' is akin to being in a dream state (imagining things that don't exist or aren't a problem), this would be good. If it were true.

Ticker said...

Should have been the other way around.

Duck's Messiah in the bowl and the sharks at the table.

But then again I doubt the sharks would eat anything that putrid.

Z said...

AOW, ya, I saw it. Actually, it was weird mostly because nobody really DID chastise the president, if you saw in my piece :-) Anything for a press conference mention, I guess.

This, of course, isn't about the soup, it's about the media.

dmarks, you're right, but it's perfectly fine for the left to hurl racial and ethnic epithets. Ducky's my resident anti semite, as you know.
and yes, would that he were a little more a thinking president and not quite so "progressively conscious" GOD what a joke!

Ticker :-)

Debbie said...

Oh my. Obama and Michelle to love to eat, no one tells them what they can and can't have

Right truth

Z said...

By the way, that thing that never happened at the school which told the child her school wasn't nutritious has happened a few times to another child.
Odd how things that don't happen happen again; our lefties will still deny them, of course.

Thanks for sending, Elbro.

Debbie...great point. If there was lobster at the bottom of that delicious broth, you can bet Obama'd lapped it up.
But he didn't even BUY the shark fin soup, so for anybody to slam him (gad, it hurts to defend him but I am fair if I'm nothing else) is NUTS.

Chuck said...

Personally I think this is a non-story. I agree with Z that there are other things to talk about with Obama.

With that said, I have to pull the Bush card. He would have been hounded relentlessly in a similar situation. In fact, it is likely that at least one of the news organizations would have ran with "reports" that Bush ate the soup, even if they knew it wasn't true.

Z said...

Chuck, the EPA would be arresting Bush if this happened to HIM :-)

Anonymous said...

"Once again, leave it to someone on the Left to hurl a racial epithet toward our President..."

Sorry...I fail to see a "racial epithet" in stating the obvious. He IS black ( and white ) and the Messiah to his suckers that need one.

beakerkin said...

Has the Duck become a food Nazi. I guess feedom of choice is only for abortion and the bedroom is the only room the duck wants the government out of.

Hey Ducky tell Hugos friends and those Lebanese terrorists you love to stop sending drugs into the USA.

Progressive drug dealing by Chavez
directed drug gangs is peachy. We shall liberated the drug addicted masses blah blah blah.

Pardon me while I grab a Pastrami on Rye with NY Deli Mustard and a Dr Browns. I think I will have a barrel pickle and some fresh cole slaw and it is none of your business.

Ducky's here said...
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Liberalmann said...

Funny how wingnuts are suddenly such environmentalists and compassionate conservatives when they can find something to criticize Obama. Otherwise they are loony Ted Nugent lovers.

But, duh. Obama himself signed the Shark Conservation Act into law last January. It has been outlawed in California and the only reason it's still on the menu is because restaurant­s were allowed to use their stock until depleted.

The President is criticized for the way he breathes. Give me a break. Had he known, he wouldn't have gone there. Someone on his advance team needs to get a major behind chewing on Monday, if the President hasn't done it already. I'm SO TIRED of the constant critique of EVERYTHING this President does, no matter WHAT.

beakerkin said...

There should be limits on catching
but serve me up a nice shark steak.
When we place quotas on items the Ducks nice rich far left buddies are politically connected and get the best while throwing the masses turnips.

Lets see maybe we could all eat tofu, not.

Actually, Duncy I am aware that sharks are over fished. Guess what who knows what angle you lefty control freaks are playing this week.

It takes such a high IQ to repeat whatever BS lefties are chanting from week to week. You and your kind are political Beavis and Buttheads with great PR.

Insert Butthead laughs while reading any Chomsky rant.

Z said...

Oh, Man, liberal..if you only know how you sound when you haven't read the post or comments and mouth off!
I SAID this was a ridiculous criticism. Please, don't embarrass yourself.

Ducky, when you can stop calling people names, I'll not delete you. thanks.

Beak..if you don't agree with Ducky, you're uninformed, dontchaknow :-)

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Obama should be the recipient of all the superfluous effluvium that he and other Leftists bleat to proscribe. Ducky/Sharky Fin is correct. But, on the other hand, this is Obama at his finest: do as I SAY and as my sycophants advocate, but not as I DO because -- after all -- I am The One and NOT subject to all the strictures of your groundlings and serfs. I already HAVE your votes now and in the future, you ignorant mealworms.


Lisa said...

The only story here is the unnecessary cruelness of cuttiing off shark fins. I never heard that before .

Average American said...

If eating at a Chinese restaurant was the worse thing NObama did today, his name never should have appeared in print! The less I see of him, the better!

Average American said...
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Right Wing Theocrat said...

Yeah it is a bit stupid of the greenies to be hyperventilating over it. Then again that's what they do and well i suppose obama is a progressive, so maybe they have high expectations of him on these matters.