Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fast and REALLY Furious

Do you think that, as Eric Holder is blatantly inferring, that Fast and Furious' investigation is "politically desired" by the Right?   Brian Terry's family has questions about the death of their son;  is that politics?   It's so troubling that Holder would cry 'politics' when this is so obviously a case that needs investigation.......I thank commenter and friend Impertinent for this video:  it's worth watching:

Which are the 'political gotcha' moments Holder alludes to? Does he mean this case is not worthy of investigation?  Most Attorneys General, and other heads of departments, take full responsibility for anything under's sad that Mr. Holder doesn't take that responsibility..  Please watch till the end of Holder's comments...You'll see him stammer around, clumsily trying to get his point across that her constituents are asking questions of her because she's talked about the problem in her district and, as ever, the liberal Holder doesn't want too much information out, apparently.!  Then he actually asks Congresswoman Buerkle if asking him questions is something she wants to be known by...,,and then he goes into what a great guy he's been because he has the department working on civil rights issues!  But, he does add "I'm not perfect"........  He thinks her questioning him is "beneath a member of Congress"...check it out.  You'll be surprised. (actually, you'll be dumbfounded at his hubris).


shoprat said...

Corruption is only corruption when the GOP or Conservatives are involved, after all, the only true corruption is being conservative. In the minds of these people, being a leftist atones for all wrong doing. On the other hand, being conservative is so unforgivable that the slightest wrongdoing is a crime against humanity.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Pitting Brian Terry, armed with essentially a beanbag shotgun, against cartels with automatic weapons is an abomination.


Ducky's here said...

Eric Holder is a lousy little Fascist punk in the tradition of John Mitchell. Ed Meese, John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales.

The Black Messiah's right of center regime is carrying on in that fine tradition.

Kid said...

Between the BS (snake oil salesmen would look like Einstein) oblabber got elected on and the continual BS that seems to fly high up the pole with anyone still remaining as oblabber supporters, it is no wonder that these pieces of garbage think they can get away with virtually anything.

It is why obama couldn't stop laughing right after the election as he went on the late night TV circuit. "They voted for me/This?"

Honestly, you get a few of them commenting here on occasion. The ignorance and stupidity is deafening.

Did you see the vid where holder won't even admit that major hasan might have been motivated by 'radical islam' ?

What can be said about these people? What is there to be 'debated'? Nothing because debate infers a rational discourse and there can be none with these over the top and through the woods lying stealing bastards.

Duck, I agree with your first 5 words. But then you went off the deep end. Not that I'm a great fan of any of those people, but NO ONE ever in public office to date is anywhere near par with holder.

Catherine Moore-Barry said...

Well Z, this is more smoke and mirrors and distraction from the O'Bummer Regime. Fact's are facts, and as the truth comes to light we see the spineless weasel, Holder the Horrific squirm and run. It makes me sick to see this kind of game played when an American Border Agent's life has been lost because of the inept and corrupt people this lame POTUS has put in place. I hope to see them all end up in orange jumpsuits before my life is over.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost to me...what infuriated me the most...was that an America Border Agent was murdered by his failed underhanded attempt to outlaw legal weapons (and undermine the constitution)...18 MILEs INSIDE our borders just south of Tuscon, AZ...a sovereign state in this America. Which has now become nothing more than an Mexican controlled staging area for drugs and weapons.

And not one word of an apology or regret...that a man working for him...was murdered through his incompetence, greed and insatiable appetite to pervert the law and the constitution.

What a lying, wimpy, illiterate scumbag.

He wants "credit" for what? That he's set up a DOJ that refuses to recognize racial hate, voting irregularities and has testified that he's looking out for "his people"....Well I say let him join "his people" in prison where he belongs for the murder of a US Border agent...again... 18 miles inside our borders!!

He's obviously failed to guard those borders when filthy, low life, drug addled, murdering Mexicans can cross into the US with impunity...rather than being shot dead as invaders.

We''ll give you credit can have ham sandwiches and fried chicken in the slammer rather than peanut butter.

Hubris? ignorant lying psychopath thats been elevated to this position through AA and the Peter Principle. He's a disgrace. And needs to be in that orange jumpsuit. But I feel he's taking the heat so it doesn't get to the real perp who authorized this fiasco....his boss and the Homeland Security dunce...

If Issa ( BTW what ever happened to Kings hearings on radical muslims ? ) fails to get this guy impeached or doesn't issue a contempt of congress citation...we're headed for some real civil strife.

Ticker said...

Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear poop in the woods?

Or course he is interfering in the investigation. His butt is in a sling and not only his but his Boss, Odummer, for they BOTH knew and know what is going on.

Z said...

shoprat...excellent way to put it ridiculously biased; that's the 'big, open minded leftist'!

BZ...leaving the place the guns were dropped off, agents being told to leave as they said to their 'superiors', "we can't GO, we've dropped off weapons, we've got to keep an eye on the, that's the whole IDEA" (as it was when Bush started this), was insane and stupid. It's like we were aiding the bad guys.

Ducky, na...they were weasels, they weren't racists like Holder is. And they took responsibility for themselves as all mature people in gov't or business do if they're the top guy. (don't even mention Gonzales to me, it hurts my stomach to think of that weasel)

Any regime short of East Germany's is 'right of center' to you.

Kid..we've got to wake people up to these dopes and it's just not happening. Reps in congress don't get the network news/ NY Times, etc....truth isn't getting out; how do we do that?
I hope you took the time to listen to the video; you'll learn a lot about the low character of HOlder ; more about his being thin skinned than you'd ever want to know.
It's truly frightening to consider this important job and how biased and defensive he is.

Imp...I'd VERY VERY much like to know what happened to Peter King's hearings, too. They were smart and important. But, if they don't get the national coverage, it's gone and a waste of tax payer dollars, as we sit back and hope for no more terrorism from muslim radicals waiting for the 12th Imam, which Iran is now saying comes this year ("after killing enough Jews and shedding blood all over the globe".........such a peaceful religion, huh?)

Ticker: does Dracula have an overbite? :-)

IMAGINE TELLING A REPUBLICAN CONGRESSWOMAN SHE MIGHT NOT WANT TO BE REMEMBERED FOR THE QUESTIONS SHE'S ASKED AN ATTORNEY GENERAL? It's like she called him every name in the book we'd all call him were we not more polite in writing than we might be orally!

Kid said...

Z, I've seen this sort of thing all over the business world with incompetent people in middle manager or higher places.

They are experts at taking credit for other people's efforts, shifting blame for their failures, and in this type of situation, using their 'position' to deflect any negativity that they can't deflect using any other means. That's what holders is doing.

Holder is just like his boss. Insanely incompetent and racist. What they call a post turtle. Placed on top of a post, feet dangling in the breeze. Put there by a moron, No idea what to do once there and no idea how to get down. Completely reliant on someone knocking him off.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Ducky's off his meds again.
Or too many.
Hard to tell.

Kid said...

Z, I thought I already commented this, but maybe it got lost in cyberspace. "I talk to young people all the time, and I'm convinced we're not going to wake any number of people to be significant."

We're going to have to hit rock bottom before people put in sufficient effort to truly find out what's going on. The kids are in charge for the duration.

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky, don't have a pro-life rally you can heckle?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"I'd VERY VERY much like to know what happened to Peter King's hearings, too..."

Well...he put so much heat on the mutts that they're now suing the NYPD for keeping an ear and an eye of them in their terrorist meeting halls...mosques.

You'd think they'd be happy to work with the NYPD to prove they're not associated with terrorists.... wouldn't you?

Keep watching and listening NYPD...there's a damn good reason why you are...

Z said...

Imp..that's a point I make so many times and you make it well..yes, one would think muslims would be delighted to work with the Feds so Americans can feel completely free of worry...but no, they still work very hard to keep the feds out of the mosques for any reason.
makes one wonder.
I don't want to have to wonder anymore...our kids shouldn't have to worry.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Jesus, Ducky, for a second I thought you wrote that Holder was a Fascist in the finest tradition of JONI Mitchell. Sheesh!