Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Debate

Who do you think won last night?   I think my pal Rich Galen is wrong about Santorum v Romney's performances, but I didn't watch the whole thing.  What do you think?   

I'm interested in hearing the reasoned contributions of my Conservatives commenters...thanks for taking the time.



beamish said...

Santorum got monkey-stomped. Obliterated.

The formulaic and familiar Santorum response was in full bloom last night. "I regret my vote on ________, but..."

Might as well be saying "I know my record SUCKS, but vote for me anyway." [insert constipated smile here]

Something very apparent in last night's debate was the sheer number of times some variation of the phrase "Speaker Gingrich is right..." or "I agree with Speaker Gingrich..." came out of the pie holes of the other clowns on stage. This is true in just about every prior debate as well. Newt kicked all manner of ass last night.

I kept waiting for someone to ask Santorum how he plans to direct our military and intelligence assets towards meeting the threat to America posed by Satan.

FairWitness said...

Hi Z, I thought Newt Gingrich won the debate. His performance was fantastic.

Having said that, though, I was impressed by Mitt Romney, too. He articulated his views well and was strong in delivery. Although, I wish he'd tell us exactly what he'd do, like Newt always does.

One thing bugs me about Romney; why the heck doesn't he just admit that RomneyCare was a mistake? Why can't he say that government - ANY GOVERNMENT (local, state or federal) - has no business interfering with the private sector or mandating anything that is the responsibility and duty of citizens to provide for themselves?

Communities used to provide free health clinics for the poor. That's where is belongs. Communities know who the truly needy are. With decentralized free care mandated and run from Washington DC, we give freebies to weak and lazy citizens who abuse drugs. Current funding for programs for the needy breeds contempt and lawlessness.

Sergeant D Honored Veteran said...

Santorum simply had a bad night. Time for Romney to stop whining and start attacking Obama who is the real one to attack not Santorum.

sue hanes said...

Z - Darn - missed it.

The Truth is - I was so wrapped up in the Events Unfolding In My Life - that I forgot all about it.

I Really would like to have watched it - but I will read the comments here today and see what they say.

Thanks Z.

Ticker said...

Gingrich won hands down. He was the only coherent one on the stage. He was the only one with a clear plan that works and will work.

Santorum was his weak ,mealy mouth usual self who could only attempt to talk about what he did years ago in the Senate when in fact he did little that would qualify him as a POTUS.

Romney, said nothing, just attacked Santorum and showed he has no real plan.

Paul was his usual incoherent self babbling on as if he were trying to be Obama's foreign policy spokesman.

Silverfiddle said...

Who won the debate: Obama

Lisa said...

I ageee that Newt was the clear winner. H is a man with a man plan and he lays it out for us to understand.
Romney I think did well too.
So maybe I have to say the winner is Mitt Gingrich.

I don't care how much they whine,Obama has to go and besides he is the biggest whiner of them all.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

There was a one-word descriptor conspicuously missing from each candidate when they were asked to quantify themselves. And that, folks, bespeaks VOLUMES.


sue hanes said...

beamish - 'Newt kicked all manner of *ss last night.'

Well - yeah - beamish - Newt is Really smart. But if you look into his eyes - to me he looks a little shifty.

Know what I mean- beamish?

sue hanes said...

Ticker - Although I missed the Debate - I think that your assessment of it is Really good.

sue hanes said...

SF - Wow! Good one.

beamish said...


No. I'm intelligent and right-wing. I can't imagine what anyone's eyes must look like from your opposite perspective. Particularly in opining on a debate without actually watching it.

Ducky's here said...

Crocuses are out in Boston. What a strange winter.

Dave Miller said...

BZ... not one said Presidential either...


sue hanes said...

beamish - You make a good point there. But I have looked into Newt Gingrich's eyes on numerous occasions - beamish - and every time they looked shifty.

But then that's just my opinion.

Z said...

I thought Santorum did a great job and is not at all any guiltier of having done things we don't like in the past than Romney or certainly Newt. ugh.

FW....Not me, FW! He could NEVER EVER win and that's all that counts to me today. Not sure Santorum could, either, but if values count anymore, he might. Sadly, they don't, not to most people.

ALL: I think we all see what we want to see in the candidates, that's pretty clear!

sue hanes said...

ducky - I saw a robin today - and it's only the end of February.

sue hanes said...

sorry - z.

I'll try to do better.

Z said...

Sue, Newt can't give an answer without scouring the room for everyone's sycophantic approval as he speaks; it's exactly what his friend Bob Bennett said about him "Newt's a smart guy and nobody thinks he's smarter than he does"...scary.

I'd laugh my bottom off if he's the candidate because who'd give MONEY to this guy? People despise Newt Gingrich and have for years.

sue hanes said...

But gee whiz - z - you get all the good commenters and NO ONE comments on my Blog.

I wonder why.


sue hanes said...

You know what I wish - Z - that we could get on to having Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as the candidates for President.

I think it could be a Really good time - I mean Contest.

Z said...

I agree with you, Sue.
I don't dislike Romney and I think he'd make a good president.
But, I am liking Santorum more and more

Anonymous said...
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Leticia said...

Would you believe I missed it? I got on the phone with my sister, long distance, and we talked for a long time and then the boys and I watched some Star Trek.

Ticker said...

People don't like Gingrich because he says things that make them very uncomfortable. The truth has a tendency to do that. People had better start taking him serious once again because he is the only one who can defeat Obama not only face to face but at the polls where it counts. Folks are afraid to hear the truth and Newt speaks it but push come to shove he is the best thing the GOP has going. Saint Santorum would drop like a fly against Obama, look what Romney did to him! Romney would drop like a fly, look what Paul and Newt does to him everytime they put forth the truth about him. He can spend the money but I am not for electing the one money can buy. We did that last time around and you see what happened?

Bob said...

There was nothing particularly dazzling about the debate last night. Out of the three doing the debating, I thought Santorum did the worst job.

You cannot describe Ron Paul's answers as debating. He is still out in the weeds when it comes to foreign policy.

Newt was Newt. He gave good answers, and challenged CNN over the type of questions they were asking Republicans when they gave Obama a free pass on the same issues.

Mitt Romney gave reasoned responses, and I thought he did well. Nobody made any terrible mistakes.

I believe Mitt Romney should be the GOP candidate, and that he can defeat Barack Obama.

One of things different about this election cycle is the veritable saturation of debates. Never has any set of candidates received so much attention. The remaining candidates have done a good job.

It becomes apparent that if Barack Obama had gone through such a thorough vetting process, he would never have been elected. Indeed, the nation would have been better off with an empty Whitehouse.

His impact on the nations economy and social structure has been negative in every aspect.

Bob said...

Leticia said, " then the boys and I watched some Star Trek".

Good choice.

beamish said...

I don't dislike Romney and I think he'd make a good president.

Hey, Donald Trump endorsement for the win LOL

Z said...

Ticker, no...they don't like Gingrich because he's a self absorbed PUTZ.

Bob, I think Santorum did a very good job but I only saw about half of it and must admit I missed a lot of the economics stuff, where I heard he did the worst.

I so appreciate his take on the American family. He's so right; economy be damned, end of terrorism be damned...without the family, this country's DONE.

Beamish, who the heck cares what Trump says? Now do you negate a candidate because he likes them? :-)

beamish said...

Not at all Z, I negate candidates that aren't conservative.

As for "who cares what Trump says," I'm sure your blog archives, if not your mirror can help with that.

Romney may not be conservative, at all, but hey, at least he's not "milquetoast."

Z said...

beamish, I don't look at anybody as all perfect or all imperfect, it's just not my nature. As for Trump, he's done something right all these years considering his amazing success and, while I have NEVER said I'd vote for someone because Trump likes him (you check my archives, I'm too busy), I sometimes respect what he says.

And by the way, it doesn't matter to me at all if you consider everyone who doesn't think like you liberal... all of us are different and you can think I"m a bleeding heart for all I care.

Gingrich is a egomaniacal loser; support him all you want.
I WISH he wasn't so apparently pathological, believe me. I'm not saying that guy's not really smart. but win this country over? the one that's despised him for years? Good luck with that! :-)

Pris said...

I like Santorum and Newt, because they're direct, and above board.

Sue, if you watch what Obama does instead of listening to his lies, you'd get what shifty really is.

Try paying attention to actions, not style, or looks, and maybe then you'll "get it".

To my mind, no politician is without ego or he/she wouldn't be a politician in the first place.

All I know is this. Whoever get's the Republican nomination, get's my vote. We can't survive four more years of Obama without losing more freedom than we have lost already.

The rest is just talk, and pitting one conservative against another, which is just what the left wants.

Anonymous said...

"Try paying attention to actions, not style, or looks, and maybe then you'll "get it"...."

Sorry Prisc....she's a perfect example of what a waste of time it is to attempt to appeal to those who:

1.) are committed to Oprah

2.) Bill Maher.

3.) Dancing with douche bags.

4.) American Idolitary.

5.) Simple ignorant, unimforned, ignorant, feel good bullshit that they swallow without hesitation.

beamish said...

Gingrich is a egomaniacal loser; support him all you want.
I WISH he wasn't so apparently pathological, believe me. I'm not saying that guy's not really smart. but win this country over? the one that's despised him for years? Good luck with that!

Romney has spent over $54 Million smearing the "despised" Gingrich because he's a financial whiz.