Friday, February 3, 2012

Is Obama KIDDING? "African Americans for Obama?"

They need an organized group to get that result? :-)   See THIS: this yet another DIVIDER or does this bring AMERICANS OF ALL COLORS TOGETHER?

ya, I thought so, too.   It was so shocking to see it at (at Brooke's) that I had to post it here.........things just get more nuts and more she said at her place, she's (tongue-in-cheekedly) thinking of starting a group "Whites for Romney/Newt/Santorum"  ...think it'll fly?  (Is it even legal?) :-)



Bob said...

Obama is all about race.

iT is my speculation that the black community is not enthusiastic about their support for him, and to win he has to have blacks come out to the polls in large numbers. It is hard to be enthusiastic about a loser, and black people are not stupid.

Always On Watch said...

The race card in play. Again!

In fact, Obama has done little for "the African-American community."

Well, he did step in it shortly after taking office.

Brooke said...

So much for that whole post-racial thing, eh?

Obama must be feeling threatened. He knows he has to 'get out the black vote' to stand any chance.

Joe said...

President BO (the child president) and his followers are all racists, why else would his being "black" have been such a big deal in the last election?

Racism is rampant on the left and they can't even see it in themselves (KKK, George Wallace, LBJ, etc.).

Z said...

You're all so right...but how can ANY American find this conscientious? It's unbelievable.


BOB, I hope your speculation is right; I'm not sure they're not enthusiastic...they're certainly not stupid but such upstanding black friends of mine voted for him even with his background on abortion (voting four times in Illinois to prevent babies who've survived abortions not to be helped to live, etc.), even though they're believing Christians...
I think it's very difficult to separate oneself from race and I'm hoping they all (whites and blacks) put our country first this next election.

AOW, that was awful and he sure got a pass in the media, didn't he....allowing this rotten situation he created to pass into history practically unnoticed, except for the awful slam the cops got.'s just so sad. He's been to church about four times, I think, in the last three years, and he's always gone to distinctly black churches like Mt. Zion, which he did on MLK Jr.'s birthday...and I believe it was FREE SLAVES CHURCH last Easter. Sure, he can go to those mostly black churches! But what a message it sends...
And sure, he doesn't have to go to church, but he distinctly talked about he and Michelle finding one soon after the inauguration (they were 'eager' to) then he spouts off on security and why he can't go...but he goes to Black churches. I just don't get him.

by the way, thanks again for finding this video..

Joe, it's not important to US, but the media's painted Republicans as the racists! And here we have a man who frequents only black churches (not counting public events, of course), jumped to awful conclusions (see AOW's link re the Harvard professor and the cops)...he's all about race. We are not.
THen we get called racist because we liked Herman Cain and Alan West, have heroes like C. Thomas and Thomas Sowell, etc.? you just have to laugh!

Silverfiddle said...

Typical democrat party tactic. Divide us up and pit us against one another.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Is he kidding? Probably but the joke is on us.

Pris said...

The far left needs America to be polarized into different groups. Unity gives them less power.

There's no way they can appeal to all Americans, as they should. It's a no way situation, for them to create dependency for all.

They need to create "victims", and to have others to pay for it. It's called divide and conquer!!

Unfortunately, hate and chaos are the two conditions they must have to keep certain groups of people on their plantation. So sad.

Bunkerville said...

He includes Schools? Thats right, we gotta start singing his anthem.

Lisa said...

Pris!!!!Nice to see you!

shoprat said...

Racial hatred and resentment is the hidden doctrine of the far left. A colorblind society is the last thing they want.

Z said...

Interesting that the lefties aren't commenting. I notice that it seems even they are ashamed, from time to time (not often) of what this man's doing and don't comment on some of the more egregious actions.

You're all 1000% right......

They really do only want to divide then call the really non racist party the bad guys (that'd be us)

We're the ones who know Mexicans aren't any more stupid than our ancestors who came here and learned English without "Push here for Armenian..or German" ancestors learned it in weeks, they never had any prompts at the DMV in their language, etc....but the left feels Hispanics need help and special classes (don't forget, union teachers get more money for bilingual teaching, something most people don't realize).....

We want Black America to do every BIT as well as we do; we feel it's their country just as it is ours (Actually, I'm first and second generation and so Black America's WAY more American than I am :-)...

But, we're the party of racists?
Our Republican leaders get raked over the coals for the slights misinterpretation of what they might have said, but let Byrd be an ex KK K recruiter and NOBODY CARES!!? astonishing.

Damn, I have to admit this video REALLY ticked me off.......what damned divider this horrid person is. And no shame?'s great to have Pris back, isn't it. I know it's good for us to have her back; I think it'll be good for her, too

we love you, Pris! xzxx

Pris said...

Thank you Lisa and Z.
It's good to be back with friends.

Anonymous said...

"get out the black vote' to stand any chance."'s not the black vote that got him elected. Think about the numbers.

It's certainly racism when the vote was against the white guy though. Shhhhh....can't say that.

Ticker said...

The ones still on the plantation will always vote for him or any other democrat even if they ran the jackass. Oh he's already running and wow it's brother is running for VP

Anonymous said...

"I think it's very difficult to separate oneself from race..."

You must realize by now...race trumps all. After watching the corrupt scum in the CBC back up the criminal AG, Holder....he could have killed a million Mexicans and 100 Border agents. But it's not truth or justice they're concerned about. It's protecting a "brothers" ass from donning an orange jump suit. Holder...the ultimate gang banger.

Anonymous said...

"Interesting that the lefties aren't commenting..."

White lefties that is. They're the died in the wool anarchists and schmucks that have been digging the country's grave since 1965 anyway.

They're the ones that kumbayed down the tulip lane giving us..."hope... a dope and change" we didn't need.

Beer summits...the Arab Spring...the surrender in Iraq....the surrender of Afghanistan soon....the killing of a desperately needed pipe line...sending GE jobs to the Chinese again...and out of control ATF, DOG and a criminal AG....killing even "greenie" jobs.

And on and on..but hey...Obama's incompetent and a threat to national security....and we get...Yo's a racist.

Blcak churches for Obama? Who the hell cares. If you listen to anything he had to say...he had to stick Islime in there too.

Z said...

I have to laugh at the leftists who deny that the black panthers carrying night sticks wearing Khakis and standing at the doors of voter precincts weren't threatening to voters...remember HOlder dismissed the case?
There they were; the witnesses around the precinct said they wouldn't speak, just stared and carried those big sticks. But that, apparently, isn't voter intimidation.
I think it's a perfect metaphor for what's going on in Holders offices........there IS no truth...there is only his getting back at AMerica for a history he doesn't like no matter HOW WELL Black Americans are doing today. THis is really scary times, folks.

Anonymous said...

Any comments on what Ruth Bader Ginsburg said about the Constitution today?

Not from the resident screwball lefties here. They're chokin their chickens with glee over the yentas comments. Christ....does she have a hot line to Barbara Streisand?

The stupid senile commie slime should be dismissed and tried for treason.

But hell...they'd have to take Kagan and the other commie queen with her too.

Me? Opinionated? said...

The January unemployment numbers were GOOD? The best jobs report we have had in three years?
January Unemployment Rate Falls to 8.3 Percent as 243,000 Jobs Are Added? Yeah, that really sounds like a good report, but it ain't so!.
Well here's an explanation that maybe even most brain-dead Obama worshipers can understand, ( I said maybe)!
OK, here we go..
by John Crudele. New York Post,
Everyone, of course, would be thrilled if 243,000 jobs were actually created in the month of January. Hallelujah!

Remember, we are talking about the month when companies go into hibernation because of bad weather and temporary Christmas jobs end. Jobs aren’t created in January. They are lost.
Yet there it is in the Labor Department release yesterday — total non-farm payrolls rose by 243,000 in January and the unemployment rate decreased to 8.3 percent.
A lie? Political manipulation? Or maybe it’s just that most people don’t understand what they’re looking at. The answer is the latter.
Those 243,000 jobs are the total after seasonal adjustments.
The question you should be asking is, what’s the un-tampered-with number before the adjustment?
Glad you asked. The Labor Department reported a loss of 2,689,000 jobs in January.
Seasonal adjustments are intended to smooth out holiday bumps like that. But because of the depth and unusual nature of the nation’s Great Recession, those seasonal adjustments are being skewed.
Here’s how it works: In January 2010, as I said, there was an actual, unadjusted job loss of 2,858,000 jobs.
To make it simple, the government computers were expecting a bigger unadjusted loss than the 2,689,000 jobs because last January’s decline was 2,858,000.
Why weren’t there as many job losses this January? Very likely because the weather throughout the country is a lot milder this year than during the past two January's.
A loss of jobs that isn’t as bad as expected turns into a job gain. Does that mean there really are 243,000 new jobs out there? Absolutely not.
Let’s say there are rumors in your company that 300 people are going to be laid off. Instead, management decides to fire just 200.
Two hundred people, of course, have lost their jobs. But, adjusting it for expectations, 100 people didn’t get fired. Using this analogy, the government would say that, on an expectation-adjusted basis, 100 jobs were created.
That’s sort of what happened in the January employment report because of seasonal adjustment.
The numbers themselves shouldn’t be changed because continuity from year to year is important for comparisons. But people should be alerted when seasonal adjustments are screwing with the numbers.
Someday maybe the Obama administration will tell the truth! Yeah, someday, maybe even in our lifetime. But I doubt it.. Or when hell freezes over.

Z said...

Imp..I didn't hear anything about what Ginsberg said...what is it??

ME?...there are experts agreeing with you on this. I heard the jobs numbers were the best in 2 years and thought "Man, that Obama can't be any luckier! JOBS are the big criticism of his administration, and JOBS are happening now before the'd he get that lucky?" but I'm hearing variations on what you've so kindly written here.

but the experts who're a little more careful about what these great numbers mean aren't on CNN or MSNBC or New York Times, I guess; so the lefties and many independent voters who don't pay close attention, will say "See? it's the conservatives who are questioning these great numbers, BUT THEY JUST WANT AMERICANS TO THINK OBAMA'S SCREWING UP AND WON'T ADMIT HE'S NOT"

CNN was slamming FOX NEWS before they ever got on the air (I remember so vividly thinking "gad, they haven't started the channel yet, why are they dissing it already!?"
Now we know; it was important that they set a negative stage so people would kill the messenger, ignoring what THEY HEARD was probably THE TRUTH. really very scary.

We get lib commenters here saying things like "That can't be true, you need to stop listening to FOX...turn off talk idiots!" (and worse).....
then they quote far left venues as if they're funny.

Me? Opinionated? said...

Obama has created ONE QUARTER the amount of jobs than Ronald Reagan did and ONE HALF as many as the average amount that American Presidents have.

Elmers Brother said...

Only the gubmint could come up with a system to measure unemployment in such a way that when people give up looking for work the number of unemployed drops.

CNN could just look to the non partisan CBO that reported that the real unemployment rate was well above 10%.

Always On Watch said...

It's simple, folks: the mainstream media is not going to publicize actual statistics for unemployment. The reasons for this are apparent -- and one of the biggest hurdles to sending BHO down to defeat in November.

Leticia said...

"African-Americans for Obama." Makes me sick to hear that.

This is America we are all one people, and I am fed up with Obama, the MSM and liberals pulling the race card.

He is the racist, not us.

Z said...

Elbro, I saw the CNN dicussion this morning.....even the quasi-conservative shill they have on believed the numbers...Ali was thrilled ;-)
I think conservatives are afraid to say they don't believe the numbers for fear the left will diss them for "not being happy about anything Obama does" if we'd be unhappy if jobs were really picking up so much.

There seems to be a trend, I think that's a good thing, but when the lib on CNN had to say "People are golfing in CHicago in January.." as an indication that our economy is improving, that's scary. Also, she forgot those playing golf might just be (gasp!) part of that "nasty 1%" (which pays all the bills for this country, of course) :-) Ginsberg things she'd look to other countries if she had to rewrite our constitution and she's a sworn member anointed to withhold our constitution? WOW, this is seriously scary.
And, by the way, she gives THIS information to an interviewer in EGYPT. Real guts, huh? Think she'd say that here? Sort of like when CLinton went to the Labor Convention in England which I watched live while living in Paris, and he slammed Bush SO insultingly...

She's so scary she says thinks that the constitution isn't for ALL OF THE GOD.she

there's the link.

She thinks that the constitution isn't for ALL OF THE GOD.

Z said...

Always, it's simple, and yet Americans are still so much into true freedom and truth and equality that it STILL seems unbelievable to have a president like we have now...

As LETICIA here just confirmed! :-)

Anonymous said...

"This is America we are all one people..."

Nah...we strived to be...we used to be. Not any longer. Not with "minority" groups Like La Raza this, Latino that...the CBC, SPLC, Rainbow this...NAACP...Black this Black that. This history month, Cinco de Mayo...Hatian "history" month. 26 languages on voters 1 for English.

We've lost America to grievance organizations....spite, hate, racial separatism and tribal loyalties.

We're looking more like Europe every day...with it's failed immigration policies that could never work or be integrated into the host country...immigrants that don't work and want to bring their failed "cultures" along with them...but take ...consume and never produce anything but strife for the host.

Anonymous said...

A quote about the commie Ginsburg...

"“For a sitting U.S. Supreme Court justice to speak derisively about the Constitution she is sworn to uphold is distressing, to say the least.

Justice Ginsburg’s comments about our Constitution undermine the Supreme Court as an institution dedicated to the rule of law, as well as our founding document.”

According to Liberty Counsel, “For a United States Supreme Court justice, entrusted with the duty to interpret the Constitution, this type of statement is unacceptable.

Justice Ginsburg failed to respect the authority of the document that it is her duty to protect.

When given the opportunity to promote American liberty abroad, Justice Ginsburg did just the opposite and pointed Egypt in the direction of progressivism and the liberal agenda.”

In a saner proud America...this commie would be driven from office and tried in a court of law...jailed, fired and her pension donated to Wounded Warriors.

Z said...

Imagine any American who loves this country going to Egypt and telling them we could do better over here by way of a better constitution.....she's quite something, isn't she.

I'd have never have thought WE THE PEOPLE would be turned into a communist rallying cry, especially by a supreme court justice.

Jan said...

Imp..I'm surprised that we still rate that number, since we're, obviously, at the bottom of the totem pole, right now. I'm just surprised that "English" isn't at the bottom of a long list, with "White" in front of it.

Z..I'm glad you posted this, so that, at least, some who simply can't accept the fact that he is not trying to make us one America, can see more proof that he isn't.

It was all I could do to finish listening to the video after only his first few words. It is disgusting. He managed to include the two issues that he is using for his reelection: Race, and class warfare. I hope that people can realize what he is doing, and do the right thing...which is to vote him out of office.

Also, can you imagine the hue and cry if one of the Republican Justices said anything even close to what Ginsburg said?

If Egypt, and the other places like it, are so great, why DON'T they just become their citizens, and officially swear their allegiance to them?

Pris...I'm so glad that you're back! I pray that you are well.

If only I could convey what I want to say in a comment as concisely as you do it!

Anonymous said...

Why do I have a feeling that we will not see a European Americans for Romney group. Newt may be crazy enough to try?

Catherine Moore-Barry said...

I'm a IT contractor. I've been without a contract since October. Traditionally, things pick up in January since that is when budgets for new projects get approved. I have had tons of recruiter contacts, submissions and phone screens and then the recruiter contacts me with, "project on hold". What that tells me is that Obozo has created so much uncertainty, that growth is and will continue to be at a standstill.

Libs cherry pick and jack data to support their agendas, and always have. If you look closely at the so called 'scientists' that produced the Global Warming data, none of them are credentialed weather scientists. It is the left wing elitist way. I don't believe the data on employment is any more real than the existence of teen-aged, flesh eating zombies is real. Lying is a specialty that our communist loving MSM will use to promote the philosophy of government control of the mindless masses.

Anonymous said...

"any more real than the existence of teen-aged, flesh eating zombies is real....

No, no no...they are real. They're now called flash mobs since flesh eating zombies is so icky and un PC.

Google it...and you'll see "disaffected youts stalking their prey in every major zombie center in America.

Catherine Moore-Barry said...

LOL @ Impertinent. Wow, did stimulus dollars buy the zombie centers? I bet some of them are hanging out at Occupy Berserkley!