Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ShePAC...........who knew?

 Have you heard yet of ShePAC, a group of Republican women getting their own SUPER PAC together?   They're hoping to raise $25 million this year which, by Obama fundraising spending, is a drop in the bucket, but WHO DO YOU THINK WOMEN THE AVERAGE REPUBLICAN WILL VOTE FOR between:

?  and why?


Silverfiddle said...

But they're conservative women, so they don't count. Just like conservative minorities aren't really minorities anymore...

A Pissed Off Irishman said...

I don't know about the women, but I'm for Santorum to end this BS and in-fighting. However ABO.

Opus #6 said...

I'm getting excited to see Santorum's comeback. I was beginning to lose hope.

FairWitness said...

Hi Z, I'm supporting Newt Gingrich and have become a Delegate at Large for him in WV. I like the experience he has in Washington DC and the detailed plans he has to reform and reduce the size of government.

Ducky's here said...

Let the Republican's punch themselves out and waste their bankroll on the primaries.

The Black Messiah is laughing. Laughing real hard.

Ducky's here said...

Someone should point out that L'il Ricky won no delegates yesterday and the number of participants in the caucuses was extremely low.

Means nothing except everyone keeps spending.

Ducky's here said...

I can only recognize 6. Who are the top 2 and the blond next to (m)Ann Coulter?

Z said...

SF...conservatives in this country have been painted not to count, period.
The undermining started after the Cold War ended, the school indoctrination, the subtle demeaning in films, TV, etc., with "oh that's REPUBLICAN" as if it's TYPHOID....the constant drumbeat in the media support for anything liberal and its disdain for anything conservative.
Now a lib here will say "But you have FOX and talk radio!" wait for it.

Irishman....Santorum's disappointed me, frankly, because he has become a little more 'typical' in his political insults. For anyone, for example, to harp on Romney's statement about the very poor shows a real disinterest in context because the man was basically absolutely right.

Opus, it does give hope but I don't believe he can win. Just shows us there are still Americans voting good values.

FW...Well, I'm still waiting for a senator or congressman from Newt's days to endorse him...that would say a lot. I admire your efforts but I have to admit I"m not a fan.

Ducky, this is all a lot of spending and emotions for nothing; Obama can't lose with the money he's got and the media; most people understand that. They skewer a Republican for any slightest misspeak, yet Americans voted for Obama when he lied about knowing Ayers and many other things. It's going to be your kind of country soon, Ducky...another 4 years will allow him to take the gloves off for socialism. You've whined he's not been left enough; you ain't seen nothin' yet.

And we've got a Supreme Court to worry about. And that's what I'll be reminding Conservatives who come out with that horrid "I'm not voting this time because X isn't conservative enough"....THINK SUPREME COURT>

I'll be happy with a Dem Senate and House, and it looks like that's a distinct possibility, particularly considering Santorum's popularity that was shown yesterday.

Z said...

Bo Derek, Janine Turner (who's now blonde and worse for it) and I don't know the bottom right blonde...someone else will

Brooke said...

Romney or Santorum.

cube said...

Peggy Noonan?

Bunkerville said...

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah :))

Ticker said...

Bunkerville, you are beating a dead horse. Sarah, can't win PERIOD.

Santorum can't win and his record is less than sterling and he complains about Gingrich's. At least Gingrich has done something that no other Speaker or Republican has done. Balanced four budgets and even under a Dem President. Cut Welfare spending and it would have gotten a lot more cuts if the Dems had not started the vendetta against him. He is the only one who can stand up to Obama in a debate and pack his lunch and put him on the bus.
Romney is Obama Lite as many are finding out. He might repeal OBAMANOCARE but the rest will be business as usual. He can't be tough when the going gets rough.
Paul, is a loser PERIOD. He may have some good ideas re: the Fed and cutting out agencies but his foreign policy is a disaster, much the same as Obama's but the Paulites can't see the forest for the trees.
Frankly I like to see a brokered convention like the old days. We might come up with a real winner like Bolton, West or even a surprise candidate yet to appear. Don't think the $$$ of the ShePac will go to Romney unless there is no other choice and then I am afraid it's wasted money. The Dems will crucify him and Obama and teleprompter will chew him up and spit him out.

Ducky's here said...

Bolton or West?

Delusional. You aren't even knocking on the door.

Impertinent said...

"next to (m)Ann Coulter?"..

If Coulter's what you say...what's that make Maddow? Ahhhh...a 12 year old Peter Pan, right?

Ducky's here said...

... and Laura Ingraham makes[ two.

Lisa said...

Ducky needs to spread more of his wealth.

Ducky's here said...

Well Lisa, I got pretty disgusted and ashamed owning Apple stock. I felt real guilt over profiting from sweatshops.

I sold it, realized a very large gain and gave 75% of it to the Boston Food Bank. I will not claim it as a tax deduction so I realize virtually nothing.

I agree with you.

Liberalmann said...

ShePAC, lol! Looks like the finest collection of morons that gender has to offer.

Good, let them waste their money. Nobody will beat Obama.

Elmers Brother said...

Duhkkky Romney barely has 10% of the delegates needed, so no one is that close to the nomination in the delegate count. Duh.

Elmers Brother said...

And if liberal economic policies hadn't driven those jobs overseas duhkkky could have moved to Cuba by now.

Impertinent said...

"ealized a very large gain and gave 75% of it to the Boston Food Bank..." you spent it on Chardonnay, wheat beer and foie gras for the swells on the quad. Just like Bill Ayers and his killer Ho would. Nothing but the best for the radicals, right?

Chuck said...

I looked at the link, this isn't about presidential politics. It's to support women congressional and gubernatorial candidates.

As to who they will support, if they did? I think the only likely one is Romney, for better or worse.

-Santorum is boring (sadly this matters to both sexes)

-Paul is crazy

-Gingrich has too much baggage for women to support

-Romney has baggage too (A lot of it) but not something that will turn women off IMHO


ShePAC, lol! Looks like the finest collection of morons that gender has to offer.

You really have nothing relevant to add do you?

This guy makes Duhky look, well, less idiotic.

Impertinent said...

" Looks like the finest collection of morons..."

Yea...lets put them up against all the bull dykes like DWS, Hellary and Nappy. Dems broads...the ugliest species on the planet....uglier than the mold on the inside of a septic tank.

Guess you see mom in all of them?

Leticia said...

I am supporting Santorum 100% He is true conservative and is a supporter of traditional values, is pro-life, pro-marriage and believes in adhering to the Constitution of the United States.

I believe he can get this nation back on top.

Z, check your e-mail. I have a surprise for you.

Z said...

Peggy's in the middle, Cube, yes.
WHo's the lower right bottom?

BUnkerville, you like Sarah? I don't think many women do.

Chuck, seeing ShePAC just made me curious about women in general and who they'd go for; you're right, this group isn't about presidential picks. I believe these women are spot on, however, in forming this group, because I strongly believe Republicans will take the Senate and keep the House in November.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I'm happy Santorum is doing well Z! Have a great night my friend:)

Z said...

To everyone who's sent me an email:

I RARELY check my foodfan email address inbox, I'm so sorry.

Please know I just did for the first time in a long time only because of Leticia's nudge...

If I haven't answered you for a long time, (and there were many emails there and I have responded), please know this wasn't intentional.

God bless. z

Impertinent said...

"A ducky dinner for the swells"..

Ducky's menu includes Stalin steaks, with a side of WikiLeak soup, Marxist Mashed potatoes and Hungarian Gulag. Desert included ice cream on a "comrade cone" or red velvet cake. Trouble is, no matter what you consume at Ducky's you end up with the Trotskies.

If anyone needs immediate service, all they had to do was slam their shoe on the table. Though I really don't know how they ate anything after the Alinsky appetizers which were personalized, frozen and polarized.

Was there wine? Yes! Soros's special reserve pinot noir which always has the distinctive aftertaste of crow.

Bon appetite.....commie frauds. Nothing but the best for the oligarchy right?

History has shown this to be true....yet Ducky and his lunatic comrades want to make sure this is again...the status quo....even though the commies themselves have basically abandoned the

Ticker said...

Bolton or West , Yes Duck. Tell me who has more foreign affairs experience than Bolton? Who else has the guts to call it like it is when dealing with a bunch of idiots in the ME ? His experience in the UN tops any of those running. West fits in there with Bolton when dealing with the idiots in the ME. He earned the tee shirt that says been there, done that.
Either of them is certainly more able to deal with both than the "current occupier" of the WH. His policies are total failures since all the countries in the ME and the rest of the world for that matter see him as weak and thus the US as weak.
Susan Rice, Odummers UN rep is a laughing stock. She failed to take any action with Syria a year ago when this mess began and now she calls for sanctions knowing that Russia and China will veto them. But then that was probably her plan in the first place. She failed to do anything more than talk and has yet to offer the first thing to do in regard with Iran.
So tell me Duck, who would be better?

Ticker said...

Libturd what ever it is that you are smoking, you'd better stop cause it has already destroyed what few brain cells you may have had and will certainly kill you if you continue smoking it.

Ticker said...

Leticia, your Saint Santorum has about as many flip flops in his closet as does Romney. He ain't got a chance so don't waste your efforts. His 'beauty contest" wins didn't do a thing other than give him a big head. Last night he looked like a Pennsylvania red neck all rared back with his thumbs stuck in his suspenders. He couldn't even sting a sentence together without stuttering and stammering. Obama would pack his lunch and eat it for him in a debate.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah Tocker, the scary Muslims are coming to put the women in burqas, take your beer and cut of your supply of pork ribs.

We need a patriot like John Bolton to start a war, drive the price of oil to $6.00 and send most of the war mongering posters here to the freaking poor house.

Keep thinking.

Kid said...

Women don't seem to like Newt.

Outside of that - Anybody But Oblabber.

Kid said...

Imp.. "Guess you see mom in all of them?"

A-Hahaha. And him/her self.

Seriously lib is a put on. No one is that stupid.

But seriously, if BUSH would have only signed on to Kyoto, we wouldn't have this globals warmings nightmare, and Ohio would Not be suffering from the recent earthquakes. People wouldn't be starving all over the place as we try to get 100 million people to work and back on corn based ethanol. Our muslim fiends would love us. We would all be 'coexisting' and we'd all have endless root beer floats for life.
On the good ship lollipop. liberalmonkey's dream ship. heheh

I'm with you liberalwhateveryouare. World Peace Baby! No more plastic ! Revolution!! For the People !!!!!
Achtung Baby !!

Leticia said...

Ticker, not true, so far he has had a clean record and no skeletons in his closet. I never once said he was a "saint" your words not mine.

One more thing, he did awesome and maybe he was just excited. I would rather a person that stutters and does a great job in office than a moron who can give great speeches and does crap while in office.

Lisa said...

I sold it, realized a very large gain and gave 75% of it to the Boston Food Bank. I will not claim it as a tax deduction so I realize virtually nothing.

Oh Dukky yo should have let Obama redistribute it for you, He knows how best to spend it for you.
Not to worry those days are coming.

Z said...

Kid! I almost fell for your "if Bush had only signed Kyoto..."

But, I also fell for what looks like a Microsoft scam last night and could be in BIG TROUBLE....:-(
awful...I am the biggest cynic about some things and I can't BELIEVE I fell for the thing!'nuff said.

Kid said...

Z, the scammers are getting Real tricky. Hope it didn't hurt much or at all in fact.

Z said...

Kid, I"m in the midst of a mess until my computer woman can come by...and she'd better come soon! thanks.

Kid said...

Z, I'll offer to help, but honestly, that is probably going to be a hands on thing. (and my wife would object !) A little humor. Very little.

Here's my best suggestion. Can you go back to a Restore Point before the carnage ? I'd try that first.

Impertinent said...

"Can you go back to a Restore Point before the carnage ? I'd try that first."

My experience with that garbage get a problem...reboot ( normal thing to do ) and that becomes another / last restore point.

Then I've experienced it's complete failure to restore all the apps...ect.

So it useless. The one type of restore that's fool proof and complete in an entire image restore of that hard drive.

I see that Win 7 has that built in now ( called a system image ) but you need another hard drive. External USB's work fine...and a a boot disk to restore.

Norton Ghost is still the best. Need a boot disk to restore from an internal or external image too.

Kid said...

Imp, Well, I've use restore successfully. Depends what's going on of course, and it's a 'first thing to try' is all was my suggestion.

Yea, personally, I have two external 1tb drives, and image backup to them using Acronis. One is always unplugged toggled weekly. So, even if a lightning strike, a week is the most I can lose. Theft I'm S*, but I don't want to pay Carbonite or Mosey, tho those are good options if you simply can't lose your stuff.

I don't bother with RAID as I've lost both drives before.

Z, I hope you get your data back, you can always re-install if you have your CD Key, and sometimes you need the Vendor's disk with special drivers if there are any. There are with Dell for example.

Impertinent said...

"I don't bother with RAID as I've lost both drives before."

Man...that;s shitty! How often can that happen with a stripe set oR a mirror?

Gawd...yea I forgot about flavor of the week but does the job too.

I've just stuck with Ghost forever...when all ya needed was a floppy to boot.

Like I said...I'm on a Mac now. I just use..."Super Duper"...can boot from Firewire or USB....comes in handy.

But I have two 1t's internally and the others a mix of FW / USB.

Usually when you loose a's mainly Email right? Cause I never keep docs and other work ( images ) soley on the boot drive.

Kid said...

Imp, Yea it was a mirror. I don't know what happened but 'something' zapped the boot drive which is of course both of them and that's all she wrote. You could plug them as a slave in another PC and they weren't even recognized devices anymore.

If you have something that works why change. I just personally Despise Norton/Symantec. Their security and anti-virus software is such garbage. And now we found out they had their software stolen in 2006 and didn't bother to tell anyone? That's a horse with two broken legs imo.

Yeah, it's mainly email, settings, software updates, stuff like that. Hasn't happened yet though but an acceptable loss if it does.

I toggle the power cords on the externals and one click a taskbar icon for the backup when I head off for the night. Couldn't be easier.

Kid said...

PS, I use windows firewall and ESET Nod32 Anti-virus. I don't bother with any other scanning software like spybot, etc etc. and I don't have problems.

AVG is probably the bet Free anti-virus

Impertinent said...

"I use windows firewall and ESET Nod32 Anti-virus."

Good setup and I agree AVG is damn good...with a nice GUI too.

Firewall? There's one in a Mac but I just use the Software in my router...Have never had a problem. Yet I use "Clam" as as an equivalent to's free like most stuff for a Mac...I run it every month or so...then I get tired cause I never had a trojan or virus.

But...there's a very cool website to check out...GRC.Com

Run his scan on open ports, shares..etc...Clik on Shields up...then scroll down to the Shield UP Ports or File Sharing...see how your rig resists pings and Attacks...

Kid said...

Imp, Thanks, I'll check it out. I will say this (briefly I hope!)
I work in IT, private wholesale Co, that has some repeat customers who use credit cards. After the Target credit card data theft, the gov made everyone dealing with credit card numbers ON their system comply to a set of regs. PCI. We have a load of outside sales people who had lenovo tablet/laptops with Windows XP. Had to run scans on them monthly and fix anything that popped out (which was a regular thing). Real pain.
We recently replaced them all wiht iPad2's and no longer have to run those scans since iOS is trusted enough to deal with data security. That is impressive.
And a big part of why Apple stock is at 500 clams and going much higher market conditions permitting.

Kid said...

To clarify, if a business has a credit card reader where customers swipe their card, no scanning is necessary. It's only when you want to maintain a card on file so your customer doesn't have to give it to you on each order.

Impertinent said...

"Real pain.
We recently replaced them all wiht iPad2's and no longer have to run those scans since iOS is trusted enough to deal with data security. That is impressive..."

Damn right that's impressive. Look Kid...I have to it because C+ is so easy to hack and Objective / Unix is not ( and that Mac / Apple still use Unix ( which to me in all honesty,,,ain't that easy to get a handle on...I can do whatever I want in DOS or Virtual DOS easily VDM...I like the command structure more than Unix )...????

Is that it? I'm involved in writing a new app for IOS devices right now...set up an LLC...have a team of code gurus and they work in Objective experience with that's always so much prettier on a Mac then it is on a PC. And the IPads / Iphones Macs too.

Most PC users that say they hate Mac and love their IPhones over their PCs...don't even know it! LMAO

Kid said...

Imp, Unix is not easy to get a handle on. Its command language is very C oriented though, but the inventors who named the commands must have split their sides laughing.

In the case of iOS, I think it is more Job's keeping marginal software, let alone dangerous software such as Flash off the device. There aren't a lot of user defined options, and imo, user defined options are when you start letting the bats into the basement. I don't have much of a view into the actual transmissions of these things, I'm an application programmer mainly.

MK said...

They'll vote for Romney if they want to beat obama.