Thursday, February 16, 2012

blogger word verification SPAM

How many of you with Blogger don't have WORD VERIFICATION requirements and get spam because of it?
Blogger's now got TWO word verifications and, as I travel our corner of the blogosphere, I see it more and more and it's blinding to figure those stupid things out.   Anybody ever get spam for having the verification off?
And how's spam present itself, anyway?


Silverfiddle said...

I have it on and still get the occasional spambot

Kid said...

I do not have verification on, and have only gotten spam in the spam catchall that does not appear in the comments section of my posts.

I go in once a month or even less frequently and delete the spam.

Of course, I'm not as popular or good looking as you and Silver so maybe you get more spam...

Kid said...

Z, Did you not used to have verification turned on? My last comment went through with no verification.

If you had it and were able to turn it off, please share the voodoo that you were able to do to turn that sucka off. Thanks.

Pris said...

This is a test.

Z said...

So what do I look for? what IS SPAM??

Kid, let me go see so I can be detailed...

Z said...


Honestly, I didn't know it was an option!

so what will SPAM look like, folks??

Kid said...

Z, Wow, you must still be using the 'old' blogger to be able to access that setting. ? Anyone on the new blogger doesn't have it available.

Spam for me is this -

Click on Design on the upper right of my page.

Click on Comments.

Click on Spam. See Spam. See Spam Run. Delete Spam. ;-)

Bob said...

This is a spam test.

For the next ten Spams this blogger will spam your comment section.


You have been spamed.

There is no way to keep all the spam out. Sometimes it is humans doing the dirty deed, and sometimes it is Ducky, a famous liberal spam machine. Maybe I do it, too.

The miracle is that most is caught by the software.

SCdottr2012 said...

Speaking for myself, yes, I have had to squint through two different codes -words or some sort of strange language to post comments here.

Opus #6 said...

Spamments don't happen on my blog because of moderation of all comments.

The ones I don't post, however, sometimes come with a generic-sounding comment, and a link to another website.

SCdottr2012 said...

Now, you know, last night, I had to jump through some hoops but just now, I did not.
Seriously, I have not activated of deactivated anything.

Bunkerville said...

Then there is Wordpress! :)

Z said...

Dottr, I removed the word more hoops for now!

KID, I just don't get what the HECK SPAM IS? What will I SEE???
And where will it be?
I don't know about the new Blogger..I hated it and posting was WAY more complicated so Beamish told me how to go back to the old way and I'm very happy again..You just click on a little round icon that looks like a cog or gear or donut with little bumps on it and it prompts you to go back to the original way. Hallejiah!

Bunkerville...aren't you happier now that I got rid of the words? I hope you keep coming back:)
I hate Wordpress. I just like this old familiar format for me.
I'm no computer techie and I need the FAMILIAR!!

beamish said...

It dramatically slows down spam attacks from far-left homosexual Naderite sock puppets too.

Bob said...

Sorry,Z. I just don't get it about I tried it a couple of times and found it lacking. Since I am on Wordpress, I have access to a world class spam comment filter, not that I have that many comments to filter.

With so much better stuff out there, I don't know why people stick with

Roger Owen Green said...

I visit several blogs a week, and the Blogger WV captcha is a royal PITA. I usually can't read the 1st of 2 words.

Does ANYONE need BOTH WV AND comment moderation? Makes commenting a chore.

Z said...

Roger, I have neither word verification or moderation on now, at least that's what I programmed.

Bob, I just find this easier and I find the comments pages more satisfying in their, I'd never figure out how to move a blog and I don't want help.
So, there you go :)

What's so big deal difficult about my blog now ? I have no word verification and I am so rarely on moderation, what's up?

Kid said...

Z, For whatever reason, I don't get that option when I click on my gear.

I am being disenfranchised. As usual.

Kid said...

Z, Click on Design on your blog page upper right.

Click on the Comments Tab.

Right below the comments tab see the smaller links for Published and Spam.

Click on Spam. If you have any spam it will be there.

Bob said...

My Daddy used to tell the story about a country boy who took a bus to the big city. On arriving, he went to the bus station diner, and sat at the counter. The waitress asked him what he would like.

He replied, "I want a cup of coffee and a piece of pie."

Being a good waitress, she said, "What kind of pie do you want? We have apple, peach cobbler, and lemon ice box pie."

Thoroughly flummoxed by the waitress's recitation the country boy replied, " I didn't know there was any kind of pie but 'tater pie."

So, Z, if is all you know, I will yield to the lady and abstain from comments about its deficiencies.

Z said...

Kid, thanks...I followed your instructions (thanks) and had 28 spams but they're just comments! 28 since October...
normal comments which I think also appeared here. weird.

all from my normal commenters.

I still don't know what SPAM is :-)

Kid said...

Z. Spam

Or This

So, are you going to drop by and see my post dedicated to your purse?