Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Voter Fraud in MINNESOTA...any question?

Do you think it's only in Minnesota that fraud is THIS EASY?
(thanks, Mustang)



Silverfiddle said...

We could fix this easily. Purge the rolls every two years. You must present yourself to the county office with state ID in hand every two years to be registered to vote.

No online voting, no absentee ballots unless you are out of the country, no diebold machines. No Acorn or Communist party workers or whatever registering people to vote.

Of course, mention any of these, and liberals scream in outrage...

sue hanes said...

Z - Do you think Tom Brady is Really Depressed?

Because Depression - especially in men - can be a Serious Thing.

We need to talk about Depression - so that these People can get the HELP THAT THEY NEED.

And Z - we need to get to the bottom of this Voter Fraud ASAP.

Thanks Z - for this Great Post.

Fredd said...

Voter fraud is particularly easy in Minnesota, because the population is the dumbest in the US, by far.

What other voting public would elect a professional wrestler as governor (Jesse Ventura), or a failed comedian as a US senator (Al Franken)?

No other state has as many dumb people as Minnesota. Not even close.

Dave Miller said...

Must be pretty easy in Indiana too as the Sec of State there has actually been convicted of voter fraud. 6 felony counts to be exact. But no matter, the governor is trying to get the felony charges reduced to misdemeanors so the convicted felon can keep his job, which of course oversees elections.

Odd that the person whose job it is to police and certify elections in a state is the one who is convicted of fraud. And yet we've heard very little about this from the media on either side.

Z said...

SF...a huge problem is PROVISIONAL BALLOTS, where I've seen people vote, sign a book, and leave...they signed because they weren't in the registered voter book! I know for a fact these Provisional ballot books aren't looked at...imagine? You could do that ALL DAY LONG..vote vote vote.
I have seen it happen twice.

Sue...I don't know about Brady but I wouldn't blame him. I think he's just more real upset about losing the Super Bowl.
I think a lot is being done to combat clinical depression.

Fredd...we have to know fraud isn't just in Minnesota, but you do have a point!

Dave, thanks...you don't hear of too much fraud by Republicans, but you found one. I know that you'll provide a list later, but there is a lot we don't hear about the Democrats, though there are lists, trust me.
There was so much fraud in the Obama/Hillary election that I published here back then...videos of Chicago Hillary workers in Houston talking about just AWFUL threats they saw made, etc. A Democrat Hillary supporter who made a documentary about Dem voter fraud because she was so upset about Hillary's loss and heard so much about the fraud.

This isn't about politics and I'm sorry you interjected it, frankly.
This is a problem we all need to face. (I didn't think you were that defensive, tell you the truth!)
I hesitate to mention Europe because Americans seem to go nuts, but they have it made there, voting-wise. One person, one vote. One day, ONE ID and you vote and cannot vote again. No late votes, no early votes, as far as I know.
One votes. Mention any of THESE and most AMericans scream in rage that "Europe can't be better at us at anything!" Well...surprise...

When you can't trust Americans to register in advance, they shouldn't be voting.

Lisa said...

Z I am sure Obam worked his Chicago politics like he did when when he ran for the state senate:

for those like Dave who may not know or care

soapster said...

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

Average American said...

And we here in New Hampshire thought we might have had a few questionable votes during the primary. We didn't hold a candle to this crappe!!

Joe said...

There are those in this country, especially in leadership, who believe voter fraud is the way to go!

Dave Miller said...

Z, how is it politics? Both sides are guilty of voter suppression and probably fraud. The problem is that neither side wants to face up to the facts that both sides are dirty...

The results are the same... people voting where and when they shouldn't... only the methods are different...

Bob said...

Democrats didn't invent voter fraud, they wrote the book on it.

The folks in Minnesota are happy with the current fraud because it is always the Democrats who cheat. Occasionally, I am sure there is a Republican or Libertarian to fall from grace, but corruption has been institutionalized in the Democrat Party.

In Georgia we have a voter ID law, and there are legal challenges by those who want to continue fraud, i.e., Democrats. Why does the Democrat Party oppose honest elections?

Bunkerville said...

I am with SF on this one.

Ducky's here said...

No voter fraud has occurred.

The clerk must now validate the registration and if it is accepted and "Tim Tebow" tries to vote, that constitutes voter fraud.

However if these budding Fred Wiseman's tried to vote under the name it would be a felony which is why none of these moronic video's ever demonstrate fraud.

Why is it that conservatives can't produce good documentarists? I can only think of one who was really outstanding.

Ducky's here said...

... actually Robert Flaherty makes two.

Elmers Brother said...

Well since you know all documentarians we'll just have to trust you duhkkky.

Ducky's here said...

Feel free to name one (other than Leni Riefenstahl) Elmo.

Elmers Brother said...

Feel free to tell anyone how you would know the political ideology of every documentarian.

Leticia said...

Wow! That's pretty alarming. My husband isn't registered to vote, so does that mean I can vote on his behalf? Heck, I know a few unregistered voters, I guess I could help them out and vote for them as well.

That's crazy!

If you don't have a picture ID and a copy of your social security cared, then you should not be able to vote, period.

Sam Huntington said...

Mr. Madison told us, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” I think most conservatives agree with Thomas Paine, “That government is best which governs least.”

If we do not exercise due care over the institution of voting, then we are all in danger of losing our right of free and fair elections. The lady said, “We are not the police …” and this is true. But she is a government official, entrusted to exercise due care and diligence over her function, which is to register those citizens who are entitled to participate in the voting process in Minnesota.

There is no “fraud” when the government allows unfettered access to voting booths by nefarious individuals … but we are properly concerned when government is so lax, so negligent in its duty, that we run the risk destroying our electorial process. The citizens of Minnesota should be ashamed of themselves.

Chuck said...

This is the argument from the left

No voter fraud has occurred.

The clerk must now validate the registration and if it is accepted and "Tim Tebow" tries to vote, that constitutes voter fraud.

See, it's fine. Stop worrying Z.

Dave, we have heard about the GOP conviction in Indiana. Have you heard much about the 2008 Obama primary fraud in Indiana on the fringe media?

Z said...

Lisa, excellent to post that link, but you know it's okay if the left does this. :-(

Soapster....I think the next election will be more about fraud than talent.

AA and Joe, isn't it horrible.
And imagine AMERICANS who'd feel it's more important to win than to be honest in an election?
But, it's the same with journalists these days...our kids aren't taught in universities to "WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? and WHY?" it's all about YOUR OPINION and MAKE SURE IT"S A LEFTWING OPINION IF YOU'RE GOING TO WORK FOR THIS PAPER or READ THE NEWS AT CNN.
no integrity anymore.

Ducky, I know. If it doesn't back your ideology, it's not true.
Do you hear yourself? Wow

Sam, the citizens of this country should be ashamed because this can't be a 'one off' occurrence. I'll never forget the Obama treatment of voters in Houston and that was only one place at that time.
And the provisional ballot situation MUST BE STOPPED because nobody looks at those ballots.
I saw a pretty young black girl run into my precinct when Obama was running and say "I live really far away but I work nearby so can I vote HERE?" They let her! She signed the book and off she went, cell phone in hand; I figured she was being told where to go next.

Z said...

Ya, CHuck "Stop worrying"...right?
We only have a country's soul to lose.
But, I believe, strongly, that it's gone. And I squarely blame the Left.

Ducky's here said...

z, I stated the law, not an opinion.

Again, the reason these guys never actually try to vote is because that is a felony.

It is up to the clerk to verify the registration. The right should learn that before they comment on this issue.

Liberalmann said...

Ah, the right and their (non existent)voter fraud crap which by the way, never happens. Except under Bush, lol. It's so obvious that the right is only interested in requiring ID to suppress certain groups of voters. You know this is true. Hell, you can't even use a student ID in some states anymore.

Ducky's right. Sure, you can resister someone to vote in MN-but you can't vote.

The founding fathers, whom the tea party throws in our faces all the time, never intended requiring ID to vote.

Z said...

Ducky, did you hear the women? Did you see how lax the checking of the voters is? Do you read comments here?
Are you kidding?

Z said...

Libdud, which group of voters would that be? Do you understand that our founding fathers required people owned LAND before they voted?
Please don't come back sounding quite this naive. It worries us that you vote.

Pris said...

"It's so obvious that the right is only interested in requiring ID to suppress certain groups of voters. You know this is true. Hell, you can't even use a student ID in some states anymore."

Libdud, If you can't use a student ID, use your driver's license or go get an ID at the DMV.

If it's too much trouble for you, consider that you're suppressing yourself. It's time to grow up!!

No one is suppressing you, you're just too lazy to do what's necessary to vote.

Kid said...

I knew it was bad. And we've got no one (some political party starting with R) fighting for us.

Please. ANYONE can get a photo ID. All you have to do is haul them down there on a gurney if necessary.

Some people don't have a birth certificate or other form of ID? Too bad. What it that anyway 0.0000001% of the population.

Personally, I think you should have to have paid Net Income and Property taxes (paid more than got back) in order to vote which would also require your SSN. Like that is going to happen.

Sam Huntington said...

Often, in reading Liberal man’s comments, I say to myself, “No one can be as unintelligent as this …” but then, the frequency of his idiotic comments convinces me that indeed, he is that dense after all.”

Ed Bonderenka said...

I voted tonight. Tried to use my CCW which is a valid state picture ID.
Registrar turned it over and over, so I gave her my drivers license.
CPL didn't have an address.
Turnout was light and I joked that the disenfranchised must be staying home for a lack of ID.
Everyone laughed.

Z said...

Ed, perfect remark there!

Pris and Sam....it's almost unbelievable, isn't it?

Kid, mention ID cards to Americans and they freak out, trust me . "BIG BROTHER" etc.
Boy, it works so well in Europe and nobody's big brother'd, trust me.

AND, voting can be Saturday and Sunday, but THAT IS IT.

I have lost total confidence in absentee voting, too. A friend who worked in a very black neighborhood in LA said that all the old people who came into her eye clinic at voting time would talk about the "nice young people who helped me get my absentee ballot and then they asked me to call when I got it and they helped me fill it out!"

Ain't that just the NICEST? (ptui)

Sam Huntington said...

“… mention ID cards to Americans and they freak out.”

This only reinforces my contention that most Americans are dopes. If they are worried about big brother, then they should dump their idiotic cell phones, cancel their accounts at Face Book, stop “tweeting,” and stop electing communists to public office. The fact is, “Big Brother” (aided and abetted by Google and Yahoo) are keeping a very close watch on what Americans are thinking, saying, and doing.

Joe said...

DM: "how is it politics?"

How is it anything but?

The fact that both sides do it does not remove it from the realm of politics (except in the cloudy minds of liberals).