Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Change...what's your input?

If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that human behavior changes over time. If our individual behaviors change then so, too, does our culture. The older we get, the more likely it is that we have experienced significant societal changes in the period of our lifetimes. America today is not the same country as it was in 1960.  It is almost not the same country it was in the year 2000.

It is an interesting study. Automobiles made people more peripatetic; in a land where most people died within 25 miles of where they were born, ours has evolved into a migrating society. Automobiles made us less reliant upon the earth, and so we moved away from the farms to find other activities by which to earn our livelihood. The automobile even gave us some of these activities, such as new demands for glass, rubber, wood, leather, felt, plastic, and other petroleum products. We not only needed people who could make the parts and assemble them, we suddenly needed people to maintain or repair them. People moved from southern climates to take advantage of automotive jobs in the northern regions.

Along the way, they needed a place to rest and refresh themselves. A trip from Tennessee to Michigan couldn’t be made in a single day, so someone came up with the idea of motor hotels, or motels: a new industry with new demands for labor, and a convenience place for other activities. It didn’t change our morals necessarily; motels just gave us other options for cloaking our decadence.

Like the automobile, the Internet has offered yet another change in direction for humans. While some people continue to appreciate the convenience of local stores, others prefer Internet shopping. It is convenient, hassle free, and efficient. Of course, there is a cost to this convenience … it is driving the small convenient neighborhood merchants out of business. One day, these shops will be gone —and they won’t be coming back. The people who made a living as small merchants will have to find some other way of earning an income. Maybe they will find work with UPS or FedEx making deliveries of goods shipped from Internet retailers.

The Internet also makes us wonder whether we need a very expensive government post office. The number of people who write checks and pay their bills through the mail is rapidly dwindling. Who sends handwritten letters any more?  Who sends handwritten thank you notes anymore?  Z likes to, but do most people?  Notsomuch, sadly. (as an aside, kids aren't even taught cursive anymore, so any kind of writing is going along the wayside!)  Similarly, fewer people are reading newspapers; they get their news from online versions of the print media. The people who now advertise in local newspapers are moving away to what many people call junk mailers. I suppose that stuffing unsolicited advertisements into our mailboxes gives the postal worker something to do —but we wonder, for how long?  And, for heaven's sake, could it stop soon, please!?

Changes within human societies always produce casualties. People lose their jobs, but they find new ones. Enrolling in courses to retrain is an income-producing venture, too. God forbid that we suddenly realize that we have more college professors than we really need. Too many lawyers is bad enough! Change is not only constant —it is inevitable.

We wonder … what are the biggest changes to society in your lifetime? How did they affect you personally?

Do you like change?  Do you dream of days gone by, an easier, calmer, sweeter life?   If so, then we have to remember that the easier life involves no aspirin, no ice cubes, no elevators....  Are we ever completely satisfied?  And will that condition ever change!?
-Mustang and Z


The truth shall set you free. said...

Well, let’s talk about the "Change" in America's Presidential Leadership, between George Bush and Barrack Obama
The foreign policy world views of George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama differ dramatically. However, both presidents share one common conviction: that other countries long for US leadership. Bush believed that friends and allies would eventually rally to the side of the United States, even if they bristled at its actions, because they shared America's goals and had faith in its motives. Though it may not have appeared that way, I think that President Bush had demonstrated much more thoughtful leadership that America can be proud of that President Obama has.
Bush approached foreign affairs with his characteristic conservatism and pragmatism. He did not rush into new actions or policy changes but gave himself time to consider the administration's policies. When he acted, he did so with firm conviction and determination. His past experiences gave him significant experience in foreign affairs, and he relied on the many contacts within the international community he formed as ambassador to the United Nations, U.S. envoy to China, director of Central Intelligence, and Vice President.
Obama leadership? Obama believed that the world leaders would listen to his rhetoric and follow, however his leadership faltered. He soon discovered that many countries rejected his style of leadership as well as his strategies. his power has been more widely dispersed, many countries are not looking to Washington for direction. More like Obama failure. He can't even lead a democrat controlled house and senate to pass a health care bill of their own design. And to me the worse part of his presidency was that he spent far more time promoting and caring about Health Care, than any other issuue including the war on terror. In his mind Health Care is a far far far more important issue than the so called "war on terror" in my mind it is a FAR LESS important issue.
Also President Obama has had the misfortune of becoming the worst president possible in the history of American economics.
Pretty pathetic.

As for the change difference between Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. I had heard that Michele Obama coming form Chicago, had always been a freeloader. Michelle had always received a lot of nasty bashing from the public They say she's a 'ghetto' lady and does not have the class that Laura Bush had. I think that the difference between the two is that Laura is always gracious, eloquent and intelligent while Michelle projects a dissatisfaction with everything and always seems to express anger.

Michelle simply does not seem to be the genuine, loving, caring first lady that Laura was, and people pick up on it.

TemplarKormac said...
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Political Junky said...

There is actually a lot of truth in that comment, it’s a good example of change.

TemplarKormac said...

Bush was a genius compared to Obama. As for Obama, his foreign policy alone will haunt this country for years. Egypt has become alienated. The Saudis broke off diplomatic relations. Benjamin Netanyahu of Israeli no longer considers us his ally, and with good cause. And Vladimir Putin has become a world hero!
No genius runs up trillions of dollars in debt like Mr Genius Hussein Obama has.
No wonder that Angela Merkel ended up yelling in obama's face about his tactics liking to the secret police of the communist dictatorship in East Germany.

And no wonder Obama is running off to another four million dollar vacation. Bush was never so bad that he had to hide outside of the Continental United States.
You want to talk about "CHANGE"?
Things have gotten to be SO bad here that now even the Chinese are complaining about quality of the products "made in the USA”!

Fredd said...

Templar's right. Can't argue with a single point. Not one.

But we Americans collectively deserve whatever this pathetic guy dishes up for us: we (collectively) voted for him TWICE. TWICE!!

Shame on us. Collectively.

Anonymous said...

Among the biggest changes in society (at least for me) is the loss of our sense of community. We used to have communities where everyone spoke to everyone else, out of courtesy, even if we didn’t know them personally. We helped each other; we had a community chest comprised of churches of different faiths working together. Police officers were respected because they were part of us, and if the kids got into trouble for being kids, whether shoplifting beebees or climbing on the water tower, the police didn’t take them to jail, they took them home and told their parents to fix the problem. Of course, in those days, most kids had two parents taking care of them. Not everyone, but almost everyone. I miss the way you could trust local officials to do the right thing.


Rottweiler said...

We all do stupid shit in college. Most of us grow out of it. The ones who don't you have to watch out for.
in college I only wore flannel and baggy jeans and drank beer. Fortunately, my wardrobe grew up and so did I.. I don't drink beer on the early morning any more, mow I drink coffee all day. Yes. Because I stopped dressing like grunge rock/ hip hop hybrid reject from the 90s and updated my wardrobe to dress like a white collar professional maybe because I AM a white collar professional.
As for Barack Obama, I despise him and the whole administration connected with him.
As for why I hate Obamacare. Health insurance will cost more than it would have without Obamacare. That shouldn’t be surprising considering the long list of services (including obesity and domestic violence screening and counseling) that insurance companies will be required to provide for “free” and considering that insurance companies will be required to accept all applicants, regardless of how ill they are or what their current heath situation is .
As for that BS Obama lied about “If you like your current health insurance plan”, well good luck keeping it. With employers being penalized if they offer a plan not meeting government-prescribed minimum requirements, or a plan that the government deems unaffordable by certain employees, and with insurance costs skyrocketing, employers will have to adjust what coverage they provide and how much of the cost their employees share.
Have any of you actually read the ENTIRE 2700-odd pages of the "vote on it before you can read it" (Nancy Pelosi) Affordable Care Act? Lets face it, any law that needs more than 20 pages to define 'Full-time Employee' is f**ked right out of the gate.

Our WorldAs We See It said...

I have been reading the liberal and the asinine progressive blogs for a long time now and I see the comments and replies from the daffy /looney left-wingers and Obama worshipers, not just here but at the lunatic lefties blogs. You can't reason with them, so I never even try. They are always right, and we are always wrong, stupid, and racist for saying anything against Obama, especially regarding Obamacare, Benghazi, the laundry list of scandals, and any other policy from this White House.

If criticizing this President for policies I think are wrong and/or failures makes me racist, so be it.

JonBerg said...

While technology has, obviously, given us a better quality of life, at least from the standpoint of materialism and convenience, it comes with a price. I'm reminded of the book that I read some 40 years ago: "Future Shock" by Alvin Toffler, 1970. Toffler postulated that: "too much change in too short a period of time" has a disruptive impact on society. I agree with Toffler's observations and prognostications. The sense of permanence and tradition becomes quickly lost as change grows, exponentially. In his comment, above, Theo provides an excellent example. Given the current trajectory a compounding of this situation is assured!

O.B.A.M.A One Big Ass Mistake America said...

What would you expect from a liberal ass that blogs about a Festivus Pole and totally ignores the IRS, the Obamacare failure, Associated Press reporters phone records, “Fast and Furious”, the whopper Benghazi, and the One Big Ass Mistake America Ever Made! Electing Obama!
There is no transparency as promised with Obama and his administration. The president’s modus operandi has been to confuse the American public and to blame George W. Bush and the House Republicans for everyone of his failings.

Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus said...

The FAILED Health Care plan’s problems have only started, under our inept, inexperienced president, our country is about to enter a new and even more disastrous era then we have seen in the past 41/2 years, we have yet to get a taste of the real “hope and change”.Never before in our history have we been fed such a fairy tail. The Obama Administration cannot even get the health care program’s website to work. This is only a small element of the health care program. Do you really think they can manage the largest health care system in the world?

As this rate this fiasco will be breaking all records. Why? This is the best indication yet that Obama is going to be exposed for what he truly is: A president who was elected on hype. As his credibility falls, so does his power to influence the direction our country will take. As he becomes more dormant, he has less ability to screw things up. As the voters see the need for good leadership in coming elections, they will not make their decision on hype again. You Idiots on the Left Asked For It, And We All Got It… We got a plan so's Mandatory! Hows them apples? And notice how Congress and their employees are excluded as mandatory participants, that alone should tell you something........But coming from these blank check loving liberals, what else would one expect.

Z said...

I don't have time to read all the longer comments but I will very soon...and I thank you all for them.

I did, however, read JonBerg's, and the hypothesis of "too much change" in too short a time and the damage that can do is fascinating.
I want to really think about that...
VERY interesting and kind of unsettling because we have had SO much QUICK and really profound changes in the last 20 years; things are happening so fast and, my gosh, does anybody see things getting BETTER? (which is the chance for my lib commenters to ridiculously suggest 'oh, did you think SLAVERY was a good thing?', which is what they ALWAYS say when we talk about better days of years ago. man.

JonBerg said...

@ SMRC.....

"As the voters see the need for good leadership in coming elections, they will not make their decision on hype again."

Given the second round of B.O. I'm not sure what you base that on but I sure hope that you are right!

Duckys here said...

"Man is small, and, therefore, small is beautiful."

--- E. F. Schumacher
Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered

His proposal of "smallness" and decentralization is very relevant and his predictions in the early 70's have proven insightful.

An antidote to Culture Shock that deserves more attention.
Or we can just rag on Obama like a bunch of dopes.

Margie McGrath said...
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Margie McGrath said...

What great comments here, I think that they have hit the nail right on the head.Very Well said and written..
This generation hasn't had to earn anything. We are a gimme, gimme generation. We are like the 16 yr old girls who got a new car for her birthday. But when she runs out of gas and oil. there’s no money to fix it !
The united sates has always been the good guy the shining light in the dark. But now we are lead by the bad guy we are in uncharted waters. The United States is under attack from the inside. We've never had this before. Problem is I don't think even if everyone knew what was really going on they would care as long as they got their Monopoly money checks. Nothing will change until those checks bounce and our Hope and Change” is gone for our lives.
Why is this unAmerican still in the office of our President. He's not my president. My president wouldn't think of doing the underhanded anti-American things he's doing to this country. We have become a Socialist Stare and a second rate power. Sadly and unfortunately there are still enough morons in this country who look on Obama as a messiah. The more he does to prove he is satanic the more the morons cling to his lies. The more these morons do with malice and aforethought everything their false messiah tells them the farther this country slips into the abyss.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you GeeeeeZ and all of your readers.

JonBerg said...

@ Rottweiler...

"Have any of you actually read the ENTIRE 2700-odd pages of the "vote on it before you can read it" (Nancy Pelosi) Affordable Care Act? Lets face it, any law that needs more than 20 pages to define 'Full-time Employee' is f**ked right out of the gate."

As someone who spent over 26 years in Casualty Insurance management and having participated in drafting legislation and the promulgation of regulations, YOU are SPOT ON! I attempted to start reading the legislative part of this and made it almost through the first two pages. I must say that it is the most convoluted excuse for law that I've ever seen and there is > 2,000 pages of it! I promise that the initial difficulties of accessing this, so called, coverage will pale compared to its implementation.

Rita said...

The biggest change has to be the access of information and interaction through personal computers and the Internet.

When I first started working, mainframes took up entire rooms and operated at a fraction of the speed of this near thin IPad I'm typing on.

I remember the electricity going our at work with I was the Director of Internal Audit 30 years ago and as long as you could get near daylight of a window, your work wasn't interrupted.

Now when the power is out, NOTHING can get done. All work is stopped.

Not to mention the immediency of news. When a lone night owl in Pakistan can be tweeting unknowingly the attack that killed bin Laden across the entire world, then we have truly changed the world more than any other invention I can think of.

When we can become friends from across the nation or even the world simply by visting someone's blog on a regular basis, we have reduced the size of the earth.

I used to think about the changes my grandmother saw in her lifetime would be unmatched, but I think the changes in mine have actually had a bigger impact.

Duckys here said...

I've been thinking about this and time and again I get back to what I really miss, the explosion of an almost anarchic creativity in the 60's.

I was in my early teens living just outside of Cambridge and it really opened things up.
While American cinema was worrying about producing big CinemaScope spectacles like Cleopatra to try and compete with television there was a whole other thing going on in the rest of the world and Cambridge and New York were ground zero.

Music was wide open and with radio as the primary source it was easy enough back then to dial into all kinds of stuff. WBCN hit and started free from radio which has vanished unfortunately.

The world just got so much larger and I frankly wondered what value there was in being insular.

The great hurly-burly of life was exciting to this kid and now we want to surrender it to social media.
Call me extreme, but I believe our hope is in religion and the arts and right now they are both sterile. Sad state of affairs that mey prove fatal.

Dave Miller said...

Anon brings up some good points... but those points have another side, particularly regarding trust and officials.

It is hard for many to yearn for the return to that simpler time when for them, there never was simpler time. For them, there never was a time to trust the police, or their elected officials.

For a significant portion of our country, elected officials made it impossible to vote, illegal to sit at certain lunch counters, illegal to marry the person you loved and impossible to even get certain jobs.

Not because of any criminal record, just because. Because they were different, or believed a different way.

And for many of those people, the police and those same elected officials enforced those policies.

When folks who have grown up with that reality, there are no good old days to which to return. When some long publicly to return to those bygone days, others hear and fear a return to their bygone days that were not so good.

Every time we long for the past as if it was special, without recognizing and giving validity to the millions who had a different reality, we continue to scratch the wounds that are tearing apart our great country.


And what the hell is this stupid Liberal talking about? And Mr. Rational USA, what branch of the service did you serve in? Always frowning and bitching. That’s all the dems know how to do. One can never bring up facts to them. They never answer them….they are always in talking-points-mode. I never see anyone answer a question truthfully. On and on with the lefty talking points. This guy lost it a long time ago. Now he even has the nerve to talk about our Blessed Vets like he does?
In the world of Mr. Rational USA and the rest of the liberal progressive Socialist Communist Utopian Marxists…SCUM…standing up for The Constitution, the country, God, freedom, and your fellow Veterans/GIs are all foreign concepts to YOU. You’re making a lot of us who HAVE served ticked off
Us Veterans who wanted to return to D.C. to see the Memorial honoring them, but couldn’t because OBUMMA shut it down. . But then how would you, probably a slacker or feigned some disease to stay out of military, even begin to know what HONOR means?
And what about YOU Mr. Dave Miller, do you fall into that same picture?


A Liberal is Liberal and Stupid is Stupid
I doubt if this A Hole Rational Nation USA never spent one day in the service.
I doubt he has ever helped anyone but himself and his Liberal friends and THEN only when there was money to be made.
Liberals think of themselves first and foremost – their fellow Liberals secondarily, the poor are the result of Conservatives (not Liberals).
It is a ME, ME, ME world this A Hole lives in and he spouts Krap from his oral cavity and his other cavity and both cavities produce the same Krap.

Fighting for the Constitution, our Bill of Rights and against Fascism is a noble cause and would be a CHANGE if these scumballs would ever find it in their shallow hearts to serve their country. They find it easier to blame Cruz and the house tea party.

I’m old enough to remember the radical Democrats who prefer Open Borders and redistribution. When these anti-military radicals from the 60s like the Bill Ayers
(Obama’s mentor) terrorist crowd – back when lefty radical Americans were blowing up banks and killing police…

Duckys here said...

In the world of Mr. Rational USA and the rest of the liberal progressive Socialist Communist Utopian Marxists…SCUM…

Radical Redneck I'm the Marxist SCUM (thank you),

RN approaches his reasoned stance from a Libertarian view.

I won't speak for Dave but I believe the Semon on the Mount figures in forming his belief system.

But thank you for your well reasoned criticism.
"When the student is ready, the master appears."

Anonymous said...


For many of them...150 years is enough time.

They need to grow up and not hold all of us responsible for things we never did, or beliefs we never held.

I'm sick of all this victim crap. Everyone was once a victim of someone else. Look at the Irish & Catholics in the 1840's....they weren't loved by anyone. Then 3 generations later we have an Irish Catholic POTUS....were there riots when he was killed? Were there Irish / Catholic flash mobs attacking people on the basis of their race. Or religion?

Look at the Jews in America today. Once again being discriminated against and persecuted in many "civilized" parts of the world.

We have a black POTUS now that's set race relations and harmony back 150 years. And a man who blatantly lies and rarely sees the inside of a place of worship.

If we elected a Jewish President, would we see mobs of Yeshiva students punching out Christians in the streets? Or whining about the "Lack of Opportunity"?

Hell no.

It makes all of us sick.

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez:

Dave, my comment above mentioned that any liberal will hear "gee, those were the good ol' days" and suggest we liked slavery, etc, and YOU did it :-)

I can't imagine anyone not seeing that life, in many ways, was sweeter years ago than it is now.
That's never to say it didn't have its challenges!

THEO: thanks so much for coming by; you really make such good points. There is so little community left, except the negative community of gang membership. And this president really has been so unfortunately divisive in many ways.

Our kids are such a mess, too, though I know so many who aren't...I fear they're the exception..
Kids today will flip you off or worse if you ask them to turn down a blaring radio; they'd have been embarrassed to have caused us aggravation years ago and turned it off immediately with an apology...most kids, anyway.

We shopped in our neighbor's shop, we banked with the neighbor's husband, ..etc.

I think it IS COMMUNITY which made things sweeter....many worshipped together, kids went to good public schools together and you didn't even have to worry about liberal indoctrination or whether a teacher might show a child how to put a condom on a banana...imagine?
Or discuss with five year old children the wonders of gay love.

My point in mentioning condoms above is that we treated children like children and got to the 'hairy' stuff after they'd learned love of God, love of country, etc...and were old enough to understand or make their own choices as young adults.

I think most of us had heroes but today's kids really don't...unless you want to call Miley Cyrus a hero?

ah, I could go on and on with hundreds of examples of things that were better even when I was a child and I'm sure you all could, too.

Sam Huntington said...

Those of us who follow this blog should by now understand why Dave spends most of his time in Mexico; where he’s decided to pursue a ministry, rather than here. And he also said that he likes the Mexican people a lot better than he likes Americans. In fact, as far as Dave is concerned, there is really nothing good about America. It is the leftist mantra.

Now as it happens, I heard Juan Williams say not long ago that when as a child he saw a white Santa Claus, it made him very depressed and “isolated.” Well, Gee Juan … Nicolas of Myra was white. Would you prefer that we take black shoe polish and color Old Saint Nick up just so that you can feel better? It really does redefine the concept of stupid, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, good old Dave is always looking for ways to illustrate his self-fulfilling prophecy. What makes this laughable is that he actively supports the same political party that caused so much suffering within Negro communities and now, suddenly, it’s America’s fault. No Dave … it was YOUR fault; you, your parents, and your grandparents.

Rational Nation USA said...

"Do you like change? Do you dream of days gone by, an easier, calmer, sweeter life? If so, then we have to remember that the easier life involves no aspirin, no ice cubes, no elevators.... Are we ever completely satisfied? And will that condition ever change!?"

1) Yes to change
2) No to dreaming of days gone by
3) Hopefully the human race ever becomes satisfied. Happy with the day, never satisfied. Reason should be obvious.
4) Hopefully the condition described will never change.

It's called advancement or progress.

Kid said...

The biggest thing I see is that the morality has to gone to hell, and people are less willing to defend their neighbor for lack of confidence that the sucker isn't a pedophile or worse. *Do a search on sex offenders registered in your neighborhood. Or Not.

Meh, Manufacturing is actually starting to come back. People ant pet food made in the USA vs China that consistently sends poison in one form or another and the labor costs are starting to equalize, so add shipping costs from the China galaxy and US companies can compete again with so many people out of work as well.

But we do seem to be gravitating to a services and distribution centric country.

I think all of the other people should become lawyers or real estate agents, and sue other people to maintain a livelihood.

Or we could just All be lawyers and lottery operators. We'd be suing each other, collecting lottery ticket money or winnings, and we'd all be good to go. The money would just go around in circles.

Kid said...

JonBerg, Einstein also said that advances in technology would bemet with decreases in human intelligence and capabilities. It's happenin baby.

Kid said...

Heh. In true LIBTARD fashion, duck is talking about the benefits of 'decentralization' while begging for 'single payer'.

You can't make this stuff up ..

Kid said...

Maggie makes another wonderful point that I was talking about with friends at lunch today.

Because people have it so Easy now. Think unlimited unemployment benefits and all the lifelines and subsidies... people simply don't have a NEED for critical thinking and Defensive thinking, as in how i obamacare or pick one, going to screw up my life?

Like fish living in underground caves, if you don't need eyes, You Don't Develop Them.

Most sincerely.

Impertinent said...


"it made him very depressed and “isolated.”..

So long as they're taught generation after generation that's it's skin color that matters....we'll get stupidity like Ole Juans. BTW...what the hell does he have to complain about. He's sitting very pretty by my observations.

Impertinent said...

Juan Williams won't have to worry about keeping a roof over his head. The Los Angeles Times reported that Fox News has signed Williams to a new, three-year, $2 million contract. He will have an expanded role on the network and will write a column for

Kid said...

Rita, Another subject from today's discussions - Humans have been obsessed with the speed of communication. Runners->Pony Express-Telegraph->Telephone-Internet.

I think it's ultimately a good thing from a 'Whole World's Watching' POV.

But you still have your outliers. The UN Chief 'very concerned' now about the genocide in Sudan after what a Decade?

Kid said...

Ok Duck, where have you seen good art produced in the last 10 years? As compared to what used to be considered great art prior to 20-30 years ago. Links?

Kid said...

Dave Miller, can you be more specific? Because in my mind, when I was a young stud, everyone I knew would defend the honor of a woman, anywhere, anytime. To the man. Today? Seems like the vermin would pile on and walk on.

Kid said...

Sam, not my blog..., but have to say Excellent Points.

Duckys here said...

Ok Duck, where have you seen good art produced in the last 10 years? As compared to what used to be considered great art prior to 20-30 years ago. Links?

Good art is a pretty subjective term.

I don't think there have been really significant movements in the last decade and there is too much emphasis on conceptual art for my taste.

Are there museums near you?
Galleries, art co-ops?

Go out and find it, it's there or beter yet, make your own.

Duckys here said...

Pretty good site for contemporary street photography

You might enjoy this, kid.

Duckys here said...

Another example, just a great exhibit.

Could probably open even your eyes. That's how good it is.

Warning, you could run into some scary Muslims.

Kid said...

Duck, thanks for the links, and while I do appreciate great photography, I was thinking more art from the hand. Painting, Sculpture, that sort of thing. Remington, Monet, Dali, Michelangelo.

I think it's gone. Or at the least it hasn't been around and probably won't be around for a good while.

Fwiw, I find no value in a picasso, or worhal

Duckys here said...

It's certainly not gone.
One country that has had some very striking work.


Duckys here said...

... or study up on some contemporary greats.

Gerhard Richter

Richard Serra

Ellsworth Kelly (my personal favorite)

Brice Marden

Ed Ruscha

... it's out there but if you come at it expecting a replay of Impressionism then why not just stay with the Impressionists, who can be a wee bit sentimental.

Kid said...
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Kid said...

I’m thinking more stuff like this
I'm posting it raw since the clickable link doesn't want to work

Some real talent ya know. Honestly, I could have done those India paintings.

Duckys here said...

Some real talent ya know. Honestly, I could have done those India paintings.

If you have those kind of chops then start stretching your own.

Kid said...

It's a retirement idea...

Kid said...

PS, those Dali computerized images are pathetic compared to the actual paintings.

Jen Nifer said...
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