Friday, December 13, 2013

Do you put up Christmas lights?

THIS cracked me UP.................enjoy!



DaBlade said...

Awesome DITTO! Yes, I still use the old ceramic multi-colored C7 bulbs across the entire front, capped off with a brightly white lit snowman on the porch (my lit pair of deer "died" this year, so there is nothing in the yard). Mrs. 'Blade and I are such the Christmas light snobs too. We like to critique what is wrong with every display we pass. Is that wrong? :)

Anonymous said...

There they go again... Who cares about Christmas lights, when there are so many other important issues.The Stupid Right Wing bloggers, trashing Mr Obama and myself all over the blogisphere. No one ever says one world about George W. Bush. Mass Murderer supreme. Left the WORLD the greatest pile of shit since Hitler. or Dick Cheney. Antisocial personality disorder run amok. Never in this creature's black death life has he ever did anything good...including his failure to abort Liz.
Do Conservatives Have Any Shame At All?
I’m dead serious! At what point do they stop and realize just how easily they’ve been manipulated and lied to? I’m not talking about a politician’s campaign lie, that’s par for the course. I’m talking about the whoppers the right wing media feeds their base every other day.
Have you seen this ridiculous story about Obamacare not covering children under two? Fox went nuts for it and every right wing site gobbled it up. But it turns out the “victim” had forgotten to list his child on the insurance application. That took a lot of deep investigation to discover. And by “deep investigation” I mean a phone call or two.
The right wing freak out over Obama shaking the hand of Raul Castro at Nelson Mandela’s funeral shows just what kind of lowlifes they are.The very idea that conservatives think Mr. Obama should have been obnoxiously rude at the funeral of one of the most revered men on the planet is a sign that they lack any social grace or class. For a group of people that claim to be superior to everyone around them, they’re little better than white trash and, once again, they’ve embarrassed America?
Now, I expect that kind of crap from Fox. They’re not a news organization, they’re pure propaganda. One of their talking heads actually claimed to have confirmed that this was true. He blatantly lied. Will there be any consequences? Nope. He did exactly what he’s paid to do: lie to the conservative base.
The right simply does not care that they have been lied to. At all. They’ve replaced critical thinking with outrage and a persecution complex. They’ll lap up whatever stupidity is thrown on the ground before them because it’s better to believe that Obama is a secret Muslim socialist Nazi than to admit that they’re wrong on almost everything. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.?
The Loonie’s never gives weight to what these ignorant foaming psychopaths think except the other ignorant foaming psychopaths. All they seem to complain about is Mr Obama, the First Lady, and about Jane Fonda. What did she say that others weren't saying? Jane Fonda was simply blowing the whistle.
I am incredulous with respect to why followers of this forum will engage in conservation with people who despise you, will disrespect and insult you at every opportunity, offend you without reason or purpose, and ultimately persecute you if they had the chance.
Are you a adrenaline junky? Masochist? What gives?
For my part, I sincerely thought we could have a dialog with these folks. But whenever I visited their blogs, all I got was mockery, name-calling, and insults. I get that even when I'm NOT there.
Some of their crazies come here, and knuckle-draggers like Radical Redneck who impersonated me, and stole my name and avatar, and he does the same to other liberal commenters. If you’d listen to these wacko’s you’d think that Mr. Obama was trying to give everyone healthcare as part of his Nazi, Muslim, Commie. Kenyan plot to take over the world and nuke America.
Their level of discourse is about the same as a barking herd of hyenas, but without the charm.
They populate those rightwing blogs, depositing boiler-plate comments they copy and paste from other internet sites.
Sadly, there's no reason to try anymore. They're an unhappy, malconted group of whiners who see themselves as victims and who see anyone who does not think like them as a Communist/Nazi/Marxist/Muslim/Libtard. Let them wallow in their ideological mud bath.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sue hanes said...

Z - That's a good one. Mr. Sue and our sons-in-law put up the outside lights. They look great.
But the best thing is that when we got snow the small shrubs were covered and you could see the lights through the snow. It looks so pretty. Especially the twinkling ones.

Ducky's here said...

I decorate a small tree in the front. Rather subdued. Just that and a wreath.

Ducky's here said...

Still up to it Radical Redneck?

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Keeping up with the neighbors can get expensive. I love the "DITTO"!

JonBerg said...

DITTO to the "DITTO"!

Del Dolemonte said...

It used to be almost every house in my neighborhood would put them up, now there's only like 3 houses on my block. It's very depressing, it doesn't even feel like Christmas anymore, even my small town neighborhoods really decorated for Christmas. Now, it's just scattered around town.

What happened? maybe it’s because of the economy, to buy lights and waste electricity keeping them up for hours is pretty expensive. Its really pathetic.

There are memories and new memorial ornaments on my tree and there is magic in the air as it is Christmas. When I walk outside it’s depressing seeing the streets unlit, I light my house and I light candles on Christmas Eve for our men and women in uniform as they stand on foreign lands sacrificing their magic. I listen to the music, past and present.

I pray for my friends here and think of you EVERYDAY but especially at Christmas.

Sarah Palin said that Obama is even killing Christmas, I think she’s right. And Dush Limbaugh said that Americans Have Less to Spend for the Holidays Because of Obama’s Policies.
It’s terrible , President Obama vacations in Hawaii and some of us can’t even afford to put up Christmas lights.

Thank you President O’bama

JonBerg said...


With all [due] respect: Is "Shaw" just a fictitious creation to emphasize the cluelessness, anger and frustration of the LEFT? I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeeeZ: least the person is fairly literate; that's a kind of improvement for the far left.
Imagine them griping about the comments here when thinking Democrats, too, disagreed with Obama's shaking hands with Castro.

The ironic thing to the commenter above is she doesn't realize THIS blogger, Z, (me), didn't agree with the naysayers; I felt he couldn't avoid shaking hands, though the big smile and jocularity could have been missed.
I also didn't think the 'selfie' was as bad as some conservatives and many on the left thought it was. This was not a somber funeral, it was an African celebration of dance and fun in Mandela's honor.

But, truly, read that idiotic comment again "Here we go again with Christmas lights" when 99.9% of my posts are politics and culture? You can't make this up; it's the only reason I'm leaving that comment; people need to read the leftwing mind.

Ducky, I'm pleased you have a tree and wreath. I hope you enjoy it.

Sue, must look lovely!'s not wrong :)

Del..thanks for your important words. Let's all cheer up and try to ignore the fact that there will be less money to spend; maybe that's a good thing. We'll show the world Christmas is not about expensive gifts, right?

Jim...EXACTLY! GOod one!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ducky's here said...

JonBerg, Shaw Keewee is a manifestation of Radical Redneck's (and possibly Farmer John's) multiple personality disorder.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

No lights here, except on the tree. Call me grinch, but I can't internally justify spending the money and electricity for someone elses drive by enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeeZ: ARE the Grinch :-) But, it has to cost a lot of money, night after night with all those lights. I can see that. Still, if it makes people happy!
I lived on Carol Lane in Woodland Hills, had a different street name, but at Christmas, the area (about six streets of 1/2 acre home...maybe 10 on each street) began to be a Christmas Haven...even today, cars are backed up on the freeway offramp as they get off to see the homes in that area.
Dad used to get on a Santa suit and give candy to the kids in cars inching by our house....I believe they still have that custom out there because I"ll see the backed up cars from time to time folks haven't lived there in 20 years or so.
It was fun! Usually, when you bought your home, the previous owners threw in the Christmas decorations for the front because they were generally LARGE and intricate...
Good memories.

Anonymous; I didn't like Martin Bashir saying it and I don't like YOU saying it. If I were home and not at the office, I'd be deleting you. I'll be there in an hour or so and you are GONE.
What kind of people..........?
Even that awful Palin didn't deserve that. NO human does.

Redfish said...

Bush proves he is a class act by not publicly criticizing Obama's policies, even while Obama is blaming him for everything that has happened over the last 5 years.

Clinton and Carter both blasted Bush for his policies while he was still in office, proving the only class they have is low.

I disagreed with Bush on his deficit spending, but he believed what he was doing was right for the country. And as for class, the doofus and his wife who are currently in the White House don't know the meaning of the word "Class". But they are very familiar with Classless.

Impertinent said...


Classy, real classy.

viburnum said...

I wrap lights around the porch and deck railings, mainly visible only to one neighbor, the deer and other wildlife. Unfortunately I'm condemned by spousal edict to plain white lights. :-(

Thersites said...

(and possibly Farmer John's)

Paranoia strikes deep, eh duckman? :P

Ducky's here said...

Well, Farmer, you do have a history of multiple avatars and busting up one of the blogs in question.

Rational Nation USA said...

Shaw Keewee... You, and your fellow half wits are delusional, full of shit, and dangerous. Of course thinking rational individuals (most certainly you and friends do not qualify) know this and simply laugh at your ignorance. But it plays well in socon Dixieland.

Finntann said...

We used to go all out with icicle lights and the big C9's strung along the railing of our wrap around deck, but lately we've toned it down to electric candles in the windows.


Kid said...

Everytime I see an article supporting climate change I go buy another string of lights.

Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

Kid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kid said...

Folks, you know what they say about trolls right? Don't get them wet or feed them after midnight. Realizing that it's always after midnight somewhere.

Bob said...

I've gotten lazy about Christmas decorations. Now that I have grandchildren, I don't mind so much. They are the spice of our lives.

Who is this Shaw lady? I would like to buy her a drink, or something, hoping I could get a realistic stream of conversation from her. It is too bad that all she does is hate, hate, hate. That is too easy for people to do, but so many have fallen back on the easy stuff. They don't think, they react.

Z said...

I've said before that I'm really really tired of the KEEWEE mentions here.
I don't know for sure who that is and don't give a damn, either.
But any mention will be matter how good the rest of the comment is.

Kid's right; I keep asking people not to buy into it, but...
What's WITH this? STOP IT, please.

Can we move ON?

Impertinent said...

Every year...I more decorations!

And every year I do the whole house, in and out...and always wind up buying more lites cause last years never make it through the year.

Oh is pretty and that's what I like...once a year.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...
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Z said...

Finntann, those electric candles in the windows are LOVELY. They sell them on QVC and I've seen where you can set the times, etc... what a lovely thing to drive up to your home and see lights on inside after welcoming and Christmasy!
I miss your and K's blog; couldn't comment there, technically, for a while..let me see if I can now.

Jerry; I asked for no more mention of such a hateful commenter so I had to delete your whole comment.
So sorry.

Z said...

Imp! I'd love to see your lights!
I am a Santa Claus nut and get a big (about 12" high, usually, maybe 18"?) new one every year.......I have a LOT of them, all shapes and sizes!

Z said...

Finntann..nope, can't post still at Western Hero. Couldn't even find where to comment on that music post...the music's from Canada but is amazingly Irish.
I know that because I spent last night in a local Irish pub in West LA. We had a fabulous time. :-)

Thersites said...


PShaw deserves all the abuse she gets. Any comments, no matter how relevant, get deleted if they place her position in an unfavourable light. And THAT is why I abuse her. She is in SERIOUS denial.

Thersites said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

As we discuss Christmas lights, for those of you who live in Southern Los Angeles County or Northwest Orange County California, the residents in the city of Downey have earned a nice reputation about how they decorate their homes with Christmas lights. It's worth driving through the residential areas to see their displays. Also, I saw a few homes in Buena Park California just south of the 91 freeway on Valley View Street decorated to extreme awesomeness with Christmas lights.

Merry Christmas!

Finntann said...

"Finntann..nope, can't post still at Western Hero. "

My apologies, we had a rather bothersome troll infestation awhile back and Silverfiddle put up comment moderation by Disqus.

If you click on the hypertext comment count at the bottom of the page, it should open the page for that specific post and allow you to comment, although you might have to sign in through Disqus.

I know it's annoying and cuts down traffic, but it does make moderation much easier. For the most part we only moderate for gratuitous foul language and personal attacks, and impersonations. But it allows us to ban IP addresses which makes cleaning up a tad bit easier.

Again, I'm sorry you're having problems commenting, you a certainly welcome to do so.

Z said...

Mystere..I"m in W about my family's lights above.

Finntann..I'll keep trying. Thanks

Average American said...

"Do you put up Christmas lights"

Sure do! Pull that 3 foot tree out of the box, bend the branches back down, plug 'er in and voila! Christmas!

Anonymous said...

That is cleaver. I just hire someone to put up my lights. It takes me hours and it is just easier to have someone else do it.
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