Friday, December 6, 2013

Samuel Adams.........and a great quote

Check out THIS's terrific.  Kid turned me onto it.  What I loved right away was her masthead quote by Samuel Adams (the patriot, not the beer maker ... no matter what the picture implies!:-):

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen." 

My question is why it seems that Liberals are willing to risk this here in America.
Are they too scared of true freedom?  Are they afraid of not getting things they're entitled to? 
What IS it?


Ed Bonderenka said...

"As for me, Give me Liberty or give me death."
Patrick Henry, but you knew that.
The left live in a world unlike our own.
It exists in their head, and like some weird science fantasy horror movie, they want to project that world onto our world.
It won't fit reality, it will bring pain and slvery, but they think that it will all be worth it in the end.
It is a religion.
They are slaves to that religion.
They have an unrealistic faith in it's outcome even when the initial evidence is contrary, even to their own welfare.
They are willing to pay higher premiums and taxes as an offering to this god of theirs, and demand that you do the same.
If Christians were to insist on restraints in society for the common good, they would and have been mocked as zealots andsel-righteous fascists.
But when liberals insist I accept and pay for their vision of the world, they are enlightened liberators.
In their own mind.

DaBlade said...

Well said Ed. I would have loved to drink a brewski and jaw with either Sammy or Patrick, but the good folks here at Z's place are a comfortable alternative.

Liberalmann said...

This quote is a modern indictment of the corporate greed and the economic disparity (the greatest it's ever been) brought about by GOP policies and philosophy.

Remember Ben Gazi said...

Amid the wave of Liberal/Progressive/ Communist grief over Nelson Mandela’s passing, and President Obama’s words of historical tribute and all the outpouring of “greatness”running amok. Let’s not forget he was a communist.
Yes, thers’s going to be a lot of “tributes” and there already are, Bit lets not forget so easily. There’s is a lot of other things to remember about Mandela, but MOST OF ALL, we should not forget that he was a Communist. Just keep remembering the facts as you hear all the praises. He wasn’t sitting in a prison cell all those years for nothing.
While President Obama said very forcefully that his very first endeavor as a political activist, was that of opposing apartheid. Wow. That was just plain difficult to watch - it really was. And the final slice of the cake was when Obozo ordered flags fly at half staff until Monday at dusk for this piece of sh*t. I will fly my flag at half staff on Dec. 7th only in honor of real heroes who died at Pearl.. Was there ever ANY FOREIGN person that was given that honor before? I can think of foreign more than a few leaders worthy of this honor and it́s not Mandela, most recently Margaret Thatcher for example.
I for one have never revered this racist Mandela. for the crimes he committed no matter what his justification was.
When someone plants bombs to insure that black people go to school, was it a terrorist action? Or was it a communist action? Who cares, both or either is pathetic, not heroic! So I guess that Obama supports terrorism as long as they are Black? Nelson Mandela was a Commie and a Murderer , He went to prison for planting bombs for a attempted coop on the government of South Africa.
For Marxist terrorist scum around the world, subjugation to Apartheid or any other repressive regime was a convenient cover to seize power for their own sick ends. Mandela, Guevara, Castro, Stalin, Pol Pot - all birds of a feather. Communism murdered 100's of millions of people worldwide.
But this is the kind of person the left likes to prop up. The man was no saint, and because of him South Africa is but a shell of it's former self. I couldn't bear to listen to the fake in chief slobber over this communist-of course he had to pander to his base. Maybe Obama will take down the statue of George Washington and put a statue of Mandela in the White House.

Silverfiddle said...

No, Lester. It's an indictment of the hand-licking progressives who trade liberty for the 'safety' of servitude to an impersonal and increasingly bloated, tyrannical and crapulent master.

Corporate greed? Your progressive Big Daddy government enables it. Our feral government is locked in a pornographic embrace with Big Finance and Big Business, and they are throwing unending orgies with our tax money.

Anonymous said...

Remember Ben Gazi said..

"But this is the kind of person the left likes to prop up. The man was no saint, and because of him South Africa is but a shell of it's former self. I couldn't bear to listen to the fake in chief slobber over this communist-of course he had to pander to his base. Maybe Obama will take down the statue of George Washington and put a statue of Mandela in the White House."

And I have to a gree, Nelson Mandela is a man who's principles of racial equality I agree with, but that is where it ends, his communistic principles I whole heartedly disagree with. BUT, as a man, I have respect for him, for what he has been able to endure and accomplish. If there ever was someone who you could truly say, was one tough M-F, he would fit that slot, and I do respect the man for being in my eyes a MAN. I cant say the same about the "Community Organizer" who occupies the white house at this time. If any one man does not have my respect, it would be Barrack Obama. He's lied from the git go with his BS Birth Certificate, he has continued to lie his butt off ever since. He has the very unmanly traits of always blaming everyone else for his own failures. He would have been past his competency level as a high school student body president, let alone President of the United States.

JonBerg said...

" corporate greed and the economic disparity (the greatest it's ever been)"

If so, who's been in charge for the last five years?

Sam Huntington said...

Someone asked me recently, "Do you think it is possible to become dumber even than Liberalman?" After a few moments, I replied, "Well, yes ... given enough time."

His comment above more than proves my point. It will take some time to find anyone quite as dumb as he.

Ducky's here said...

When he talks about "freedom" I assume a large component of that idea is social mobility.

Social mobility is tied up with the idea of a strong middle class and my fringe right wing brethren are going to have to move in pretty mysterious ways to demonstrate they aren't at least tacitly accepting its destruction.

A great problem in America continues to be the right blindly acquiescing to the weakening of the middle class. Their foolishness goes beyond blind.

Ducky's here said...

Ed, are the fast food workers out there striking for a living wage part of the liberal "fever dream" or are the protesters violating the "freedom" of your family to gorge itself on cheap unhealthy food?

JonBerg said...


Yes Liberalmann's inane snippets serve to exemplify the misguided, flawed precepts of the Left. By himself he advances the cause for "GOP policies and philosophy".

On another note: Why should people be paid more to purvey "cheap unhealthy food"?

skudrunner said...


It is the current incompetent incumbent who is in full attack mode on the middle class. Small business comprises a large portion of the middle class and the bummer is out to rid us of that class. Demean them, you did not build that, tax it, obummerdoom tax, and withdraw support, breaks to big corporations.

There is a large income gap but there always has been. Promoting government giveaways has only increased poverty.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Nothing I could say could match the acuracy or style of Silverfiddle's comment to Lester. Do most Liberals ever question why Big Finance and Big Business funnel so much money to Big Government candidates?

Anonymous said...
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Baysider said...

The Left values equal outcomes more than equal opportunity. Since equal outcomes are not possible, the amount of enslavement and control they must exert to attempt it is beyond imagination. They buy off half and squish the other half - rewarding their own smart selves with well deserved bennies for being so smart, of course. (Yes, didn't Harry Reid exempt his staff from Obama*****care?). Silverfiddle said it well!

Anonymous said...


Ducky, so it's all the Right's fault for the supposed decline of the middle class? REALLY?

"Accepting it?" Then why do you fight so hard against anything the right's doing to try to prevent it?

MANDELA: I agree with MY MESSAGE regarding where his admiration ends for Mandela, who does deserve a LOT of admiration.
He might have been more intelligent and invested some of the amazing S African natural resource monies into people starting small businesses, build and prop up a thriving Middle Class.
Instead, he took the entitlement route and allowed Africans to destroy a country that had been FANTASTIC and thriving$$$ if antiquated in its treatment of people, specifically black people, obviously.

Ya, Mandela was SUCH a beloved figure and we didn't hear him talk much about cutting crime down, helping people get businesses started, pushing for better and higher education...

No, he saw blacks in the streets appreciating him and killing and raping others...and did little if anything.

Sort of like Obama.
A bully pulpit is a powerful thing; it should not only be used for negatives and divisiveness, like Obama's doing

Baysider; Silverfiddle is a friend of the blog and me and ALWAYS says it well!

Mustang said...

My question is why it seems that Liberals are willing to risk this here in America. Are they too scared of true freedom? Are they afraid of not getting things they're entitled to?

I think that people position themselves where they believe it will do the most good. Conservatives believe that we should place ourselves where we can achieve the greatest amount of human liberty. We want freedom in thought, freedom in action, and freedom from government tyranny. We do not want to do what others demand of us, simply because others demand it. This, of course, contrasts significantly with progressives, who are nothing if not Sisyphean. Who do they identify with? They most identify with those who they anticipate will (hopefully) control everyone else: the Marxists. There is no clear or deep thinking going on among these so-called progressive people; they only regurgitate the talking points of others, who they fawn over and follow in a curious Zombie-like fashion. It really is enough to keep a staff of psychiatrists busy for decades.

Heroes Are Ordinary Men Who Do Extraordinary Things in Extraordinary Times said...

Regarding Mandela, as I just wrote on another blog, It's pretty simple, you have to consider the total package not just pick out what you want to believe or have been told to believe. Mandela had a lot to atone for .. and many died because of his terrorist activities. You can be pro-terrorist to your hearts content. You have your opinions, and I have mine.

Now whata ya say we go get some free stuff and go party!
Now let's all hold hands, get a few candles and sing Kumbaya!

Heroes Are Ordinary Men Who Do Extraordinary Things in Extraordinary Times said...
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Ducky's here said...

Mustang, I'm curious that you call the desire to see better distribution of wealth, improved social mobility and stronger representative democracy as "controlling everyone else"?

Sounds like a prescription for improved liberty to me. Although I'm sure you've got some cockeyed story suggesting that American government since the days of Reagan and the rise of the financial state has strengthened those three critical aspects of a healthy democracy.

Unknown said...

What do you prefer, the man or the myth? I ask because it seems to me that the American people opted for the myth of Obama and look what we ended up with. Similarly, we learned yesterday that Nelson Mandela has died. Which do you prefer, the man or the myth? Nelson Mandela was a convicted terrorist. He wasn’t placed in chains because he was framed—he was placed in jail because he was the same caliber of scum as Barack Obama. And just like Obama who denies that he is a communist, and then later admitted to it, Nelson Mandela denied he was a communist. As it turns out, he was a member of the South African Community Party. Like Obama, Mandela lied.

Today the African National Congress (ANC) rules South Africa in an alliance with the Congress of South African Trade Unions and the South African Communist Party. Is this something we should be concerned about? No … but neither should we pretend that that Nelson Mandela was someone else. He was a terrorist scum and while the American progressives would like to deny this, they can’t deny what is factual. It is worse than this, however. South Africa today is a land where the genocide of white Africans is taking place every single day. See Genocide Watch. Now even Fox News is proclaiming that Nelson Mandela is a saint; that he united South Africa. The appropriate term for this is Bull S**t.

There is nothing out of the ordinary about Eric Holder telling the press that he will not prosecute crimes perpetrated by blacks against whites. No sir … it’s the new wave of black Marxism coming your way.

Mustang said...

Ducky, I must say that I suspect you are having a delusional episode —the only possible explanation for your hypothesis that more government equals greater self-sufficiency and expanded liberty. I hardly think the ACA is an example of stronger representative democracy. Still, if anyone needed a better distribution of wealth, they could obtain that through educational preparation, creativity, technological savvy, and a willingness to go the distance to achieve it (aka hard work). To me, this is preferable to the government deciding who is a winner, who is a loser, and how much of my money they (or anyone else) is entitled to.

Ducky's here said...

What makes you think I believe the ACA is an example of stronger representative democracy?

It is largely a giveaway to for profit insurers.
But it may be a step forward to getting the for profit companies out of the equation.

Z said... say "Still, if anyone needed a better distribution of wealth, they could obtain that through educational preparation, creativity, technological savvy, and a willingness to go the distance to achieve it (aka hard work)."

This is what I'd have idolized Mandela for, frankly. And he well could have done it..easily could have done it. I believe he just let the inmates out of the asylum and they overran a country that was once an outstanding place in his desire to see them FREE. He used them and they went for it.

It's such TYPICAL liberal "not understanding consequences..." What a WONDERFUL thing he COULD have done.

And yes..imagine a president telling Americans "you've made enough money?"

And imagine someone like Ducky agreeing with that?,.... Not understanding that true freedom and liberty MIGHT have people making bad choices and THAT IS LIFE. And it's nothing to be fearful of? That some peoples' lives just won't be perfect? NOTHING is perfect but WHY ruin life/economy for everyone who IS working hard, who IS trying?

Again..typical liberals.

Louis H. said...

It is much like in my country; the black leader serves himself first, and “his people” later. I do not cry for Mandela.

Radical Redneck said...

Sam Huntington said...Someone asked me recently, "Do you think it is possible to become dumber even than Liberalman?"

Yes, you could, indeed, become more stupid than Liberalmann, but you'd have to jam another 100 pounds of shit into his already over-stuffed shit sack he uses as a skull.

Kid said...

There are 3 kinds of liberals

1) The young folks who have been incorrectly programmed into believing liberalism is some sort of utopian nirvana. Fill in the blanks for how that reconciles. Save the Planet, etc. They haven't had any true exposure to reality in order to realize that liberalism is a fairy tale, serving evil and is full of dead ends. *See 20 yr old Restaurant server who thinks she is Einstein.

Some of these people might be saved.

2) The terminally stupid. They will die stupid communists believing the solution is the problem. *See Black Dude Congressman who believes Guam will capsize if too many people go there.

3) The truly evil and sociopath. *See all democrat and many republican politicians. Some of these are a combination of 2 and 3.
Special note that some people like Nana pelosi can be all 3 rolled in to 0.

Kid said...

Maybe the liberals who hate 'the rich' will tells us is going to:
-pay 86% of the taxes,
-process and distribute the milk, food, and other essential products of our lives,
-design, build, and distribute cutting edge technology products,
-maintain a competitive environment so that all of this stuff is highest quality and lowest price.

hairy reid? the morn pelosi, crybaby, drunkard and foul mouth boehner gonna do that for ya?

The stupidity of libtards is deafening.

Finntann said...

" the desire to see better distribution of wealth, improved social mobility and stronger representative democracy as "controlling everyone else"?...Sounds like a prescription for improved liberty to me." ~Ducky

Since when was taking the product of someone's labor and giving it to someone else defined as "liberty"

If you want to see improved social mobility eliminate the regulatory roadblocks to small business which were lobbied for, paid for, and written for big business.

Who said we want a stronger representative democracy, we were intentionally set up as a republic to avoid the pitfalls of representative democracy, although it looks like it's nothing bread and circuses from here on out.

Unknown said...

This is what I'd have idolized Mandela for.

Others have achieved as much, but in their lives are hardly worthy of adoration: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Obama ...

Kid said...

Mr Mallard, here's a clue. When losers like you have leaned hard enough on winners like me, We will leave you in your gutter of "I can only survive is someone else provides me everything I need'.

Whatcha gonna do then? I think you're about to find out. 10- 15 years? Can't be long. This is laws of physics type societal breakdown here. I thank God, my parents, and a working education system in my time, that I am able to navigate the coming firestorm.

Z said...

Louis..I am SO sorry about that situation.
I lived in Paris, France for four years and was very nearby a lot of embassies.
The African countries were in THE poshest, most beautiful 'houses' on the Avenue Foche, THE street in Paris.
The black gentlemen who frequented our favorite neighborhood cafe wore silk suits, $500 shoes, (or more), had chauffeurs waiting outside in limousines.
It was HORRID to think how much their people in their countries suffered. HORRIBLE.
I'm so sorry about that.......

Ducky, regarding your comments; you DO see how nonsensical and ridiculous they are, right?
Will you please read the comments in response to you?
THINK, man...a country like you want is NOT free, its people are tethered and, for some reason, you think their going to the doctor for free is worth ALL of us suffering.


Impertinent said...

Obama and momma go to SA...and pay "respects"...another $100,000,000 for this silly, wasteful exercise.

While "sequestration" affects the rest of us...The One must pay his respects to SA's Che Guevara who also was a Marxist revolutionary who later became a pop cultural hero. Just like Mandela.

Sorry Duck...he was a rabid commie.

Impertinent said...


"10- 15 years?.."

Bullshit's fermenting while we speak. By 2016...this country will either be at a hotter civil war....or we're rescued form the Marxists by a complete coup and takeover of Congress from the moonbeams. Watch.

Kid said...

IMP, the libs Are communists.

They don't even try to couch it anymore.

They talk about 'the workers', destruction of all that was the American Dream,
Elevation to the clouds these horrid POS's in Washington DC and all over the politicsphere. Everything that is communist and Fascist too btw. You only get free speech if you agree with them.

Kid said...

IMP "Bullshit's fermenting while we speak"

I'm going by the general principle that anything purely fantastic or purely evil will go much further than most people think possible before a reversal occurs.

beakerkin said...


Fast food work or retail was never intended to be a career unless one is in management. It is a place for retirees, kids in school and those down on their luck looking for something better.

The fast food worker is victim number one of Obama. Their hours have been cut to avoid Obamacare.
Of course Obama could alter the law to help actual poor people but his vanity wont allow it.

Raising the minimum wage makes technology or innovation spur change. A recent department store chain decided to slash staff and theft went through the roof.

Obama's policies have hurt the actual poor.

Z said...

beakerkin, and our teens aren't getting part time jobs as we all had because immigrants have taken them...I'm sorry to see that.=

A. Lurker said...

Kid said...
"There are 3 kinds of liberals"

Actually there are only one kid... sociopaths