Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Left and Dennis Prager

This is one of the most interesting pieces I've read in a long time and it goes along with a lot of what I've hypothesized here at Geeeez.  I urge you to read it and send it along to friends/ family.  This piece by Dennis Prager is truly worth considering,.  The thinking which he exposes here must be stopped:

The Left Learned Wrong Lessons from Nazism

Tuesday, Dec 10, 2013
The only way to understand what is happening to America in our time — and for that matter, in Europe since World War II — is to understand the left.
And one way to understand the left — and its enormous appeal to many decent people — is to understand what it learned from World War II and the Nazi experience. The lessons people draw from history go a long way toward explaining how they view the world and how they behave.
Unfortunately, virtually everything the left learned from the unique evil known as Nazism has been wrong.
The first lesson was that the right is evil, not merely wrong. Because Nazism has been successfully labelled “right-wing,” virtually every right-wing position and leader has been either cynically or sincerely characterized by the left as a danger to civilization. That is why the right is so often labelled fascist and compared to Nazis. Vast numbers of people in the West truly believe that if the right prevails, fascism will follow.
Of course, Nazism was not right-wing — certainly not in American terms. How could it be? Right-wing means less government, not more. Nor was it left-wing, even though “Nazism” was an abbreviation for National Socialism.
Nazism was sui generis. It was radical racism combined with totalitarianism; and racism as a doctrine is neither right nor left.
We have no contemporary movement of any major significance that is Nazi-like. The closest thing we have is Islamist hatred of non-Muslims — but even that is mostly religion- rather than race-based.
The association of Nazism with right-wing is one reason many Jews loathe the right. In the Jewish psyche, to fight the right is to fight incipient Nazism.
The second lesson the left learned is directly related to the first. If the right is so evil that, if allowed to prevail, Nazism will follow, then surely the left must be beautiful and noble. And that, of course, is how the left sees itself — as inherently beautiful and noble. After all, how can the opposite of Nazism be anything but noble?
The third erroneous lesson is a deep fear and loathing of nationalism. Since the Nazis committed their crimes in the name of nationalism (race-based nationalism, to be precise), nationalism must be curbed. That explains much of the left’s contempt for Americans who wave the flag — indeed, the left has rendered the term “flag-wavers” a pejorative term.
How else to explain the fact that on American national holidays one finds so many more flags displayed in conservative areas than in liberal ones? The trauma of World War I had already killed nationalism in much of Europe. And World War II did that for the left in America.
The left regards any assertion of American national identity — not merely flag-waving — as chauvinism bordering on fascism. When the left charges Americans who fear the dilution of American national identity that could follow citizenship for tens of millions of illegal immigrants with “xenophobia,” and “racism,” it is not only a cynical attempt to cultivate Latino votes for the Democratic Party. It is also a sincere belief that conservative concerns about American national identity are reminiscent of chauvinist bigotry.
The most obvious example of left-wing opposition to American nationalism is its cultivation of “multiculturalism” as a replacement for American national identity. For the left, American citizens are no longer Americans first and foremost; we are African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic- or Latino-Americans, Native-Americans, etc. The left celebrates what precedes the hyphen far more than the “American” that follows it. As a result, America no longer instills traditional American values and an American identity on either those born here or in its immigrants, which is the reason for the right’s concern over illegal immigration, not bigotry and xenophobia.
A fourth lesson the left learned from Nazism has been that no judging of cultures is permissible. Because the Nazis deemed Jews and others as inferior, we are no longer allowed to judge other cultures. In the post-World War II world of the left, all cultures are equal. To say that the contemporary Islamic world, or that black inner city culture, has serious moral problems that these cultures need to address is to be labelled dangerously racist — again reminiscent, for the left, of the Nazis who declared other groups (inherently) defective. For the left, the only cultures one may judge adversely are white American and religious Jewish and Christian.
Fifth and finally, the left has affirmed pacifism as an ideal. One would think that the most obvious moral and rational lesson to be learned from the Nazi experience is the need to fight evil. After all, if decent nations were not as militarily strong as they were, and were not as prepared as they were to use that might, the Nazis would not have been defeated, and many millions more “non-Aryans” would have been enslaved and murdered. But the left, including, sad to say, Germany, did not draw that lesson. Instead of learning to fight evil, the left has learned that fighting is evil — and it has taught this to two generations of Americans.
To amend Santayana’s famous dictum, it is those who learn the wrong lessons from history who are condemned to repeat it.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Someone I know on FB linked to this yesterday and I took the time to read it.
Pretty insightful.
And it seems as if there are so many corollaries with Wiemar today.
One lesson to be learned is that Hitler and his henchmen started out as "community organizers".

Anonymous said...

Obama’s job approval among American voters has dropped to negative territory with just 38 percent voicing their approval...Hallelujah

Liberalmann said...

Wow, you go deeper and deeper off the edge the more the GOP falters and Obama succeeds.

K. E., Atlanta, Georgia said...

Dear. Barry,
Thank you so much for showing the entire world why so many of us have always thought you were an immature, clueless, self absorbed fool. It́s nice to be proved right without having to say a word. You acted like we would have expected from Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber.. Queen Her Moochness was very obviously not amused!

JonBerg said...

" just 38 percent voicing their approval..."

Why, in the World, is it still that high?


Naziism was a socialist movement. Nazism also taught social liberalism, known these days a Progressiveism for instance that the physically and mentally weak should be euthanized. That included sickly and old folks as well as feeble minded folks like Ducky and Shaw etc.
Communism, socialism, income redistribution, environmentalism, fairness doctrine, social justice, liberalism, progressivism, all sound familia, doesn’t it!.

sue hanes said...

Z - Nice long article but I do not agree with it entirely. I do not think of the right as is stated here. Also - I do not think of the left as is described here either. This article separates the right and the left and it simply is not that way at all.

Mustang said...

The history of the ideologues, the Marxist progressives, is nothing if not one of the saddest human events in all of human history. What we see going on inside the USA today is directly related to the attitudes of Karl Marx himself—and man who was convinced that he was right about everything he brilliantly said, and everyone else was wrong. The only way to push forth such a message as that is to convince the weakest minds that anyone who disagrees with Marx, or any of his disciples, is a hateful, simple-minded dolt.

The American left, successfully hijacked by the communist ideologues, has not had a very good time of it during the 20th Century, which explains the rancor we see going on every day in the press. They are desperate to seize power; they are running out of credibility in the same way the Soviet Union ran out of ideas.

As to the hateful discourse, yes —it does take two to tango— thank God the right is beginning to push back against what was, for so long, ignored and allowed to run rampant. The right learned that indeed, the left had no secret understanding of society. We learned to see the left as what they truly are: drama queens. As Prager has said, the only way to become successful is to demonize those who dare to disagree; to seize upon the “plight of the suffering” as a means of pushing forward this truly is a demented ideology. It is demented because it creates a mass of suffering people in order to make their point that such people actually do exist. So of course, the right is racist, the right hates homosexuals, the right has a war on women, and the right hates all Mohammedans —because the only blueprint for winning the hearts of minds of the American people, short of murdering them (a favorite Marxist strategy), is to demonize them.

The truth is, that German Nazism is far more akin to the American left today than any group on the right, no matter how extreme they may be. The methodologies are nearly identical, except that rather than one charismatic speaker like Hitler, the American left has dozens of red diaper babies doing their work behind the scenes. The Affordable Care Act (two words out of three an outright lie) is a demonstration of how sharp witted these people are.

JonBerg said...

"This article separates the right and the left and it simply is not that way at all." ?

Well, what way is it?





A socialistic society, National Socialism (NAZI), can't exist if citizens are [free] to make choices!

Make no mistake, Obama leans completely LEFT. DO NOT allow yourself to become "frog boiled"
into his trap!

Z said...

Sue, sadly, Prager's exactly right.
The left does look at the right in this manner and it's not healthy for this country. I think you know by now that we are not fascists here; we are none of the things NAZIs were.
Understanding what Prager's saying is probably difficult for a Democrat to accept, but it's the exact situation.

Ed, I'm glad others are passing this article around. It really does show us why the ridiculous inferences are made by the leftwingers...and the source of it.

JonBerg; after the ACA mess, I, too, wonder "why's it still so high?" And, of course, most polls say the disapproval rating is 57%.'s remarkable, isn't it.

Mustang; that is so true. If anything, the big government, ridiculous laws, the pushing around of Americans, the ACA, all of this is more fascist than Republicans ever possibly did.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I agree with Prager that there is little equivalence between Nazism and the American right (though I earnestly wish.his interpretation of the right was true in reality).

Nazism has been erroneously attributed in much the same way Communism has. The core ideologies and practices are ignored in lieu of lazy political attacks.

Average American said...

" Instead of learning to fight evil, the left has learned that fighting is evil"

GREAT!! That means that the 2nd revolution shouldn't last nearly as long as the first one did! Makes sense to me. After all, none of them even have guns. What are they going to do when the economy collapses and people come to steal their food and other shit? CRY!

Oh, I know, they will negotiate with them and if that doesn't work they'll put some sanctions on them. Heh heh heh, like that will work.

Pollster said...

Nazism was a manifestation of the Left.Today’s left are exactly the people who followed the Nazi movement in 1933 Germany and the Soviet communist movement. Today’s left looks for an excuse to justify forcing others to do as they demand, to appropriate the wealth of others and use it for their own followers, or merely to obey those who promise to redistribute the wealth!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Like Pollster said, and "Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left" by Jonah Goldbergh pointed out.
Growing up, I'd ask why the Nazi's were considered right wing when their very name meant National Socialism? None of the adults could tell me.

Duckys here said...

A lot of what he says is dog whistle.

Traditional American values -- please describe in a brief paragraph and will that paragraph include slavery, the robber barons and the great depression.

Multiculturalism -- what does that mean? I think it has something to do with Muslims as the new official enemy but for a lot of you it expands to include gays, blacks and even women. In other words an opposition to every movement of the 60's.
Unless you are so deranged that you believe the left wants to institute sharia (what form ?) I really don't get this.

The idea that the left won't judge cultures is utterly ridiculous. I find Saudi culture repugnant. I find any form of fundamentalism repugnant.
Same goes for totalitarianism.
You'll find that the left supports an wide representative democracy.

Prager's ramblings are the ravings of a fool who, like most every conservative, doesn't realize that his push for an oligarchy is what has got us into our current bind.

What I find most repulsive about his crap is his complete inability to realize most people are looking for the same things and hold much in common. For Dennis you have to have the correct credentials to be admitted to the brotherhood and those credentials are largely religious and racial and he doesn't have the juice to admit it.

Duckys here said...

As far as mustang's analysis of Marxism goes, he's howling at the moon (along with Prager).

A brief restatement:

1. Marx was a brilliant political economist and a lousy revolutionary.

2. You should try to understand his economics which include a very good critique of capitalism.

3. Capitalism periodically destroys itself. Can't help it, that is its nature.

4. Democrats believe that can be forestalled by the social welfare state and the current tribe of republicans believe it doesn't matter, let it fail.

You have a choice of hitting a wall going 90mph or 60mph but inevitably you hit the wall. Everyone laughed at Jimmy Carter when he tried to tell us but you chose to double down with Reagan.
What's that about failing to learn from history?

JonBerg said...


Are you and Liberalmann one-in-the-same?

Sam Huntington said...

I think Prager is making a good point, but I also think it is lost on most people. Sue appears to be part of this paradigm: a voter who doesn’t see what has happened to what was once a uniquely American, socially conscientious, Democratic Party. To illustrate how woefully inadequate the American people are to understanding the things politicians tell them, Kathleen Sebelius said today in her testimony that Medicare costs are decreasing. Of course they are, when the government decides to end coverage for certain treatments and services. If patients cannot access Medicare because their doctors no longer accept Medicare patients, do costs increase, or decrease? Did Sebelius lie? No, but neither was she honest. But we’ve come to expect that from the American left, haven’t we?

Good to see the radical skeptic showed up to tell us how wonderful Jimmy Carter was. We can only hope that all communists on the left are as successful as he was. Personally, I love how Ducky claims great knowledge, and then ends up by contradicting himself —always swimming against the tide of reality, always showing his ass.

The Gallantwarrior said...

Would Obama have shook hands with Hitler? Then why Ass up to the Cuban President Castro. And whats next, Obama kisses Kim Jong-il the psycho leader of North Korea another commie idol! That seems to be the new thing with our Progressive controlled government...
Bowing and kissing up to every communist in sight..China, Cuba, Saudi Kings etc
Embarrassing, to say the least. Sadly the dictator wannabe occupant of the White House is viewed as a weakling that doesn't deserve an ounce of respect from his subjects.

Radical Redneck said...

I have no problem with the selfies at the funeral - just silly and stupid being silly and stupid. Helle Thorning-Schmidt is good on taxes but is useless in keeping the towelheads out. Denmark was once one of the best places on Earth (everyone tall, blond and gorgeous) but is turning into every other Euro-peon hellhole by goat-bothering islamic sub-humans slithering in to collect dole and rape white women.

I have a huge problem with once again O'dingleberry shaking hands thus acknowledging and humanizing the enemy (Castro for the morally equivalent fifth column infesting this thread)

JonBerg said...

"What's that about failing to learn from history?"

Is that a self-directed question?

Robert Sinclair said...

I have a question for all you low-information voters. If you could save 58,000 American lives with one handshake, would you do it? This is what happened in 1954 at the Geneva Convention: Secretary of State John Foster Dulles was introduced to Chinese representative Zhou En Lai … and refused to shake his hand because he was a communist. Zhou was insulted. He remembered this slap in the face by an American diplomat when he helped to create the scenario that led American troops to Vietnam. So the question is, should our diplomats behave diplomatically, or should we continue throwing away our most precious resource?

Jenn Nunya said...

JonBerg, no way, Liberalmann only cuts and pastes and calls people goobers. At least Ducky tries.

And it looks like Ducky's got his widdle thesaurus out today.

The left's idea of multiculturalism is one big happy family. The reality is a sub class of people who do not want to contribute at the same level, will not even try to assimilate and have a large criminal element. R-E-A-L-I-T-Y Ducky dear.

Duckys here said...

Well RS, given that Fidel is in very poor health and could die at any time it seems prudent to at least be civil to Raoul in the hopes of exerting some positive influence.

We've been a little heavy handed, shall we say, in the region.
Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras all bear our stamp. Better to offer the hand.

Duckys here said...

@Jonberg --- Ducky,

Are you and Liberalmann one-in-the-same?
No, are you and Radical Redneck the same person?

Dave Miller said...

Ducky, you left our El Salvador...

Since when did it become wrong for our leaders to shake hands with leaders from other countries even those we might call enemies?

Presidents Carter, Ford and Nixon all shook Communist leader Brezhnev's hand at the height of the Cold War.

Reagan shook Communist leader Gorbachev's hand prior to the end of the Cold War.

GW Bush walked and held hands with the leaders of Saudi Arabia a country that keeps our oil prices high and denigrates women.

Nixon shook Fidel Castros hand.

Truman and Churchill both shook the hand of Josef Stalin, a murderous butcher.

Nixon shook the hand of Communist Chairman Mao in China.

And of course Kennedy shook hands with Khrushchev.

Did all of these Presidents also humanize the enemy, as Redneck, Gallant and others have claimed?

Of course not.

CI... you sir are a nice voice of reason...

JonBerg said...

"are you and Radical Redneck the same person?"

No but you did make me laugh!

Political Junky said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Political Junky said...

Oh, here comes that other Ass-Wipe Dave Miller .. More Bull- Shit from the heap of lefties.

Blame it on Radical Redneck said...

Dave Miller, most of us already knew Obama is an idiot. Now we know you are one too.
So Obozo kiss up to a Freaken Dictator and now you liberals fools want us to be just as foolish as you are telling us that Nixon did it as well. Well who the hell cares about what Nixon did 50 years ago!
Obuma did it yesterday and he can't blame this one on the insurance companies.

Impertinent said...


"as feeble minded folks like Ducky and Shaw etc. .."

Ducky is far from feeble minded bud. The latter, I can't say.

Radical Redneck said...

Hey Ducky good news! Your islamic idols finally have found a use for you. You will finally be welcomed into their tents. Repeatedly.

Your long standing fantasy will be fulfilled AND you'll help them perpetrate their desired..."ends"

You too Dave Miller!

Just saying said...

Impertinent said...
"as feeble minded folks like Ducky and Shaw etc. .."
Ducky is far from feeble minded bud. The latter, I can't say.

That's debatable.

Mustang said...

I have to agree that Jimmy Carter was no paragon of American political virtue. He was (and is) as described by Sheldon Wolin: “By mouthing pseudo-democratic slogans (“a government as good as its people”) [that some might argue is a a very low standard if you include the useful idiots of progressivism], vague warnings about machinations of sinister interests, and the dangers of a government remote from the people, expressions of compassion for the poor, and then compiling a record of presidential performance that was nothing short of a national embarrassment [not very unlike that of Obama], Jimmy Carter achieved something that was beyond the abilities of Richard Nixon. He taught the American people to distrust professions of democracy and to associate democracy with incompetence, empty vision, and self-righteousness.”

What an accomplishment … so I have to ask Ducky: are you very sure you want to tie your legacy to that of such a clown?

Duckys here said...

Well mustang, Carter attempted to cut back on government, something the right wing seems to advocate but Reagan decided to double down and laid the foundation for our current deficit debacle.

Reagan will emerge as the least effective president of the last half century.

Mustang said...

We were discussing your worrisome infatuation with Carter, not Reagan. I know, however, that on some days it is harder to concentrate than on other days. But let’s hope that one day you do not require the services of a brain surgeon and end up with someone possessing the same level of competence as Jimmy Carter. I’d hate to be standing at a graveside service and be forced to say, sympathetically of course, “Well, at least the doctor tried…”

American Jihad said...

LMAO, do you think Michelle's make up will cover Barry's black eye tomorrow morning?
Is this the way an American President acts at a funeral.
Hey you progressives, this is the same sick people and you all elected

Anonymous said...

I thought that the dignitaries of the world were there to show reverence and respect to a man that changed the course of history in South Africa and was an influential figure worldwide. Naaaaahhhhh I think it's better that we clown around like a couple of teen aged girls at the mall.

Anonymous said...

Earth to Dave.....our oil prices are high because fewer public land than ever is being exploited for oil. This despite the fact that the oil industry has reduced its carbon and environmental footprint that far exceeds any so called green energy source. AND it case you missed it SA is actually an ally.

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez:

Apparently, from pundits who know the protocol, it was unusual to have Obama and Castro's bro seated near each other and they'd have known at the White House, before hand, that was going to happen.
So the handshake's genesis is curious.
I'm not so upset about the fact that they shook hands than I am about the very friendly big smiles. I think if Obama'd just gone down the line of people and shook Castro's hand with the same deadpan he did the others, instead of the big smiles and conversation, it would have been better.

As for the 'selfie' (new term??), some are actually insinuating that the Danish woman is so beautiful he couldn't say no...which I think is insane.
Also, it wasn't a funeral, it was a 'celebration,' so we don't know what was going on on the field, except Michelle certainly looked dour. was immature and silly and Obama has to understand he's president now and cameras are everywhere.

Ducky, you need, badly, to learn that you're no smarter or more correct than anybody here and stop sounding so smug. That's silly, too.

I'm sorry I'm not at home and can't delete a lot of the comments because I would.
Stop the name calling, please. And stop the vulgarities.

And please stop mentioning other bloggers; there's no interest here in them.


Anonymous said...

I agree with RR on the hand snake

Anonymous said...

Dave, I read what the commenters over at Geeeez's blog wrote about you. They are beneath contempt and don't deserve your attention.

That place is so damn Rude, Rude is too mild a word to describe their behavior. You're not going to get through to people who have cement in their heads and are determined to stay in their little, fact-free and hate-filled universe.

You are always reasonable and polite whenever you join a conversation, and they're always beastly rotten to you.

They're the same to Ducky, but for some reason he's been around those blogs for years, and accepts their contempt.
What on earth are you Progressives babbling about, and why shouldn’t we care about the President shaking hands with a DICTATOR!
It's no puzzlement. Obama felt right at home with fellow dictators at today’s communist funeral for Nelson Mandela. It was almost a good a his going giddy over that Danish Blond Babe. You know the one, the one where the Moocher went berserk over. And now he’s probably in a little trouble with yjr Mooch for flirting with a white lady... But I agree, when on foreign soil show some dignity, even if you don’t show any here at home..

Anonymous said...

From Z OF Geeeez:

"Anonymous" (as IF..I have a site meter).

"Over there at GeeeZ," (?) I agree with the comments to Dave...a LOT are over the top and that's why I said that: were I home, I'd be deleting comments today.
Um...another thing, "Anonymous," you're old enough to not have to be told GROW UP.

Kid said...

I look at the left (The democrat party) in a slightly different way.

If you go through the details, they dems and Their majority media pre-accused Bush of virtually everything obama is guilty of: hitler, fascist, incompetent, unintelligent.. knowing the reaction of slow thinkers (the left) to people pointing out these facts about obama would be, "Geeeez, you're just repeating the same truths/insults that were pointed out about Bush" and immediately dismiss the accusations about obama because they're not original or unique and are then regarded as insults thrown back across a kindergarten schoolyard.

If Bush was all these things then obama can't possibly be ! Especially when the major media built obama up to be more than supernatural. A Messiah, Can't Imagine what hi IQ is, all that unbelievable BS. Which is natural. What isn't real has to be propped up with ultra-hype and supported by all the tools of the incomptent and evil. There isn't anything real about obama. He made slight appearance at universities. His path to the senate was paid for by communists, or maybe muslims, unions, and all the other loser factions fighting for their lives as the country falls into the abyss. (They can see it and they want to be the last ones to get paid with real money)

And make no mistake, this is a talent that they have honed for centuries. It is the One Thing that they are exceptionally good at:
Misdirection from constantly placing blame on the other side for any failures, taking credit for anything positive, pre-accusing the other side of what you intend to do yourself.

This is communist subversion, indoctrination, and infiltration 101.

The other interesting thing that may not have been obvious is They KNEW they would be running obama in 2008 and they Knew exactly what obama is (or isn't as the case may be) when the started pounding on Bush circa 2003. The democrats got their act together and they were all on the same page, From the political body to the media (all of it Fox is a dog and pony show) to all of their brainless spittle-mouthed, no class, fascist and sociopath supporters - they had and have their act together.

They play with the repubs (who are not the right) like a cat with a dead mouse. Every election cycle they get some hipster 'reporter' to go ask them about rape or homosexuality or immigration or any other hot button their major supporters identify with and the repubs stick both feet in their mouths like dumb, dumber, and dumbest.

Geronimo baby. Get ready for the sudden stop at the bottom because it's coming. You're not going to turn any of the left around by talking to them and they're breeding exponentially.

Kid said...

Wow, duck type more than 12 words in one comment!

"Traditional American values -- please describe in a brief paragraph and will that paragraph include slavery, the robber barons and the great depression.

Slavery - the democrats brought the slaves here, fouhgt the civil war killing Americans to keep the slaves and stood in the way through every effort to better the lives of black people. LBJ and the dems tried to skuttle the civil rights act of 64, and in the end 42% democrats voted for it while 68% repubs voted for it. Lincoln was a republican. LBJ said (DIRECT QUOTE HERE) when he stole social security to start welfare and the 'great society "This willhve those niggers voting democrat for the next 50 years" he was right of course. I could go on.

The great depression Caused the stock market crash opposite of popular (democrat revisionist history) belief.
The depression was made into the great depression by the communist socialist actions of one FDR, a democrat.

Anytime duck, your welcome. Well not really.

Sam Huntington said...

@ Kid

What you say is true. The only way the left can win in America, given its intellectually flawed premise, is to brainwash school-aged children, whose brains are not fully formed through the age of 25. We see this program at work in public schools and in most universities. The proof of the existence of such a program (having observed it firsthand, it is a conspiracy of the first fifth magnitude) is the commentary offered by such morons as Liberalmann and Ducklewitz. Someone commented earlier that the Duck has a sharp mind, but if that is true, it is not reflected in his thinking at this or other blogs. This is not to say he isn’t a nice man or a good person. He is only simple-minded, full of shit, and un-American.

Kid said...

"Well mustang, Carter attempted to cut back on government,"

Holy Carp.

carter created the department of education-a massively expensive pile of manure that has turned the majority of the teacher class into worthless unionized underperforming scum that spend their time with the communist indoctrination of new generations starting with the last few.
-department of energy a massively expensive worthless pile of manure who's mandate to reduce our dependence on middle east oil is considered an inside joke while its employees spend their time having sex parties with big oil execs.
He sent foreign relations back 50 years or more, got the muslim hornets nest fired up, destroyed the economy with socialist price controls, severely impacted the American standard of living by screwing up a number of common simple events on daily life like filling up your gas tank to get to work with gas rationing, the 55 mph national speed limit. Good God, the most incompetent POS ever to grace political office until obama came along. Incompetent personified, magnified and googleplexed.
aybe duck is bob beckel, that massively lying POS they have on FOX that no one really challenges and who should have his head removed with a baseball bat but someone other then Mr Peaceful - moi.

This is how * up in the head the left is. It's beyond description.

Kid said...

Reagan fixed carter's unbelievable economic disaster and went on to create a vibrant growing economy that lasted through 2008, when the democrat house for everyone plan finally killed the entire world economy with the housing bubble and subsequent bust.

Impertinent said...


No Sam...I said he wasn't feeble minded. Meaning he's not a low info moron like Libman. He believes in what he says and thinks it...I don't agree with a damn word of it ( depending on the topic ) 99.99% of the times. As Kid(?) said...these people are sharp and know exactly what they're wrong as it is.

Z said...

Duckty "What I find most repulsive about his crap is his complete inability to realize most people are looking for the same things and hold much in common"

Really? This is exactly what Prager stands for.
Do you know how many college auditoriums he enters with uptight, indoctrinated leftwing dumbies only to leave to applause and people saying "man, I didn't really think about things that way.."

Prager is an amazing man.
I know he's a religious Jew, and that you have a big problem with that, but give your bigotry up and read and listen.

The man is gold. I'm not surprised you don't admire him.

Kid, did Ducky ask about conservative values and SLAVERY was one of them?
Well, you answered well.

One conservative value is the END OF SLAVERY, as we all know.
Blacks haven't paid attention because it's so HARD to leave the leftwing plantation, but the ones who do pay attention GET IT. IF they're brave enough to give up the entitlements they've been doped up with and IF they love this country for what THEY can do for IT.

how sad and DISGUSTING that leftwingers consider Republicans racist. I'd like the proof...
I REALLY would.

Kid said...

Z, Selfie is a word now in the dictionary, and usually describes a young female taking a picture of her image in a bathroom mirror while in her underwear that she sends into a website to be posted in the hopes of attracting a husband...

Impertinent said...


"in the hopes of attracting a husband..."

Or instigating a sexual harassment suit?

Impertinent said...


"how sad and DISGUSTING that leftwingers consider Republicans racist.."

The lefts goals are to change and disparage all legacy's.

Kid said...

Sam, Yes, I agree, duck is a tiny bit of a stand out from your typical leftie like libtard who can't manage to cut and paste a bob beckel talking point then run away.

And yes, I talk to college graduates, some who have their own businesses and 30 years and older, who are down with this progressivism.

My wife's son's girlfriend is one such - who thinks we should trash that old out of date constitution.
I just told her she ought to read it first as the vast majority of it protects her from the government and if she doesn't think she needs such protection.....

Super nice person and many are. They mean well, and this is the best version of liberal out there. It's tragic. They won't learn until the hammer comes down and this isn't our father's political red vs blue environment. There won't be any fixing things like obamacare. These bastards today and All Out and going for it all.

Kid said...

libtard who can Only manage to cut and paste....

Impertinent said...


Me...I believe the country is split beyond repair. And if we can't live together any longer....then I'm all for living apart...with like minded people.

Impertinent said...


"libtard who can Only manage to cut and paste...."

I know quite a few people who can't even master that yet.

Kid said...

IMP sexual harrassment suit. Yea that too I guess :)

Did you see the 6 year old boy suspended from school for kissing a girl - Sexual Harrassment it was labeled, yes indeedy.

They're INSANE. They're going to go too far, which is what I'm hoping for actually.

Impertinent said...

Ctrl + C

Ctrl + V

Ctrl + X

Kid said...

IMP, yes, the country is divided and only getting worse, brought on by the 'Great Uniter' obama, see a continuing theme here? ;-)

They won't get it until the flame begins damaging the skin of their hands.

Impertinent said...


"suspended from school for kissing a girl..."

Holy thing you know the kid grows up and wants to marry one...WTF is the world coming to?

Kid said...

Sam, my biggest problem with duck is he'll go hide now that it's proven he lies like a rug or is more misinformed than a one year old, but he'll be back with the same unbelievable BS tomorrow. Like night of the living dead.

Kid said...

IMP, You have an interesting point there. I wonder what would have happened if he'd kissed another boy.

You know what I think? Nothing!

Duckys here said...

@kid --- the democrats brought the slaves here.


The party was formed in 1830.
Where did all Washington's and Jefferson's slaves come from?

Now, let's get back to it. Can you or z define "traditional American values"?
I say it's nothing but a dog whistle.

Impertinent said...


"what would have happened if he'd kissed another boy..."

Come on silly...he'd get a copy of "Brian and Bobby" make a baby to take home.

Impertinent said...


"Where did all Washington's and Jefferson's slaves come from?"

Through Boston..via an English slaver?

Kid said...

duck, let's give the country a few years to coagulate. Your information does nothing to deflect my point about the democrat party and their enslavement of blacks. Through today I might add.

And sine you have no idea what a Tea Party member is. I'll be one given the choices, but I'd just as soon call myself an American, we are the most non-violent non-racist people on the Earth, wanting everyone to succeed in life, knowing that this is the only environment for a healthy society.

As far as the rest, I'm not going to be your tutor, or waste my time typing. Like now, I'll just have a little fun pointing out your unbelievable disconnection with reality. When I feel like it.

Impertinent said...

Poor little Hunter kissed a little girls hand. She said...yea I like it and him.

Only in Colorado? See what happens when pots legal and all the teacher are toked up? What's their state motto now?

"Don't bogart that joint my friend"?

Pass it over to me. Don't bogart that joint my friend.

Pass it over to me. Roll another one. Just like the other one.

Impertinent said...


"wanting everyone to succeed in life.."

But being honest and admitting we all don't have the same abilities either. And no amount of money can change that.

Kid said...

IMP, Moron teachers, hell bent on advancing the progressive agendad for the main purpose of job security and the hope of mo money are everywhere.

Even in Tejas my friend.

Kid said...

Imp. Equality is communism. It's a dead end. It is committing to a life sentence of the puke city of mediocrity that punishes excellence and rewards losers.

The world needs ditch diggers too.

Impertinent said...


"The world needs ditch diggers too..."

Don't get mad at me...I agree...a "tradition" Duck doesn't understand... honorable work. Not 99 weeks of welfare.

JonBerg said...

"I have a question for all you low-information voters. If you could save 58,000 American lives with one handshake, would you do it?"

I got back into this late.

Robert, aren't you concerned about who is trying to impersonate you?

Z said...

Kid, you said "The world needs ditch diggers too."

How DARE you? You RACIST hater of the poor; you rich snob monster! :-)

Of course, you're absolutely right. But, to say that is NOT ALLOWED :-) :-)

But, seriously...this is the whole point, isn't it. Nobody WANTS to be poor or dig ditches, but not everybody CAN do better. At least they are working and self-reliant. But the left won't allow it. And they'll punish us for even suggesting the truth of humanity.

Imp; You are SO right. NO NO NO amount of money, NO amount of entitlements, NOTHING will make that go away.

Z said...

JonBerg..explain that...because there are times I so totally like Sinclair's comments and find him a man of dignity and good thinking and other times I think "What the h.......???"

Impertinent said...


Welcome to the party? Beer or a shot?

Impertinent said...


Damn Z...that makes it all worth being here. Thanks.

KP said...

I like Dennis Prager and think he is a good man.

Merry Christmas, Geez. Miss you! I will try to be back more often in 2014.

Impertinent said...

KP??? KP????

Wow....where ya been man? On safari or a pilgrimage?

Impertinent said...

Da IMP...has left the room.

Gracefully I might add.

Goodnight Gracie.

KP said...

Impertinent! Blessings. Somewhere between a safari, a pilgrimage and self exile :-)

Miss your stuff.

Kid said...

Z, racist is one thing but rich? I'll have you know I was born a poor black child and I haven't made much financial progress since !

But seriously, with so many people unemployed... I don't think there are enough cushy 80k a year jobs to go around.

Continuing to throw life jackets is not doing them a favor. From looking at job postings, even locally, there seem to be a lot of jobs available. Why work when you can make good $ staying home or hell, maybe even more in some cases.

Another enslavement operation by the democrats of course. Does it stink of a manufactured great recession? Sure does, but in this case, it's called the great recovery instead. Man, if history is ever written honestly about this...

Z said...

Hi, KP! YOu are very missed!
I hope you're well and am glad to see you here :-)

I'm glad you like Prager, too. I think he's stellar.
Though Mr. Z and he had quite a couple of days of argumentative private emails like you can't believe! That was quite something and I thought Prager handled it badly, frankly.

Z said...

by the way, you guys...

did you hear that Rahm Emanuel, while he was Chief of Staff at the White House, etc., argued vehemently with his brother Dr Ezekial Emanuel (architect of the floundering mess) and Obama (and probably, Puppet master Valerie Garrett, etc.?) Yup.
He wanted to try something in increments, in blocks...see how it went, etc.
But, noooooooooo, his brother had to push it and we're in this crazy situation now.
Think Rahm left so suddenly to be mayor of Chicago ? REALLY?

I found that interesting about ol' Rahm; to give credit where credit is surprisingly due.

JonBerg said...

"JonBerg..explain that...because there are times I so totally like Sinclair's comments and find him a man of dignity and good thinking and other times I think "What the h.......???"

Well, I'd be glad to explain it if I could. But I honestly thought that, based upon the Robert that I thought that I knew, this comment was from Liberalmann or some sort of that ilk, masquerading. Sorry but that's my explanation. What I read sounded almost insane!

Sam Huntington said...

Robert can speak for himself, but I will say that I am familiar with what he is talking about. It does go along with some of the things that Mustang and I have written about on our own blogs. Refusing to shake hands with a country’s leader seems “un-diplomatic” to me. Shaking hands is the gentlemanly thing to do, and by this I mean a civilized behavior … the way that other presidents have in the past. I’m not sure why this is an issue, or why Sinclair is under fire for his observation.

Z said...

Sam, I agree, as I said above. Plus, I noticed, last night watching the handshake on television, that several of the leaders Obama meets are shorter than he is and he bows forward to kind of make eye contact.
He was more jocular with Castro than he might have been, but when you're caught off guard like that..

Still, it's odd the WHite House didn't avoid that because, apparently, all of the encounters, placements of people, etc., are carefully planned and it could have been avoided

JonBerg said...

OK I get it, refusal to shake hands with a Chinaman in 1954 caused LBJ to escalate our presence in Viet Nam, ten years later, and thus the loss of 58,000 American lives. This "low-information voter" now stands corrected!

Robert Sinclair said...

No JonBerg; what happened is that Dulles went out of his way to insult a Chinese representative. Afterward this Chinese fellow had no great admiration for the Americans and so when he had the opportunity to “even the score,” he did that. Zhou En Lai was one of the primary architects of the Vietnam War. My point was that if Dulles had behaved as a gentleman, then we might not have had to give up so many of our young men.

Miss Z I am sorry you think my comments are “What the h ….”. What a slap in the face that is. Your hospitality apparently withdrawn from me, I won’t be back to this blog.

Anonymous said...

Robert Sinclair, it was nice to have you here. I'm sorry you ignored the first part of my sentence and focused on my "what the h.." because that part is true but not as true as the dignity and class you usually display.
When JonBerg suggested someone's impersonating you somehow (which can and does happen to some of my commenters), I thought that was a possible reason. You neglected to comment on that so the comments must all be yours.

Goodbye. I wish you well.

Kid said...

duck, where ya at there boy? Come on back and defend your claim carter tried to reduce the size of government.

Naw, You'll pretend you don't get email updates on the comment sections and come on back today, probably have Already - spouting your bs again.

Rational Nation USA said...

Jimmy Carter, compared to GWB was a uber consevative. It's all there for review for non lazy Kid. But you won't check it out. It doesn't fit your template.

Rational Nation USA said...

Jimmy Carter, compared to GWB was a uber consevative. It's all there for review for non lazy Kid. But you won't check it out. It doesn't fit your template.

Kid said...

Rational, Not sure what you're saying. I like GWB the person but not the president. he also grew government and inflicted the DHS and TSA on us. Unforgivable.

We have a one party system right now, and the repubs made that even more so after the last election cycle by making it harder for anyone else to get in the door.

Duck? Throws stuff on the wall and hopes some of it sticks. It's all they got.

Rational Nation USA said...

Well Kid, we agree on GWB. I would also add he took us into Iraq, destabilized the region, and in the process reopened the debt floodgates,

Kid said...

Rational, I'd say Carter destabilized the region. The terrorist attacks on the Infdels commenced right about that time.

Well, I can't make a case for going into Iraq. I also don't like what happened there. Fallujah for example. Packed to the gills with combative al querda vermin and we send our guys in to do house to house???

B52 the whole city and send them a check for a couple billion to rebuild that slum if that's what you want to do. -Just to keep it to a paragraph.

Meanwhile obama has sent many more
soldiers into Afghanistan to get killed or maimed for what? Maybe that's the idea. That place isn't changing any century soon.
and I hear obama's Afghanistan strategists don't even know what the casualties are or the costs. Remember when we got weekly casualty reports when bush was in office.

Anyway, I also think Bush should have shut that down before he left office and dealt with gitmo prisoners.

We need to start putting a premium on Americans. I think the patriotic capable soldier will be fewer and fewer as time goes on.